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30 Signs A Woman Is Interested In Your Husband – Find Out The Fox Before It’s Too Late!

30 Signs A Woman Is Interested In Your Husband – Find Out The Fox Before It’s Too Late!

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

30 Signs A Woman Is Interested In Your Husband – Find Out The Fox Before It’s Too Late!

It’s time to look for signs a woman is interested in your husband, especially if her actions seem fishy.

Perhaps, you don’t have enough evidence to warn him about her actions or suspect your husband’s infidelity too.

But if your instincts are not letting you sleep, don’t delay and find out if your suspicions are true, here!

30 Signs A Woman Is Interested In Your Husband

You have every right to be territorial about your husband. After all, he means the world to you! And being the amazing and desirable hunk he is, you might see women falling for him here and there.

Naturally, if you see another woman eyeing him, you may want to put her in her place. But first, let’s make sure about her intentions here…

1. She keeps lingering around

If this woman follows your husband around beyond the usual meeting times, there’s definitely something off.

If she’s a co-worker, she’ll try to hang out with him beyond work. And if she’s a best friend, she might even try to join you on your dates.

2. She compliments your husband for everything

People like it when someone talks nicely about them. It’s the ultimate way to attract someone towards you.

So, if she’s interested in your man, she’ll always compliment him. But it’s not for the common things like his achievements but also for his looks and personality.

To provoke him into infidelity, she’ll say dangerous things like, “It’s hard to believe you are married.”

3. She tries to take your husband away from you

Suppose you had plans for Netflix and chill on the weekend. However, she takes him away with her for some important work. Or, you guys go to a party together, and she pulls him away in lieu of “Can you get me a drink!”.

All of these signs show that she’s not only interested but wants to steal him from you!

4. She speaks ill of you

Just because she’s sweet to you in your presence, don’t assume that she thinks the best about you. Rather, talk to your friends or even ask your husband about it.

If she has malicious intent, she’ll spout nonsense behind your back. She will taint you as incompetent for your partner because she wants your husband and his friends to think negatively about you.

5. She makes you seem silly in front of your husband

Whenever you, your husband, and that woman hang out together, notice what she talks about or how she reacts.

If she makes fun of you and shares embarrassing things from your past, she does that on purpose to show that she’s smarter than you!

She may also point out what you should do to be a better wife and how you should look after your husband’s needs more than yours, she’s one dangerous woman!

Or, during marital fights, she’ll often side with your husband.

6. She dresses her best around your husband

Notice how she dresses up when she meets your husband. Of course, if it’s a party, she’ll look her best.

But if she dresses provocatively and flaunts her curves and cleavage during casual meetings, she wants to tempt your husband.

7. She attempts to make you jealous

If she’s interested in your man, she’ll do everything to make you jealous and angry at your husband. All just to make you seem like a sorry loser, insecure, and clingy woman.

For instance, she will touch your husband often or talk about how wonderful it was the first she met him… RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

8. She’s extremely touchy-feely with your man

A woman that’s attracted to your husband wants his attention at all costs. She’ll often touch him without any reason.

She may slap his arm jokingly, touch his knees while sitting beside him, or even lean on his shoulder to share her warmth.

This is to make him more aware of her as a woman and feel attracted to her.

9. She laughs at ALL his jokes

Men like it when women perceive them as funny. So, if she wants to snatch your man, she’ll laugh at every joke he cracks to make him feel appreciated.

Moreover, it will satisfy the male ego and assure him of the fact that he’s still worth making another woman happy.

10. She acts as though he is her only savior and advisor

When this woman faces problems, watch what she does. If she seeks you or one who is remotely available, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if she comes running to your husband, even for petty matters, this is your cue. It is just one of his tricks to boost his male ego and attract him!

11. She rants about her failed relationships with him

The best move to sneak into a married man’s heart is to gain sympathy. So, if she complains about her failed relationships with your husband, that’s another red flag. She wants to create a soft corner in his heart for herself.

12. She desires to spend alone time with him

When you spend time alone with the opposite sex, the chances of intimacy increase. So be alert, if she asks ONLY him out for a drink or even asks him to be her plus-one for parties!

13. She’s a classic damsel in distress

Men have been wired to be the protector and providers for women. So, your husband also wants to feel that he is someone’s hero. If you are independent, he misses out on feeling like a hero and might seek it elsewhere.

So, she will try to trigger the hero instinct in him to grab his attention and make him desire her. She may cry in front of him, act helpless, and seek him for everything.

14. She texts him late at night

If she texts or calls your husband late at night, she certainly wants something more than friendship.

Couples spend quality time at night. So, unless it’s an emergency, she only wants to draw a wedge between you two! Moreover, she’s trying to show your husband how comfortable she is around him.

15. Her name often pops up on his social media

Social media has always played an important role in bringing people together. So, if this woman comments or likes everything your husband posts or sends him memes frequently, she wants him to notice her presence.

16. She’s always ready to do him favors

Whenever your husband needs any sort of help, she’ll be the first one to offer. Even if you can help him out, she’ll still try to pitch in some manner. And when you can’t support him for other engagements, she’ll jump in to save his day.

17. She discusses sex with him

C’mon, no pure-hearted woman discusses sex with a MARRIED man! So, if she asks about his sex life, fantasies, favorite positions, and shares her own preferences, that’s a clear sign she is interested in him!

18. She acts differently with you

If she’s interested in your husband, she clearly doesn’t like you. But if your husband loves you, she won’t be dismissive of you around him.

She might act like she’s your bestie in front of your hubby. But when he’s gone, she treats you like trash. So, even if you complain to your husband, he’ll think you’re crazy!

19. She jokes about being with him

If she ever said something like, “If your husband and I were together…”, she would certainly be interested in your man. Nobody is “naïve” or insensitive enough to put such scenarios in others’ minds.

20. She often makes plans with him

In love, you want to be around the person you like 24*7. You simply can’t get enough of each other, even if you spend an entire vacation together.

So, if she finds excuses to spend more time with your husband or meet him often, it’s a clear sign.

21. You get the intuition

Human intuition usually senses unknown dangers way earlier. So, if your intuitions say that something is off with that woman, it’s most likely to be correct!

However, don’t confront her on this basis. Monitor her behavior, look for other signs, then discuss it with your husband first.

22. Her facial expressions and eyes says is all

While talking to your husband, a woman who is interested in him will make direct and flirtatious eye contact with him. She’ll look down and blink as if she’s shy. She may also bite her lip to show her sensual sides.

She might even try to communicate with him by raising her eyebrows and make you believe that they have a secret romantic language.

Further, she may also uncontrollably smile and blush near your husband like a teenager in love.

23. Her body language also shows her intentions

A woman interested in your husband will definitely try to flirt with him. You can easily tell this by her body language around your man.  

For instance, she’ll twirl her hair in front of him to win his attention. Or, she’ll try to seduce him with her body by pushing her breasts out or undoing one button.

24. She doesn’t acknowledge you as his wife

When a woman is interested in your man, she wants to take your place and believes you are unworthy of him.

So, obviously, she will completely ignore you or act as if she’s too busy to greet you when she’s indeed free.

25. She asks you personal questions

If she’s closer to you and your suspicions are true, she’ll get friendlier with you. She’ll ask personal questions to get to know your husband better.

She will try to know what triggers him and what makes him feel better. This is all so that she doesn’t make the mistakes you made and can seem perfect.

So, watch out if this ever happens or if it has already happened in the past!

26. She tries hard to get his attention

If your husband only has eyes for you, he won’t even notice this other woman lingering around him. So, notice if she tries too hard to grab his attention.

She may call out his name from the other corner of the room, hold his hands to drag him away in public, or exaggerate every little thing to seek his attention!

27. She sits near to him

A woman in love wants to always stay physically close to her crush.

Whenever your husband and this woman are in the same room, if she tries to sit beside him only and pull the chair closest to him, she’s certainly interested in him!

28. She wants to be his friend, not yours

If she’s a new acquaintance to you both, notice if she only talks to your husband and not you when you hang out together. If that’s the case, then it’s a definite sign that she’s interested in him. 

29. Her purse is positioned on her side

Only a few people are aware of this psychological response. But, if a woman is not interested in a man or doesn’t want anything from him, she’ll keep her purse in front of her. The purse will cover her lap, and she holds onto it tightly even if her body is relaxed.

But when she’s interested, she’ll keep her purse beside her seat and won’t use it as a barrier. It shows that she’s relaxed, comfortable, and open to getting closer to the other person.

So, if she isn’t quite familiar with your husband but still her purse is placed beside her, she’s eyeing your man!

30. She copies everything you do

If your husband is extremely loyal and pays attention to nobody but you, every other woman that eyes your man will be jealous of you.

In this case, she will try to copy everything you do. So, notice if she mirrors your actions to steal your husband.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice any of these signs, talk to your husband before taking any drastic steps. Don’t blame him for attracting her because that’s what she wants. Instead, ask him to maintain distance.

Trust your husband’s loyalty and be confident around that woman. Plan how you’ll both deal with her if she comes on to him, and show her that she can’t break you apart!

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