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How to Compliment a Guy – On His Looks, Personality, Hard Work, Eyes, and Everything Else [+300 Compliments]

How to Compliment a Guy – On His Looks, Personality, Hard Work, Eyes, and Everything Else [+300 Compliments]

Updated on Sep 21, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Compliment a Guy – On his Looks, Personality, Eyes, and More

Are you curious about how to compliment a guy? Are you in love with this man? Or, is he just someone in your office?

Well, I’m so glad that you feel grateful enough to shower him with compliments. After all, not many people acknowledge others’ efforts unless it’s for ulterior motives.

That’s why I prepared an amazing list of compliments with the tips you only ever needed. This think-piece will leave you with many new ways to make him feel special and appreciated.

Whether it’s in the bedroom or Tinder, at the office, or at the gym, you’ll have the perfect phrase to melt their hearts.

So, let’s quickly head down to praise-island here…

Top 10 Tips on How to Compliment a Guy

How to compliment a guy? – An in-depth guide

There are so many terms and phrases you can use to compliment a woman… but how many are made for men?

The most-used terms for men are probably handsome and manly. But it’s so overused that it doesn’t feel special anymore. It won’t even shake a man’s heart a bit.

But I’m sure you want him to notice and feel your emotions with your words. If you don’t know how to do that, let me give you a quick guide here…

1. Don’t go overboard

Sometimes we only focus on the goal of “complimenting” and forget to connect the words with the other person. If you flatter him just for the heck of it without any sincerity, he’ll know.

Fake compliments instantly turn off men. They feel you’re there to gain something or want to make fun of it. He’ll get defensive if you compliment something he doesn’t own.

He might even mistake your compliment for sarcasm. Instead of boosting his ego, you’ll only hurt him. Say something that he knows is or might be in him.

If your words are honest, they’ll reach his heart and develop your relationship (platonic, romantic, or anything else) perfectly.

2. Don’t praise him to get something

Never use compliments purposely to ease him for favors. It will only hurt him and make him feel used and worthless. True compliments neither have ulterior motives nor hurt anyone intentionally.

Similarly, if you need a favor from him, don’t compliment him just before asking that. We’re human beings and nothing’s wrong with asking for favors.

However, men look out for patterns in behaviors, so the next time you’ll shower him with a compliment, he’ll assume you need something and even hate that you won’t get to the point fast… after all, men hate beating around the bush.

Instead, if you must, show your gratitude for helping you. Compliment him the day you don’t mean big business with him.

3. Use specificity to make it meaningful

It’s easy to shower generic compliments like “you look great/handsome/cute…” It’s not specifically bad to use them either. However, he won’t always register it.

Since you made a point to research so much for a good compliment, you also want them to notice that effort. A generic compliment may make him feel good momentarily, but it won’t put a smile on his face… at least not an authentic one.

So, when you compliment a man, be more specific. Don’t be vague and give him something to focus on. It might be his hair, eyes, smile, outfit, grooming, or anything else.

Say something like “Your eyes are like shining stars”.

4. Understand what he cares about

Everyone has insecurities, including men. A man can be the alpha of the pack and still feel doubtful. A man might have certain parts in him that he isn’t really proud of but wants to be.

Probably, he’s currently working on his communication skills or maybe he wants to get rid of his alcohol dependency. He’s always invested in something to be a better human being.

If he struggles with something in his life but doesn’t lose heart, that may or may not be a focus of your compliment.

Suppose, he feels depressed because he can’t succeed in something, don’t compliment him on that. “Your efforts are marvelous” will tick him off because that’s his sore point.

But, if he slowly yet steadily makes progress, he’ll love to hear an encouraging compliment about that like… “Hey, you’re making good progress… I can tell you put in lots of effort”.

5. Learn what makes him proud

While complimenting a man, you’ll score higher if you know what he takes pride in. If you’re unsure what it’s exactly, figure out what he put the most effort on.

It might be something on his body like muscles, hair, beard, or even his clothes and accessories. It might even be a skill he has like a good sense of humor or cooking.

No man I’ve met ever backed down from flaunting his proud factor. They’ll show it off so you must take note and make the best out of it.

6. Learn what he should be proud of

Are you aware of every last strong trait in you? Don’t brainstorm because nobody does. So, if you point out the rare and admirable points when you compliment men, they’ll feel special.

A man won’t boast about such things because he feels unsure or insecure about them. So, it’s lovely to hear someone praise the deeper things which he doesn’t usually show.

As per relationship experts, a lot of time people overlook deep efforts. But if you pay attention, this might be the great kick-start to love life with a deep bond.

7. Be very alert about the timing

Stay alert about the moment you shower compliments. Guys like to hear sweet-nuthin but only when they can focus on your words.

If your compliments distract him from his job, it’ll negatively affect him. Moreover, you want him to listen to it and not ignore it because he’s busy.

If he’s in a bad mood, he won’t notice your nicely tailored praises. He’ll misunderstand your intentions and build a wall around himself.

If he’s discussing something serious, your flirty compliments will seem odd to him. He might even assume you don’t take him seriously.

If he’s busy, a text compliment won’t hurt but don’t expect him to notice it immediately.

8. Don’t hope for a compliment exchange

Never use compliments to make someone return them to you. Praises aren’t like good morning texts that the other party must return if one does.

Without authenticity, a return compliment is never sincere and it won’t satisfy you. You may like to hear sweet words about yourself, but they won’t mean those words in reality.

So, say it only to make him feel better. Don’t hold a grudge if he doesn’t praise you back. Never hope or assume that it’s his duty to return similar words.

Let him get accustomed to your affections and if he learns someday, that’ll mean much more.

9. Be verbal about your feelings around him

If you add your feelings to the compliments, this will become the cherry on the icing. For instance, say “I feel safe when you’re around me” or “I love how you make me smile any day any moment”.

Add your feelings appropriately to your situation. He’ll know exactly how he brightens up your day and what position he holds in your life. He’ll feel proud that he can make you feel that way.

He will eventually crave your presence more because he wants to hear good things and be appreciated for his traits. This is a must for couples to make relationships and marriages stronger.

10. Keep the delivery, flow, and frequency in mind

Do you want to compliment them over text messages, calls, or in-person? I’ll suggest doing it in person, if possible, to know if you really put a smile on his face.

You can also show off genuine body language and non-verbal signs to convince your sincerity.

If you compliment guys over text, you might never know their feelings because they’ll probably forget to reply from joy or won’t know how to reply at all.

Moreover, during a convo, make sure the compliment doesn’t break continuity and keep it relevant.

For instance, if he talks about his difficulty training his new dog, praise his patience and love.

Further, if you compliment too frequently, it’ll lose its charm. If it’s too less, he won’t believe you meant anything deeper. Be unexpected and random to maintain a good balance.

So, what do you want to compliment him on? Let’s say you don’t know them for too long and only feel attracted to his looks. In this case, I’ll say, be honest about that.

Who says you must talk about someone’s soul when you hardly know him? Honesty lets your pure inner charm flow differently. So, let’s tell him exactly what you feel here…

How to compliment a guy on his looks

People believe that men don’t have any insecurities or that they “mustn’t”… I think we’re way past the era where we determined feelings and emotions based on gender. Everyone tries their best to seem confident and your one compliment can change a man’s confidence game completely.

However, what if you mess it up? Don’t worry, you won’t because before we head to the real game, I’ll show you the landmines here…

1. Be careful about sensitive things

Make sure you don’t mention something he might be uncomfortable about. So, if it’s the first meeting, don’t pass a sexual comment. Otherwise, he’ll feel uncomfortable and avoid you.

2. Don’t say it all together

Try to talk about one detail at a time. Don’t get too specific about everything you find good. Else, he’ll suspect you’re a stalker. You’ll also have nothing to compliment next time.

3. Don’t lower yourself

Don’t self-deprecate while you compliment them. That’s a red flag for insecurity and lack of confidence. Some stay away from under confident people because they don’t want that baggage.

4. Be direct if you’re comfortable

If you can’t make or don’t feel comfortable with roundabout ways of complimenting, that’s okay. Be direct to put forward exactly what you think. But make sure your frankness doesn’t hurt him.

5. Play innocent to keep him talking

You may play innocent at times that you don’t know why but feel they look better. Let him boast about his changes in appearance and boost his ego.

Compliments for a guy on his looks

1. “Hey Handsome boy!”

2. “You shine so bright today”

3. “Your glasses frame your face just right”

4. “God sculpted you just for me”

5. “Are you a divine being?”

6. “I’ll never get tired of looking at you”

7. “I just can’t put my finger on it but you look fabulous today”

8. “Don’t freak out but I find your jawline sexy”

9. “I love how you scratch your neck when you’re shy”

10. “You’re so soothing to the eye”

11. “There’s nothing I don’t love about you”

12. “God really put his all when he made you”

13. “This style really suits you”

14. “Your looks make me weak in the knees”

15. “Did you do something new with your beard? You look so chiseled.”

16. “Are you going to audition somewhere? You look so hot today!”

17. “Let me be honest, I fell head over heels for you the first moment I saw you”

18. “I noticed you really take good care of your skin… it shines.”

19. “Are you a dancer because your walk is hypnotic!”

20. “You’re probably an artist… after all you drew me in so well.”

However, sometimes you can’t talk about his in-the-moment looks because he isn’t around. Probably, you’re connected to him via texts and can’t apply most of the above.

Well, that’s when you bring minute changes in your compliment challenge. However, don’t feel sad that you can’t deliver it in person. This situation increases your chances to flirt with a guy over text. So, let’s cheer up and check other possibilities…

How to compliment a guy through text

While texting, you won’t know his reactions on the go so it really becomes hard to read the mood. But, even if it’s hard, people still compliment and flirt around.

If you think others have the charisma to do that but you don’t, you’re mistaken BIG TIME. Because everyone faced a little awkwardness initially and learned the tricks with time. So, for now, keep these in mind when you apply the compliments below…

1. Keep off from superficial compliments

Through texts, you can’t see the other person. So, don’t focus too much on his superficial appearances like outfits. If you say he looks dashing while he’s wearing torn PJs at home, that’ll be awkward.

2. Highlight his uncommon traits

Focus more on qualities that you noticed but he wasn’t even sure of. This will make him feel curious about his mage through your eyes. It’ll also increase the chances of building a romantic relationship.

3. Keep it short

Don’t try to write paragraphs full of compliments to him through text messages. Nobody likes to read too long texts.

Similarly, don’t try to use short SMS language like “ur a qt” as it turns off many people. Never add too many emojis as it becomes complicated to understand.

4. Compliment his looks

If you want to use his looks, text him how you like his smile, eyes, muscles, his taste in movies, his performance in athletics, or even his good food recommendation.

But if you’re just friends, don’t make him uncomfortable with a compliment about his body.

5. Don’t wait for responses

You never know what he’s doing on the other side. So, never expect instant replies from him. He might be busy, sick, or heartbroken.

Your text might brighten him up but he may not be up for more. If he never responds, know that you crossed a boundary.

Compliments for a guy through text

21. “Good morning, hunk.”

22. “I can’t believe how handsome you are.”

23. “Your smile dazzles my day”

24. “I love how you’re so helpful to everyone”

25. “You looked like an eye candy yesterday.”

26. “Your sideburns are crazy manly.”

27. “Your beard grooming was so on point!”

28. “How many people mistook you for Chris Hemsworth?”

29. “That color really brightens up your skin.”

30. “Let me guess this, you can rock a sack, right?”

31. “I felt too shy to say it in person, you looked so gorgeous today.”

32. “You looked really kind when you held the child.”

33. “Do you have a lot of younger siblings? You’re a total dad material.”

34. “Do you shower in fairy dust?”

35. “I swear you look like a Greek God on the grounds.”

36. “So, how many girls hit on you today?”

37. “Yesterday, I lost two hours daydreaming about your cute face.”

38. “I miss your sweet smile. Send me a selfie!”

39. “I saw your chiseled body in my dreams last night.”

40. “I’m sure plenty of women can’t wait to give you their number.”

Further, if you know him well and are genuinely in awe of his personality… don’t be shy to spill the beans to them. Think it’s too forward of you to comment on it? Well, don’t bind yourself with imaginary restraints.

If his personality attracts you, you can’t help it. Don’t assume his reaction beforehand… your words might be what he needed to brighten up his day. So, let’s quickly go through this…

How to compliment a guy on his personality

If you know him for a long time and seriously admire his personality, that’s great! He’ll actually love to know that someone appreciates him.

Moreover, sometimes men feel unsure if they need to change themselves in any manner. A compliment about personality helps them make sure that they’re perfect in their own way. So, if you’re wondering what or how to tell him, follow the tips and examples…

1. Credit him for his traits

If this man helped you repeatedly but you never found a way to return the favor, acknowledge him verbally.

He probably helps others without expectations. So, an acknowledgment is the least he deserves.

2. Let him know what’s on your mind

Don’t just say that he’s caring or thoughtful for his actions. Tell him exactly what you think about him. A slight comparison like “I’ve never seen such a man…” will convey your exact feelings. Subtly show him he’s unique to you.

3. Throw the compliment at the right time

If you want to compliment his personality, then don’t wait too long for it. If he gave you a slight pep talk and you feel optimistic, praise him right away. Or, you may even text him later as soon as you get home.

4. Point out whenever he’s kind

No, don’t instantly tell him he was kind every time they do a good deed. He’ll feel uncomfortable and even hate that you’re like a surveillance camera. Instead, every day, tell him one good thing to make him look forward to more.

5. Tell them you desire their traits

If you tell them how you want to learn to be like him, that’s an extra ego boost. To know that someone looks up to you and makes you their role model is a different kind of satisfaction.

Compliments for a guy on his personality

41. “You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever met.”

42. “I’ve never met a man with such a golden heart.”

43. “You’re such a great listener.”

44. “I love spending time with you.”

45. “You make every moment of life worth it.”

46. “You make the cheesiest jokes happening.”

47. “You never fail to point out the bright side.”

48. “I love how you always try to uplift others.”

49. “You’re a great inspiration. You make me dare once more.”

50. “I’m grateful to you for celebrating my achievements and making me proud.”

51. “You know exactly what I need to hear.”

52. “It’s amazing how I can spend a good time with you so effortlessly.”

53. “Your courage and way of living make me want to take risks.”

54. “Nobody else makes me laugh till I tear up.”

55. “This world needs more compassionate people like you.”

56. “I gotta thank your parents for raising a fine man.”

57. “You’re as thoughtful as ever.”

58. “You can handle anything with a level head.”

59. “You get along well with literally anyone and anywhere.”

60. “I love how you know about everything.”

In case this man is someone special in your life, the compliments until now aren’t enough. Your man needs something even more special… After all, how else will he know he’s different from the crowd?

Further, if things get heated up and you’ll lead him to the bed or vice versa, you must put his desires ablaze with a sexy lingo of compliments. So, put the bedroom on fire here…

How to compliment a guy in bed

In bed, if you praise your man, it boosts his ego and helps him perform really well. Many scream out the usual “harder” and “more” to turn on their partners, but that shows you’re not satisfied yet.

That may lead to performance anxiety and spoil the experience. Rather than using the generic cries in bed, brew up something special to tell him how much you like it and light up his desires with these tips and examples…

1. Tell him exactly how much you like it

Nobody is always sure whether they can please their partner. So, when you like it, say it out loud and help him confidently continue his game. If he knows you feel good, he’ll make it even better.

2. Don’t spoil it with nasty language

Unless you’re both into dirty and derogating language, don’t use it to praise him. If you’re unsure or want to, then ask him anytime other than before and after having sex.

3. Constantly tell him what you like

Show him where to touch you to enhance the experience. This will help you scream or whisper genuine compliments. And guys love to hear sincere words from their partners.

4. Maintain eye contact

Another way to show your compliments are genuine is to maintain eye contact. In the bed, if you avert his gaze, he’ll probably think you’re faking it. Show how you feel with your eyes.

5. Give him a seductive look

Your body language plays an equally major role when it’s about sex. If you stay emotionless and say you like something, he won’t buy it. Your man wants you to go crazy in bed so do that.

Compliments for a guy in bed

61. “Oh baby, you’re so sexy”

62. “I swear I can’t keep my hands/mouth off you.”

63. “I was so hungry for you all day long.”

64. “I love how you kiss me.”

65. “Your fingers do wonders on my body.”

66. “I love when you touch me here… please give me more.”

67. “You make me want to go on forever.”

68. “Your thoughts didn’t let me sleep last night.”

69. “I can’t wait to worship your body right now.”

70. “I never knew sex was so darn good.”

71. “I thought I can do without sex… but you changed my mind.”

72. “I can’t wait to be held in your arms.”

73. “I love it when you pull my hair.”

74. “You know exactly how to get me going.”

75. “You’re the sexiest man alive on Earth.”

76. “You’re such a treat and you’re all mine.”

77. “You make me want to be your slave in bed.”

78. “I never knew being in bed was so interesting with you.”

79. “I don’t wanna leave this bed ever.”

80. “Your hands know just what I want.”

Probably, your naughty mind wants to say something more to him? If you’re both comfortable with more daring words, it’ll turn you both on even further.

Moreover, if you always wanted to comment on his member but didn’t know how, this is your perfect chance to learn the verbal seduction techniques. C’mon, let’s turn him on more while you tease him here…

How to compliment a guy on his manhood

Men take great pride in their manhood… but it’s not always about the size or how long they last. Rather, they feel proud to make you feel good about it.

So, if a man’s pride depends on your pleasure, he naturally becomes a desirable and precious person. So, if you’re wondering how to praise him about that without spoiling the mood with mistakes, here you go…

1. Skip the sensitive topic

If he feels insecure about how long he lasts, don’t try to compliment him on that. He’ll misunderstand your intentions. You can praise a man’s member in many other ways, so go for them.

2. Avoid any jokes

Don’t even jokingly say something humiliating about his manhood. It can impact his mood and give him performance anxiety. It’ll spoil both of your experiences.

3. Don’t make him feel less

If you think you experienced more pleasurable sex than ever, don’t bring it up. That’s a serious turnoff. Don’t mention another partner’s name in bed even if you think your current man is better.

4. Guide him if he feels unsure

When he seems unsure, guide him on how to pleasure you or what move you want next with his member. Play with it as you see fit while you verbally tell him how you like it.

5. Be bold

You gotta be confident if you’ll compliment him on his manhood. Research online to know exactly what makes the entire experience more seductive and racy.

Compliments for a guy on his manhood

81. “It’s so big and majestic.”

82. “You’re so hard.”

83. “I’m not sure if it’ll fit.”

84. “You’re so thick”

85. “I can’t spread enough for you.”

86. “You fit me like a glove.”

87. “Only you can hit the right spots.”

88. “I can love it all day long.”

89. “I can feel it impatiently throbbing inside me.”

90. “The thoughts of your member kept me wet at work.”

91. “Take responsibility for the mess your thing made.”

92. “Your penis is too magnificent to be real.”

93. “I love how you react when I touch it.”

94. “I want to feel your hardness inside.”

95. “I won’t forget your thing for ages”

96. “I’ll never get tired of watching you get hard.”

97. “Your thing is made just for me.”

98. “Yours is the only thing I ever wanted.”

99. “I can’t wait to take you in my mouth.”

100. “Gasp!”

However, if you still didn’t take things to bed, but really like him and hope to take it that way… What do you notice about him first? A man’s eyes are the reflection of his heart.

So, that’s your best bet to get closer to him. Instead of talking about his pecs and abs, subtle yet eye contact and a few glorifying words will make you closer than ever. So, let’s show you the magic here…

How to compliment a guys eyes

Though his eyes can be a great topic to applaud him on, it can become an equally risky subject. If you’re not careful, you may mistake his eye color and embarrass yourself.

If he feels his eyes aren’t pretty, he might take your compliments negatively. However, that’s no reason to back off. Instead, make sure you do your research well and customize everything accordingly from here…

1. Make sure you really know their eyes

Before you describe his eyes, make sure you really know about them. Don’t mention the wrong color shape or lid type when you try being specific. If you don’t know exactly, avoid mentioning them.

2. Use your eyes during it

If you’re talking in person and want to praise his eyes, maintain eye contact to make it feel genuine. He’ll feel that you can’t move your eyes away and are hooked. It also boosts intimacy.

3. Work with any culturally unappreciated features

In many parts of the world, people feel self-conscious about their eyes because they aren’t big or upturned. Make it sound like you really like their eyes “despite the culture”. Otherwise, they’ll feel mocked.

4. Pair it with a romantic mood

Compliments about eyes are best in a romantic setting. It might be during a make-out sesh during a romance flick. Or, when you’re seated face to face during candlelight dinner.

5. Compare the eyes of celebs

If you know any celebs with similar eyes, why not compare them a bit? He’ll feel as desirable as your celeb crush and it’ll also show you have a thing for him,

Compliments for a guy on his eyes

101. “I feel I can dive into your deep dark eyes.”

102. “Your green eyes are as soothing as nature.”

103. “Even if you aren’t fond of your downturned eyes, I can’t explain how cute it looks.”

104. “Your big round eyes mesmerize me.”

105. “Call me weird, but your eyes make my heart skip a beat.”

106. “I feel so happy when you gaze at me like that.”

107. “Your eyes tell me you’re a wonderful person.”

108. “Did anyone ever say that you have kind eyes?”

109. “Your gaze oozes with intelligence.”

110. “I feel ticklish when you look me in the eye.”

111. “Your eyes are cute like Ryan Reynolds.”

112. “I love how you smile with your eyes.”

113. “Your eyes glitter like fireflies.”

114. “Your gaze makes me so comfortable.”

115. “This shirt really pops the blue in your eyes.”

116. “Um… sorry. What did you say? I was lost in your eyes for a moment.”

117. “If we have kids, I hope they get your eyes.”

118. “I love how your gaze becomes stern during work.”

119. “Your eye shape is to die for.”

120. “How many stars are captive in your eyes?”

Are you feeling more adventurous? Do you want to make a bolder pass? If you’re ready to take more risks, you can move on from his eyes to his body. This is a great way to convey that you’re sexually attracted to him.

However, you may make him smile but he may not lead you to his bed.  But if you wanna do it in a friendly manner, that’s possible too. So, let’s check all the possibilities here…

How to compliment a guys body

Whether you want to crawl to his bed or not, you don’t need a reason to praise a man for taking care of his body. It might be his genes or he worked hard on it, but why relish that from afar? In fact, he’ll be thrilled to know you noticed it.

So, give that eye candy his well-deserved reward. But if you’re feeling anxious about how he’ll take it, let’s make sure you only get positive reactions here…

1. Take note of the good parts

You don’t wanna say he has strong arms if he really can’t carry much. It’ll become messy if you don’t know what you’ll compliment and whether it’ll be a valid statement.

2. Know if he does something special for his body

If he gets special treatment to keep his body fit and healthy, use that as an excuse to compliment any visible positive changes in his body. It might be exercise or even a basic at-home self-care routine.

3. Don’t cross the line if you’re unfamiliar

In case you’re not romantic or sexual partners, then don’t praise them below the belt. It gets the mood awkward and they only wish to flee.

4. Be random 

Even if you like his eyes the most, don’t stick to that. There are different parts of his body, so use all of that to say something new every day.

5. Take your time

Don’t throw in multiple compliments altogether. He’ll think you’re trying too hard to catch his attention. He might even ignore you because you left nothing to the imagination. Men can be confusing too, so balance well.

Compliments for a guy on his body

121. “The way your nerve pops when you fold your sleeve is sexy.”

122. “I guess you never skipped a leg day.”

123. “Your shoulders look amazingly strong.”

124. “I can’t believe how big your hands are… they might reach me really deep places.”

125. “Do you do something special for your skin? How do you glow more than me?”

126. “Your stubble makes you look so manly.”

127. “I can feel all of your muscles when you hold me.”

128. “You look so much younger than <enter age>.”

129. “Your hair looks so sexy.”

130. “I yearn to ride your big back.”

131. “When you say my name, it sounds so erotic.”

132. “I love it when you pick me with your strong arms.”

133. “You look so dashing no matter what you wear.”

134. “Your tattoo is so cool. What does it mean?”

135. “I feel safe when you hug me tight in your arms.”

136. “I feel so warm when you engulf my hands in your warm ones.”

137. “Will you wear my blanket for one day? I wish it smelled like you.”

138. “I can’t imagine how many people envy your body or want it.”

139. “You have cute ears, did you know that?”

140. “I don’t have a fetish, but your feet make me feel like I do.”

Men may not have too many ways to deck up like women, but they put their all into what they’re born with – their hair. Though they don’t ask around if a haircut suits them, they put in lots of effort before they choose one.

In fact, since most men keep their hair short, they feel anxious about haircuts… after all, they won’t have a choice if anything goes wrong. So, let’s get rid of his insecurities here…

How to compliment a guy’s haircut

Women with long hair can pull off lots of hairstyles with one cut… But what about the men with short hair? They don’t ask for it, but they hope someone will tell them their haircut suits them.

They don’t expect others to say it’s wonderful or the best cut ever… but they hope they don’t look like a cartoon character. So, if you feel he looks good, don’t hold back and make him feel good like this…

1. Make sure if he really got one

Men can create lots of hairstyles with mousse and gel. So, you may mistake a new style for a fresh cut. Cross-check if he got a haircut for real.

2. Point out the positive difference

Whether the new cut looks better or worse, mention only the positive highlights. Otherwise, he might feel self-conscious and you know he has no choice other than rocking this hair until it grows out.

3. Don’t bash the last cut

While you praise the current haircut, don’t talk bad about the last one. That was also him so he’ll obviously feel hurt. Don’t compare it with any of his previous styles.

4. Touch it if you’re close

If you meet him in person and he’s comfortable with physical contact, touch his hair. Make it seem like you really find it interesting. If you’re not close geographically or emotionally, skip this.

5. Tie it with other compliments

It won’t hurt to compliment him more once in a while. So, while you talk about his hair, pull out something else for a double compliment.

Compliments for a guy on his haircut

141. “Your new haircut looks smooth.”

142. “I really want to brush my fingers through your hair. It seems irresistible.”

143. “I can’t really tell but something about your hair seems different.”

144. “Oh my gosh, did you get a balayage? You look awesome!”

145. “This haircut frames your face perfectly!”

146. “The shorter hair at the sides  with the longer hair on the top… this emphasizes your cheekbones so well.”

147. “Can I get a picture of you? I can’t get enough of the new cut.”

148. “Will you mind if I touch your hair? It seems so silky.”

149. “Your hair kinda gives you the active vibe.”

150. “Your haircut looks so smart… it’s apt for a genius like you.”

151. “You already looked good but this haircut pulled the handsome factor a few folds more.”

152. “I can’t wait to imagine how it’ll feel if I pull your hair.”

153. “Here comes the total dapper with his cool beard and haircut.”

154. “With that hair, I’m a goner!”

155. “If you were a taser, you’re ready to stun with that hair.”

156. “What’s with the hair? I feel you’re ready for a headshot.”

157. “My brother chewed off my ears about your haircut. What’s it called? He wants it too”

158. “Am I being crazy or do you look really different today?”

159. “Didn’t wanna say it in front of others but your haircut is sexy.”

160. “Hot Haircut! Did you get it to make me sweat in some places?”

The place where you met a man is also important to stay within context. If you see him every day at the gym and hardly know him, you can’t praise him for his eyes or hair.

Otherwise, you might seem like a crazy fan or even a stalker. So, if you want to impress this dude and not give him the wrong vibes, let’s head in…

How to compliment a guy at the gym

The guy at the gym with really cool pecs blew your mind away? Can’t wait to strike a convo with him? Well, compliment him as a convo opener and you can slowly work things up.

Whether you wanna hit on him or just be gym buddies, a compliment is all you need to become a known face from a random stranger. But before you bond with the examples, keep these in mind…

1. Notice the equipment he uses

If the man isn’t familiar, you can’t just ask him about his routine. Keep an eye on him during gym to make small talk later. You may also study the muscles he works on to compliment.

2. Ask him to help you out

If you know what equipment he uses and if you can use them for your goals too, ask him to guide you. While he helps you, make sure to sneak in with the compliments.

3. Make sure he doesn’t get the wrong idea

Do you only want to compliment him innocently? Or, do you have something naughty in mind?

He may misunderstand you so come clean from the beginning. Add it in the compliment whether you’re just friends or want action.

4. Don’t get too touchy-feely

If you’re not familiar or they don’t consent, don’t touch him. You can’t touch a man or a woman without their permission… Even if you don’t have any ill intentions, that’s basic manners everyone must know.

5. Make sure you don’t reek of ulterior motives

If you compliment them first and then ask them to help you with gym equipment or ask them to help you with your packing and moving… that just doesn’t make the best impression.

Compliments for a guy at the gym

161. “Hey, don’t mind but your abs are to die for.”

162. “I see the suicide sprints worked well for you.”

163. “You smell kinda nice… and surely, that’s not cologne.”

164. “Girls can’t seem to keep their eyes off your muscles.”

165. “I bet many women ask you to help them here.”

166. “Which equipment helped you get this body?”

167. “Your arms are crazy ripped, man!”

168. “Are you the current era Thor?”

169. “Your well-shaped body is to swoon over.”

170. “You look so hot when you lift the weights.”

171. “You might get banned from the gym. Women can’t stop ogling at your muscles.”

172. “I can tell how devoted you’re to your body.”

173. “You really go by health is wealth, don’t you?”

174. “I really wish to embrace your muscular body.”

175. “I can only imagine how hard your muscles are unless you let me touch them.”

176. “You’re so well built, I’m sure you can lift me up with one arm.”

177. “I feel you’re the most muscular man on Earth.”

178. “I think I’ll replace my pillow with your chest.”

179. “I’ve never seen such well-defined calves in my entire life.”

180. “I can’t wait to know your lifestyle, how do you maintain your body so well?”

Usually, we receive compliments on our skills, so if this man in your mind is skilled in something, choose to praise that… after all, if you recognize his rare talents like cooking, he’ll know your attention is more than skin-deep.

You’ll stand out in his life while he feels cherished and fulfilled. So, let’s give it a shot here…

How to compliment a guy on his cooking

Though the best chefs in the world are men, hardly any men around you will have the time or desire to show off their cooking skills.

So, it’s kinda rare when a man lets you taste his masterpiece. If he does, know that you’re special in his life… even if you’re just a friend. So, show him that you appreciate him equally with these tips and examples…

1. Think about whether you ever tasted their food

If you never tasted their food, then don’t blindly compliment. Rather tell them what you heard from others and that you wanna try it.

2. Let your stomach and tongue express

If you’re invited, then make sure you don’t waste food at all. Praise them from the bottom of your heart without making up much.

3. Don’t assume he learned it from his mom

He’s a man, so if you assume he got his skills from his mom, it might hurt his male ego. Rather ask who taught them and keep the assumptions away.

4. Don’t question if he made it

Many ask “Did you make it from scratch?” That’s kinda humiliating and leaves a bad aftertaste for them. That may take it as a criticism, so don’t.

5. Ask them to invite you over

Make the compliment even more trustworthy with an expectation for another invitation. Show them you expect to relish their food once again.

Compliments for a guy on his cooking

181. “I heard about your cooking. Can I try it someday?”

182. “*Chef’s kiss* This is the best lasagne I ever had.”

183. “Your dishes are amazing.”

184. “You’re definitely some lost God of cooking.”

185. “Are you Gordon Ramsay’s child?”

186. “My tongue is on cloud 9.”

187. “I don’t think I can have my own food again.”

188. “Since when did you learn to cook?”

189. “Tell me you own a restaurant!”

190. “I’ll push your name for the Masterchef challenge.”

191. “God bless my stomach with your food every day.”

192. “I’m so gluttonous I can’t wait for the next invite.”

193. “And why did you not pursue cooking?”

194. “If I open a restaurant someday, you better be my head chef!”

195. “Your fingers have magic in them.”

196. “Your food blew me away!”

197. “When did you learn such nice cooking skills?” 

198. “Your kids will be so lucky to have a chef at home!”

199. “Are you up for cooking classes? I’m ready to pay!”

200. “I can’t believe how delicious this is! I bet nobody else can make it.”

But if you still didn’t taste his cooking and nothing till now satisfied you, I have more ideas. What do you think about his clothes? Do you think he has an impeccable sense of fashion? If yes, I have just the thing you need to boost his ego. So, if you’re crazy about his clothing choices, let’s take the bait here…

How to compliment a guy on his outfit

Let’s be honest, how much can men play around with their attire? They have such a limited variety of clothing and still make do with the monotony.

However, when a man makes the same old stuff look edgy with his unique sense, that calls for a special ovation. Yup, I’m not exaggerating one bit because he either spent lots of bucks on has a really keen eye. So, show him you recognize how cool he is this way…

1. Compare it with the body

Does the color of the outfit enhance his skin or eyes? Notice that and mention it only if it’s true. If it matches his eye or hair color, that’s another plus.

2. Get a friend to convince

If he’s too humble to believe it, ask a friend if they think the same. If they do, ask this friend again in front of him. This will be a huge ego boost.

3. Point out the unique

If he made impossible or articles you never imagined work together harmoniously, point it out. That takes a lot of effort and talent, so make him feel proud.

4. Tell them how they inspired you

If you love his fashion sense and try to incorporate it into your own life, show up to him with one such outfit and let him know.

5. Ask him for a picture

If you scroll through his social media for style ideas, why not be honest? Tell him you love his outfit and get consent for a picture. This will show you respect him and admire his outfit.

Compliments for a guy on his outfit

201. “Is this a custom piece? It suits you so well!”

202. “The color of your suit brings out the flecks in your eyes.”

203. “Where did you get these shoes? They’re super sick!”

204. “In a full room, your outfit is always a head-turner!”

205. “Wait, what made you think about pairing these two? It’s so awesome!”

206. “Why didn’t God bless you with your brains?”

207. “Hey, look at my outfit… you’re my inspo for this.”

208. “Do you have any specific ideas while shopping?”

209. “Good gracious, this sweater makes me blush!”

210. “This shirt makes you look like THE hunk.”

211. “Your suit is so distracting… will you turn the heat down?”

212. “For a moment I thought you’re a heater. Won’t you agree Dana?”

213. “Are you gonna model for me or should I snap pictures without consent?”

214. “Can I get a picture? I want more outfit ideas from you.”

215. “Even Greek Gods won’t stand a chance in front of you.”

216. “Your sense of fashion completely got me floored.”

217. “I’m in awe of your taste.”

218. “My friend mistook you for a model.”

219. “If we were at prom, you’d get the best outfit award.”

220. “This outfit was born for you.”

However, if you wanna convey that he’s cute, a compliment on his smile can do wonders. It can be a great kickstart to the beginning of his day or cheer him up when he feels low.

Show him how much you want him to smile with mere words. You’ll later feel glad that you mentioned it to him. So, if you wanna do it, learn it like a boss here…

How to compliment a guy’s smile

If you’re hooked on a guy’s smile, you probably can’t help but lose your words every time he flashes it. But in case you wanna tell him what his smile does to you, try to not lose your calm.

If you get distracted, it might not reach him as deeply as you want it to. So, for this one emphasize the tips more to make the examples glide in like butter…

1. Avoid it from the professional platforms

In professional life, even men get creeped out by extremely intimate compliments. Such compliments are only okay for personal and social lives.

2. Tell a joke first

Begin with a joke so he smiles or deliver it when he’s already smiling. This will make it more genuine and he’ll feel the effort you put in.

3. Don’t behave awkwardly

If you’re not ready to deliver the complement perfectly, you might put him on the spot. So, practice alone at home so you don’t mess up the words and wipe his smile off.

4. Read the room

If he’s tense or upset, don’t begin with a compliment. Try to cheer them up before you follow in with compliments. Otherwise, he won’t be able to appreciate it.

5. Don’t mention it if they’re insecure

If he feels insecure about his teeth, treat carefully or abort the plan. Don’t make them suffer unknowingly if you’re doubtful. Learn if he suffers from any dental hygiene issues.

Compliments for a guy on his smile

221. “Your smile is the perfect balance of confidence and joy.”

222. “Your gorgeous pearly whites make your smile the best out of the crowd.”

223. “Your dimples make your smile look playful.”

224. “Your smile is as bright as the sun.”

225. “You have a killer smile!”

226. “Your smile is so sexy.”

227. “I can’t say no to you when you smile like that.”

228. “Your contagious smile got me laughing here.”

229. “Your smiling face is all I need to keep going.”

230. “Your smile makes me tongue-tied, every time.”

231. “I can see that your dental hygiene is on spot.”

232. “I wanna subscribe to your smiles for a lifetime.”

233. “I think I can make a million dollars out of your smile. Wanna lend some?”

234. “Nothing’s as dazzling as your smile.”

235. “You’re so genetically gifted that you only need a smile to get ready.”

236. “I was head over heels for that smile.”

237. “Even the sun seems pale when you smile.”

238. “Your smile tells me the finest things are free in life.”

239. “I fall for you harder every time you smile.”

240. “I swear I need our dentist’s contact. I want an equally stunning smile.”

As you know, compliments on smiles aren’t suitable for the workplace. So are you wondering what’s more appropriate at the workplace? Or, do you want to specifically praise your lover’s work? Well, in this case, we can’t use flirty tones.

You gotta seem serious to convince them that their efforts matter and impact your life positively. So, let’s learn the required tricks here…

How to compliment a guy on his hard work

Since forever, society stereotyped men to work and women to take care of the household. Just as women hardly received acknowledgment for managing domestic affairs, men also hardly received any validation for their hard work.

So, if you know a man that actually works hard, whether they’re your lover, family, friend, coworker, subordinate, or senior… he needs to be praised. C’mon, let him know he’s cherished with these…

1. Mind your relationship with them

While you compliment them, use proper language, if you’re someone from his workplace. If you’re involved in his personal or social life, you may use casual language.

2. Don’t try to flirt

Unless you’re a partner or a potential date, don’t try to flirt when it’s about professional matters. Otherwise, he’ll feel you only want to get laid and never share their achievements with you.

3. Specify the reasons

“You’re a hard worker” is never enough to appreciate someone’s professional achievements. Know what exactly they did and why it’s praise-worthy to avoid awkward situations.

4. Show interest to learn

If you’re someone in his workplace, then say he inspires you and you desire to learn. Or, if you’re a senior, applaud him in front of everyone and motivate them to learn.

5. Prove your compliments

Achievements are no less than a celebration, so if you’re really glad and impressed, offer him dinner, if you’re a partner or senior. If you’re a teammate or junior, you may arrange something with everyone else.

Compliments for a guy on his hard work

241. “You’re no less than Google, I see.”

242. “Your family (kids, parents, etc.) do so well only for your determination.”

243. “I love how intently you work.”

244. “I admire how you balance work and life so well!”

245. “Being a single dad and achieving so much so early… unbelievable!”

246. “You killed it on the podium. The boss was so proud!”

247. “I’ll keep taking notes to reach your spot someday.”

248. “You’re the brain of this team. You put everything together so well.”

249. “Your communication skills were today’s showstopper.”

250. “Your work ethics and dedication made this project possible.”

251. “Your questions are always insightful, I admire you man!”

252. “Thank you for guiding us beyond work hours. It means a lot.”

253. “I seriously can’t wait for the wonders you make.”

254. “If it wasn’t for you, that deal was a goner.”

255. “Your sense of professionalism and commitment inspires every employee.”

256. “I overheard the boss saying you’re his brightest star.”

257. “Your last design is impressive and shows how hard you worked on it…

258. “Your motivational thoughts always pull up the team spirit.”

259. “I’m so glad to be your mentee. I learned a lot more than others.”

260. “Let’s celebrate your great job and success!”

However, if you met a man through online dating apps, it’s really hard to pass compliments. You can hardly see his features clearly unless you meet them in person. The bio only tells you limited things.

So, what should you do? Not compliment him at all? Things might not work well if you skip that. So, let’s learn a few tricks to make this work here…

How to compliment a guy while online dating

Though dating online is super hard, you can’t give up on the efforts. After all, love doesn’t fall on our lap like in movies… It’s literally a treasure hunt. And all of us want to identify that treasure only through texting… because who wants to waste their time with the wrong person?

So, when you think you find the perfect match, compliment them for a convo starter. Build a positive impression and give it your best shot to make things work…

1. Skim through his profile well

Check through his profile to understand his personality. Think if you really like anything about him. Otherwise, you can’t compliment him genuinely and it’ll lack spark.

2. Focus on the commons

Don’t try to talk about something alien as you can’t continue the convo for long. So, go for common interests and make everything work smoothly.

3. Zoom into the pictures

If you hardly find anything interesting, check his pictures for content. Perhaps his fashion sense or hairstyle appeals to you. Or, you can even check the background or venue for it.

4. Keep the texts short

Since it’s online dating, too much emotion in the texting phase is a common red flag. Don’t overwhelm him with too many emojis or long texts.

5. Don’t comment on the body too fast

If you’re out for a serious relationship, don’t be too forward about his body. He might assume you only want a sexual relationship. At most, point out if he’s handsome and buffed.

Compliments for a guy while online dating

261. “Did you learn photography? You take great pictures.”

262. “That food looks delicious. Did you cook that? Noticed you have a knack for it.”

263. “Your outfits are so cool, do you pair them on your own?”

264. “Your skin looks so flawless in every snap. Share with me your regime!”

265. “How far are you in the art class? I joined this year. Yours is too incredible for the first year.”

266. “I attended this match you played in… it’s crazy I matched with you.”

267. “I love how you’re so warm in texts.”

268. “You’re quite funny. I love texting you.”

269. “That dog in your picture… is that yours?”

270. “Is that your house? The color choice is terrific.”

271. “You worked in a soup kitchen? I wanna too, tell me how.”

272. “Your skiing picture is awesome. Where’s that?”

273. “James, you look stunning in this attire. Where was this?”

274. “You’re so buffed. Are you a fitness enthusiast?”

275. “Where’s this gorgeous garden in your picture?”  

276. “You make me feel at home. We must catch up.”

277. “The shirt in your second picture is really a piece of art.”

278. “Is the car in your picture yours? It’s so sexy.

279. “Wait, you have double degrees and you’re just <enter age>?  You’re a genius.”

280. “I love how you make skating seem so effortless. I hope I can try.”

If you don’t wanna be too wordy, I get that! Sometimes, a single word makes all the difference. If your man is more into logical things than poetic phrases, he won’t like more than a word.

However, sometimes you may feel troubled to express your complicated emotions in a single term. So, if you have some difficulties, let’s hop into the next ride…

How to compliment a guy in one word

If you’re too shy to deliver complete phrases, stutter when you look at him, want to text him something quick, or he’s a man of few words, single-word compliments are here to save your day.

However, the words you’ll use depend on many other factors like how you know them. So, think through what you want to praise if it’s appropriate, and much more with the tips and strengthen your vocabulary soon after…

1. Mind the circle

Depending on how you know him, the compliments must change. For instance, if he’s someone in your workplace or is an unavailable man, you can’t use “irresistible” or “sexy”… otherwise, you’ll cross the boundary.

Make sure you tell apart where you can apply casual or sensual complimenting words.

2. Think hard if it’s befitting

Do you really think a person is “courageous”? Or, do you only want to make him happy with sweet adjectives?

If you don’t think hard enough, it won’t reach his heart. If it doesn’t make an impact in his life, then it’s the same as not complimenting him. Take a second to notice if it’s really a good fit for him.

3. Make sure you mean it

If you don’t feel a man is intelligent, don’t say so. You aren’t obliged to use words that you won’t believe. If you don’t find him sexy but say it, it may lead him on. In the end, he’ll be heartbroken to know you don’t want him.

Tally the words with your feelings towards this person. Don’t give wrong impressions with unwise adjective usage.

4. Avoid monotony

Let’s say, he’s handsome… How many times will you use the same term to describe him? Play around with words to keep him interested. If you become too predictable, a man will get bored. Will you react uniformly to the same flirty text forever? Everyone desires a little splash of novelty, so note that.

5. Make sure it matches the context

When he tells you about how he handled a crisis, what adjectives match the situation? You can’t use handsome or regal here. Rather confident and wise goes along with the context.

So, don’t throw in a word all because you must compliment. Even if it’s genuine, they’ll receive it as a mockery. So, read up on the terms beforehand to avoid any mistakes.

Compliments for a guy in one word

281. “Irresistible”

282. “Regal”

283. “Bold”

284. “Striking”

285. “Brilliant”

286. “Unwavering”

287. “Captivating”

288. “Wise”

289. “Polished”

290. “Courageous”

291. “Confident”

292. “Magnificent”

293. “Calm”

294. “Witty”

295. “Cool”

296. “Remarkable”

297. “Confident”

298. “Thoughtful”

299. “Relaxed”

300. “Handsome”

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Your compliments always depend on your relationship with the man and your intentions towards them. Since that’s your personal matter, only you can judge whether a particular phrase or word will impact your bond positively or otherwise.

Think hard about what’s appropriate and make sure to shuffle things up from time to time. Make sure your intentions reach well to him and don’t make him uncomfortable.

Further, you don’t need to use the phrases as they are. Add in a splash of originality to make yourself comfortable, sound effortless, and of course, convey your emotions clearly.

Remember, your connection with him is unique and you know what fits best in your equation.

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