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How to Please Your Man and Make Him Want You More – 40 Surefire Ways

How to Please Your Man and Make Him Want You More – 40 Surefire Ways

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Please Your Man and Make Him Want You More – 40 Ways

If you reached this think piece, I know that you can’t wait to know how to please your man… in bed, both physically and sexually.

I mean, let’s be honest- every man feels he’s on top of the world while having sex with his wife or girlfriend, right?

But, if you feel that your man doesn’t enjoy your intimate times… or his mind seems to be somewhere else, don’t ignore this sign!

It’s unnatural when men don’t feel excited about or while having sex… so, it’s time to take some concrete action.

In this article, I will tell you about 40 different ways to please your man and regain power in the bedroom!

How to please your man? – 40 Surefire ways

In the initial stages of a relationship or when you’re newly married, you enjoy all the “bed” times with your man.

The great chemistry in the bedroom not only keeps your relationship solid but also makes sure you both know each other in the most intimate ways possible.

But some months or years later, the sex becomes monotonous and this even leads to a decline in your emotional relationship. You feel so distant and bothered by this sudden change and get worried about your relationship.

So, to save your relationship and make your man want you again, what are the steps that you must take? How do you bring back the amazing sex life that you both had? Come on, keep reading to know more!

1. Dress well in bed

Most women wear sexy lingerie or sheer nightgowns only on the days that they feel they’ll get lucky. But did you know that a man needs to be first visually aroused before he can jump right into the act?

Make “Dress To Impress” your mantra. Wear sexy but comfortable clothes almost every night when you go to bed. This will make his sexual fantasies click! Remember, the play-after also depends on initial attraction and how you treat his eyes.

2. Cut out the innocence

Being innocent and shy at first might attract a guy but that’ll last only for so long. Society has made most women believe that they must be on their best behavior (aka behave like a virgin) to keep their man in line… but the truth is- you need to do exactly the opposite!

Step out of your comfort zone and be bold. A man truly gets turned on by a woman who knows what she wants in bed and also knows how to get it. Don’t worry, once you show him your wild side, he won’t keep his hands off you!

3. Put effort into your appearance

Well, this isn’t anything new when I say that guys are attracted to what they see. Sounds superficial, but it’s true!

While an emotional and intellectual connection is also important, it doesn’t hurt to maintain your appearance, right?

For example, do your mani-pedis regularly, get a haircut, wear a bit of makeup, and dress sexily. You don’t necessarily have to give off the “bad girl” vibe all the time, but make sure you look and feel fit.

4. Tease him… to death. 😉

Yes, now we’re getting to the spicy parts of this think-piece… Teasing your man and making him want for more is a tactic that you MUST employ to please him.

Play some naughty games, get him excited, and then show him what you’re capable of. One of the best things to do is to send him a sexy picture of yourself when he’s at work or to send him a flirty text message.

Or if you’re out having dinner with him and his friends, try running your fingers or legs up his pants slowly!

5. Let go of your insecurities

Every woman has her own insecurities and things that make her lose her confidence. But unless you shed your fears and inhibitions, how will you make sure your guy is happy in the bedroom?

As I’ve already told you, men love confident women who give off the right vibe. Instead of being awkward when you peel off your clothes, try to look at him in the sexiest way possible.

Tell him with your actions that you look good, you feel good, and you’re about to show him heaven! 😉

6. Be creative and start exploring

Sex must be fun, not just for your man but for you too. Gone are the days of boring old missionary sex positions. It’s time to get creative and crazy in the bedroom! Explore your boundaries together and see what turns him on.

For example, if your man is a big fan of oral sex or dirty talk, then make him feel horny by doing those.

If you guys keep things lukewarm and plain, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun activities. In fact, it can actually be a lovely bonding experience for both of you!

7. Foreplay buddy, foreplay!

Women believe that men don’t like foreplay or the naughty things that come right before sex. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s simply a stupid myth!

Yes, it might be partly true but turning him on by doing what he likes can be a huge game-changer. Reach a middle ground and try to find the same content that pleases both of you.

If you need help, talk to a relationship expert or your man and find out what he likes. Nibbles, hot massages, touching, licking – there’s no end to what you can do!

8. Talk… dirty!

If you haven’t dirty talked with someone ever, it can be a little awkward initially. But remember- confidence is the key when it comes to dirty talks.

Guys love physical intimacy… but they go crazy for a girl who can make them fantasize about what she can do, especially in a long-distance relationship.

Tell him in excruciating detail about how you wish to explore his body. Be imaginative- there are no boundaries when it comes to dirty talking. Talk dirty and see how fast his pleasure levels shoot up!

9. Let out the moans

Guys love to see their woman’s reactions during sex. And let me tell you, the way you moan or make noises plays an important role.

As a man, he definitely wants to see how well he can please his girlfriend or wife. And if you moan just the right way, with enough passion in your voice, he’ll know that he’s doing a good job.

And this will please him to no limits! Even when you go down on him for blowjobs, your face must be expressive enough to make him hornier.

10. Communicate with him

Communication is probably the sexiest weapon you can use to please your man. Even if you want to know how to please your man sexually without intercourse, you must be honest and open with him.

Ask him what makes you look sexy, tell him how you want to rub the tip of his penis, and watch him get all riled up!

If you’re tongue-tied or nervous about being open with him, it just won’t work out. After all, how else will he understand what makes you happy in the bedroom?

11. Do something unexpected

If you want to know how to please your husband after being married for many years, this tip is especially important for you.

Married couples often lose the spark after a few years down the lane, and the primary reason is that they do the same old things.

If you want to keep him hooked on you, do something different and unexpected.

For example, experiment with sex toys or wear a gorgeously-revealing new outfit. Even though sex can get boring with time, you can always bring back the spark!

12. Surprise him with sex

This sex tip is quite similar to the one I said earlier. A man in bed wants to feel sexy and loved. And if he isn’t getting what he wants, he might start getting bored.

Instead of always scheduling sex or making it predictable, surprise him with it! Pull him in the bedroom or shower when he’s least expecting it. Show him your sexy moves when he’s unprepared.

For example, when your hubby returns home from work, get dressed in lingerie. Light some candles in the bedroom. Make sure when he opens the door, his face says it all!

13. Crave his body

If you want to know how to pleasure your man in bed the right way, pay attention to his body. Spend time admiring him, especially during foreplay.

Women go gaga when their man whispers compliments about their body, and the same goes for men too!

Most sex therapists or sex experts will tell you how important it is to make him feel appreciated. Slowly move your fingers all over his body parts, such as his back, chest, or any other place. This will make him want you even more!

14. Participate actively

Pleasing your man isn’t just about climbing into bed and having penetrative sex. Since men are generally sexual beings, they love watching their women actively participate and enjoy sex.

You must make him feel that you’re in it as much as he is. If you simply lie there and do nothing, or touch him half-heartedly, he’ll feel awkward and disinterested.

The real pleasure in bed is in its “Give and Take” policy. You give him pleasure, he’ll give you just what you want!

15. Maintain hygiene

To please your man in bed just the right way, you’ll have to do more than just wear a see-through negligee or sexy lipstick.

Personal hygiene is extremely important, not just to keep your man excited but to also ensure that you both have safe sex. One major part of this is to trim down there.

Many men don’t really have a preference when it comes to trimming your hair around your privates, but it’s a good idea to ask him and discuss your preferences.

Ask him how he wants it to look and what turns him on there. Take a bath before and after sex so that you smell heavenly whenever he gets close to you!

16. Delve in oral sex

Guys love it when their wives or girlfriends give them a BJ – ofcourse, that’s no hidden fact. It builds sexual tension and lets him know that you’re open to trying out wild things.

However, a lot of women find blowjobs uncomfortable or simply yucky. It’s a big NO for them. But if you really wish to please your man, get over the initial disgust or awkwardness about oral sex.

As an added bonus, I’m here to tell you that men especially like it when their woman swallows (you know what I’m talking about, right?)! Make sure oral sex is mutual and enjoyable for both of you.

17. Make the first move

I can’t even begin to emphasize how your “first move” can play with your guy’s mind. No, you don’t need to do it always, but at least once in a while. You can’t expect your guy to always take the lead if you want to impress him.

Understand the correct timing and drop him sexy hints that you want him to fulfill all your dark desires. Even when you’re having sex, you can take charge and ride on him. Let him see how sexy you look when you moan or orgasm. This way, he’ll surely never stray away from you!

18. Compliment him

Women love to be affirmed of how attractive and sexy they are. Even if you feel that your man doesn’t feel the same way, I’m telling you that he is!

Men might be sex-hungry most of the time but don’t forget, they have their emotional needs too. Men love to be told that they are hot and sexy and that you’d do anything to please them.

The more you compliment him, the more turned on he gets. But of course, make sure that the compliments come from within and aren’t half-hearted.

19. Let him touch you

Relationship experts tell you that when it comes to sex, you both must reach out to each other. Just as you must touch him, make it clear that he needs to touch you too.

Let him feel you up and touch you where he wants. If he memorizes every inch of your skin, he’ll know what makes you moan.

Try not to get embarrassed or shy about your body. Don’t let your insecurities interfere. Let him love every part of you and accept you the way you are.

20. Don’t stop with the flirting

In real life, once you’ve been with your partner for a long time, the initial spark starts to fade away. But this is when flirting becomes more important than ever.

Don’t stop giving him the eyes or making him feel special. For example, indulge in phone sex or naughty text messages. Let him touch your butt in public and make him crave you more.

The flirty behavior help maintain the sexual spark, no matter how old your relationship gets.

21. Show you have depth

For all the newly-married couples out there, we all tend to be swept away by the tide of sex. But in reality, sex without depth doesn’t mean much. So, try to make an emotional connection even during sex.

Look into his eyes, smile softly, and whisper nice things in his ear. While dirty talking and flirting are important… It’s equally important to form a strong mental and emotional bond. For that, show your man that you have what it takes to handle a mature relationship.

22. Try role-playing

Role-play is a really fun part of sex, and it’s even more fun when both of you want to experiment with new things and are open to it.

If you need some ideas, you can always Google them or watch some hot videos together. There’s absolutely no end to what you can try out in role-play.

For example, he can be a doctor and you can be his sexy patient, or you can be a teacher and he can be the naughty student who needs some “spanking”! Come up with new and innovative ways to make role-playing more fun, such as sexy costumes and props.

23. Don’t make him do uncomfortable things

Sex is all about consent. Looking good and feeling good are the two most important things you have to take care of when you’re doing the deed.

Just like your boyfriend or husband understands your sexual wants and likes, you must also prioritize his preferences and avoid his dislikes.

Never make him do something that he’s uncomfortable with. This will only make him stray further and further from you. If you really wish to please him, let him do things at his pace.

24. Give a lap dance or strip show

To please your boyfriend or husband in bed and also to make him laugh, what’s better than a reaallyyy sexy lap dance or a strip show?

Wear something cute or naughty and slowly build the tension and you inch toward his lap. Sit and show off your sexy moves there. If you feel extra sexy, you can even perform an exclusive strip show to tease him to limits! 😉

You’ll see that irresistible smile on his face and the swirl in his gut while he enjoys the treat in front of his eyes.

25. Don’t just stop at sex, talk after that

Sex is important, no doubt, but what about the moments that you spend after sex? Do you simply wear your clothes and go about doing your work?

If the answer is yes, then girl, you gotta stop! Spend some time with your man and let him know how enjoyable the sex was.

Cuddle with him and kiss him, even after both of you reached climax and finished doing the naughty deeds. Make sure the afterglow isn’t lost and that he loves you even after the sex is over.

26. Kiss him often

Kissing your man is most definitely underrated. The slowly-building sexiness in the air and the arousal your man feels when you give him a sensual kiss are beyond comparison.

Kiss him whenever you like, but make sure it isn’t sloppy or just a peck on his lips. In fact, touch him lightly even when you’re kissing him to spice things up.

Any type of physical closeness is a great thing and the more you kiss, the more you both will realize how much you love each other!

27. Keep the fun going

What’s sex without a bit of fun? Even though sex is about fulfilling your physical needs, it doesn’t always have to be all hot, heavy, and serious.

The moment you open up to your man and let him do the same, you’ll notice how much fun sex can be.

Laughing together in bed, enjoying each other’s presence, and experimenting with funny things can be the trick to make your man put only you on his priority list! Simply keep your mind open and be prepared to make sex a fun activity.

28. Take things slow

If you’ve been single for a while and then you met the man of your dreams, you’d definitely want to go straight into his bedroom and show him your moves, right?

But this is where you go wrong.

It’s great to have sex and spend some time being rough… but if you wish to keep him in the long run, slow down the pace. Take time to understand his mind before you understand his body.

As I’ve already mentioned, men are emotional beings and their sex drive is also largely dependent on how emotionally connected they feel with you.

29. Have phone or video sex

If you and your man are in a long-distance relationship and want to keep it spicy, phone or video sex is your only option.

It might be awkward in the beginning but you must learn to enjoy it. Frequent phone sex is a great way to keep your man obsessed with you, even if you guys don’t meet that often.

Open the show with some dirty talking on the phone, and then start getting bolder. Get on a video chat and show him how much you miss him by stripping off and touching yourself.

30. Wake him up with lovemaking

Another amazing way to please your man is to wake him up with some tender kisses and licks and then get ready to do the act!

Initiate sex while he’s sleeping… and when you see that he is erect, know that he’s definitely enjoying your touches! That’s the moment to wake him up and straddle him. 😉

Of course, you must only do this if he’s had a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, your man might wake up in a crabby mood and all your efforts will go to waste!

31. Be romantic in bed

Who said roses and champagne are outdated? Well, I’m here to tell you that they are very much in style even today!

Being romantic and doing lovey-dovey things during foreplay (or even before that) is a wonderful way to show your man how much you appreciate him.

He’ll understand that you don’t just see him as your sex partner but as your lover too.

For example, try sprinkling rose petals all over the bed and then when he comes back home, open a bottle of wine or champagne and tell him how special he is to you.

32. Add different sensations

If the sex is getting super-boring or one-sided, you know you need something different. Try to add different sensations of touch, such as ice cubes, chocolate syrup, or whipped cream.

If you want to make things sexier, blindfold him and let him rely solely on his sense of touch. Take an ice cube in your mouth and run it all along his chest. Or lick some whipped cream off his shaft. Do this with other food items as well and he’ll keep moaning your name over and over!

33. Take some time away from kids

Wanna know how to please your man after giving birth? I have some tricks up my sleeve for this too! I know how difficult it can be to get back into the game when you have kids.

Your children will occupy most of the time. You both will worry about feeding them or changing diapers. This can seriously hamper your sex life.

But take a break from all this and keep your little ones with your relatives or a babysitter. Go on a small vacation and rekindle the old romance.

34. Read some books on sex

When it comes to books on sex, you must have heard of the Kama Sutra, right? If you want to explore some ideas and understand how sex works on a deeper level, this book will be your ideal companion.

But other than the Kama Sutra, you can search for many more self-help books on the web and give them a try. Try out the different activities listed in these books to make sex more enjoyable.

Not only will you widen your horizon about sex but you will also know the right tricks to keep your man craving for more!

35. Go to a relationship counselor

If most of the tricks aren’t working out and your relationship seems off, a relationship or marriage counselor will be the perfect guide. They can figure out what’s going wrong in the bedroom and suggest tips on how to please and keep your man in the long haul.

Sometimes, if you and your partner can’t reach a middle ground, a professional might help you both understand each other better.

However, counseling can often be expensive, so you can ask your best friend or someone else you trust to give you the right advice.

36. Embrace your femininity

Pleasing your man by being feminine and understanding your own personality is really hot, take it from me!

When I say embrace your femininity, I mean to love every part of your body. Not just this, but also let him know that you want him to love your body too.

Don’t dismiss your curves because they are what made you so sexy. Your man will instantly recognize how comfortable you are in your own skin and this will make him want you ferociously. He’ll be proud to show you off in public and will never want to let go of you.

37. Touch yourself in front of him

For most women, masturbation comes easily. So why not take advantage of this and make your man moan out your name? Ask him to sit on a comfortable sofa or on the bed and start touching yourself.

Moan his name as you touch your curves and thighs. His eyes will light up and he’ll see what a goddess you are!

If you want things to be more fun, don’t let him touch you. Keep masturbating while you tease him more and more. Show him that you’re powerful and he’ll have to wait for a bit more to get closer to you.

38. Free the animal in you

Men are, by nature, rough creatures. And they love nothing more than a woman who can show him that she can be rough too. Kinky sex is never off the table, you know?

Let him tie you up in the sexiest way possible and let him explore every area of your body. Let him give you a light spank or bite you in your sensitive areas.

Even during penetrative sex, don’t take things slow. Rough sex and light BDSM will make him feel that he’s in charge and this will madden him with pleasure!

39. Look into his eyes when you orgasm

This is a secret tip that will increase your guy’s carnal desires for you. When you both climax, make sure to look deeply into his eyes. Most women close their eyes, which can be a bit of a turn-off for their men.

Instead, keep your eyes open and let them speak the language of love. The sensuality on your face when you reach the big O will show him how much you enjoy having sex with him and how amazing he is in bed.

Even you’ll realize how sexy it can be to look at your prince charming pleasuring you at your peak.

40. Be faithful

Great sex is definitely a great way to pleasure your man. But did you know that the greatest weapon out there is to stay faithful and honest with him?

Your man might love your body but he’s in love with your heart and soul. Show him he’s the only one for you by being open and honest.

You wish to please him by making him happy and because you love him. To keep your relationship exciting and your man always wanting more of you, be faithful and truthful.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

There are so many factors that come into play when you want to pleasure your man. It takes a combination of playfulness, naughtiness, and devotion toward him.

Even though keeping track of so many things can seem a little confusing at first, you’ll learn everything with time and as you take the little steps.

The basic thing that you must remember is to not be shy or reserved. Keep pushing yourselves to see what makes you both click together so well in bed!

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