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23 Undeniable Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material 

23 Undeniable Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material 

Updated on Sep 22, 2023

23 Undeniable Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material 

If you’re head over heels for a guy and want to know his thoughts about you, seek answers from signs he sees you as girlfriend material!

Whether he says it verbally or not, his actions and behavior show whether he sees a future with you. So, figure out his feelings for you here…

23 Signs he Sees You as Girlfriend Material 

You like him and share sweet moments with him. He acts goofy only to you… but you’re still just friends. You wonder if you even have a shot with him. Some nights you even cry yourself to sleep because he doesn’t notice you.

Well, not anymore, because you can find the truth with these signs… 

1. He seeks your opinion for important decisions

Men don’t seek just anyone’s advice during important decisions. 

But if he consistently seeks your opinion during critical choices and listens to you, you’re definitely special. 

He looks up to you and respects your judgment. He also wants to include you in his life decisions. It’s all because he sees you as girlfriend material. 

2. He encourages you to pursue your goals

A man usually encourages a woman to pursue her dreams when he genuinely believes in her. Otherwise, he won’t waste his time on fake consolation.

So, if a man is pushing you to chase your dreams, he actually sees you as girlfriend material. He might also celebrate your accomplishments with you. 

3. He wishes to spend time with your friends and family

When guys are not interested, they don’t meet friends and family. They just don’t want to look like anyone’s prospective partner. 

But, if he willingly spends time with your loved ones, he is making long-term plans in his mind. 

You’re not just girlfriend material to him. He wants your folks to know and accept him. He knows what an important part your loved ones play in your life, and he wishes to please them. 

4. He does not show interest in other women

If he only has eyes for you and never flirts with other women, you’re the only woman who he is interested in. 

Unless he swings a different way, he definitely thinks of you as girlfriend material! He might even be hoping to have a future with you. 

5. He never plays mind games

Mind games are the go-to method for guys that want your body. But if he’s straightforward and never plays toxic games, he’s willing to stay for the long haul. He wants more than just a fling. 

6. He respects your boundaries

People should always respect each other’s boundaries, but they rarely do it. 

If a guy is not only willing to get to know your boundaries but also remembers them, he genuinely cares about you and your opinions of him. 

7. He talks about the future

Recall if ‘jokingly’ says that he wants to travel the world with you.

When a man shies away from talking about the future with you, he won’t stick around for too long. 

But when he does, you’re the girlfriend of his dreams. Whether it is the immediate future or his long-term plans, it indicates that he plans to stand by you. 

8. He is not afraid of being vulnerable

There’s a lot of stigma around men and their emotions. Men only open up to people they really trust. 

So, if he is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you, he is quite serious about you. He definitely sees you as girlfriend material and even considers you to be a significant part of his life. He wants you to stick around, not just for the time being, but for good. 

9. He makes sure to communicate with you on a regular basis

Communication is an essential part of building a romantic relationship. So, if he texts or calls you regularly to check in with you, he probably thinks you will make a great girlfriend. 

Additionally, he’ll also be responsive whenever you reach out to him. None of your texts will ever be left unanswered.

10. He wishes to spend a lot of time with you

A cute sign of him thinking you will make a great girlfriend is when he wishes to spend a lot of time with you. 

During your time together, he will make eye contact and engage in really meaningful conversations. He’ll also tell you he likes to spend time with you!

11. He is willing to make sacrifices

Compromise is an inevitable and crucial part of every relationship. When you make sacrifices for someone, you show them that you make them your priority. 

So, if a man tries to find solutions that work out for you both, he definitely thinks that you will make a great girlfriend. 

For instance, he’ll be flexible with his schedule just to accommodate you or cancel meetings to support you when you need him.  

12. He sincerely tries to get to know you

When a man is interested in you, he will try to get to know everything about you. 

He will shoot questions about your life, goals, interests, worldview, thoughts, and opinions. He’ll always remember the little details you share with him and bring them up in conversations. 

So, if this sounds familiar, he definitely sees you as girlfriend material.

13. He introduces you to his loved ones

Men never introduce women to their inner circle unless they’re interested. So, if you’ve already met his folks, girl, you’re special! He wants to make sure that his loved ones approve of his choice. 

He sees you as girlfriend material AND plans to be in your life in the long run. 

14. He gives meaningful compliments

Any guy can throw a few compliments on women’s appearance

But if he compliments you on your patience, intelligence, and empathy, it means that he is genuinely interested. He sees you for who you are and actually notices you!

Meaningful compliments are one of the biggest signs he thinks you will make a great girlfriend 

15. He is affectionate

Affection can never be feigned. So, if he’s affectionate toward you, holds your hand, hugs and kisses you, or cuddles without sexual intent, it usually means that he means it. 

He is willing to get in touch with his sensitive side for you. It is obvious that he wants to connect with you on more than just a sexual level. 

16. He goes out of his way for you

Another sign that a guy sees you as girlfriend material is when he goes out of his way to be there for you. 

He might help you change your tire or be a shoulder to cry on. If he is always there for you in your time of need, no matter how busy he is, it also means that he really cares about you.

17. He gets jealous when you flirt with other guys

Men are possessive creatures. So, if he’s serious about you, he’ll get jealous of other men hitting on you and vice versa. He will try to give you all the attention you need and scare off other dudes. All just so that he is the only guy in your life. 

18. He asks you out regularly

If he constantly asks you out even after refusing him, he is willing to face a lot of rejection just so that he can be with you. He is ready to get over his ego just because he sees you as girlfriend material. 

19. He notices minor details about you

When you are interested in someone, you notice minor details about them. 

So, check if he notices your new haircut, nail art, or when you act like someone you are not. If he often makes a remark, he’s definitely into you!

20. He treats you differently

He definitely sees you as girlfriend material if he treats you differently from the other girls. 

For instance, he will say you’re special, treat you affectionately, support you, and go out of his way to make you happy. 

21. He is protective of you

Another sign that a man sees you as girlfriend material is when he is protective of you. 

He might be so concerned about your safety and well-being that he will end up acting a little overprotective. He’ll ask you not to drive late at night or get worried when you go out too late. 

22. He tells you to leave some of your things at his place

If he asks you to leave some of your things at his place, he wants to make sure that you come back. 

He also shows that he considers you to be a significant part of his life. So, he definitely sees you as girlfriend material.

23. He is not afraid to show PDA

Finally, if a man sees you as girlfriend material, he will not hesitate to show his affection in public. He will hold hands, hug, pat your head, and kiss you even if others are present. He might even want to show you off a little bit. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice most of these signs in him, you’re one lucky girl. For now, you can just wait and play along with him. But if you can’t passively wait, you can also confess your feelings and let him come clean!

However, if hardly any sign worked in your favor, don’t silently hurt yourself. Tell him about your feelings and take your distance. Even if he wants you as a friend, prioritize healing yourself!

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