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20 Basic Characteristics Of Real Love Everyone Must Know

20 Basic Characteristics Of Real Love Everyone Must Know

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

20 Basic Characteristics Of Real Love Everyone Must Know

If you’re afraid of getting into toxic relationships, first understand the genuine characteristics of real love

After all, even the best of the best falls into fake love and regrets later. 

So, these characteristics will help you identify a loving bond and a partner who actually wants the best for you. 

To give you a quick peek, it’s all about the strong feelings two people share, how their hearts connect, and how they grow together. 

But there’s a lot more, so let’s take a closer look here!

20 Characteristics Of Real Love

In the modern dating era, it’s hard to meet compatible people “naturally” and click with them. Most people also don’t even understand what love is and are too selfish to develop a loving bond. You invest your time in them and regret big time way later. 

But all that drama can be avoided if you know what real love actually looks like. So dive right in to know it all!

1. Trust

Trust forms the bedrock of a healthy and secure relationship. A person who seriously loves you will always keep their word. There will be no lies or fake excuses. Loyalty in love makes you feel safe and secure in the relationship. 

2. Respect for opinions 

Love, in the true sense, consists of mutual respect for each other’s thoughts and differences. This mutual understanding and acceptance makes you both feel valued.

3. Open communication 

Real love has open, clear, and straightforward communication. It requires active listening and patience to understand and confess feelings. This minimizes the chances of misunderstandings or misinterpretations. 

When you address issues with clear communication, it makes your bond natural and strong.

4. No value for ego

There is no place for ego in love, as it destroys selfless love. In real love, you and your partner will never prioritize ego. 

Your opinion and decision will always come first for them. They will give equal importance to your ideas and growth as their own and never disappoint you.

5. Serious commitments 

In real love, you commit to being adaptable and open to change as the relationship evolves. You both share responsibilities and decision-making in a balanced and equitable manner.  

True love encourages you both to work on your personal growth. You understand that this enhances the relationship’s overall health.

You both will consistently prioritize the relationship, even when faced with other commitments.

6. Compromise 

When you are genuinely in love, you willingly make sacrifices for the relationship’s growth and well-being. There will be compromises for both partners to maintain their identities and pursue personal interests.

You both will find ways to support each other’s emotional needs.  You’ll respect each other’s boundaries and compromise for that if needed.

7. Confidence

In real love, you never doubt each other’s love. You won’t fear being abandoned even if you have different choices. 

You both value and respect each other’s individuality, sense of self, and personal space. This contributes to a healthier and more balanced relationship.

8.  Creative effort

In real love, your partner goes beyond the ordinary to surprise you with thoughtful and personalized gestures to express their affection. 

You give each other gifts with personal meanings that show your thoughtfulness.

You surprise each other spontaneously, adding an element of excitement and spontaneity to the relationship. 

True love includes playfulness, experimentation, and trying new things together.

9. No grudge

In real love, you both willingly apologize and take responsibility for your actions when you hurt the other.  You use conflicts and mistakes as opportunities for personal and relationship growth.

You move forward from conflicts without holding grudges or dwelling on past mistakes and handle disagreements respectfully. 

Further, you find a middle ground rather than winning the argument and playing the blame game. 

10. Friendship 

Real love makes you find happiness in each other’s company, even during mundane or everyday moments. 

You accept each other’s individuality, quirks, and flaws, which brings happiness. You feel cozy even without constant conversations.

Friendship instills this comfort in romantic relationships. When you both are friends, even while being lovers, you spend time together, laugh, and enjoy shared activities. All of this adds to the fun! 

11. No fear of society

True love gives you the power to become fearless. Even if you feel shy to come clean about your relationship, you will confidently express your feelings. 

True love gives the strength to accept the relationship publicly. You don’t think about others’ judgment.

12. Enhanced personality

In true love, your partner positively influences your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes, helping you adopt healthier and more productive habits.

You also offer to be your best version without them trying to change you. You try to leave their bad habits and obtain all good vibes.

13. Intimacy

True love encourages you to open up and share your deepest thoughts, fears, and feelings without hesitation or judgment. 

It involves genuine physical affection, including hugs, kisses, and cuddling, that goes beyond mere physical desire.

You both engage in intimate conversations about your dreams, fears, and life goals. This creates a sense of intimacy on a psychological level, making it overall intellectual intimacy.

14. No loneliness

True love provides emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging, contributing to fulfillment. You always feel each other’s presence, regardless of distance. 

15. Support

True love includes emotional support. Your partner will be there to listen, understand, and provide comfort when facing challenges or feeling down. 

They celebrate your accomplishments and successes and show pride and enthusiasm for you. 

They’ll consistently support you during convenient times, difficult moments, or when you need it most. 

They’ll help you deal with challenges, encourage personal growth, and support your aspirations, even if they lead to changes in the relationship.

16.  Zero unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations can manifest as a desire for a perfect partner or a flawless relationship. This makes people set impossibly high standards, leading to dissatisfaction and frustration.

In real love, your partner won’t demand unrealistic qualities. They love you just the way you are. Despite their expectations, they will not force you to change yourself unless you want to or if it’s a toxic trait.

17. Healing deep wounds 

Real love provides a safe and supportive environment. It makes you both feel comfortable sharing past wounds, traumas, and emotional struggles. 

With patience and understanding, you navigate the healing journey together, which needs time and effort. 

It empowers you both to confront and overcome the past and move forward with greater strength and resilience.

18. Confidentiality

Partners may have shared secrets or experiences that strengthen their bond. Confidentiality ensures that these shared moments are kept exclusively between them.

Confidentiality is an enduring characteristic of love. Partners consistently demonstrate respect for each other’s privacy and maintain a sense of trust throughout the relationship.

19. Gentle treatment 

In true love, you carefully handle each other’s feelings and emotions. You avoid harsh words or actions. This fosters a nurturing and supportive thought where you both feel valued and respected. 

It is a beautiful expression of the deep connection and empathy that true love brings.

20. Satisfaction, no anxiety

When you’re in a relationship based on real love, you experience a sense of security and comfort. There’s no constant worry or anxiety about the future of the relationship. Instead, you feel a deep sense of peace knowing you’re valued, accepted, and supported.

True love helps to alleviate anxiety and replaces it with a deep sense of emotional satisfaction and stability. 

It reassures you the positive and calming impact that authentic love can have on your overall well-being.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

The above qualities define the essence of real love. So, keep those in mind whether you’re seeking a new romantic relationship or already in one.

However, don’t judge your relationship too fast. After all, you both need time to bond and build these qualities.

With enough time and effort, understand which way your relationship is headed. Based on that, make the best choice for a fulfilling love life!

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