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50 Signs He is Slowly Falling for You in IRL and on Texts

50 Signs He is Slowly Falling for You in IRL and on Texts

Updated on Sep 22, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

50 Signs He is Slowly Falling for You in IRL and on Texts

So, after crushing on him for a long time, you finally wanna look for signs he is slowly falling for you.

I’m glad that you searched for this because you can protect your heart from rejection if you know what’s brewing inside him.

And the good news is that your quest is finally over because my think-piece is here with all the signs you need to know… whether you talk face-to-face or virtually.

C’mon, let’s study him deeply and know if he’s really into you…

Signs he is slowly falling for you

If you meet and interact with him regularly, you’ll have plenty of ways to know about his feelings for you. Often, we overlook the most tell-tale signs, but not anymore if you keep these in mind…

1. Physical touch is not a big deal

If he holds your hand to help you out of the car, puts his hand on your shoulders to protect you from the crowd, hugs you but for a bit longer and tighter, and playfully fights with you, the guy is falling deeply for you.

He’ll always seek a chance to touch you and that sneaky man will always have a valid reason.

2. He became a worrywart

Suppose you told him you’ll be at college sharp at 10 but you overslept and reached past 12. If you get an earful from him afterward, he’s fallen head over heels for you.

Your best friends will also be concerned about your delay… but if he has romantic feelings for you, he’ll be dead serious about your carelessness. You might even feel “who is he to talk like that to me? My father?”

It’s all because he can’t bear to think of something bad happening to you.

3. He can’t stop praising you to others

This is a pretty good sign but you’ll only know about this if his friends or your mutual friends let you know. He’ll never praise you that much directly… but when he’s with his friends and family, he just can’t shut it. He’ll talk about you as if you’re a deity and he’s your blind follower.

When you meet his friends, they might even say confusing things like “So, we FINALLY meet you!” or “I’ve heard a lot about you from him… dude really needs to chill.”

4. His cool guy façade crumbles around you

Men like to play it cool even in the toughest situations. But one of the cutest signs of a man falling in love with a woman is that he becomes a nervous wreck around her.

He’ll stutter and fumble around and even say something awkward while he tries to make small talk with you.

To make sure that he feels comfortable, you might even stay out of his way to diminish his sufferings. You’ll know that whenever you’re on his radar, he sweats buckets.

5. He’ll make your interests align… somehow

For instance, if you like your coffee black, soon he’ll also lower the milk and sugar content in his coffee. You told him about a new hobby, he’ll be interested in it within a few days and ask you to include him in your plans.

You might assume that he’s your BFF as you have similar tastes… but these are signs that he’s falling for you. He wants to have more common interests and shared experiences to bond with you and get closer to you than others.

6. He gives you a romantic stare

A man who is falling in love with you will never get enough of you. You’ll ever catch him staring at you repeatedly when you’re out together.

Initially, it seems like innocent and sudden eye contact, but with time the eye contacts get intense.

Even if you look right back at him, he’ll hold your gaze and even smile at you. And if he holds the gaze until you become aware of it and looks away with red ears… that’s an even stronger sign.

7. He wants to spend more time with you

When a man starts falling for you, he wants to spend every minute of his day with you… you might even get annoyed at his clinginess.

Perhaps, you made plans with your friends, but he’s not invited… he’ll ask if he can join. Or, you’ll go get your groceries and he’ll ask you to wait because he also needs to grab a few things.

He’ll always tag along wherever you go like a lost puppy and you just feel sorry to refuse him every time.

8. He finds your lame jokes funny

If you crack the worst possible joke in the entire universe and he still rolls on the floor, it’s one of the sure shot signs of a man falling for you.

In true love, a man doesn’t mind even if you have a dry sense of humor… he just wants to make you feel loved and cherished for your attempts at making him laugh.

Men in love will do anything to show interest in their crush. They love it so long you make an effort to cheer them up.

9. He gets curious about your crushes

Whether a man loves you or not, you can easily find it when you discuss your crushes. He’ll try to know if you like or are already dating someone… he doesn’t want to fall deeper for someone unavailable.

But first, he’ll try to investigate your social media all alone. He might even talk to your friends to try to know about it. Only when he doesn’t get the answers, he might ask you directly whether you have someone.

10. He’s ready to go out of his way for you

Pay close attention to what he does just for you. Perhaps, he’s a party animal, but if you ask him to spend more time with you by the beach he happily follows you… well, that’s a great sign of the love brewing in his heart.

Or, perhaps you want a cake that’s only available on the other side of the city and they don’t provide delivery service, he’ll have all the free time to fulfill your wishes and make you smile.

11. He gives you mixed signals

If you guys are long-term friends and he realizes his true feelings for you, he won’t know how to deal with it. He might be affectionate one day and then he won’t feel comfortable being around you for days… he’s scared that his more-than-friendship might ruin the friendship.

Moreover, if you already have a crush, he’ll take his personal space and push you away… because it’s better than showing love and confusing you.

You might want to confront his actions… but he doesn’t know a better solution than this.

12. His eyes light up when you enter the room

When you walk into a party, he becomes much more excited and lively the moment he lays his eyes on you. It’s all written on his facial expressions.

His entire face seems cheerful when he catches even a glimpse of your hair. He feels more energetic and proactively partakes in socializing.

If it’s a professional setting, your pretty face motivates him to perform better. He’ll try to impress you in any possible way and his actions will be quite obvious.

13. You’re more important than his phone

When he spends time with you, try paying attention to what he does with his phone. If he puts it on silent or vibration, keeps it upside down to ignore the distracting notifications, or ignores unimportant calls… especially if he’s literally a phone addict… this shows he’s not playing games with you.

He’s serious and prioritizes you over everything else in his life. To him, your gossip is much more important than the texts and updates about other things. He wants to spend every moment in his life with you.

14. He brags about your common interests

A guy falling in love won’t leave any chance to create a sense of unity or bond with you. If he knows you have something in common with him, he’ll mention it repeatedly when you’re together.

This way he reminds you how he’s different from the other men and that you’ll easily have a good time with the same hobbies together or that you’re just meant to be.

He shows that a long-term relationship with him will be easier and more fun.

15. His hero instinct is always-on

Your best friends are also protective over you, so this sign is difficult to notice in the early stages. But his feelings of love deepen, and his protective nature will be more obvious to you and everyone around.

Especially, when there are other guys, he’ll stick close to you to show you’re off-limits. When you walk on the roads, he’ll push you towards the pedestrian side. On a chilly night, he’ll let you borrow his jacket.

His hero instincts will force him to do things he never did before and he’ll look suspicious.

16. You randomly receive gifts from him

Men in love do everything to make their crush happy. If they have enough resources, they’ll go the extra mile and spend a fortune on you. But money isn’t the only way to know that.

He’ll get you a box of chocolates on your bad days or help you with your weak subjects to get good grades. If he’s a co-worker, he’ll accompany you on your all-nighters.

If he does anything and everything to make you smile, your charms make that man fall in love!

17. He still remembers what you told him ages ago

Perhaps, years back you told him you want a pair of Pokémon plushies and suddenly he got it for your birthday… or, you casually told him you never watched a sunrise and now he’s ready with a plan and you only gotta tag along.

Nobody remembers or notes such details, not even a best friend. You’re definitely someone special and close to his heart. He does everything to show how much you mean to him and that he wants to fulfill all of your desires.

18. He never tries to make you jealous

If he responds to the booty calls around him, you’ll feel he’s a player and push him away. He knows and makes a point to show he’s not into anyone else. If anyone confesses to him, he’ll respectfully turn them down.

If you ask him about what he thinks about another person, he’ll straight away say he isn’t interested… but he might not say you’re his love interest because he’s shy or afraid of rejection. All of this shows that you’re someone special to him.

19. You got a weird nickname from him

Men aren’t the brightest with nicknames or pet names… so if he gives you a really annoying name, and he’s fallen hard for you. He won’t directly say “baby” or “sweetheart” as it gives away his feelings.

Instead, he’ll call you something borderline offensive like “baby orangutan” because you’re hyper-energetic or “sloth” because you’re always tired.

Even if you ask him to stop, he’ll tease you even more with it because he thinks your reactions are cute. It’s a sign of his affection and love for you.

20. He mentioned about dating you

No man will say “I wonder how it’ll feel if we dated” as they’re not ready to admit their feelings. But when men fall deeply in love, they might say it jokingly to the point that he’ll give you the opposite idea.

He might say “David said we’re a good match… can you believe that? So bizarre, right?”

He actually wants to know your feelings about it… but messes up big time with his choice of words. You’ll feel you have zero chance, but it’s always the opposite.

21. He finds your quirks cute

Different people have different quirks and not everyone feels comfortable about yours or mine. For instance, if someone is an anime fan, society tells them to grow up.

If someone fidgets with a toy during distressing times, others will tell you to just deal with it like others. If you like to keep your space clean, people say you have OCD.

When a man accepts your quirks, it feels good to know a non-judgemental man exists.  But if he’s this sweet only to you, he’s definitely into you.

22. Your flaws are normal to him

Everything in this world is flawed, yet we feel self-conscious and lose our confidence. A friend will motivate you to get over the issue a few times.

But if a man repeatedly reminds you that nothing is wrong with you and you’re good the way you are… he actually accepts your real self because he’s madly in love with you.

He’ll even help you accept yourself and if you want to work out your shortcomings, he’ll be happy to lend a hand.

23. He saw through you… unlike others

We don’t always show our true emotions to others because of fear of rejection and judgment. But our actions give away when we’re uncomfortable… then again who notices the minor changes?

Well, if a man always knows when you’re low or uncomfortable even before you mention it, it’s because he pays attention to you all the time… a grand sign of him falling for you!

He might ask you about your situation and if he can help, or help you out of a sticky situation if it’s possible.

24. He makes you see through him

If he’s developing romantic feelings for you, he’ll want you to know him better… before he confesses his feelings. He believes that if he’s transparent with you, you can easily judge his intentions and choose him when the time comes.

He tells you about his personal life, good and bad experiences, childhood, and everything necessary to judge his character and personality.

If he only regards you as a friend, he won’t do it because men like to keep to themselves about their lives.

25. He’s your cheerleader… and the best supporter

Nobody will care much about your life decisions other than your family. Even your BFFs will tell you to follow your heart but won’t help you much in that journey.

If a man stays by your side through every step of your struggles and reminds you that you’re capable when you lose confidence, he’s much more than a friend.

That dude is already falling for you and can’t stand to see you broken. It’s as if his life goal is to support you.

26. He’s ready to understand you

On your bad days, you might not always be able to act calmly. You might mistreat someone out on a whim and later regret your actions.

Well, if a man is falling in love, don’t expect him to embrace your tantrums and be agreeable all the time. But, if you accept your mistakes and apologize genuinely, he won’t be able to stay angry for long.

Instead, he’ll help you deal with your anger and mood swings better. Everyone else will walk out on you in such situations.

27. His body language says it all

Pay attention to his body language signs when he’s around. If he’s slowly falling in love with you, he’ll direct his entire body towards you while talking. He’ll have an open posture and his entire body will be straightened up just to appear more manly.

If he mirrors your body language, i.e., he fixes his hair when you do, you both reach out for his cup at the same time, or maybe you guys reach out to the bottle of sauce and your hands brush… all of these body language signals show he subconsciously adapted your style because you’re always on his mind.

28. Your happiness matters more to him

When a man prioritizes what makes you happy before his own, that’s another sign of true love. In this world of selfish people, he’ll sacrifice a lot for you. For instance, he’ll catch the bus or subway and save his cab fare, only to get you roses and chocolates.

It feels good to receive lots of attention and love but most of us don’t even notice the man’s sacrifices because he never boasts about it. So, pay attention to what he gave up for your sake… and you’ll have your answers.

29. He’s compromising a lot lately

For a strong relationship, compromise is an important part, but you’ll hardly see many men compromising. So, if a man is ready to compromise, that’s one of the core signs he’s in love and wants to spend an eternity with you.

Perhaps, he sleeps till late, but he’ll wake up early just because you need his help. If you’re vegan and he’s not, he’ll even avoid any kind of non-vegan food or products around you. Men never adjust to random people in their life.

30. He acts jealous of your guy friends

Tell him you’ll visit a new café with a male friend and notice his reaction. If he’s falling for you, he’ll be jealous and try to get in your way. He might ask you to invite him, make excuses to stop you from meeting, and if he’s totally out of his wits… he’ll tell your male buddy has bad intentions.

Even if he tries to play it cool, you’ll notice the discomfort in his expression. He’ll seem anything but calm and try to know more about the other guy.

However, if you hardly meet him and only stay connected by texting, it’s not the same. So, here you go on how to know if he’s falling for you if you’re text buddies…

Signs he is slowly falling for you through text

So, the thoughts of this guy you’ve been texting have you blushing all day long. Do you want to know how he feels but can’t through texts? Well, this list will help you know everything you need!

31. You get intimate and sweet texts from him

In his messages, if he adds tons of kisses, hearts, or cuddly heart-warming emojis, that’s another telltale sign that he’s slowly falling for you. Honestly, men never add emojis to the texts whether it’s among the bros or even fam.

But when he shows his affection through texts, he wants to clearly understand his feelings. Since texts are personal and the emojis can express his emotions better than his own words, he might pour out too many of them in even one text.

32. He can’t sit still until you’re home

Whenever you’re out till late and he’s not with you, he won’t be able to go to sleep. He’ll drop texts every 30-minutes to know your location… or even ask you to share your live location.

Until you return home safely and lock your doors, he won’t calm down. You might feel he’s annoying and can’t allow you space, but keep yourself in his shoes.

This world isn’t fair and he doesn’t want the most beloved to face the wretched side of the world.

33. The text messages don’t stop coming

Once a man in love starts texting you and knows you’re free, your phone won’t stop going off anytime soon. He’ll text you throughout the day (if you’re both available).

It’s because he wants to spend more time with you and know more about your day. He might even slyly try to keep you busy from talking to other men.

He wants your entire world to revolve around him. Men aren’t that great at texting but if he keeps the conversation interesting, you’re definitely the one for him.

34. He ignores other girls’ texts for you

Perhaps you saw another girl tagged him in a social media post, but he didn’t reply to her. When you text him to ask about it, he’ll directly tell you he’s not interested in her.

Men can be really blunt when they don’t have any feelings. But, they’d rather say it to the concerned person directly and won’t involve irrelevant people in the matter.

If he responds to your question, it simply means he loves you and doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression.

35. He can tell when you’re low even through texts

When your day’s been rough and he understands it just via texts… that guy is a fool obsessed with love.

He notices the tone of your texts, re-reads them, and maybe even thinks about them all day long. Otherwise, how else will he understand your mood through the screen?

36. His texts are longer than usual

When you ask him something over text, pay attention to how long he takes to reply and the length of his answers.

If the *typing* on the chat header is on for a long time but the reply is short, probably he retyped and deleted his response repeatedly because he wants to answer perfectly. Or, if he replies with lengthy paragraphs, he wants to express himself deeply.

Men don’t think twice before replying to a text. So, if any of these are true for you, he’s crazily in love with you.

37. He texts you more frequently

When a man is falling for you too hard, he won’t be able to keep his distance from you. Even when you’re not physically available, he’ll always find excuses to text you.

He’ll say it’s an urgent matter but you might feel that the issue could wait. It’s all because he wants to be on your mind 24/7… or that you’re on his mind throughout the day and he can’t control his urges to reach out to you.

If he craves you that much, that’s a definite sign he wants a loving relationship with you.

38. Your text exchanges sometimes become a QnA sesh

So, does this man feel something deeper for you? Pay attention to what you guys usually text about. If he asks a lot about your personal and family life, goals, fears, aspirations, heartbreaks, and so on… he’s definitely hooked!

He wants to know you the best and become the most suitable man for you. He wants to have some common interests so that you feel more connected to him than any other man. He also wants to know how compatible you guys are.

39. He’ll always text you about the good things in his life

Even when you’re not around him, a man falling in love with you will include you in his celebrations first. He’ll update you about every good thing through texts.

He feels you’re the most important person in his life and you have the right to know everything, first. It doesn’t matter if you check the texts instantly or hours later, he knows you received the first word and feels satisfied with that.

40. He always initiates convos

Since forever, men are generally not as talkative. They hardly initiate text conversations unless they need something. Even among friends, men don’t start texting one another just to hang out.

So, if a man frequently sends you the first message and most times it’s “how was your day”, he has feelings for you. He likes you enough to do out of the ordinary, i.e., texting first.

It’s high time you get the hint and consider how to proceed.

41. He’ll text if he can’t spend the day with you

Perhaps, you guys had weekend plans but either of you can’t make it due to personal reasons. Whether it’s because of you or him, he’ll always text to stay in touch.

If he cancels at the last minute, he’ll apologize to you repeatedly and check up on your mood so you don’t feel low or misunderstand.

If you cancel the plan because you’re sick, he’ll be worried and seek updates about your situation. He won’t calm down until you handle your issue completely.

42. He misses you when you don’t reply

Whenever you don’t reply to his first text, if he doesn’t send any more texts, he’s just another friend.

But if he sends a follow-up text about what held you up so long or that he wants to talk and hopes you’ll hit him up when you’re free and never acted this way before… It’s a sign he’s slowly falling for you.

He misses you so much so he keeps texting you, hoping for a reply.

43. He wakes you with genuine compliments

If a man just wants to get into your pants, he’ll text you sweet compliments which aren’t even true late at night and ask for nudes… disgusting but that’s how real life works.

But when a man falls in true love with a woman, he’ll send her good morning and good night texts with realistic praises or motivational words.

He hopes to be the first person you talk to after waking up and even the last one before you go to sleep.

44. He pours out the last drop of his creativity

Men are aware that texts like “hey” and “wassup” are boring. They still don’t try to change the way they text because why even take the pain? Since they mean business and are straightforward, they don’t change it.

However, if a man texts in an interesting way and puts extra effort only when texting you, he’s fallen too deep for you. He wants you to not ignore his texts or get turned off by his rough tone.

45. He wants to know about your day

When you return after a long day, if he texts you to know about how your day was, you might mistake it for a friendly gesture. However, friends might inquire about your day for a day or two… they don’t continue it for days as they know you’ll reach out to them if you’re in trouble.

When a man acts this way, he wants to feel involved in your life. He hopes you’ll get used to sharing your worries with him. He also hopes to find a solution to your issues and make you happy.

46. The language of his texts depends on your mood

After he knows about your day, notice how he modifies the way he texts. He’ll behave in the following ways if he’s falling for you:

If you tell him you had a happy day, he’ll send cheerful replies. If you share a sad incident, he’ll console you and try to pull your spirits. When you talk about an infuriating situation, he’ll get equally mad initially and later try to calm you down.

47. He gets super happy when you text first

When you text a man in love with you first even if it’s for urgency, he’ll be super happy.

He’ll be prepared to hold up whatever he is doing at the moment only to spend time with you or help you out of your situation. If you usually don’t text him first, he’ll be so excited and nervous that he’ll even send something awkward.

Even if he has prior engagements, he’ll push that for later and support you.

48. He’s always respectful and defensive in group chats

If you have a common group chat at work or college and you’re in the same department, you probably come across many disrespectful weirdos. If a man stops others from disrespecting you and even defends you in the chat, he definitely wants you.

He probably gets called a simp for supporting you and even gets bullied if the others are jerks. But if he consistently stands by you, I don’t know what else will prove to you that he’s crazy for you.

49. He sends you his favorite memes/songs/videos

If he regularly sends you his favorite memes captioned “this is so you” or “this reminds me of us”, his heart is yours, no questions asked!

Moreover, if he sends you romantic songs and videos or even dedicates a playlist for you, he’s so into you. Pay closer attention to the music lyrics and the story, that’s most probably his sneaky way to confess his feelings.

Bonus: He also wants you to check these media, feel happy, and of course, miss him!

50. He often says “you’re special”

If he drops this bomb comment “you’re special”, “you’re different”, or “I’ve never met someone like you”… dude sank into a sea of feelings for you. He’s clearly giving hints that he likes you and wants to date you.

Put yourself in his shoes… If you meet a unique person and think of them as a friend, will you go out of your way and repeatedly say they’re different?

Honestly speaking, you won’t do that unless you’re madly in love and want them to notice you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If a guy likes you, remember that he’ll try to spend more time with you and only you. He won’t want others around to steal his thunder. So, if you notice many of the signs listed here and like him, think if you want to date him.

Perhaps, he’s scared to take the next step… so, try to give him some green signs that you’re ready to commit. If he feels comfortable, he’ll eventually come clean with his feelings.

But if you want, confess first and catch him off-guard!