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20 Surefire Signs Your Separated Husband Wants You Back

20 Surefire Signs Your Separated Husband Wants You Back

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

20 Surefire Signs Your Separated Husband Wants You Back

You need to check out signs your separated husband wants you back if he’s been a little too into your life recently.

Of course, he may often reach out as a co-parent if you guys have kids. However, it’s fishy and confusing if he tries to spend time with you or asks for updates.

But don’t waste time wondering about the possibilities. Instead, read on to get your answers!

20 Signs your separated husband wants you back 

Your ex-husband didn’t even look back for a split second when he left you. But suddenly, he acts pretty friendly and repentant of his actions.

Since the divorce, you’ve changed so much, and he wants to know you all over. But you just don’t know if he truly wants you, is playing with you, or if it’s just your wishful thinking!

Well, time to end this confusion with these signs…

1. He is taking responsibility for what has happened

You might feel that he holds himself accountable for his part in the separation out of pure courtesy. But men don’t get over their pride just like that. 

So, chances are that he wants you back. He also wants you to believe he truly regrets how things turned out. He might even redeem things if you just gave him a chance. 

2. He is trying to fix the issues that led to the separation

When your ex-husband tries to fix the causes of the separation, he wants to show you that he can be a better partner. 

He wants to make you believe that things will be different this time if you give him one more chance. If he is willing to work hard for it, then he definitely wants to get you back. 

3. He reminisces about your memories together

If your ex-husband keeps reminiscing about your fond memories together, he is trying to get you back. 

By reminding you about all the happy times, he hopes to stir the feelings you once held for him. 

4. He frequently asks for your advice

Another sign that your separated husband wants you back is when he frequently asks for your advice. 

It shows that he misses the role you played in making all his decisions. He wants that back. Furthermore, this might even be his way of showing his admiration and respect for you. 

5. He looks out for you

Your protective instincts set off for someone you love and care for. So, if your ex-husband always looks out for you, chances are he still has feelings for you and definitely wants you back. 

He’ll check up on you and ensure you are okay because he wants you to believe that you can always depend on him. 

6. He trusts you a lot

He trusts you more than anyone else if he calls you first during any emergency. He knows that you have his back, which is one of the reasons why he is determined to get you back. 

7. He’s very curious

An ex-husband would not care about what is going on in your life unless he still has feelings for you. 

But if he is excessively curious about your romantic life, it is obvious that he wants you back. And he wants to make sure that he does not have any competitors. 

8. He has not dated anyone ever since

Men often get into spur-of-the-moment and rebound relationships to make their exes jealous.

But if your ex-husband is determined to get you back, he’ll do the opposite. He won’t date anyone ever since. He knows that he can’t find someone who can take your place. 

9. He flirts with you

Notice if your ex tries to woo you even after the divorce. Or he goes out of his way to get your attention.

If yes, it might mean that he is trying to flirt his way back into your life. He definitely thinks that his past tactics are going to work on you again. 

He may not flirt on your face, so pay attention to any subtler signs of flirting. For example, he might always move into your line of sight or even a few steps closer to you. 

10. He shows up wherever you are

If you see that he magically shows up in the places you go, chances are he is doing it intentionally. He is trying to make you believe that destiny wants the two of you to be together. 

The two of you have been together for some time, so he obviously knows your favorite spots. Or, someone might even help him out by leaking your whereabouts. 

11. He interferes with your dating life

So, you noticed that your ex somehow always manages to hamper your dating life. He definitely wants you back and seeking some insider for information!

Basically, he’s ready to do anything to prevent another guy from getting in the way of your reconciliation. 

12. He tries to involve your kids, friends, or family members

Your ex-husband is dying to get you back if he involves your loved ones in the process. He might ask them to talk to you in his favor. 

And if your loved ones like him enough, they might even act as informants. Yes, the insider mentioned in the last point… they might be the one!

13. He expresses gratitude, continuously

If your ex often shows gratitude for whatever part you still play in his life, that’s another sign your separated husband wants you back. 

For instance, he might send you a gratitude letter or a thoughtful gift. He might also express it while talking to others. 

14. He drops anything and everything for you

Another sign that your separated husband wants you back is when he drops everything for you. 

Be it his business trip or his plans with his friends, he’ll cancel everything when you are sick just to nurse you back to health. 

No matter where he is or how busy he is, he will make sure that you know that you are his priority. 

15. He talks about his future and includes you in it

One of the biggest signs that your estranged husband wants you back is when he includes you in his future plans. 

This does not mean he’ll tell you he wants to get married again. Rather, he might accidentally say that he sees you playing a significant role throughout his life. 

16. You are never out of contact

If your ex-husband texts or calls you frequently, know that he definitely wants to get you back. It might also be a way to fix the communication problems that might have led to the breakup.

17. He says he wants to reconcile

This is a no-brainer. If your separated husband outright tells you he wants to reconcile, he means it. 

It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to do so. He must drop his pride to beg your presence back in his life, so you mean a lot to him.

18. He still wears the wedding ring

If your separated husband still wears the wedding ring you gave him, don’t be surprised, but he wants you back. 

It actually means that he never really got over you or the marriage. He is still wearing the wedding ring because he really hopes that you will take him back. 

19. He sees a marriage counselor

The signs are pretty clear if he is willing to see a marriage counselor. He is obviously trying to understand what went wrong with the marriage. He might even try to include you in the sessions and make things work!

20. His family still loves you

One subtle sign of him wanting you back is when his family still adores you. His family is definitely aware that he still has feelings for you. So if they shower you with a lot of affection, it’s all to help him get you back. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If a lot of these signs match his behavior, it’s your choice. You can take him back if his change convinces you. But make sure you take it slow this time because there is no point in experiencing the same pain twice!

However, if you’ve moved on and are serious about your new partner, communicate with him. Tell him who you actually want and put an end to this confusing charade. Make sure you choose the path to your happiness!

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