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How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Kiss? 30 Tips For An Unforgettable Moment

How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Kiss? 30 Tips For An Unforgettable Moment

Published on Aug 28, 2023

How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Kiss 30 Tips For An Unforgettable Moment

Since you want to know how to be a good kisser for your first kiss, guess you’re ready to get intimate with your partner!

Well, it may be confusing because you’ve never tried it. You might even feel jittery… and remember, that’s totally fine.  

But if you want to leave a great impression and enjoy the feeling, you should definitely check out this guide!

How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Kiss? – 30 Tips

Your first kiss is special: it is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, it’s apparent that you want to give your best. But a great kiss does not have to have elaborate tongue movements and tricks. 

But you can follow these simple steps to make it more memorable. 

1. Don’t kiss anyone whom you don’t want to kiss

Before you get into the details, you need to know this. You are not obligated to kiss anyone. So, if you feel that you should kiss someone out of pure courtesy or feel pressured, step away. After all, a kiss can only be good if you actually want to kiss the person. 

Not only is it crucial to ask for someone’s consent, it is also attractive. So, pick the right moment and ask your partner if they want to kiss. 

It will show your partner that you respect their boundaries. Thus making them feel safe and comfortable.

3. Recognize the importance of setting

Choose the right time and place. Ensure that you are not in your parent’s bedroom or in a quarrel when you go for your first kiss. 

For example, you may kiss them on a date or a school dance. 

4. Keep your breath fresh 

To make a kiss memorable and pleasant, keep your breath fresh. So, avoid eating things like garlic, cheese or onion. And always keep mints hand. 

5. Ask them what they want

To make your first kiss unforgettable for your partner, ask them what they want. 

Do they want a gentle peck on the lips, or do they want to go deeper? What do they think about tongue play? 

Don’t be afraid to go into the nitty-gritty because it’s a fun way to flirt.

6. Pay attention to what they do and mirror actions

Your kissing partner may not be comfortable saying what they truly want. So, take the back seat and pay attention to what they do. 

Once you have taken note, you can do those things back exactly as they did them. In that way, they will know that you have taken the hint. 

7. Consider what kind of kiss you want

Prior to kissing your partner, ask yourself what kind of kiss you want. Remember, the kiss is about the both of you. Not just you or them. 

So, speculate whether you just want to brush your lips against theirs or a full-on French kiss. 

8. Use your hands

During your first kiss, it is normal to feel confused about what to do with your hands. So, put them to work! 

Place them on the right spots: inside your partner’s hair, on their waist, on their cheeks, or even their lower back. 

You could even reach out and playfully grab their butt. 

9. Pay attention to body language

During the kiss, lean in and check if their body is pulling away. Pay attention to what their body does, you can know whether they are enjoying it. 

10. Increase intensity, but only gradually

Even though an aggressive makeout session can be fun, you need to start things slow. So, use light pressure at first. Increase your intensity only once you have found the right rhythm. 

When you start things slow, you also give your partner a chance to react if they dislike something. 

11. Always keep your eyes closed

Most people get spooked if they find their partners staring at them in the middle of a kissing session. To avoid that, keep your eyes closed while kissing them. 

Moreover, in that way, you can keep your focus on the sensations and therefore heighten them.

12. Make eye contact in the middle of kisses

Yeah, no eye contact throughout, but do so before and in the middle of two kisses. It builds tension and increases intimacy. 

You can also use a trick called the ‘triangular movement.’ Move your eyes between your partner’s eyes and lips, thus increasing their desire to kiss you.

13. Recognise the importance of foreplay

Yes, foreplay is crucial, even when you are just kissing someone. So, never ever miss it. Before you get hot and sweaty with someone, make eye contact, lean in, and gently touch your partner. 

In that way, you can build more tension and get the time to get ready for the kiss. 

14. Mix things up

You can experiment with ice cream and alcohol. Or even take it up a notch and use ice cubes. Even though this seems daunting, you can really spice things up by a great deal when you do so. 

15. Let your mouth travel elsewhere

Lip kisses are terrific. But don’t let your partner’s lips be the only receiver of your kisses. Instead, let your mouth travel elsewhere. 

Some great spots to kiss your partner are their neck, jawbone, the area behind their earlobes, and collarbones. Ask them if they have any particular erogenous zones and kiss those areas. 

16. Use your tongue only if and when you want to

While kissing someone, there is a fine line between using the right amount of tongue and too much tongue. The last thing you want to do is overdo tongue play, and make it excessively wet and sloppy. 

So, use your tongue, but with caution. For example, you can gently graze the tip of your tongue against theirs.   

17. Don’t overthink things

One of the worst things to do when kissing someone is to overthink. Even though it is your first time, you should try not to go overboard. 

Otherwise, the anxiety will not let you focus on the kiss or enjoy the sensations that come with it. 

18. Talk about it after you are done

Talk about a kiss afterward, as you can give each other feedback about things you both did right and wrong. 

This way, you can make every kiss better than the last one. Thus, finding the perfect rhythm to make you both go weak in the knees.

19. Get comfortable

If you are going to take your sweet time to kiss, get comfortable. You don’t want to end up with a sprained neck or shoulder after an aggressive make-out session. 

So, don’t be afraid to change your position or ask your partner to do so. Moreover, when you are comfortable, it makes the kissing experience more pleasurable. 

20. Prioritize the act of kissing

Kissing is often thought of as child’s play and as a precursor of sex rather than an intimate activity by itself. 

But you can never make a kiss great if you are just hurrying to move on to the next stage. So, set some time aside to prioritize kissing. 

You may even heighten the excitement by playing a game. Challenge each other to not take each other’s clothes off before kissing for a specific time limit. 

21. Draw out their anticipation and be a tease

To make a kiss memorable for your partner, make them yearn and even beg for it. Tease them all you want. 

Kiss them gently and pull back whenever they try to reciprocate. Rinse and repeat and do this until they cannot take it anymore. 

22. Bite, but only a little

If you want to take things up a notch and bite your partner when kissing them, do so gently. Don’t chomp on their lips or give them a bruise. Instead, take their lower lip between your teeth and tug on it.

23. Embrace the awkwardness

A lot of things can go wrong when you are kissing someone. You may turn your heads in the wrong direction or bump heads or glasses with them. 

If these happen, instead of getting embarrassed and running away, take these things lightheartedly. Embrace the awkwardness, laugh it off, and go back to what you were doing. 

24. Breathe

Just because you are kissing, it does not mean that you will ignore basic bodily needs. So, remember to breathe. You can either take breathing breaks in between or tilt your face so your nose isn’t obstructed in any way. 

25. Use your words

Make a kiss more intense and memorable with your words before and in between kisses. 

Before you lean in, tell them how much you would like to taste their lips or how long you have been waiting for this moment. 

You can even compliment them on how soft their lips feel.

26. Imagine kissing them beforehand

Even though this may sound weird, another way to make a kiss a great one is to imagine kissing them beforehand. Practice in your imagination to make it much easier in reality. 

Imagine how their lips may feel, how your body might feel when it is pressed against theirs, and what you can do with your hands. 

27. Pamper those lips

No one likes to kiss dry or chapped lips. So, exfoliate them once in a while, and always keep a lip balm handy. Make sure that your partner kisses the softest lips they have ever kissed. 

28. Keep your body relaxed

This is really important. Nobody likes it if their partner gets stiff during a kiss. When you are kissing someone, make sure that your body is relaxed.

Otherwise, it turns them off by sending them the message that their partner may not be enjoying it, or worse, that they are uncomfortable. 

29. Be emotionally present

This point cannot be emphasized enough. When kissing someone, always, and that means always, be emotionally present. 

In that way, you are more mindful about what you can do and what your partner is doing. You’ll feel the sensations more intensely this way. 

30. Enjoy the moment

This is the most vital thing to remember if you want your kiss to be great: Enjoy the moment. Otherwise, all the other tips will become meaningless. 

Remember that your end goal is not to be known as a great kisser, it’s having a good time. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, no matter how much you prepare for your first kiss. Your overwhelming emotions and the butterflies in your stomach will make it slightly awkward.

But don’t fight this feeling… because the cute moment when you blush and still can’t handle your desire makes it the most memorable.

So, keep these tips in mind, go all in, and savor every moment of it!