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20 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Scared Of His Feelings For You 

20 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Scared Of His Feelings For You 

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

20 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Scared Of His Feelings For You 

Are you looking for signs a guy is scared of his feelings for you? Probably, you thought you guys hit it off, but he’s acting all distant.

You’re wondering if he’s playing hard to get… or truly can’t accept his feelings. Well, here you’ll find an answer to your questions, so dig in right now!

20 Signs a Guy is Scared of His Feelings for You

A guy made you feel special, but he’s taking too long to ask you out. You feel it’ll happen any day, but you’re just tired of waiting. You considered moving on to someone else… but part of you wants to give it a shot.

But for that, you must know what’s up on his mind. So, if your instincts say he actually likes you but can’t come clean, read on to know for sure!

1. You notice a sudden change in his behavior

This is noticeable if you’ve known each other for a long time. 

If his behavior suddenly changed, something could be cooking up. He may no longer want to be ‘just friends’ and has started liking you romantically. 

Especially if he doesn’t show his feelings, take it as a sign that he is afraid of his feelings for you.

2. He is giving you mixed signals

Even though he does not let his feelings out, he shows you glimpses of it in his behavior. It means he can’t understand or accept his feelings for you. As a result, he’s giving you mixed signals. So, he’s probably afraid of his own feelings. 

3. He often stares at you

Do you often catch him staring at you? Then, he might be head over heels for you. He sees you more than a friend; seeing you makes him happy and calm. 

These are signs of love, and your guy must have fallen for you even though he is afraid of letting it out.

4. You find him wherever you go

If a guy has feelings for you, he will leave no chance to spend time with you. You will see him everywhere you go, whether to the shopping mall, gym, or yoga classes. Know it is more than a coincidence.

If he’s that in love but still doesn’t express his feelings, he’s probably scared of his own emotions.

5. He treats you differently 

You watch him talking freely to his friends. But as you enter the room, he is all shy and reserved. 

It is a sign that he doesn’t want to embarrass himself around you. He cares what you think about him. This shows he likes you a lot but is scared of expressing it.

6. He goes into hero mode with you

If he likes you romantically, he will try to care for you whenever possible. Your troubles trigger his hero instinct. It is the silent way of him expressing his feelings for you. 

But he can’t express it, probably because he’s that afraid of his feelings. 

7. You often find him joking about dating you

If he “jokes” about him and you dating, it might not be jokes, after all. It might have a literal meaning and a way for him to know your thoughts about dating him. 

Especially if it happens frequently, he’s struggling to hide his overwhelming feelings for you.

8. He is nervous around you

He used to be more confident around you. But now you notice a declination, and he is often nervous while talking to you. 

Well, it’s a clear sign that he sees you more than a friend and finds it hard to confess.

9. He remembers all about you

This is one of the strongest signs of love. He has most likely fallen for you if he remembers everything about you even though you do not recall sharing it. 

He’s extremely attentive but tries to hide his feelings because he’s scared of his feelings for you.

10. He is jealous even though he won’t show

Jealousy is the first sign of someone having feelings for you. When a guy friend shows jealousy, know it’s more than simple friendship from his side. 

But he won’t say it outright if he’s scared of his feelings for you. Instead, you will find it in glimpses of his hidden jealousy and body language when you talk to other guys. 

11. He has mood swings when you are around

Another obvious sign is when he shows a fluctuation in his moods now and then. You will see him happy; he will be completely sad the next moment. All of it points towards his inner fear regarding how he feels for you.

12. He is avoiding you without any reason

Everything was going great between you. But suddenly, he has started avoiding you. Above all, you can’t find any significant reason for him to behave that way. 

This pattern of events sharply reflects his deep feelings. He is afraid of letting it all out before you. Hence, he avoids meeting you in person as a defense mechanism. 

13. You advise him, and he takes it

Asking or giving advice is no big deal and may also be part of friendships. 

But when he starts seeking your advice for extremely important matters and takes you seriously, he gives you more importance than a friend. Know he already likes you but is silent about it.

14. His friends are awkward around you

Men may not reveal their feelings to the person they love. But they can hardly hide it from their friends and people close to them. 

So, if his friends act awkwardly around you, they know something about how he feels for you.

They may tease him when you are around or try to know about your feelings about them. All these are hints that he likes you but cannot confess to you.

15. He avoids relationship talks

If a guy has feelings for you but is afraid of letting you know, he will most likely avoid relationship talks. 

He may be in complete denial about relationships and not want you to know how he feels about them. After all, he’s afraid of expressing that he wants to be in a relationship with you. 

16. He tries hard to look good around you

A surefire sign is if he dresses up only around you. It hints that he wants to look around you and makes an effort to make it happen. But when around others, he looks like his messy self.

He does that because he has feelings for you and tries to hide his actual feelings behind his looks.

17. He is taking it very slow

It’s nice to take things slow. But if he seems to take it so slow that there’s no progress, he’s afraid of his feelings for you. 

It may be due to his insecurities regarding rejection or traumatic past experiences. He is letting it restrict his moves.

18. He never fails to compliment you

Another sign is to analyze how he compliments you. If he praises you for every minute thing, he’s fallen pretty hard for you.

Especially if he never misses a chance to compliment you, he’s testing the waters. He wants to make sure about your feelings and is scared to confess.

19. You spend a lot of time together

Notice how much time people around you spend with friends. If you spend almost every minute of your day together, it’s not friendship. Something deeper exists, but he’s not fessing up for unknown reasons!

20. He has created a boundary for intimacy

If he is scared of his feelings for you, he will avoid getting too close to you. After all, the thought of crossing the line frightens him. But it only means he is into you more than ever. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you noticed most of these signs in this guy, your suspicions are right. However, make sure you treat the situation with sensitivity. This can be due to his fear of rejection or failed past relationships. 

So, if you like him equally, express your feelings and ask him about yours. If he doesn’t want to come clean, don’t push him. Carry on with your life and chase happiness. Remember, it’ll work out if it’s meant to be!

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