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25 Evident Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

25 Evident Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Updated on Sep 06, 2023

25 Evident Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

If there is a man secretly crushing on you, he will give you signs he wants you to notice him. Since he cares a lot for you, he will do certain things to make you feel the same way.

His care, love, and devotion will be evident in his actions and behavior. He’ll try to make you believe that he can be a great partner. 

So, if you’re curious about those, let’s dig right in!

25 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Lately, you feel this man is paying more attention to you. You’re one of his friends/acquaintances, but you know he favors you more. You wonder if he really has a thing for you… or it’s all just in your head. 

Well, there are signs to figure out what he truly means. So, dive in to know those!

1. He gets all dolled up for you

If you see him dressed up, especially when you meet him even for the most casual run to the store, this man has his eyes on you. He turned into eye candy to grab your attention.

2. He changed his usual style

A good sense of style attracts people’s attention. So, notice if he suddenly becomes polished.

If yes, he has a lady on his mind. And if he loiters around you often with this look and asks you to comment on his looks, that woman is you!

3. He tries to sit close to you

Physical contact with a crush is an exciting experience for both men and women. It also helps to increase the chemistry between you. 

So if a man is constantly looking for chances to sit close to you or touch you casually, he is interested in you and wants your attention.

4. You catch him staring

Do you often catch him staring at you? Notice if he looks away quickly when your eyes meet. If yes, he was trying not to get caught looking.

This is his way of making you curious about him and his thoughts and attracting you.

5. He is a gentleman with you

If he pulls your chair out for you, offers to hold your coat, or safely drops you home, you are special to him. Chivalry is incredibly romantic to most women. So it is a way he is trying to make you think of him as a person to date.

6. He casually boasts in front of you

A successful man is always attractive. So if he is looking to get your attention, he will boast about his wins in your presence. 

He is a capable provider. So he wants you to know that he will keep you very comfortable if you give him a chance.

7. He asks you about your life

A man who is genuinely interested in you will be curious about your life. This way, he wants to get closer and know if you are dating someone.

So, if he does the same, he wants to get to know you better and make you notice him. 

8. He texts you in full sentences

Most men prefer to text in one or two words. Who hasn’t received a “Hm” or “’K” from a man?

But if he texts you in full sentences and also throws in a couple of emojis to communicate better, he wants to stand out in your life. 

9. He asks you to hang with his friends

When a man invites you to hang out with his friends, he wants you to become a part of his inner circle. 

He wants to be good friends, make you feel relaxed, and spend more time with you in a comfortable setting. This way, he can be his true self in front of you and have you notice him.

10. He is the first to like your post

If you posted something and he liked it that very second, it is because he’s always looking at your profile. 

When this happens regularly, be sure he’s interested in you and wants to stand out in your mind!

11. He tries out your hobbies

A great way to know someone better is to try out their hobbies with them. This is also a great way to want you to notice him.

He will take an interest in your life, find out the things you love to do, and create lovely memories with you doing those things.

12. He shows you how competent he is

Every woman wants a competent man who is handy around the house and easily solves problems. 

Men know that women want someone who can take care of themselves and their families very well. So he may try to get your attention by being very handy with a toolbox.

13. He keeps fixing his hair 

You see him flicking his hair and fixing it when you enter a room. He wants to fix his appearance even if there is nothing wrong with it. This is a tell-tale sign of a man who wants to look good for you.

14. He starts working out more

Workout keeps you physically fit and makes you look more attractive. So notice if he joined the gym recently, posts a lot of workout videos, and casually tags you in them. 

All of it is because he wants you to see how attractive he is becoming.

15. If you need something, he has it

A man who cares about you will pay close attention to your habits and needs. Like, if you forget your umbrella a lot, he will carry an extra one just in case.

If he is extra nice and suddenly has all the things you need without you ever asking, you can be sure that he wants your attention. 

16. He tells personal stuff to you

A romantic relationship is built on trust, and you can only gain trust by giving it.

When a man is vulnerable with you, he wants to show that he trusts you to not hurt him. He shows he would like to deepen his relationship and grab your attention.

17. He remembers your favorites

Does he remember little details you shared a long time ago? 

If he knows exactly what to buy for your birthday, the kind of ice cream you love, and what makes you feel better on a sad day, it will definitely make you notice him. And that is exactly what he wants.

18. He wants to make you laugh

Playing around, cracking jokes, and being hilarious is a classic way to flirt with a woman

When a man goes out of his way to make you laugh, it is because he likes to see you happy. And of course, he wants to be the only man in your life!

19. He puts you first

You are the priority for a man who deeply cares. He might take your side in an argument or leave work early to cheer you up when you are sad.

So, notice who is making little sacrifices for your happiness, and you will know who wants to be noticed.

20. He supports your work

He will applaud you first or text you first to ask how your exam went. Your success brings him joy.

If this rings a bell, he does all that to be noticed as more than a friend.

21. He does many favors for you

If he brings you care packages when you are down with a cold and listens to all your worries, even if it is 3 a.m. at night, you are special to this man. And he definitely wants to be noticed by you!

22. He never lets you feel left out

In group settings, notice if he will always make sure to include you in the conversation when you can’t speak out. Perhaps he gives you the space to speak even by shutting other people.

If this happens, he cares for you and wants you to notice him.

23. He is always sitting angled toward you

Body language gives away a person’s unspoken intentions. When a man likes you, he will likely sit angled toward you subconsciously. 

He feels good when he sees you, so his body language will be more open and welcoming. Of course, since he does it alone, he wants you to pay attention to him!

24. He wants your advice

A man who likes you and wants your attention will value your advice, word for word. So notice if he asks you what to buy his mother for Christmas or the best way to deal with a certain problem at work… and actually follows those!

25. He invites you to spend time with his family

So, he has many friends, but only you get invited to his family gatherings. 

Well, if he is thinking of you as a long-term partner, you have to get along with his folks. So he is trying to make the bond between you and his family deeper. 

But he doesn’t just want you to spend time with his parents and siblings. He clearly wants you to notice him. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs match with his attitude, you already know the reasons. Now, if you like him too, give him hints of attention and watch how he approaches the entire thing. 

Watch how far he’ll go to make you fall head over heels for him. Let him work hard and win you. Don’t forget that you’re worth the world!

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