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30 Crystal Clear Signs A Guy Friend Likes You Romantically

30 Crystal Clear Signs A Guy Friend Likes You Romantically

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

30 Crystal Clear Signs A Guy Friend Likes You Romantically

You thought he was just another friend, and now you’re looking for signs a guy friend likes you romantically. 

You’re probably skeptical because you never thought of him as anything more than a friend. 

But remember, the best relationships were friendships at some point. So, there’s a high chance you guys will work things out eventually. 

So, consider giving it a shot once you’re sure about his feelings for you!

30 Signs A Guy Friend Likes You Romantically

He used to be so mean about your looks. And suddenly, he gives honest compliments and leaves you feeling shy. He makes you aware of him as a “man” and not just any friend. 

If you’re wondering whether you’re overthinking or he’s truly acting strange, find your answers here!

1. He is touching you more

Is your guy friend suddenly leaning in for hugs and casually touching you more than before? 

If yes, he has definitely got a crush on you. He is craving your touch, and casual hugs and hand-holding is a way he can have that without confessing.

2. You catch him staring at you

Everyone stares at their crush secretly because they can’t resist looking at their pretty faces.

So, if you often catch him staring at you, he finds you physically attractive and can’t stop stealing glances at you.

3. His eye contact is intense

Notice if he has been looking at you with dreamy sensual eyes. Or, if he maintains smoldering eye contact, he definitely wants to ruin the friendship for something more!

4. He is always there for you

A guy will try to be sweet to his crush. So if your friend who never showed up when you called is at your beck and call, you can be certain that he likes you romantically.

Or, if he always complained when you asked him to go shopping in the past, he’ll willingly hold your bags. 

5. He gets moody when you flirt with others

Try flirting with others in front of this guy friend. A friend getting into a relationship never bothers another “friend.” 

But if he gets jealous and becomes moody when you’re flirty with someone else, then you’re his crush.

6. He stays up late to talk to you

How can a man sacrificing his sleep to listen to your rants not like you romantically?

Now, a good friend will also be there at 2 a.m. But he is in love if he takes you on a drive at midnight just to listen to you talk.

7. He is an angry young man with everyone but you

Perhaps, he is always ready to fight at the drop of a hat. But if this same guy is very calm with you, chances are, he likes you.

8. He is nervous around you

If a guy friend is getting nervous around you, he might think of you as a romantic partner. 

He might act weirdly, like making more effort to look good or awkwardly complimenting you. All because he has a crush on you!

9. He jokes around a lot more

Guys often do not know how to show their feelings, so they pull pranks on the girls they like. It is a way to get your attention and keep it. 

So, if a guy friend is annoying you a lot more than before with harmless tricks, it is because he wants your attention. 

10. He always wants to hang out

Notice if he calls you to every party and outing he gets invited to, even if you do not know the inviter. If yes, you’re definitely his crush.

This is because people will keep trying to find excuses to hang out with the person they like.

11. He’ll stop gaming to listen to you

To any guy, gaming holds a supreme position. If a guy friend keeps his gaming console aside to listen to you, your importance in his life is utmost. 

This is a huge sign that he likes you and wants to show you that he can be a good partner. 

12. He likes to protect you

Men always have a protective instinct for the women they like. So if your guy friend has romantic feelings, he will try to physically protect you from any danger.

For instance, he’ll walk on the busy side of the road while shielding you from traffic.

13. You get fast replies

If you are getting fast replies to all of your texts to him, you’re definitely his crush. It is because he is keeping an eye out for your messages as he wants to be available for you.

14. He wants to spend time alone

Observe if this guy friend often plans ‘date’ hangouts, but no other common friend is present. If yes, it is because he wants to get all your attention on him. He has started to think of you as a romantic partner and wants you to feel the same way.

15. You get complimented a lot

Perhaps, he never told you how good you look dressed up. But suddenly, he’s taking an interest in your appearance? 

If you get a ton of compliments suddenly, be sure that he has a crush on you.

16. He tells you his deep, dark secrets

If a guy has started liking someone as a romantic partner, he wants to feel closer to them. A great way to bond is by developing trust and sharing secrets he never tells anyone. This way, he shows that he trusts you.

17. His future plans have you in them

If your guy friend includes you in their future planning, you hold a special place in his heart – that is beyond friendship. 

For instance, he’ll plan to stay in the same city as you are and move at your pace. All these shows he definitely wants you to be his partner.

18. He has his eye on your love life

If the guy friend is a lot more interested in who you are dating than before, he definitely grew a soft corner for you. 

For instance, he’ll keep tabs on who you like when he has never done so before. It shows he has started crushing on you.

19. He says you are his ideal type

Is the dream girl he is describing starting to sound more and more like you these days?

If so, he definitely has a crush on you. He tells you about his ideal partner to hint at you about his true feelings.

20. He introduced you to his entire family

No one introduces casual friends to their family. But if a guy friend is asking you to accompany him to private family events, he wants to get closer to you.

He wants his family’s OK to pursue you!

21. He is texting you more often

Friends text each other throughout the day. So, it may be a difficult sign to spot. But if he is checking in on you multiple times a day, he wants you romantically.

22. He discusses what would happen if you both dated

If your guy friend makes up an imaginary future where both of you are in a relationship, it is because he really considers it to be a great option. He considers you as a partner to spend his life with.

23. He values your opinion

Notice if this guy friend seeks you before big career or life decisions. If yes, your opinion holds a lot of value in his life.

He deeply trusts you – but not just as a friend. It is because he thinks of you as a reliable partner, so he wants to know your thoughts.

24. You get deleted or unsent texts from him

If you often wake up to deleted texts from him, he probably confessed and then chickened out. 

He feels confused by his emotions and scared of the future of your friendship. So even if he dares to text you about his feelings, his second thoughts always creep in.

25. Your friends are telling you he is interested

If your girls tell you that he is interested in more than friendship, trust them. They must have noticed the signs that you have missed. 

Don’t ignore their sharp instincts, and you will know if the guy is thinking of you romantically.

26. Your gut tells you they like you

If your instincts say he has a romantic interest in you, that’s all you need to know!

Your gut is the best guide in your situation. It can pick up signs earlier than your conscious brain, so trust your instincts. 

27. He showers you with gifts

Every person wants to make their crush happy. Often, people give gifts to their crush to brighten their day. 

So, if a certain guy friend has started bringing you flowers and chocolates, he wants to go from ‘bro’ to ‘babe.’ 

28. He seems disturbed just around you

If you are a really good friend to this guy, you are already irreplaceable to him. So when he’s physically attracted to you, it makes him confused and scared to lose your friendship.

So, if he’s in a really bad mood just around you, it’s because your presence confuses him.

29. He talks about romance a lot

Another sign is when your conversations with him shift from general topics to romance and relationships. It is because he only has romance and you on his mind.

30. He is apologizing when it isn’t his fault

Since no one wants their crush to be angry with them, they easily apologize to keep things smooth. 

So, if he does the same for something that was not even his fault, get the sign! He just does not want to make you mad at any cost.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

He’s definitely head over heels for you if many of these signs seemed similar. Now, it’s your turn to decide – do you want to take it to the next level? Or will you friendzone him?

Of course, if you already have a partner, the answer is clear!

But if you’re single, remember that friendship can definitely turn into a great romantic bond. After all, you both know each other better than other prospective dates. 

On the other hand, if you’re also interested in him, take it slow and ask him about his dating life. If he’s ready, he’ll fess up in no time!

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