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Moving in Together: Signs that You’re Ready, Benefits, Problems, Tips, Checklist and Everything Else 

Moving in Together: Signs that You’re Ready, Benefits, Problems, Tips, Checklist and Everything Else 

Updated on Aug 09, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Moving in Together - Signs, Benefits, Problems, Tips, & More

Wow, so you and your partner are talking about moving in together! That’s a pretty big step in your relationship, isn’t it?

Staying together under the same roof and seeing each other every day is a dream for so many couples out there. But as much as they romanticize moving in together in movies, things can be quite different in real life.

So how do you know if it’s the right time to move in together? What are some of the useful tips that you need to know before sharing the same space with your partner? In this article, I shall tell you about them all!

Moving in Together – 15 Signs that you’re ready

Living together is a major milestone in any relationship. Not only does it signify that your bond has been growing stronger each day but it also shows that both of you are ready to take major decisions together in the future.

But before you actually take the leap, it might be useful to know a few signs to ensure that you’re ready for it!

1. Both of you are on the same page

Imagine a situation where one partner is thrilled to move in but the other one still has inhibitions. In the end, if they do move in together, it will create a rift.

But if you and your partner are on the same page about moving in and both of you want to take this step together, then you should go for it!

2. Money should not be your primary reason to move-in

Remember, you’re not simply moving in to save money (although that can be considered a valid reason). The most important reason should be to deepen your bond and be willing to stay with each other.

If you wish to make this work, you have to make sure that the move isn’t related to your finances in any way.

3. You both have discussed things

No, moving in isn’t as glamorous as it looks on television. After a while, the bubble of fairy tales will burst and you will have to make important decisions about house rent, electricity and water bills, and other things.

So, if both of you have already had a proper discussion regarding who will take care of what, it’s a great place to start!

4. Both of you have been together for long now

Staying together for many years is an important sign that you’re ready to take the next big step! When people have been dating for just a few weeks or months, it’s easy to lose themselves and plan way ahead.

But when they’ve been together for years, they know that they’re making the right and stable choice by moving in.

5. You both are pros at cohabiting!

Do you spend five out of seven nights at your partner’s place? Does your partner crash at your house almost every day after work?

If these things have become natural for you both, then you’re already great at sharing the same space! Giving it a trial run before actually going ahead and moving in can be a very good idea!

6. Moving in doesn’t mean solving a problem

Couples that move in together just to sort out financial or family problems are bound to fall apart in a few months or so.

Even though moving in might seem like a short-term solution to them, it can lead to bigger problems later. So before moving in, be sure that you both are doing it because you want to!

7. Even when you both fight, you both want to live together

This is probably one of the biggest signs that you’re ready to go ahead and move in!

Living with your significant other means that there will be conflicts and problems. And if the slightest of problems makes you want to run away and never stay with them, then that’s an issue in itself.

But if you feel at ease even when there’s a fight, then kudos to you!

8. The excitement is at its peak

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to be nervous about sharing the same space but if you’re equally excited about the idea, then go ahead and do it!

You both should feel happy in the relationship, and if moving in makes your heart flutter (in a good way) and brings a smile to your face, then you know that you’re making the right decision.

9. You both have compatible schedules

Any working couple will know how tough it is to manage time for each other amid busy schedules and work meetings.

But if you both figure out a way to be around each other and make things work, then why not move in and make things easier? And if both of you go to sleep and wake up at the same time, then that’s a cherry on top!

10. Your friends and family think it’s a great idea!

Most couples feel that seeking encouragement from their respective parents or family members before moving in together is important (and trust me, it is).

So, if everyone around you is supportive of this decision and equally excited, then yes, make the big jump!

11. You guys have no financial secrets from one another

Coming up with a plan is important, especially when it comes to managing expenses. And the only way you can manage this well is if you both are completely honest with each other.

You need to be clear about whether either of you has any kind of loan debt or credit score problems. If everything is out in the open already, then moving in together will be a piece of cake!

12. You know that you wish to stay together in the future

Moving in together and then sharing an uncomfortable silence when the big question of, “What happens next?” popping up is a pretty bad thing.

But if you and your partner have already discussed that you might wish to stay together long-term or even get married soon, then there shouldn’t be any major issues even after moving in together.

13. Their weird habits don’t annoy you

And vice versa, of course! So your boyfriend has a strange habit of not taking a bath one day of the week, or your girlfriend spends nearly an hour showering every day.

If these little things don’t annoy you and you know that you’ll be comfortable with your partner’s quirks, then it means that you’re ready to move in and get to know more weird habits about each other!

14. You’re ready even if things don’t work out

Unfortunately, not all relationships last forever, no matter how horrible it sounds. It’s great to discuss things like marriage and kids but it’s also important to discuss the worst-case scenario.

Will you save aside some money in case you have to break the lease? Will your partner move out if you both break up? If you have the answers to all these questions, you’re ready to move in buddy!

15. Your love life is going strong

When you decide to move in together, you both will have more time to be around each other. This also means that you’ll probably get more time to cuddle and have sex.

So, if the physical aspects of your love life aren’t that great, then maybe moving in together might make both of you uncomfortable. But if it’s already burning strong, then you’re already in the safe zone!

Moving in Together – 5 Signs that you’re not ready

As I’ve already told you, there are so many things to keep in mind before moving in. Sometimes, a little voice inside your head might suggest you against doing it. But should you listen to that voice? Here, I shall tell you five important signs that prove you’re not ready to move in with your partner.

1. The thought itself makes you anxious

Okay, so let’s start with the most basic sign that you’re not ready to move in. When your partner brings up this topic, do you feel sweaty and horribly uncomfortable? Does your stomach start churning? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably not a good idea to take this decision anytime soon.

2. You feel your partner is toxic

This is a huge, huge red flag. If the thought of being with your partner in the same house makes you feel unsafe in any way, then run! Or even better- break up! For example, if your partner tends to shout and scream during every single conflict, then you better not be moving in with them.

3. You feel pressured

You love your partner and they’re perfect. But if they are constantly persuading you to move in, you’ll start feeling pressured. Or maybe your family and friends are all telling you how amazing it’ll be. If this happens, then it’s a sure-shot sign that you’re not ready to move in together.

4. You haven’t dated for that long

If you both have just started dating, then there are lots of things that you won’t know about your partner. So, taking a huge step like moving in together isn’t reasonable at this moment. It will only suffocate you later on and cause you to move out.

5. Talking about this raises a lot of arguments

Whenever you talk to your partner about moving in together, do you end up fighting? The prospect of staying together should be exciting, not depressing.

There can be a few conflicts along the way but if you only argue without reaching a solution. All this implies that maybe it is not the right time, yet!

Benefits of moving in together

As you might have understood by now, moving in with your sweetheart takes a lot (and I mean a lot!) of planning and budgeting. But ultimately, you both know that you’re working toward something amazing.

It’s easy to lose sight of the perks of moving in together, so I’m here to remind you! Come on, let’s keep reading then!

1. You get to see them every day!

This is the biggest advantage of living together! I mean, what can be better than seeing each other every day and making sure your partner gets a cute little goodbye kiss before they leave for work?

When you were apart, doing small tasks felt lonely but now that you’re together, you can find joy even while doing the laundry!

2. You learn more about one another…

Another great advantage of living together is that you get to learn a lot about what your partner likes and dislikes (and they get to learn about yours!).

Sure, you might have known almost everything about them even before moving in, but when you stay under the same roof, you notice the tiny little details about them more carefully.

3. And you also learn things from each other!

While learning about each other’s preferences, you also learn to do basic tasks together.

For example, if you’re a great cook but your boyfriend is terrible at even making an omelet, then you can teach him how to cook breakfast every morning. Or if your girlfriend has no idea how to fold the laundry properly, doing it together can teach her that.

4. It’s much easier to plan date nights

When you’re living separately, planning a date night can seem like a task. For example, you might have made a dinner reservation at a fancy place but your significant other couldn’t show up because they were drowning in work.

Well, living together eliminates that problem! You can simply cancel the reservation and plan a cute candlelight dinner at home!

5. The relationship becomes stronger

Not only is living together an amazing opportunity to know each other better but it also gives you a path to deepen your love for each other.

When you move in together, you’ll see a significant improvement in communication because you have no choice other than to talk things out with them.

6. You’re able to explore intimacy better

Sex might not be everything in a relationship, but it’s surely a big part. And moving in together makes your sex life super great!

Even when it comes to non-sexual intimacy, you both can explore them (such as hugging each other after coming home from work or cuddling while watching a movie) without any inhibitions.

7. Budgeting becomes so much easier

Getting into the practical aspect of living together, let me tell you that it’s a great decision as far as finances are concerned. You both will save tons of money while splitting the bills and living expenses.

This will, in turn, teach you how to handle your money better and save up intelligently for the future.

8. It’s good practice for the future

Moving in together isn’t simply sleeping and waking up together. It’s also a chance for you both to see how compatible you both will be when you get married or even a few years down the lane.

It acts as a mirror into the future and lets you see if you’ll truly be happy living with the other person for the rest of your life.

9. Since the workload gets shared, there’s less burden

When you were living alone, the daily chores often took the better part of your day, right? From washing dishes to cleaning the house- you had so much work to do!

But now that you’re living with someone else, your burden gets halved… for both of you.

10. Long distance? No more!

Imagine waking up next to the love of your life every morning and thanking your stars that you get to spend so many hours with them each day! 

For couples who have experienced a long-distance relationship before moving in, they’ll understand how horrible it truly felt to not see their partners for long periods. But after moving in? That’s no longer an issue!

Relationship problems after moving in together

The first part of moving in together can be really fun- you both are excited about spending time together and can’t wait to explore the house! But don’t be fooled because there will come a phase where you’ll have to face certain problems, either alone or together. But hey, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to end!

Here are ten common relationship problems that couples face after moving in together.

1. You will end up arguing about money

No matter what you do, you’ll inevitably end up arguing about money at some point or the other. It might be related to something small, such as who gets to pay for dinner, or who bears big expenses like rent or car loans.

Even things like not paying bills on time or having credit debt can lead to frequent fights.

2. Your partner’s cute habits start becoming annoying

Yeah, your boyfriend’s habit of leaving dirty clothes all over the couch seemed funny at first but now it’s simply annoying.

These little things that you thought were quirky now make you more irritated than usual probably because your partner simply doesn’t bother listening to you when you tell them not to do it (especially if you both live in their house!).

3. You’re disappointing each other frequently

Like it or not but moving in together means you get to see your partner’s best and worst. When you see them at their worst, it can sometimes be a bit too much to bear. And the same goes for your partner, especially if you’re dealing with anger issues or something similar.

So, you’re more likely to let each other down now.

4. Your schedules are clashing

You know your girlfriend has planned a lovely breakfast for the third time now but you need to rush to the office because you overslept. Again. Even though it isn’t your fault, she’s pretty much boiling in anger (or hurt).

So, when you move in together, another major issue that occurs is that your schedules keep clashing and don’t work out well.

5. You miss your family members

Sure, in the beginning, you couldn’t wait to be away from your parents and siblings and start a new life with your honey. But now that a few months have passed, you miss your family members and they miss you too. While this isn’t a major problem, it can cause you to become sad or irritated (and then lead to fights).

6. You might start arguing about chores

Remember how I said that dividing the house chores is the best way to ensure both of you work equally hard? Well, in theory, that’s easy to do.

But in reality, there is a high chance that you both will end up arguing (a lot!) about whose turn it is to wash the dishes or sweep the floors. And trust me, this fight can be stressful.

7. Your long-term goals might change

For most couples, moving in together is a gateway to major life changes like marriage or having kids (or both!). But down the lane, what do you do when you see that your long-term goals are changing?

Once you unpack your bags at your partner’s house, you might realize that you don’t wish to marry after all or even be with them.

8. The spark starts to fade

As you spend more weeks and months staying with each other, it’s easy to fall out of love. This happens because you know everything about each other, and the excitement is gone.

You get to see each other throughout the day, so there are no butterflies in your belly while waiting to meet them. Moreover, work commitments make it even harder to bring back the spice.

9. You’re communicating less instead of more

Yes, moving in together is an amazing way to communicate more and be more open with each other. But in many cases, it can eventually lead to communicating less and less.

If your partner wishes to keep everything the same as if they’re still living alone and don’t check in with you, it can be a problem later.

10. You start discovering secrets

This is probably one of the biggest problems after moving in together- you start finding skeletons (not literal ones, hopefully) in your partner’s closet.

At one point, they might have said that they’re really, really loyal to you but now you’ve started noticing that they come back home late and it’s not because of work.

15 Tips for moving in together

Before moving in together, you had only seen your beloved on their best behavior. But now, prepare to see them eating a jar full of peanut butter messily while wearing their jammies! But jokes apart, here are a few tips before moving in together that you must know.

1. Make a conscious decision

Falling in love happens naturally; you don’t have any control over it. But moving in together shouldn’t be like that. It has to be a conscious decision made by both parties.

Don’t simply rush into it because you both are high on love hormones. Take some time, talk practically, and then agree to do it.

2. Agree instead of compromising

When you both make a checklist of which chores each of you will do, make sure that you both actively participate in it.

If you simply compromise or adjust, it means that you’re not willing to help each other out. Instead, agree enthusiastically and do your share of the work.

3. Give time to yourself

It can be easy to forget to love yourself or give yourself time when you move in together. But I’m here to tell you that this will be a huge mistake.

Maintain your sense of individuality and do things you like to. For example, take out 30 minutes every day and pursue a hobby you want.

4. Talk about pets and children

Hopefully, both of you have talked about having pets (or which kind of pets you’d want to adopt) or children. If you haven’t, then now is the time to get done with that conversation.

Plan on how much room you’ll need in the future and what to do once the pet or baby arrives.

5. Decide where to live

Your place or mine? Or maybe buy a separate house altogether? Well, this is important and has to be on your checklist before you move in.

You could stay in your place and ask your partner to join you or vice versa. Or even split the bill and rent a different apartment.

6. Draft an agreement

Discussing legal matters is also important. If you both are unmarried and wish to live together, then it might be wise to draft a cohabitation agreement beforehand. This will give both of you financial security and help you to divide assets in the future.

7. Do a trial run

Remember how we love to try on clothes before purchasing them? Well, why not do the same for your live-in relationship? Before you go ahead and shift, you can stay at your partner’s place for about a month and see how things go!

8. Take inventory

Another important thing many couples don’t do is take inventory and create a plan accordingly. Sit down with your partner and write down a proper list of things that you have vs what you need. This can include food rations, duplicate utensils, or anything else.

9. Don’t blame each other for not doing tasks properly

Imagine your partner yelling at you and saying, “You’re so lazy! You always forget to make the bed after waking up!”. Wouldn’t that feel hurtful? So before you move in, make sure neither of you ever blames the other one for not doing their share of the tasks. Talk openly but politely.

10. Plan the interiors properly

And by this, I don’t just mean picking out wallpaper. If you wish to cut down on the budget, you have to start downsizing.

For example, if you’re moving into your girlfriend’s house, you can bring a few items of your own that she doesn’t have so that you won’t have to buy them unnecessarily.

11. Donate or sell things that you don’t need

So what do you do with the huge pile of items that you won’t be needing after moving in together? Well, you can always donate them to a charity or sell them to someone. Get in touch with your local charitable organization or second-hand shops to know more.

12. Expect problems along the road

As people say- the road to love isn’t always easy. And trust me, it is absolutely true. It has quite a lot of bumps along the way, but that’s life!

You both need to be prepared for fights and money problems later but don’t let them ruin your relationship. Ever.

13. Don’t be afraid of vulnerability

So you’re excited to move in with your boyfriend but don’t you know if he’ll be able to see you at night when you don’t have your makeup on and you’re wearing baggy t-shirts.

This can be terrifying for many people, but learning to embrace vulnerability is what will make moving in more beautiful.

14. Communicate and learn from each other

In any relationship, irrespective of where the partners live, it’s important to communicate and understand each other. After all, when you come back home to your partner after a stressful day at work, you’d expect them to hug you and be there for you.

15. Remember that it’s “us”, not “me”

If you’re struggling with how to manage conflict, try to approach a “we” perspective over a “me” or “you” one. For starters, don’t say things like, “I don’t like it when you say or do things like that”. Instead, say, “Honey, it would be so much better if we could do this instead of that.”

Moving in together checklist

Next, let us go over some of the items that you need to put on your “to-do” list before you move in with your significant other.

These tid-bits will help you make sense of things when you feel overwhelmed about the entire process of shifting or having your partner move in with you.

1. Ask yourself why you want to move in

The first thing you need to ask yourself (and your mate) is why you wish to move in at all. Is it to reduce the expenses? To make sure your goals align? Or something else? The primary motive should be to make sure both of you are taking this decision together after giving it significant thought.

2. Next, ask yourself about the future

Nobody knows what the future will be like down the lane. You don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow!

But for now, it’s best to discuss the probably long-term future of your relationship five or ten years down the lane. These decisions will make the transition smoother.

3. Finalize the apartment

After the discussion phase comes the actual moving in. And for that, you both need to finalize an apartment or house that caters to both of you.

If you’re planning to reduce expenses, you can even consider moving into your partner’s house or vice versa.

4. Set rules for guests

Both of you will have individual social circles, which means guests coming over or even staying. So, before any of your friends, colleagues, or relatives come over, make it a point to let your partner know. Similarly, ask them to inform you beforehand if any of their guests arrive at your place.

5. Limit screen time

This may not be an obvious point on your checklist but reducing screen time can do wonders for your love (and sex) life! Decide on how much screen time is acceptable and make sure neither of you goes overboard with social media or television. If possible, make a “no phones before bed” rule.

6. Also, know each other’s eating habits

Even if you both have been crashing at each other’s houses before moving in, it’s still a good idea to know each other’s eating habits and food preferences. This is especially crucial if one of you is vegan or has any dietary restrictions, while the other one is a hardcore non-vegetarian.

7. Prepare a couples’ apartment list

Now that you both will live together, it’s time to get rid of the “I” attitude and move on to an “us” one. And by this, I mean preparing a list of essential items that both of you will need. For example, you can purchase a couple’s towels, mugs, or bathrobes to reduce the cost of buying separately.

8. Maximize the interior space

When you lived alone, you had the entire house to yourself but now that you’ll share it with someone else, you have to figure out the most effective way to plan the apartment. Try going with things like hidden shelves, sofa-cum-bed, and keeping the decorations minimal.

9. Have your special corner

Trust me, moving in doesn’t mean you have to do everything together! It always feels nice to have your very own spot in the apartment that you can claim just yours. Keep a corner of the room reserved for your leisure or relaxation and ask your partner to make one of their own too.

10. Settle in on sleeping habits

By this, I mean everything that is included while you both sleep together. From thermostat settings to have your side of the bed- make sure all this is crystal-clear to you both. If you do face a conflict, such as with the room temperature, settle on a middle ground.

Things to discuss before moving in together

So now you have a fair idea of what to do after you move in, but what about the important things that you should discuss before you make this change? If you don’t know which topics to go through before moving in, simply refer to this list below!

1. Discuss if you both are equally comfortable with the move or not

You might be thrilled to move into a new place and share it with your partner but what about them? Are they as happy and excited as you? Do they seem tense and restless? If yes, then put their fears at ease.

The first important point that needs to be discussed is whether both of you are actually up for the leap or not.

2. Discuss what you must keep & discard after moving in

So you both have probably made a list of the new items that need to be purchased for your new house but when it comes to the old items, which ones will you keep? If you’re moving to your partner’s place, carry a small number of things with you that belongs only to you, such as your toothbrush or your personal towels.

3. Discuss if you need to make any big purchases next

I know you both feel great after moving in, but that’s just half the battle! The next thing you need to keep in mind is whether you need to purchase something major, such as a car to travel to work or not.

Or maybe pool your savings together and buy an air conditioner or washing machine? Discuss other big investments and how to manage them.

Moving in Together & New Home

Your new home should be a place filled with love, fun, and laughter. Even if you are moving into your boyfriend or girlfriend’s apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t redo the decorations here and there!

It’s always better to amp-up the old place to give it a new vibe just like your relationship. But if you both have purchased a house or apartment together, then it’s best to first settle the expenses that are associated with bank loans and payments to the realtor. After that, make a thorough checklist of what to do to make the house look warm and homely.

When you start to work on the interiors, you and your partner might end up squabbling over the color of the walls or even the couch in your living area.

But as I always say, look at it as a partnership. Keep things that you like but also consider your mate’s choices. Also, it always helps to ask an interior decorator for their advice because, with their help, you won’t ever go wrong!

Moving in Together & Daily Chores

This is an essential part that needs to be discussed well before moving in together. Don’t keep any room for misunderstandings or miscommunications. Both of you will have different standards of cleanliness but you must agree on maintaining a basic level of hygiene.

When it comes to daily chores, divide them equally. But also, make sure you don’t affect your work life negatively while cleaning and mopping for hours.

If both of you face issues while dividing the chores, you can make a list that looks something like this- one of you will clean the house for a week alternately.

If you plan on cooking, your partner should be doing the dishes and cleaning up the table. If your partner has agreed to wash clothes, you must make sure to make the beds every morning.

Moving in Together & Finances

Coming to the finances, let me tell you that even the tiniest of mistakes can lead to major consequences later. So be very careful while planning your expenses.

For starters, find out about each other’s credit scores and (approximate) bank balances. Next, discuss your spending and saving habits.

For example, if you see your partner splurging on expensive and unnecessary items, don’t be afraid to tell them not to do it.

Creating a household budget can also prove to be quite useful. Make a separate budget for repaying loans (if any) and for daily essentials and food items. If you both are struggling with saving up, then ask a financial advisor about how to curb spending.

You can even open a joint bank account to manage your finances better. But if the relationship doesn’t seem to be working out well later, keep enough money saved for an exit strategy.

Moving in Together & Mental Health

Your mental health, as well as that of your partner, is of utmost importance when you both plan to move in together. One great piece of advice that most other live-in couples share is to have your own spaces and worlds.

It’s great to spend time together, but it’s also necessary to spend some time apart, especially now that you’re seeing much more of each other. Secondly, if either of you is dealing with any mental health issues, the other person needs to be as supportive and empathetic as possible to make moving in easier.

Of course, if you feel that moving in together is simply worsening your mental health and giving you no space to vent, then you should talk to your significant other about it. If things seem to go downhill even after that, then maybe you should reconsider living with your partner and move out.

What to know before moving in together?

Try to know everything that is important to you – from financial standing to their mental health – seek information about everything.

Before you move in, it’s important to have a practical and emotional discussion with each other. Discuss everything, right from logistics to finances and date nights. And during the discussion, be as honest and open as possible.

Even if there’s a conflict, don’t shy away or be afraid. Look at it as just another hurdle that both of you will need to cross to live together peacefully.

Moving in together is a lot of fun but can come with its problems. Not every day will be filled with love and joy.

Sometimes you’ll come home from work in a bad mood and sometimes your partner will spend hours at work. But the main thing here is the willingness of both of you to keep the relationship going.

What to do if it doesn’t work out?

Don’t shut yourself off or give up completely. Understand that the transition is hard and give it some time. If things still don’t improve, move out!

If your living situation isn’t working out, don’t shut yourself off. Communicate with your partner and let them know what the issue is. Chances are, they will listen to you and understand your views!

Also, keep in mind that facing problems after moving in together doesn’t have to result in a nasty breakup. Both of you might be an amazing couple and still face problems when living under the same roof.

Moving in is a hard transition and most people take months to keep in sync with the change. But if things simply aren’t improving, you can consider moving out and staying somewhere close to the current house.

In many cases, couples move in together too early into the relationship and later find out that their partner was completely different from what they seemed to be. This is why you need to make sure you both know each other well and have dated each other for a long time before taking such a big step.

FAQs about Moving in Together

So, this was all about moving in together with your partner, but I’m sure there are a few questions that are still unanswered. Let’s dig in to explore them!

1. How long do most couples date before living together?

Therapists say that same-gender couples usually date for a very short time before they decide to move in together, such as six months. But heterosexual couples or couples who feel that they want to know their partners better before moving in date for about a year.

However, these numbers aren’t set in stone and the actual time period will always vary for every couple.

Some people even feel that moving in after marriage is the only acceptable form of a live-in relationship, which means that the couple might have dated for about three years or so before marrying each other.

All this is based on religious and social upbringing.

2. What if we love each other but we’re not ready to move in together?

It’s perfectly normal to want to move in but still feel unsure. Maybe you love your partner but whenever the topic of moving in together pops up, your mind becomes blank.

In this situation, make it a point to talk to your partner honestly about your feelings. Being emotionally and mentally ready is very important, and when you couple it with factors like finances and housework, it can become a big issue.

If you need any form of support or advice, you can always go to a relationship coach or therapist to understand your inhibitions better.

3. Is it normal to have doubts before moving in together?

Yes absolutely! We are all humans, and every big decision needs to be thought of carefully before proceeding. So it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, confused, or even scared before moving in.

You know your relationship is going to take a major turn ahead, but it can either be for the good or the bad. Your mind might also be pressured by thoughts of marriage or kids, which can trigger more doubts.

So once again, I’m advising you to talk to your partner about all this and let them know that you love them, but you’re apprehensive about moving in.

4. How do you know when you should move in together?

It’s quite difficult to know when to move in together. The best answer that I can give you is to move in when you feel right.

If you both have known each other for a long time and you feel that moving in together is the next logical step, then go ahead! Moreover, if your family values, perspectives, and financial behaviors match, then there’s no reason why you should delay the move!

5. Is moving in together bad for your relationship?

Many feel that moving in together before marriage is a bad idea because it leads to the “premarital cohabitation effect”, which is a phenomenon where a live-in couple is more likely to argue after marriage.

They also say that if the relationship doesn’t go well, it makes it really hard to break up, as compared to couples who aren’t cohabiting.

But a whole lot of people feel that moving in together makes perfect sense because it gives a taste of what your life will be like in the future.

Moreover, living together strengthens your bond and shows you the most vulnerable and real side of each other, which is a huge thing. So ultimately, it all depends on you and your partner to figure out if this move is going to be good or bad.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

No matter what people say, there isn’t a “right time” to move in and start a new life together. Remember, there’s no right answer on whether or not you should move in. Only when you both feel that you’ve had important discussions and you’re ready to cohabit, should you go ahead and do it.

However, you can always be double-sure by talking to other live-in couples or a therapist before moving in. But if therapy seems too intimidating, refer to this article and get all your doubts resolved!