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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You (60+ Signs & 10 Signs he doesn’t like you)

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You (60+ Signs & 10 Signs he doesn’t like you)

Updated on Aug 03, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You (60+ Signs & 10 Signs he doesn’t like you)

How to tell if a guy likes you?

What are the tell-tale signs of him liking you?”…  I know how you feel!

The confusion is overwhelming and on some bad days… absolutely unbearable.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you… always. Soon you’ll learn if you guys are on the same page or not.

But before we begin, let me tell you, it’s not always about what he says directly to you as for guys, actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes you just need to draw conclusions from noticeable signs… that he may drop during his interaction with you or even otherwise.

You require keen observation to break through his tough exterior, but it’s worth it! Right?

As far as the signs are concerned, what else do you need when I’ve hand-picked 60 absolute signs to know if a guy likes you!

So, without further ado, let’s learn…

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You (60+ Signs & 10 Signs he doesn’t like you)
How to Tell if a Guy Likes You (60+ Signs & 10 Signs he doesn’t like you)

How to know if a guy likes you [60 signs a guy likes you]?

You would obviously hunt for some striking signs that can help you uncover the hidden feelings of a boy who already has claimed territory in your heart.

Well, even if you have a really strong gut feeling that the guy has feelings for you, you still need some more validation.

That’s basically what these 60 signs are going to help you do.

Read the signs, and if you find yourself smiling shamelessly for at least half of them… yes you are right: He likes you!

So, let’s roll!

1. He is busy Fixing himself around you

If he shows a lot of concern about his appearance around you, he probably wants to impress you with his looks. 

But wait, are you the only girl in the vicinity when he does that?

If his constant attempts to fix his attire and check himself on his phone’s front camera are only around you, it’s a good sign a guy likes you.

2. Eyes do not lie

Does his eyes widen and pupils dilate when he’s gazing at you with a glimmering shine in his eyes?

He might be thinking about how beautiful it will be to spend an eternity with you. 

Lucky girl! Eyes are the best communicators. Eyes can convey any message.

And when it comes to liking someone, eyes do not lie!

So go on, lose yourself in his deep eyes…

3. He smiles at you, but non-stop.

He can’t stop his cute smile while talking to you… is that why you’re feeling a little something for him?

When you catch him smiling at you too often, this indicates that his focus is entirely on you. 

Well, what other reason will you propose for this? 

But, if you catch him smiling the same to others, it might just be a warm friendly smile.

So, observe how he smiles around you and how it changes for others.

4. His eyes are stuck at you.

If his gaze follows wherever you go, it means your killer looks already shot him down!

Observe his facial expressions… is he moving his eyebrows and eyeballs? That’s probably to catch your attention during the conversation. 

Even if he is not speaking much, his facial visage will do the talk. 

He will continuously gaze at you when you look away and will try to look down when you catch him staring at you. 

If he makes a quip or tells something funny, his eyes will find you back to check your reaction… Did you giggle or not?

5. He acts strange.

Guys act weird when they are around a girl they like. They might adhere to some distinct body posture without even realizing it most of the time. 

They want their crush to think “how well-built and hefty he is!” 

For this, he might forge an age-old power pose to depict his strength. 

Though he isn’t sure, “Will she find me sexy, or will she laugh at me?”

Either way, your reaction is enough to make his day. 

6. If he is close, he is yours!

He will try to minimize the space between you and him if you both are sitting together.

He wants you to be aware of him as a male who is also a prospect suitor, and not just another friend. 

If he is trying to be cozy and warm and welcoming you with open arms, it means he likes your presence and wants to spend time with you. 

If I am more vivid and wild in my thoughts, you are irresistible to him, darling!

He might seem to embrace your company and make endeavors to lean on. 

His body language will be open and friendly. It shows how much he is into you. 

7. Phone is a frequent excuse! 

Here’s a good old trick guys follow:

They use their phone to “show you something” and come closer to you. 

They might not say “Hey, I wanna get closer”, but they want you to take the hint and reciprocate in the same way. 

Does this guy lean over you a lot?

You might or might not understand the situation immediately, but that’s the best they can do with their phone and sneakiness. Great sign, right?

8. He takes Screenshots of your photos

You won’t even know, but there is an album of yours right there on his phone.

Every photo you have ever posted has made its way into that album via screenshots. 

He sometimes takes candid pictures of you and saves them in his gallery. 

You may have no idea how your virtual image brings joy to his heart. 

DM him your picture on Instagram and notice if you get the “Screenshot” notification… I’m sure you will! 😉

9. He cares: How was your day?

All of us deserve someone who asks us, “how was your day?”  Trust me. 

That is the most beautiful conversation you will ever have. 

You find this guy showing genuine interest in your day-to-day life. Who knows, he might be even thinking of himself as a part of your life. 

You can vent out your all-day frustrations and tiredness in front of him. 

He calmly listens to you and gets to know you with each passing day… he takes it as seriously as a job.

He’ll also make time for you and indirectly express that he values you. 

10. Flirt. Blush. Smile!

You two might be hanging out with your groups, but his eyes constantly search for you. 

Perhaps, he asks you to join him in the game or water sports? When you say yes, his happiness knows no bounds.

He gently pulls you closer and can’t stop blushing himself. Yet, he also respects you if you are not okay with the intimacy… and releases you immediately.

If he really likes you, he’ll always put your comfort before himself.

Oh, and of course, the non-stop flirting always catches you off-guard!

11. Conversations are never-ending

The conversations with him never seem to end… he wants to keep talking and talking and talking.

But not on his own…

This guy also loves listening to you. You keep saying different things which may not interest him, but he will still listen to you with as much curiosity.

Surprisingly, he keeps on adding topics for you to not run out of it. 

You get lots of questions to answer, and he is all ears…That’s pure love baby!

12. He asks: Are you single? 

To make things clear, he keeps on asking if you like someone or are in love with someone. 

“Don’t you have a crush on that basketball guy?”

He may not tell you his true feelings, but definitely, he does not want you to be with anyone. 

He might indirectly ask you about what you think of him, “Hey do I look good enough to flirt with anyone tonight?”

“Who do you think is hotter? Me or your crush?” 

Lady, he is just setting the ground before falling in love with you!

13. Your loved ones are special to him too

Awww. That’s so sweet of him!

When you are on a video call with your family or good friends, he might steal the scene by initiating friendly discussions. 

He might want your loved ones to love him equally… and that’s another way to win your heart over! 

He wants to be a part of your extended family. 

And of course, he can always seek tips from your family to woo you. How sly! 😉

14. He wants to make you feel special

If he’s ready to go out of his way to make every good day extra-special for you, know that he likes you… A LOT!

He wants you to feel special. The gifts and surprises also reveal that he’s trying to be the man of your dreams… and also wants you to notice these signs.

Girl, let me tell you – you’re damn lucky, there are very few guys in the world who make an effort to be better!

15. Gentle pushes for the win! 😉

While you both walk, you might feel a gentle push by his shoulders on yours. 

If you are smart enough to understand that it was not a mistake…

Hey, so why not return that push? You’ll catch him off-guard with your actions. 

If you want to tease further, smile and say, “You know that I know what you just did…”

It is a rather playful gesture of flirting. 

And if you don’t want him to stop, tell him that you like him too!

16. He annoys you to the core

He may sometimes snatch your belongings to irritate you and grab your attention. 

He may not need those things, but he will act like his life depends on it.

Do you feel he’s being mean? No girl! He’s behaving like a cute and needy puppy.

However, if he sees you getting worried and stops the act, you know you matter to him a hell lot!

Don’t get mad at him, or take his playfulness wrongly. Trust me, he seriously likes you!

17. He is behaving like a partner

Once he starts seeing you as his woman, he may not wait for your confirmation to keep doing things usually couples do.

You may think of him as a good friend when he does some favor but there’s the inner meaning behind it…

He might help you pack your bag, accompany you everywhere, and plan outings with you. 

Moreover, if he talks on the phone with you till late at night, it’s a sign that he seeks your presence all the time. 

He is ready to be your better half!

18. He tries to hide his flaws

He always tries to put his best side in front of you… and be conscious of the flaws.

Even though you may not acknowledge it and want to see all his shades – this is his attempt to impress you.

He’ll show off the best qualities he possesses as he wants to be your alpha.

Even if the guy is extremely low-key in life, he will try to show off his strengths to grab your attention. 

19. He gets a Lil shy! 😉

It is the sweetest thing you will ever see if you have someone like this. 

Perhaps he accompanied you to go shopping and when you came out of the changing room, you saw: red ears and a gaping mouth!

Or he becomes a total klutz when you ask him “Hey, how do I look?”

He fails to form words, let alone a whole sentence. His cheeks are always cherry-red whenever he sees you or tries to strike a conversation with you.  

20. Oh, the macho man 

This is one of the most absolute signs a guy likes you… I don’t remember any guy who doesn’t show this sign while in love.

Every boy around a girl tries to show off his macho side to show her that she is in good hands. 

He intentionally takes up challenges to show you his strength. 

Girl, now all that effort is not invested in vain. He must be hoping for something productive!

21. Protects you without being possessive

Before getting into this, I must mention a point. 

Being protective and Being possessive are two different things. 

Protection comes with love and care. He wants you to feel safe and secure.

Possessiveness comes with insecurity which might ruin a relationship. Understand both before moving. 

So, tell me, which one is he?

22. He calls you for a ‘dinner out’

That’s the most basic and the safest way you approach a girl

If he asks you out for coffee or initiates a date, he’s already into you! 

Further, if the guy comes up with a couple of activities in his “to-do list” that he wants to do with you, girl, there’s something serious brewing in his head.  

If you feel you’re his only buddy, he actually means something more.

23. Accompanies you in long distances

He might always find excuses to accompany you in long distances.

He always wants to drop you at work and also picks you up for home – no matter if it falls in his way or not.  

He may also travel long distances to see you only for a few minutes. That is how you know what is going on in his mind. 

The inconvenience of traveling so far doesn’t bother him as long as he gets a glimpse of your “beautiful” face.

24. He maintains eye contact

Do you want to know if your charm has worked on that hot guy or not? 

Observe the way he makes eye contact.

He will probably avoid eye contact with you if you did not appeal to him much, and you must reciprocate the same if he did not interest you.

But if you have made a place in his heart, he will just not be able to take his eyes off.

25. He feels like a HERO when you’re around

Ohh, the king of the jungle is always at your rescue! 

Were you ever in a tight spot, and he came in out of nowhere just to be your savior? 

That pretty much made him feel like your hero. He certainly anticipated this as a strong impression on you. 

Biologically, men possess the urge to protect women.

And subconsciously, they still have this mindset that women require their safeguarding, and this hero instinct is deeply rooted in them. 

So, if you appreciate him for his little efforts and make him feel that he is your knight in shining armor, the likeness in him will soon start transforming into love!  

26. He seeks your attention

A man who moves the world for your attention definitely likes you a lot more than you can imagine.

He will try various strategies – from wearing neat and clean clothes to always being tidy around you – to attract you.

Isn’t it great that he values your attention? 

If you are the only girl in sight, he is undoubtedly doing this all just for you.

27. He beats extremes to see you

Let’s be honest, we all ensure our personal comfort before deciding the venue for any friendly gathering. 

If the guy just takes up the battle all by himself, and he is ready to stake whatever it takes to see you, he is definitely infatuated.

He might be ready to meet you at the other side of the globe with an “I’ll be waiting for you!”

28. He takes steady and slow moves

Like they say: The turtle steps win the race! 

If he takes everything slowly, he is definitely in it for the long haul.  

He does not want to do anything impulsive because he respects you. He would rather take one step after another and win you over, than rush everything and risk losing you.

This also shows that he respects and enjoys every stage of your relationship.

29. He gets rid-off ALL the obstructions between you both

When we try to associate with somebody, we subliminally try to remove all the roadblocks that come in between the both of us. 

So, the guy, who has been crushing on you these days, will go out and beyond to get rid of anything that falls on his way to you.

30. He expresses his liking

If he’s positively expressing that he admires you, he will come up with affirmations such as: “No, you’re not fat, you’re cute…”

“You’re pretty good at (XYZ), who told you aren’t?”

This man always makes your day with positive affirmations… and genuine compliments.

But again, you need to be sure if he does it exclusively for you, or he’s just sweet in general.

31. He’s touchy

You must be able to differentiate between good touch, bad touch, and accidental touching.

When men crush on someone, they become pros at finding excuses to touch their crushes.

He might gently wave your hair, telling you he likes it. Or, try to touch your arm while talking. 

But you must stay careful and watch out for sexist and weird guys. Stay away from such guys who try to get close to you in a shabby way. 

However, sometimes, if a guy accidentally touches you at the wrong place, you must not take it otherwise.

32. He’s shaping up

If a guy has a crush on you, he will try to be fit for you and start gymming if he hasn’t yet.

He may also talk to you about his gym wins, his growing muscles and falling weight.

However, if he is a shy guy, he will just wear clothes that will flaunt his body – fitter than ever.

33. Oops! He is jealous!

A man cannot bear to watch his crush talk to other guys. He will try to find out all about this new guy. 

And the next time when you address him, he might seem angry or displeased. 

This is an obvious indicator. He is envious, and he loves you. He cannot bear it when you’re friendly with other guys.

Jealousy is something that automatically comes with love. 

A guy who is not interested in you will not be bothered about who you’re talking to and who you aren’t.

34. Your necessities NEVER fall short

Usually, we ask a person to help us with an emergency purchase if needed. 

But if your guy is always responsible and shops your necessities even before you demand, he is your tiger!

Buying you a water bottle, a snack, or for that matter, any of your needs suggests that you got all of his attention.

He’s completely head over heels for you!

35. He says: I like to spend time with you!

When a boy is infatuated with you, he’ll want to hang out with you all the time. 

That infatuation is more likely to convert into liking in most cases, so keep an eye out. 

If you find a person who admires you a lot and always looks forward to spending time with you, he might be the one. 

He might not be very vocal about it, so you gotta pick up on the signs that a guy likes you.

36. Doesn’t check out other women

Nope. He wouldn’t waste one moment admiring someone else.

You are his only object of affection, and he swears by it. That’s a sign of love. 

If a guy likes you, he’ll definitely show up with this big-ticket sign.

However, if this guy doesn’t bat an eye before checking out others, RED FLAGS!

37. He seeks your reaction

When you start liking someone, you’ll want their attention 24*7. 

Men play hard to grab the attention of women who make their hearts beat faster.

So, an infatuated guy will say stupid stuff…

And, every single time, he will look for your reaction… his eyes will say

 “Did I make her laugh?”  

It makes him happy to see you laugh at his jokes. 

He will pay attention to all your minute reactions so if you’re equally interested, don’t shy away from being loud… laugh like there’s no one watching.

38. He compliments you

If he is infatuated, he will naturally like everything about you. So, if a guy compliments you on subtle things… don’t take it lightly. 

If he is looking for something serious in the future, he’ll pay close attention to all the details or even the minute things about you. 

If he likes to give compliments to you, and genuinely flatters you instead of just saying “you’re stunning”, go get him.

Keep watch on the boys who compliment you for being “you” – they’re a treasure, rare-found.

39. He imitates you

Science says that when you start liking someone, you tend to repeat their actions unconsciously.

Pro tip: Do you want to know who is keeping an eye on you secretly? Yawn and look for someone who yawns along with you. 

If it was him, congratulations, you found your secret admirer! 

40. His brows dance on their own

If he watches you and lifts his eyebrows, then there’s certainly some kind of liking brewing in his heart.

Guys pay a lot of attention to all the conversations with their crush. 

But sometimes, they might find it difficult to focus on the discussions with the love of their life.

Why? He’s distracted by your beauty. Yes, FOR REAL.

So, when they try to concentrate hard, they raise their eyebrows.

41. Your social media is spammed… with him!

Nowadays, the online world extends far beyond our knowledge. 

People stay online for their work, for shopping, or even just for entertainment. Do you see a lot of notifications from him? 

If so, it is a clear indication that he likes you. 

Further, you can also take cues from his reactions.

For instance, if he sends a lot of one-word answers, you’ll soon lose interest and understand his intentions too. 

But if a guy gives you full-fledged satisfying reactions, it is a clear indication that he is into you.

42. He tells you ALL his future plans

If a guy is comfortable enough with you to discuss his plans with you, especially his future plans, then he sure hell likes you.

This can also be possible because he wants you in his future or trusts you with all his dreams.

Also, if he talks about his dream life ahead, it also means that he is ambitious.

Girl, he’s here for more than just a fling with you. Deep inside, he’s probably imagining you in a wedding dress. 

43. He has a solution to every problem

Many friends in your group might listen to your problems with only a few who solve them.

But, this one guy will not only listen to you but also find a solution to all your problems. 

He does that because he does not want to see you in any trouble. 

Girl, trust me, and just take the leap of faith.

44. He avoids your company

Some people think that if a guy ignores you, he might not be interested in you, but that’s not always the case.  

Some guys are too shy and avoid any contact with you because they fear they’ll make a bad impression on you. 

But keep in mind, if you initiate the conversation and they still keep ignoring you, it is a sign of disinterest.

45. He makes you laugh

If a guy cracks jokes and invests some serious effort to make you laugh, he truly appreciates your happiness and laughter. 

He stumbles upon his words intentionally and makes fun of himself. It is a clear indication that he likes you. 

He might seem like a buffoon, but remember that everything he does is to make you happy. 

If you like him, why not try reciprocating his foolishness with your inside jokes?

46. His friends leave both of you alone

Well, in case it is happening to you, it is one of the most considerable indications that this guy likes you. 

He probably told his friends about you and that is why they leave you two alone. 

They allow their friend a chance at wooing his lady love while spending quality time together. 

Hence, when you see this kind of behavior of their friends again… you might want to talk to that guy for a second. 

47. He drunk dials you

If a guy is drunk, he doesn’t think “Let’s call my crush”. Rather he subconsciously dials your number because you’re his everything.

Well, the words of drunken men are the thoughts of their sober self. 

So, if you received texts at 3:00 AM or a call from a drunk guy, that is a definite indication that he was thinking about you.

48. He learns (and remembers) little things about you

As they say, it all comes down to the little things, in the end. 

If a guy remembers little things about you, not just YOUR birthday, but also the birthday of your loved ones, along with any occasion that is very close to you like your graduation date, or when you got your first job, etc. 

That’s a big sign!

Now, if a guy texts you at your brother’s birthday, you know what to do.

49. He’s constantly looking for you in the crowd

Remember the school parties with your batchmates, or office parties with your colleagues…

…and then there is just one guy who will follow you everywhere, and make sure your glass is never empty.

Who are you even kidding, girl… he of course has feelings for you!

He just can’t leave you alone in a crowded area, especially on a Friday night.

50. What’s your favorite song?

Suppose you went on a road trip with your friends, and suddenly one of the guys plays your favorite music on the radio.

Did you notice that smile on his face?

It’s because he knows that’s your favorite song…

Well, if he knows all or most of your favorites, it clearly implies that he has feelings for you and notices you a lot.

51. Scolds you when you’re wrong

If a guy likes you, he is not necessarily going to be a creamy and flattering person. 

In fact, if he already considers you as his better half, he will stop you from committing mistakes.

Yes, you might find that rude at times, but in reality, it’s his love honey! 

If he takes your responsibility and cares for you, he definitely deserves some admiration in return… not that grumpy face.

52. He is not afraid to show his quirky self

Men like to keep to themselves despite their situations. 

If this guy does not get comfortable with everyone around them but shows his quirky side to you… then he definitely feels a different sense of comfort with you.

He shows that you’re the only one for him and that is a clear indication of his deep feelings for you. 

He believes that you won’t judge him for being himself even when he bares-open all the past wounds.

53. The alpha body language is a NO-MISS!

If a guy standing next to you suddenly starts to pull his stomach in and shoulder back or, try to stand a little taller,

…then, my girl, it is a perfect sign to indicate that he likes you.  

All these attempts are focused on proving one thing: he is enough to take care of you. 

If he is mindful about his posture around you, know that you’re special, VERY special.

54.  Never complaints, even if you’re late

Most people get angry, annoyed, and frustrated when someone is late… but high time you realize he’s not among “most people”.

So, if a guy is not mad at you, even though you’re late (read, super late) but he still never complains, then he is definitely into you.  

His attitude towards you says “I’ll wait for my queen, no matter how long it takes!” 

Well, no denying that you’re “worth the wait”.

55. He is grateful for your existence

Thanks for being there…

Thanks for being a part of my life!

He often showers you with such compliments.

Not many boys appreciate their friends for being a part of their life. 

But if a guy praises you and considers you a blessing in their life… It is a sign that they have feelings for you. 

56. Licking lips with swaying hips.

Now, for this, you have to observe his body language. Is he gazing at you? Does he seem to be allured by you? 

Uhh. You have got a naughty sign, baby!

If the boy stares at you or your curves 😉

…to be particular, licks his lips or sway his hips, he is drooling over your luscious looks. 

Hey! Don’t take it to be a lusty sign, honey. 

It is okay and acceptable. He feels lured by your charm. And what’s the problem with that?

57. He protects your boundaries

If a guy is always careful that he doesn’t cross limits around you, you found a gem and you just can’t let go of him. 

This guy is faithful and understanding, and he’ll be careful and conscious about your emotions. 

His respect towards your boundaries is a clear indication that he is sensitive enough to take your emotions seriously.

58. He delivers mixed signals

Does he seem confused regarding his feelings towards you? 

Giving you mixed signals? 

Ah, don’t worry, even though mixed signals are often uncertain and difficult to interpret – he might be a Lil attracted towards you for sure. 

Now, there might be some reasons why he’s unable to properly express himself, including,

  • He fears you’ll think he’s desperate.
  • He fears rejection.
  • He’s shy and nervous.
  • He’s just flirting.
  • He has no idea how to express it at all.
  • He’s not interested in reality.

59. You receive long texts and immediate replies

Don’t take the good-luck texts that easily! Is he really a fast replier? Or is it just when your text pops at his screen?

Maybe he’s on his phone all the time, but even then, if he wants, he can give late responses, right? But he isn’t.

If he replies to your texts almost as soon as it reaches him… If his texts are always longer and more descriptive than yours, girl, he is very much interested in you.

60. He’s happy to discover common traits

Have you noticed how he reacts when he finds out that you both live in the same city? 

Or you both graduated from the same high school?

Or maybe you both like the same color? 

In such a situation, if he starts asking more questions about you, it means that he’s interested in you. 

He wants to know you more because he has a feeling for you, and he is definitely catching your vibe. 

Other than that, if you still need more signs, here’s a bonus!

Bonus: Did you ever notice where his feet point towards?

If he is subconsciously sitting with you or lying down and his body and feet point towards you, it signifies that he is thinking about you.

It may sound silly but there’s a psychological reason behind it that confirms that when someone thinks about you, they point their feet towards you.

If you’re still hanging in the middle… let me tell you some…

How to tell if a guy doesn’t like you – 10 Signs

While you try your best to hide negative feelings, it’s not always possible. 

Similarly, it’s not necessary that the guy you assume to like you has actually sewed flowery feelings for you. It can be just the opposite of what you assume.

However, you can always sense if someone dislikes you. Especially, when you have a few signs handy to help identify any harsh feelings against you, like…

1. He doesn’t want to make public appearances with you

If that guy never asks you out, he’s certainly not interested in you at all.

Guys like to hang out with companies they really like. So, if he won’t spend time with you, he probably does not like your presence much. 

If it’s always you who makes plans for every weekend, and bails out at the last minute with lame excuses… girl, you really need to take that as a ‘No.’

2. He’s not interested in your talks

Not being attentive during conversations is one of the most definite signs of disinterest… or worse, disrespect.

You may be one of the talkative ones or your gossip may not pique his interest, yet he must at least nod or respond.

But if he completely ignores whatever you have to say, it’s like he’s in another world… It simply depicts his lack of interest. 

Or maybe he’s lost in some other girl’s thoughts, who knows?

But at least now you know that the guy is definitely not into you.

3. He doesn’t try to help you

You can never expect this guy to be there for you when you need help.

He’ll never be your knight in the shining armor. Worse, he’ll dodge your calls if you call him when in plight.

Your safety is not his business. He doesn’t care, and that’s a sign you must never brush aside.

People who like you are certainly going to be the first ones to offer a helping hand whenever you need one. If a guy likes you he’s going to help you even if you don’t ask for it directly. 

Helping is human nature… and if someone does not choose to show it with you, it absolutely means they do not like you.

4. No questions from his side

Some guys are shy, and they feel anxious around girls who they like, but at the same time, they at least make efforts to know more about them.

So, if he’s being a dry texter, giving you late replies, or hanging up on calls quickly, he doesn’t want to have conversations with you. He’s probably trying to steer clear of you.

He’ll never ask questions or show interest in knowing about you, and that speaks volumes about his interest.

5. He breaks eye contact

If he avoids eye contact with you, it’s a common yet noticeable sign depicting his lack of interest. 

He might be shy and doing this to delude himself from an awkward situation. But, if he’s not looking at you, even for once, there’s definitely something off!

However, if he pretends as if you’re invisible, then you’re nowhere in his life.

6. He doesn’t ensure your well-being

If he’s not curious about you or your life, what other signs do you need? 

This is the deal-breaker if he doesn’t desire to know more about you, your interest, personal life, well-being, or anything else. 

He’s simply not in the picture, no matter how much you try. Stop thinking about planning a future with him, because he isn’t.

7. He avoids any physical touch

He makes no physical contact with you, no touching, hugging, or even handshakes. 

He doesn’t touch your hand even to thank you for any favor done to him. 

If he makes no effort to touch even an inch of your skin, don’t expect anything from him, not even empathy.

Being touchy doesn’t imply sexual touches ONLY. If a guy is interested in you, he’ll naturally be a lil intimate, or at least try so. 

So, if he isn’t, then he might not be interested in you.

8. He doesn’t prioritize you

If he neither treats you special nor prioritizes you, that speaks plenty about his intentions.

If you told him you’re sick, did he come running to you or did he brush it off to hang out with his friends?

If you can’t count on him for anything, don’t expect him to have romantic feelings for you.

Moreover, if he flirts with other women, you got your answer… You deserve better, girl!

9. He never notices your efforts

If he doesn’t come up with a “wow” face when you deck up only for him, he is not worth it! 

Sweety, if a guy is genuinely interested in you, these reactions are absolutely natural.

So, if he’s not, he is not your king!

10. You hardly get a reply to your texts

What more do you need… If a guy notices your text and doesn’t reply on time?

If you sent two texts, and your inbox is still empty, move on.

And in my opinion, you must stop flooding his chat with your texts. 

If he really cares for your time and effort, he’s gonna makeup and provide you with a genuine reason for his attitude.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Guys hardly ever speak up about their feelings. To read his feelings, you gotta read his actions.

That’s why you need these signs and their interpretations.

Paying attention to his actions is the best way to observe the truth: whether or not he is planning to be your prince charming!

However, if you discover that a guy whom you like is disinterested in you and you’re having a hard time moving on, you can always seek advice from expert relationship experts.

Remember to value yourself the most. If he’s not the one, someone else is… and he’ll be far better than you imagine.