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How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You? 15 Unique Steps To Make Him Approach You

How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You? 15 Unique Steps To Make Him Approach You

Published on Oct 11, 2023

How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You 15 Unique Steps To Make Him Approach You

So, you’re dying to know how to get a shy guy to chase you. You’ve known him for so long and have given him enough hints. But he just doesn’t understand that you’re waiting for him to make a move. 

You also don’t want to approach him romantically… after all, what if it scares him away?

Well, don’t worry because all he needs is a different kind of push. Though a little challenging to capture his attention, you can get his cautious heart hooked if you play your cards right. 

And you can get to know that all here…

How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You? – 15 Steps

Unlike any other typical man, a shy guy doesn’t like to approach his love interest aggressively. But this doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you. So, your first step is to believe in the possibility that he’ll eventually come out of his shell. 

Once you feel positive, dive right into these steps…

1. Make intense eye contact

In a one-on-one setting, make passionate eye contact with a shy guy to show that you’re interested in him. This can boost his confidence and make him more comfortable around you.

However, in a group setting. make casual, brief eye contact when talking to him. Further, let your eyes convey warmth and friendliness by smiling subtly.  

2. Mirror him

To create a sense of similarity and connection and make him feel more comfortable around you, mirror his actions. Mimic some of his body language without being overly obvious.

3. Say his name while talking to him

When you use someone’s name during conversations, it shows you’re addressing them directly. The conversation feels more personal and intimate and conveys your interest in him.

So, say his name to catch his attention and indicate that you value his words. 

4. Don’t be an open book

Be mysterious to make him curious about you and want to learn more. The anticipation of discovering more about you can make interactions more exciting and enjoyable. 

Keep your conversations interesting and diverse. Talk about various topics, and don’t always reveal your opinions or preferences immediately. 

Leave some questions unanswered and let him wonder and answer further.  

5. Visit his favorite place

If he sees you in places he visits, he’ll perceive you as a familiar face and be more comfortable approaching you.

When he comes across you repeatedly, he’ll also become curious about you. This will make him want to initiate contact. 

If you’re nervous about going to these places alone, bring friends along to reduce potential awkwardness.   

6. Praise him

When you make him feel good about himself, he’ll be more likely to open up and engage in deeper conversations. 

However, give him compliments only when you genuinely mean them. Shy individuals can often detect insincerity, which can be off-putting.  

7. Be a little flirty

Flirting creates a sense of anticipation. Smile, maintain eye contact, and use subtle touches or gestures to convey interest and playfulness.

Give compliments that have a hint of flirtation. For example, “You look really handsome tonight,” with a playful smile. This will increase his likeness to approach you.   

8. Make comfortable physical contact

Get closer physically and emotionally to convey your interest in him and your desire to build a closer relationship. 

When talking or spending time together, subtly make a move. For example, sit closer or lean slightly during a conversation.

Gradually introduce light and casual touches, such as a friendly pat on the shoulder or arm when appropriate. Pay attention to his comfort level and response.  

9. Enjoy your own life as well

Just because you want him to chase you, don’t neglect your friendships and social life. 

Work on your personal and professional goals. Invest in your hobbies and passions. This shows that you have a fulfilling life beyond any relationship.

An active and fulfilling life can make you seem intriguing, and he’ll want to be a part of it.  

10. Prefer connecting on chats

A shy man will feel more comfortable communicating through chats. It reduces the pressure of face-to-face interactions.

So, initiate text conversations with him, especially if he’s shy and may be hesitant to do so himself.

Light-hearted humor can make chats more enjoyable and create a positive atmosphere. 

11. Prioritize building friendship

A great way to take the pressure off both of you is to build a friendship first. As you become friends, he may become more invested in getting to know you better. 

Pay close attention to his words and show genuine interest in his thoughts and feelings. 

12. Don’t hesitate to approach him

Don’t be afraid to start conversations or approach him in a friendly and non-intimidating way. 

Shy guys may feel nervous or anxious about approaching someone they are interested in. 

If you act approachable and take the lead, it can help ease his anxiety.  

13. Show interest in his expertise

If he’s an expert on a particular topic, acknowledge his expertise and learn from him. This shows respect for his interests and passions. 

Engage in his interests with him to spend time together and strengthen your connection. 

If you genuinely appreciate his interests, express your enthusiasm. For example, you can say, “That sounds fascinating; I’d love to learn more about it.”  

14. Respect his boundaries

Be mindful of his comfort level and personal boundaries. Shy individuals may need more time and space, so don’t rush the process.  Rather, allow the relationship to develop naturally.

Give him physical and emotional space to breathe. Avoid crowding him or constantly seeking his attention. 

While staying in touch is important, avoid bombarding him with texts, calls, or messages, especially if he doesn’t seem as responsive.   

15. Discuss your vulnerabilities

Vulnerability comes from a place of honesty and authenticity. When you are vulnerable, it’ll encourage him to share his own vulnerabilities and feelings

This can foster a deeper connection and urge him to seek you romantically.

So, open up about your feelings to build understanding and trust. Share your feelings and experiences authentically.  

A word from ThePleasantRelationship​

Remember, the key to winning the heart of a shy guy is not manipulation. So, build a relationship based on trust, respect, and the joy of discovering each other. 

It’s a journey that can lead to a deep and lasting bond when approached with care and sincerity. 

So, as you proceed into the world of romance with your shy man, cherish the moments of connection and growth, and let the love between you unfold naturally.