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30 Obvious Signs Hookup Turning Into Relationship

30 Obvious Signs Hookup Turning Into Relationship

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

30 Obvious Signs Hookup Turning Into Relationship

Check for signs hookup turning into relationship if the dynamics between you and your sex buddy have changed. 

It’s not new for people – who only desire sexual gratification from each other – to get romantic. After all, sexual chemistry builds a major foundation of serious relationships. 

So, to check what’s up, dive right in!

30 Signs Hookup Turning Into Relationship

You guys were having a great time wrapped in the sheets. But they suddenly blurt out, “I love you”?

Don’t worry just yet, it could’ve been a spur-of-the-moment thing, which doesn’t mean much.

But, if you or your casual partner are feeling a little weird about your thing these days, your relationship might be getting deeper.

So, scroll below to find out whether this is the case… 

1. You’re constantly texting each other

When they’re texting you “good morning” or asking about your day, it shows that they care for your well-being. It’s not just all about sex.

2. You’ve met their friends

Nobody introduces a hook-up to their close friends. If they do so, they feel quite pleasant about you. In fact, there’s certainly something more between you guys.

3. They’re casually reaching out over the phone

Hookups hit up each other to set the time and place for a booty call. 

But if this turns into phone calls about more non-sexual intimate things – like how you’re doing, your hookup is turning more serious.

4. You’re sleeping over at night

A cardinal rule of hookups: No spending the night or sleeping in the same bed. 

If both of you are breaking this rule, you are slowly becoming more intimate.

5. Your sleepovers are turning into breakfast dates

Even if hookups sleep over, they leave the moment they wake up. 

But if they ask you to stay longer for breakfast dates or you cook for each other and talk over a plate of food… things are getting serious!

6. They seem nervous around you

When you regularly have casual sex with someone, you don’t feel nervous interacting with them.

But if they act nervous, they have a crush on you. It’s clear they desire a deeper, romantic relationship and are feeling butterflies in their stomach when you’re close.

7. They’ve asked you to hang out at their place

You used to go to their place to just hook up. But now, they are calling you to eat takeout and watch a movie. There’s no sex – just hanging out, it is a sign that you’re becoming closer. 

8. They seem jealous 

Tell your no-strings-attached bedmate you like someone else romantically. If they’re jealous, know that strings are being woven.

9. They’re interested in your dating life

“Have you dated before? How were they? Why didn’t it work out?”

The answers give them all the information to become a better partner and convince you to date them. So, get the hint when you face such questions. 

10. They do little favors for you

In hookups, you both are strangers outside of bed. But lately, they selflessly do things for you, like sending you gifts, cooking for you when you’re sick, and so on. 

The answer is clear: Nobody does this until they care for the other.

11. They are affectionate in public

With PDA, they show that you are theirs. They are staking their claim on you in public. Their affection draws attention and makes others question you about your relationship. 

This is exactly what they want – to show that you’re more than just hookups.

12. They reply quickly when you text them

Are you getting an answer from them within the minute? 

If yes, this is because they are waiting for your texts. It takes them no time to reply because their feelings make them impatient. 

13. They remember little details about you

You might have told them about your birthday offhandedly a while ago. But being just hookups, if they wish you at 12:00 a.m. on the dot, they are into you. 

14. They talk about personal things

Recall if they share intimate stories about their childhood or family. If yes, they see you as more than a body to get pleasure from.

15. They talk about emotions

When they share their feelings with you or childhood trauma, this shows a trust deeper than what a hook-up should have. So, get a clear sign!

16. They often talk about a ‘relationship’ between you two

If they want more than your body, they will ask what they mean to you in your life. Or, they might tell you how good a relationship with you might be for them.

17. They make small yet meaningful commitments 

Small commitments like not sleeping with other people and keeping their promises mean a lot in a sex-only relationship. Perhaps it’s because they like you a lot.

18. They have things that they do only with you

Notice if you guys are getting into small traditions. It might be drinking whiskey after every hook-up or making a particular day more special every week. 

When they do a certain non-sexual thing just with you, it’s to feel closer to you.

19. They have uninstalled dating apps

When you have an active dating app account, it suggests that you are still on the market. But if they have deleted it, it means their search has ended. They have their eyes set on you! 

20. You forget to have sex

Recall when they came over for sex. But your small talk turned into such a long conversation. A booty call without sex is the ultimate sign of your hookup turning into a relationship.

21. They’re too emotional during sex

A hook-up is supposed to be unemotional. So if they show more emotions during sex or call it “making love,” they are thinking of you romantically.

22. They take care of you after sex

Aftercare is good sex etiquette. But hookup partners avoid it to keep things light and avoid catching feelings. 

So, if you were the same but now they want to shower together and help you wash your hair, know that they are falling for you.

23. You’re having pillow talks

Casual hookup partners do not lie in bed after sex and talk to each other. Otherwise, this just increases bonding and might make things complicated. 

But if you’ve been having comfortable, maddeningly sweet, and honest pillow talks, you have moved into relationship territory.

24. You feel like you’re in a relationship

Do you feel like you’re in a relationship? Does this arrangement make you hesitate to say you’re single?

If yes, this is a sign that you have gotten more serious than you intended to become.

25. You give each other thoughtful gifts

Thoughtful gifts like handmade things, personalized care packages, and likewise, are for your partner, not your hook-up. 

So, if you’re receiving such heart melting gifts, it is because they are trying to be more than just a sex partner.

26. You want to reach out to them in a bad situation

During your low days, do they often pop into your mind? 

If you want to seek your hookup partner for comfort, you’ve become quite attached to them. Your feelings are pretty clear!

27. Even strangers think you’re dating

Have you been mistaken as a couple by restaurant waitstaff or strangers at a park? If yes, there’s definitely some chemistry that goes beyond sex.

28. You’re a common face on their feed

If they post your pictures on social media with romantic or appreciative posts, it is a sign of affection and possessiveness.

They want to declare publicly how much they like you. To them, this is no more a hookup. 

29. They’re sharing their goals for the future

When they share their honest career dreams and future goals, know that they are catching the feels. After all, human beings share such things with deeply trusted people.

30. Their future schedule includes you

They are making plans well ahead, like six months from now. And if you’re included in those plans, know that this is no longer something casual. They want you in their life in the long haul!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

A hook-up is definitely turning into something more if a lot of these signs show up. If that’s your case, you need to understand what you want

A loving relationship with someone who has mind-blowing sex with you? Or, just enough sexual satisfaction?

Whichever you choose, communicate clearly so that nobody gets disappointed. Especially don’t lead them on if you don’t want anything more!

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