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How to Propose a Girl? [Process, Ways, Tips & more]

How to Propose a Girl? [Process, Ways, Tips & more]

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Propose a Girl - Process, Ways, Tips & More

How to propose a girl?

If you’re asking this to yourself, firstly congratulations buddy, you’ve finally found the ONE for you!

I know the jittery feeling… the racing heartbeats and the sweaty palms.

It may also make you think like it is the most difficult task in the world. Well, honestly, it is… the place, the timing, the ring, and everything else.

But don’t worry, I got your back!

In this think-piece, I’ve compiled everything that you need to know to go down on your knees and make sure she says YES!

Everything from Jim and Pam to Chandler and Monica is here.

Infact, in the end, I also have some FAQs, so that I don’t miss out on any aspect, unanswered.

Now, what’s the wait worth for, lover boy? I can’t hold my excitement… so, how can you? Let’s dive in!

How to Propose a Girl - Process, Ways, Tips & more
How to Propose a Girl – Process, Ways, Tips & more

How to propose to a girl? – A Step-by-Step Guide

Nervous about your big day? Take a chill pill, mate!

I’ve crafted a 360-degree blueprint to help you push the nervousness aside.

Well, let’s admit it, there are a lot of things that you need to tick before proposing to your dream girl… the perfect place, the perfect date, the perfect outfit…

…and a yes from her parents, obviously. 

The planning should be spick and span and, all of this can be extremely tiresome. Don’t worry, while you need to do the groundwork, I’ve done all the brain work for you.

This means 50% of the job is already done.

But before that, the big question is: Are you ready to speak your heart? If that was a yes… then, let us dive right in and leave no stone unturned. 

Step 1: Make sure you’re on the same page

Go big or go home

But before you go big, you need to make sure that your girlfriend loves you. You need to accurately determine her intentions of spending the rest of her life with you. 

Well, you can never tell with cent-percent accuracy if your proposal will be a successful one. But, if you are going to take risks, anyway, why not take calculated ones.

Talk about the parameters that matter to you. Before you propose to your girlfriend, you should know her views about the future.

Ask your girl everything from her opinion on having kids to moving in with her in-laws.

Many couples realize that they disagree on certain fundamental things after the commitment. This mix-up may cause a rift in your happily-ever-after. 

So, before proposing to your girl, be assured that she is in it for the long haul.

Step 2: Know that she’s THE ONE

They say, when you know, you know. 

Can you call your girlfriend The One? If you said a YES, then, make a list of all the reasons that make your girlfriend the one.

This list will benefit you while expressing your love for the proposal. It will also help you confirm if you are making the right decision or not.

Remember, you must propose to her because you want to and not because you think she is dropping hints.

Make sure you are not marrying her because she wants a proposal, and you cannot disappoint her.

Another way to know is moving in with your girlfriend. You might see a different side of your girlfriend when you move in with her.

This will be a sure-shot test of your compatibility, and you will know for sure if you really want to spend your life with her.

Step 3: Secure her Parents blessings

Of course, you can’t move ahead without her parent’s blessing.

Honestly, as a girl, I find this step a reflection of sheer chivalry. This gesture of asking her hand in marriage shows your respect towards her family members… even in today’s era were not seeking parents’ approval is considered so-called “modern”.

It suggests that you will always be considerate of her family and will also put you in the good books of her family.

No family can resist such a polite gesture. But try to ascertain first if this is what your girl really wants. Identify some clues and figure out her preference. 

If it seems like a hurdle to take permission from her father, then try approaching her mother.

You can also ask for permission after you have proposed to your girlfriend. This way, you will ensure that your bae is the first one to be asked.

After this, you can inform your girlfriend that you intend to make her family a part of this proposal.

If your girlfriend agrees, then you both can go ahead and share the news with her parents.

Step 4: Decide when to propose.

Timing is everything. 

Honestly, it is impossible to figure out a perfect time to propose to your girlfriend. But, make sure you are not rushing it. 

Hold on! We often ruin things in excitement and in nervousness. So, make sure you feel calm and sorted.

You can find out a day that means a lot for both of you, or you can also do it on the anniversary of your first date.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, choose a holiday event for your special day. 

But, proposing on birthdays and holidays have their own merits and demerits. The benefits will be your family and friends around, and making arrangements will not be a fuss. 

On the other hand, it can make your proposal impersonal because the already planned event will steal your thunder.

Step 5: Decide where will you propose

The place does not matter when you both are in love.

But a nice place helps to create a romantic environment for your proposal. This moment will be remembered forever, and you want to ensure that it always brings back good memories.

Try to choose a place that is meaningful to both of you. Consider the favorite places of your girlfriend, restaurants, or the places she always wanted to go.  

However, make sure you’re practical while making the pick. 

Sometimes you try too hard to make it extraordinary, but in the process, you also multiply the chances of failure on the D-day…

So instead, learn how to balance the creativity quotient and the rational mind.  

You can also consider a place where you two love to go like beaches, amusement parks, camping, etc. This will be a surprise to your girlfriend… As she will not expect what is coming.

Step 6: Decide How will you propose

Once you have decided the time and place, consider the intimate details of how you will propose.

Keep in mind that your entire proposal story will be narrated a dozen times over… to her friends, family, and everyone else.

You can make your proposal a traditional one, kneel down in front of her like in the movies, and ask her to marry you. 

Try to get a sense of whether she will feel comfortable in public or private.

Think about things that can accompany you when you are proposing like a band playing music in the background, children or pets of your family which will be very cute. 

Proposing in vacations is also considered a popular move. If you are too shy to express your feelings, you can use creative ideas like preparing puzzles or crosswords.

The final answer for these puzzles and crosswords will be, Will you marry me?

Step 7: Buy the Bauble, also the Engagement Ring.

Choosing the perfect ring is a great deal. If you know what kind of ring your girlfriend wants, you are already ahead of the challenge.

But, if you do not know her type, consider a temporary fit and buy her another after you propose. 

For many women, getting their preferred ring is a must.

So, if you’ve some idea of the kind of ring she desires, you may consider buying that but if you don’t, don’t dare to try and ask her – she will sniff your plan and pop your surprise bubble.

Also, if you seek the correct size, it will be great. For that, you can sneak out one of the rings that your girlfriend wears and take that to the shop.

In today’s gen, the budget can’t be a problem no matter how small or big it is.

The diamond industry now offers different natural diamonds to fit any budget, so you do not have to blow up a fortune on an engagement ring. 

Step 8: Consider onboarding a professional proposal planner.

If you’re a busy bee, you can hire a professional proposal planner. You can also consider onboarding them if you are underconfident about your proposal. 

They can help you plan out your perfect moment. Proposal planners will guide you through all the steps, like the best time to propose, where you should pop the big question, how to dress, etc. 

They can even help you to choose a perfect ring. So, you can be stress-free and prepare for the big day. Believe it or not, a professional planner can also save you money in some areas.

The job of a proposal planner is not only to guide you through the entire proposal.

They are supposed to create an intimate proposal for both of you depending on your likes, dislikes, preferences, etc.

Step 9: Dress well for the D-day!

You’re going to live a forever moment, you obviously need to be perfect in every aspect, including how you look.

Your attire can convince your girlfriend that you are genuinely serious about her. She will immediately know that you’ve left any aspect unplanned or for the moment.

To pick your dress on D-day, you need to have prior knowledge about the place you are taking your girlfriend to. 

If you are going for a hike, choose sportswear and if it’s a fancy restaurant, pick out a classy suit, buddy. Use your common sense before doing anything.

A single mistake can spoil the mood of your girlfriend. She might not take you seriously, so think carefully as this day will decide your future. 

Step 10: Write the Speech and Rehearse

If you have already decided to propose to her, it will be wise to rehearse your proposal time and time again to avoid any awkwardness.

This will prevent any confusion at that time. Practice everything well.

Why do you want her to be the one? And why is she special? Get down on your knees in front of the mirror and recite it like you’ll do it in front of the love of your life.

Your proposal should also be less complex so it can be easily comprehended like ‘Shanaya, I love you.

I have never seen anyone as kind and beautiful as you are and it will be my honor to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?’ 

I know it’s easier said than done… but be confident while making the speech.

Finally, just get down on your knees, boy!

If you don’t want to blow up your surprise, get down on your knees as soon as you reach the proposal spot.

Your girlfriend might soon start joining the dots and start contemplating about what made you bring her here.

If you want to propose to her before she figures it out, then propose to her sooner rather than later.

A quick tip: Do not give yourself away with a bulge in your pocket – of course of the ring box.

Now, that you’re all set to propose to your girlfriend… Read on to explore some unique ways to express love to your girlfriend.

140 Ways to Propose a Girl

Are you worried about selecting the perfect proposal idea for your girl? Don’t worry mate, I’ve got your back.

The list below has 140+ proposal ideas… all hand-picked for you to make your best pick.

Let’s dive in and create your dream proposal buddy!

Perfect proposal ways

1. Propose on a trip.

Collaborate with the hotel crew and have a perfect proposal at your disposal. You can ask the hotel crew to arrange a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach for you and your girlfriend.

Arrange for a ‘marry me’ sign on the beach and pull out that engagement ring.

2. Ask her to build a snowman.

Take your girlfriend out to help you build a snowman. When you have completed the snowman, ask the love of your life to grow old with you.

Surprise her with a splendid engagement ring. Let your love bloom like the snowflakes.

3. Propose to her when she is on a business trip.

Is the love of your life traveling a lot for business trips? Why not propose to her when she is on one? The perfect way would be to join hands with a colleague and arrange a dinner.

Write your big question on the whiteboard and ask the colleague to get her to the venue of the meeting earlier than expected. You can make it professional to add a business-like vibe.

4. Book a whole restaurant and a flash mob.

If dollars are not a problem for you, book a whole restaurant and hire some dancers for a flashmob. Make them look like random customers at the restaurant.

As soon as you propose to your girl, the people around would sing a song and start dancing, followed by your proposal.

5. Propose at her favorite restaurant.

Take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant and make special arrangements for her. You also can plan a private room proposal well in advance.

If your favorite restaurant does not have a private room and you are comfortable, ask her to grow old with you in front of everybody!

6. Insert a proposal clip in between her favorite movie.

Find out the favorite romantic movie of your girlfriend and plan a movie night.

Find a super romantic 90s film and insert a personalized clip in it where you ask your girl to be yours forever. (For me, it is Pride and Prejudice.)

You might need to take the help of someone with good technical skills. Buddy, take it in writing, you will see her eyes pop and cheeks turn red like never before.

7. Ask the choir to sing a proposal song.

You can use your golden voice to pop the big question on Christmas. Ask a choir to help you propose on Christmas.

You can take her to a Christmas carol concert, and the children will invite you on stage as planned. Propose to your girlfriend while the children help you sing a perfect proposal song on stage.

8. Get the DJ to announce your proposal.

It is a perfect idea to take your girlfriend to the club for a DJ night. Make plans with the DJ well in advance.

The DJ at the club can announce your proposal, and then you can propose to the girl of your dreams in front of the whole crowd. You need to make sure you are comfortable and that she says yes.

9. Propose to her while doing Acro yoga.

Does your girlfriend like Acro yoga? Yes! Then what is better than an Acro yoga proposal? Take your girlfriend for an Acro yoga session at the beach.

Propose to her in between the yoga instructions. Be there to hold her if she trips at your question. 😉

10. Propose at a romantic destination.

If you want to make a grand gesture, take your girlfriend on a mini vacation. You can take her on a trip to Paris and propose to her in front of the Eiffel Tower. Top it with a splendid engagement ring.

Fun proposal ways

11. Propose while ziplining.

It is a great way to propose because of the adrenaline rush it will give you. You can plan this proposal by yourself or take help from the service provider.

Propose to your girlfriend right after you finish ziplining over a breathtaking landscape. If you are nervous, then make sure your friends are at your side cheering in your support.

12. Go for a hike.

Set out for hiking with your girlfriend. You can propose to your girlfriend when you are at the summit.

Do not forget to film the moment with the help of a few videographers where you tell your girlfriend that you want to grow old with her.

13. Propose at a lantern festival.

Lantern festivals have a beautiful vibe. They are perfect for your proposal. But the winds must be in your favor to make your proposal unforgettable. 

A windy day might ruin your vibe. You can ask your girlfriend to help you light a few lanterns… and when the sky is busy with flying lanterns, get down on one knee and propose to her.

14. Propose while swimming with the dolphins.

Take your girlfriend to see the dolphins. If the trainer agrees, then a dolphin might be your ring bearer. Plan this with the trainer well in advance.

If this idea works, then your girlfriend will be absolutely blown by your creativity. Trust me!

15. Propose at the airport.

You know how almost every romantic movie ends at the airport. Right? There is something magical about airports.

When you are on a trip with your girlfriend, you can propose to her at the airport. It will be a perfect story for you to tell your kids.

16. Ask her at a book club.

Are you and your girlfriend members of the book club? Yes! Then nothing is better than a proposal like this. Take help from the members of the book club.

Someone may assist you in reading a love story, but it will be “your” story. Get down on your knees as soon as the narration ends.

17. Propose her at the graduation ceremony.

Graduation day is a big day in the life of a human. You can make it memorable by proposing to your girlfriend on the same day.

Ask the woman of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you on her graduation day.

18. Play your personalized clip at a private screening.

This proposed plan might require a big budget if you want to make it grand. Take your girlfriend to watch a movie and book the theater to play your love story.

Fill the theater with your family and friends but do it without her knowledge. Propose to your girlfriend with a beautiful film about your relationship and a beautiful ring in your hand.

19. Surprise her at the mall.

Take her to the mall to watch a band performance. Little does she know that you have hired the band.

Go on stage and surprise her with your proposal speech. If she says yes, the band can sing a romantic song for both of you.

20. Surprise her with homecoming.

Tell your girlfriend that you are leaving the country for a few days for work. Invite your friends and family while your girlfriend is at home.

Surprise her with your presence and then surprise her even more by going down on your knee.

Cute proposal ways

21. Plan a radio proposal.

Take the help of a Radio Jockey and ask them to announce your proposal on the radio. You can also take your girlfriend to the radio station saying that you are visiting a friend.

Whatever be the case, do not forget to immortalize the moment with the help of a videographer.

22. Take her to your favorite park.

If there is a favorite park for both of you, that park is your ultimate proposal spot. Take her to that park and pick a memorable spot for both of you.

Like, where you first kissed each other or where he asked you out and so on. Make sure your girlfriend feels comfortable before you get on one knee.

23. Draw a “marry me” street art.

You can hire an artist to draw a beautiful “marry me” scene as his street art. Take the love of your life to the street where the artist is almost finishing their work.

Propose your girl in front of that artsy wall. Get a photographer friend to capture her precious reaction.

24. Serenade her with a romantic song.

Serenades are one of the most romantic ways to express your love. Display your passion for the woman in your life in a melody.

Ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. If you can sing, nothing like it. If not, then hire someone to help you.

25. Create a ‘marry me’ bookmark.

If your girl is a bibliophile, this is your ultimate proposal idea. Make a unique ‘marry me’ bookmark and replace it strategically with her current bookmark.

You can place your bookmark in the book she is reading. As soon as she notices the bookmark, get down on your knee and ask her to grow old with you.

26. Ask a fortune teller.

You need to plan this proposal as well. Visit a fortune teller with whom you have already made plans and ask her to guide your girl.

The fortune-teller can ask your girlfriend to close her eyes while she says that marriage with a handsome man is in her cards. Get down on your knee before she asks your girlfriend to open her eyes.

27. Propose her on Christmas morning.

Propose your girlfriend with a splendid engagement ring on Christmas morning.

Hide your engagement ring along with the other Christmas gifts, and she will not suspect you one bit… and see her pop in excitement when she finds the ring.

Christmas bells and carols would form the perfect background for your proposal.

28. Write a proposal with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Gather your friends and family for dinner. Paint the wall of your dining room with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Jot your proposal on the wall and get ready for a sudden blackout during the dinner. When the lights come back, pull out the splendid ring from your pocket and propose to her.

29. Plan a surprise proposal picnic.

Ask your girlfriend out on a surprise picnic. You can also invite her family and friends. Surprise her with an aesthetic decoration and her favorite meals.

Pull out the ring and get on your knee. Pop a bottle of champagne for the celebration.

30. Build a snowman proposing a snowman scene.

Head out of your house early and build a snowman proposing another snowman. Then go inside and bring out your girl while covering her eyes with your hand.

Uncover her eyes and get ready with the ring before she turns to you with surprise.

Adventurous proposal ways.

31. Get the proposal ready after you finish skydiving.

Plan with your instructors and get ready to jump a plane with your beloved in your arms… get the proposal banner stretched out at the place you are supposed to land.

Do not forget to arrange photographers for capturing the moment when you pop the question.

32. Propose at 13000 feet.

You can propose to your girlfriend up in the air before you are about to skydive. If you like the adrenaline rush, then why not?

Just make sure you film your proposal because most videographers are not skilled enough to film at that height.

33. Ask her to marry you on a roller coaster.

You can visit the amusement park with your girlfriend and then ask her to ride a roller coaster with you. Propose to her when the roller coaster is going for the fast fall.

Or propose to her when the ride is about to end. Handle the ring safely and do not drop it. Use a replica if you are unsure about your safekeeping skills.

34. Plan in advance with the airplane crew.

It is perfect for your adventurous girlfriend. Collaborate with the flight attendants and the captain to plan your proposal to the T.

Right after the captain makes a special announcement, get down on your knee and propose to your girl.

35. Get a flying banner.

You can take your girlfriend to a surprise picnic and propose to her with an aerial advertisement.

Numerous companies provide flying banner services. Hire one. Be ready with the engagement ring as soon as the banner arrives.

36. Propose on a hot air balloon.

Take your girlfriend on a hot-air balloon ride and cherish all the beautiful landscapes. While your girlfriend is busy enjoying the scenic beauty ahead of her, get on your knees.

Surprise her with the ring when she turns back to look at you.

37. Ask the big question on a helicopter ride.

Plan a helicopter ride to enjoy the adrenaline rush before you pop the big question. This moment will be unforgettable for your girlfriend.

Do not forget to keep the cameras ready before you arrange this mind-blowing moment with your co-pilot.

38. Propose her at one of the tallest buildings.

You know how almost all famous 90s movies had their romance at the Empire State Building.

There is something about being on top of the world while asking your girlfriend to grow old with you. The tallest buildings are the perfect spot to propose to your girl in front of the world.

39. Get a street caricature.

Hire a street caricaturist to create a caricature of you proposing to your girlfriend. Pass through the stand of your caricature artist when he has almost completed drawing your caricature.

Casually, ask your girlfriend to look at the caricature portrait before you pop the big question.

40. Join hands with a magician.

Plan with a magician and take your girlfriend to the magic show. The magician will ask your girlfriend to volunteer for a magic trick.

When she is on stage aiding the demonstration of a magic trick, the illusion stops. Because now it is time for some real magic.

Unique proposal ways.

41. Buy an advertisement sign.

You can advertise your question on a billboard. If the cost will put a hole in your pocket, dodge the girl’s name in the question and share the cost with a few guys.

While you drive her to work, stop near the banner and pull out your ring, mate.

42. Propose at a sunset spot.

Sunsets are splendid for a proposal. Take your girl to a sunset point where you can cherish the city lights and a perfect view.

Decorate the area with fairy lights and candles. Add some music. Finally, get down on your knee and pop the big question.

43. Write ‘Marry me’ on the sand.

If you want to make it grand, then take your girlfriend on a cruise and sail to a deserted island.

Decorate the place with candles and a dining table for two. Invite your friends and family. And you have the perfect proposal.

44. Ask a band to spare you a proposal.

Take your girlfriend to a concert. Go on stage and ask the woman of your dreams to marry you.

You can also ask the band if they could spare you a romantic song after your proposal. Such a dreamy proposal it is going to be!

45. Propose at a vineyard.

If you are a fan of private moments, then a vineyard proposal is the best one for you. Take your girlfriend on a Vineyard tour and pop the question on one knee.

Do not forget to hire a videographer to immortalize this moment. Celebrate your union with a glass of wine.

46. Put your message in a bottle.

Draft your proposal in a letter and use coarse paper that looks aged. Make it old school while you express your feelings in the letter.

Ask your girlfriend to open the bottle and read the letter. Tell your girlfriend that you want to spend the rest of your life with her in that letter.

47. Propose while snowboarding or skiing.

Are you and your girlfriend snowboarding freaks? Then, you can make it a cute proposal with some acting.

Descend the slope and act like there is something wrong with your boot. While you are on your knee, pop the question with the ring in your hand.

48. Propose with the help of a trained raven.

Go out of your way and find a trained raven. Train that raven to bring the ring for your proposal. You can make it grand with a live performance.

Perform in front of your girlfriend and end your performance on your knee. Enjoy your moment while the audience applauds.

49. Plan a scavenger hunt.

It is a unique way to propose to your significant other. Design a full-fledged scavenger hunt for your proposal. Take your girlfriend on a search for clues.

When she finds the final clue, get down on your knee and pop the question with a beautiful ring in your hand.

50. Design a website to ask the question.

Are you tech-savvy? Use your skills to propose to your girlfriend uniquely. Design a website for your girlfriend where you pop the question.

Set your website at the landing page on the browser of her phone. Make a beautiful slideshow of all your moments together. Lastly, ask her to be your wife from now and forever.

Creative proposal ways.

51. Arrange a pull-over act with a police officer.

Join hands with a police officer and ask him to pull you over when he sees you with your girlfriend. Hide the ring in the front compartment of your car.

Later, the police officer will pull you over for documents. Then tell your girlfriend to reach out for them in the compartment. And there you go. Surprise!

52. Propose during a scripted emergency landing.

If you are skilled enough to fly a private plane, take your girlfriend or a flight. Act like something is wrong with the plane, and you have to do an emergency landing.

Ask your girlfriend to read instructions for a forced landing. Write your marriage proposal among the landing instructions. Well, she might make you pay for that panic attack later. 😉

53. Ask her friends to stick post-it notes at her work desk.

Talk with the colleagues of your girlfriend. Tell them to write your proposal on post-it notes. Later, they can stick those post-it notes on her desk.

When she reads those notes, it will not be a work demand. Instead, it will be a message that tells her that she is the one for you.

54. Go crazy with fireworks.

You can arrange private fireworks to display your proposal. It will impress your girlfriend, and she will remember the moment forever.

Do not forget to hire a videographer to capture this beautiful moment.

55. Pop the question on a delicious cake.

Take your girlfriend for a walk to the nearest bakery. Order a delicious cake with “Will you marry me?” written on it. Get down on your name and ask the question as soon as the cake arrives.

You can also take the help of the Baker and ask him to decorate the ring on top of the cake. The cherry on the cake? No… more like the ring on the cake!

56. Pop the big question over a year.

It is a long proposal. You can start recording short videos from the birthday of your girl. Span it over 365 days.

In those clips, tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is and that you want to spend the rest of your days together. Finally, pop the big question on her next birthday. *I hope she says yes.

57. Take her on a treasure hunt.

Buy a metal detector and take her on a treasure hunt in your backyard. Hide the ring safely at an isolated spot. Act naive while your girlfriend is trying to discover the treasure.

Dig at the area where the metal detector beeps and propose to her with the beautiful engagement ring. Later, your heart might beep like the detector.

58. Hide the ring in a nesting doll.

A mind-blowing way to win over the girl of your dreams is by inserting your ring in a nesting doll. Let the excitement unfold while your girlfriend unwraps the doll.

Get a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate the event.

59. Write it in the sky.

If your girlfriend likes big gestures, this is your ultimate idea for the proposal. Get in contact with companies that offer skywriting services.

Plan the timing for those airplanes and take her for a walk in the park at the planned time. Show your girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

60. Freeze the ring in an ice cube.

Hide your engagement ring inside an ice cube and put that in the drink of your girlfriend. Make sure she gets no hint of this.

You can order a bottle of champagne with an ice bucket and ask the chef to serve the ice cube. When the ice melts, so will her heart.

Romantic proposal ways.

61. Design a ‘Marry me’ puzzle.

If you want to propose in your own space, buy, ‘marry me’ puzzle. You can also make it big by inviting your friends and family to a puzzle-solving contest.

When you and your girlfriend complete solving the jigsaw, propose to her with a ring and a letter.

62. Arrange a photoshoot.

You can take your girlfriend for a photoshoot and propose to her while getting captured on the camera. Tell your girlfriend that it will be a random photoshoot.

Click some goofy pictures and then get down on your knee. The fun part is that if she says yes, you can have your engagement proposal photos too. This deal is such a steal. Right?

63. Design a nostalgia room.

Give your girlfriend a tour down memory lane with photos of you and her together. Decorate a whole room with your memories and relive the nostalgia.

After your girlfriend has finished embracing the memory lane gallery, get down on your knee and propose. Do not forget to immortalize the moment with the help of your friends or a videographer.

64. Proposal during bouquet toss at the wedding.

This proposal idea has been very famous recently. It is all over social media. At the wedding of one of your friends, ask the bride to gift the bouquet directly to your girlfriend.

When she turns, get down on your knee with that beautiful ring in your hand. This gesture will call for a double celebration.

65. Propose while wakeboarding. 

Take your girlfriend wakeboarding. It is fun and thrilling. If you can pull it off, then propose to her during wakeboarding while your friends and family film the moment. 

Caution: Do not use the real ring at the moment. You might lose it in water.

66. Scratch the question on her windshield.

This idea is perfect for couples who live in cities with low temperatures. You can go out during a chilly night and scratch your question on her car.

Give her a sudden call and ask her to come by the window. Let her see your big question while you are on one knee. I hope your knee can bear the cold.

67. Gift her favorite chocolate box with the ring in it.

Well, who does not love chocolates? Easy. Right? Find the favorite chocolate box of your girlfriend. Rig the box and place that beautiful engagement ring inside it.

Gift her the box of chocolates on a special occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. When she opens the box, get ready to go down on your knee.

68. Propose with a screensaver.

Set her computer screensaver to a collage of your memories with your proposal written on it. Wait for the screensaver to appear and get the ring ready.

As soon as your girlfriend notices the screensaver, propose to her with that mind-blowing ring.

69. Pop the question with a fairy lights display.

You need a little extra help with this proposal idea. Take your girlfriend out for a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, your friends would decorate the outside of your house with fairy lights.

The fairy lights would follow a ‘will you marry me?’ pattern. When you come home, cue your friends. Surprise her with the question and a ring in your hand.

70. Decorate the wood with some twinkle lights.

Decorate a forest area with some twinkle lights. Arrange a bonfire and two chairs at the proposal spot.

Play some music and propose to your girlfriend under this beautiful set-up. Ask your friends to film the moment with a camera. Celebrate with some champagne later.

Beautiful proposal ways.

71. Insert your proposal in a meditation tape.

If your girlfriend is into spiritual exercises, this is your ultimate proposal idea.

Take one of her meditation tapes and replace it with a customized one. Insert your proposal in the personalized tape.

Make sure your speech is in flow with the tone of the recording. Something like Take a deep breath in and tell me if you want to grow old with me would be ideal.

72. Gift her a ‘Will you marry me’ mug.

You can order customized mugs online. There are magic mugs that miraculously reveal your treasured images when poured with a hot drink.

You can replace the regular coffee mug with one of these. When your girlfriend pours her coffee in the morning, you will be pouring your heart out.

73. Propose with a game of Scrabble.

If Scrabble is your go-to game as a couple, then proposing with it would be a charm. Propose your girlfriend with a game of Scrabble.

Make sure you bring extra letters to ease the proposal. Do not forget to have the ring at your bay.

74. Let her win a ring at a Trivia Contest.

Take her to a Trivia Contest. Plan it well with the coordinator. When she wins, the coordinator can call you on stage and let you hand over the ring to her.

75. Let your pet dog do the deed.

Collaborate with your fluffy mate while you propose to the woman of your dreams. Train your mate to deliver the ring before you propose to your girlfriend.

It will be so cute watching your pet carry the ornament.

76. Propose with a storybook.

Create a storybook of your favorite moments and randomly hand it over to your girlfriend. Ask her to go through the storybook. Propose to her when she reaches the end of the page.

77. Rig a baseball.

Are you and your girlfriend baseball fans? Well, then this is your proposal idea. Rig a baseball and insert your engagement ring in it.

Gift the baseball to your girlfriend. She will find something wrong with the ball. When she opens it… Boom!

78. Propose at a basketball game.

We all know how famous proposals are at the Knicks game. Right? So, take your girlfriend to an NBA game and propose to her in front of the whole crowd.

If both of you end up on the kiss cam, then know that it is the perfect moment to propose to her. First, tell her your feelings, then kiss.

79. Buy a ‘Marry me’ doormat.

You can buy a ‘Marry me’ doormat and place it at the door before your girlfriend arrives. When she knocks, tell her that there is a key under the doormat. As soon as she looks at it, open the door and propose.

80. Get a ‘Marry me’ t-shirt.

What is better than wearing a t-shirt with your girlfriend’s photograph on it? You can also write “Marry me” under that photograph. Wear a T-shirt like that, and your girlfriend will swoon over your gestures.

Good proposal ways.

81. Get a customized Lego project.

You can propose to your girlfriend with a personalized Lego project and pop the big question to the woman of your dreams with a will you marry me Lego.

Be ready with your declarations of love before you reveal the Lego project. Do not forget the ring!

82. Propose at the botanical garden.

Why not arrange a visit to a zoo or some flower garden if your girlfriend is interested in botany? Go there and experience the chemistry between you and your biology-savvy girl. 

83. Arrange a visit to the aquarium

Visiting a place full of aquariums and seizing the day over there would really work for you if she shows interest in fishing or is a sea person.

84. Write your message on the snow.

Looks like a plan. Hmm! Planning a trip on the mountains and proposing thereby writing a message or a sentence on the snow – she will definitely stumble, be ready to catch her! 😉

85. Propose with a photo album.

Make a photo album of you, and you are beloved. Propose your girlfriend with a collection of memories and a beautiful ring. She will cherish both of these items forever.

86. Stage a fake bandage proposal.

Get a fake bandage, and when your girlfriend seems concerned, ask her to open it. Let her find a ‘marry me’ note and a ring when she opens it.

Well, she might also dump you for your childish behavior. Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk.

87. Take her to the antique shop.

You can take your girlfriend to the antique shop and have a talk with the shopkeeper well in advance.

He will show you some antiques and then the engagement ring… and when he does that, get down on your knee, buddy!

88. Get her a personalized Bottle of Champagne.

You can also personalize a bottle of champagne for your girlfriend and ask her to open it. When the champagne flows out of the bottle, it will reveal the big message.

89. Take her to Disneyland.

Be her Prince Charming. You can take her to Disneyland and propose to her like the Prince Charming in Disney movies. Dress in those coats and boots while you arrange a Princess-like dress for your girlfriend.

90. Hide your ring in a fortune cookie.

Uplift your fortune with some fortune cookies. You can hide your ring in a fortune cookie and let your girlfriend discover it.

The note in the fortune cookie would depict your proposal, and inside would be the ring. How exciting, right?

Best proposal ways.

91. Hire your own Hitchhikers.

Take your girlfriend on a road trip. Join hands with some actors and make them pose as your hitchhikers.

While you and your girlfriend are giving a lift to these hitchhikers, they will start singing a proposal song. In the end, you can pull out the engagement ring and pop the question to the love of your life.

92. Deliver your proposal with light painting.

Light paintings are complex. You need a skilled photographer to capture those light-paintings pictures. Take light paintings with the letters from your proposal.

You can arrange a party to display the slideshow of your mind-blowing images. Flaunt those light paintings and your girl.

93. Propose her at the art gallery.

Take your girlfriend to an art gallery and recreate a proposal painting. Propose her in front of that piece of art with the exact pose in the portrait.

94. Pop the question at a golf game.

Do you love playing golf with your girlfriend? Yes! Propose her at the golf course to cherish your bonding over golf. Hide the ring in the hole.

When the golf ball goes inside the hole, take out the ornament along with the ball and surprise your girl.

95. Arrange for a proposal on the cruise.

Take the help of the cruise staff and arrange a proposal for the cruise. You can propose on the deck along with the beautiful sunset.

Cruise staff can help you decorate the place and also buy a bottle of champagne for you.

96. Let your friends carry proposal banners.

You can take your girlfriend to the beach for a walk. Later, your friends and family can arrive with a ‘will you marry me?’ banner at your cue.

Decorate the spot and propose with that beautiful engagement ring you bought.

97. Propose with cupcakes.

Bake cupcakes with your own hand and propose to your girl. Arrange those cupcakes in order and decorate them with your proposal letters. Be. Mine. For. Ever. 

98. Let her have a Cinderella moment.

Let your girlfriend have her own Cinderella moment by hiding your engagement ring in the footwear on which she had her eyes for a long time.

Now buy that pair of shoes for her… and she will find an engagement ring inside. Slip the engagement ring in her finger and shoe in her feet. How dreamy!

99. Ask her during a flip the cup game.

Relive those frat party memories with a flip the cup game. Ask her to spend the rest of her life with you instead of those beer shots.

100. Make it an underwater proposal.

If you and your girlfriend plan on scuba diving, then you can propose to her during your scuba diving session. Plan it with the trainers so that they can help you record your moment for, forever.

Breathtaking proposal ways.

101. Take her fishing.

This is an impressive proposal idea. You can hire a scuba diver to secretly attach your ring to the fish hook.

When your girlfriend pulls up the fishing rod, she will be surprised to find an engagement ring instead of the fish.

102. Hire surfers to aid your beach proposal.

Join hands with cool surfer boys at the beach. They can paint letters from ‘Will you marry me?’ on each of their surfboards.

At your cue, they will put them to display while you get down on your knee.

103. Propose under the Northern lights.

Unmask your feelings in front of your girl under the majestic northern lights. Find the patterns and soak in the universe. Propose to her when the aurora borealis tantrums are at their best.

104. Say it with Helium balloons.

Buy lots of Helium Balloons for your girlfriend. You can decorate your room with her pictures hanging from those Helium balloons. Add more aesthetics with some fairy lights. Sounds like a plan.

105. Paragliding proposal.

If a thrilling and adventurous proposal is your type, paragliding is your go-to proposal. Take your girlfriend on a Paragliding proposal and propose in between the clouds.

106. Replace her favorite magazine with your proposal.

What is the favorite magazine of your girlfriend? Cosmopolitan? Rolling Stones? Replace her favorite magazine with your proposal booklet.

Make a booklet similar to the theme of her favorite magazine. Alter the content and let your proposal spread the charm.

107. Pop the question at the ice-skating rink.

Going ice skating with your girlfriend is a perfect proposal idea. Propose to your girlfriend while you both fall into each other’s arms during the ice-skating session.

If you have the bills, book the whole rink. Decorate it for your girl. She will be super impressed.

108. Do it during couples’ spa.

Relax at the spa together. Propose your girlfriend after she is relieved from the week’s stress. She will thank you for this relaxing proposal. I would have said a yes, immediately.

109. A snorkeling proposal.

Take her snorkeling and propose to her beneath the ocean between those beautiful aquatic animals. The view would be breathtaking. Take proper measures to relist at this moment.

110. Propose at the photo booth.

You and your girlfriend can go around the city and have fun together. While coming back, take her to the photo booth for a few pictures.

Wait for the right moment and propose. You will already have pictures of this moment. How cute!

Simple proposal ways.

111. Propose her at the place where you met for the first time.

This is such a thoughtful proposal. Propose your girlfriend at the place where you met her for the first time.

Let her fall in love with you over and over again while you do the same. This time, add one more memory to this beautiful place: your engagement.

112. Get down on your knee at the birthday party.

You can throw your girlfriend a surprise birthday, then turn it into a proposal party. Propose your girlfriend on her birthday.

It can be a perfect day for the proposal because friends and family would already be gathered there.

113. How about a balloon proposal?

Buy some balloons and write your proposal on them. Display the balloons one by one to your girlfriend.

You can present your engagement ring while it is tied to a balloon. Be careful. Do not let the ornament fly away.

114. Pop the question under the stars

If you and your girlfriend are Astrophiles, take her out for stargazing. Go stargazing at the best spots. Take the telescope with you.

You can write your proposal on the lens of the telescope. This way, your question will be displayed in the sky when your girl looks at it through the telescope.

115. Bird watching can also be a great idea

If you and your girlfriend are nature lovers, you can go bird watching. Propose your girlfriend to the melodies of those migratory birds.

You can use a flower bud as your temporary engagement ring.

116. Plan a YouTube proposal.

Propose your girlfriend on YouTube. Draft a video about how you feel towards the woman of your dreams.

Let her know that this is something you have always wanted. And, finally, post it on YouTube. Ring her doorbell right after posting the video and get down on your knee.

117. What about an alarming proposal?

You can propose to your girlfriend through her alarm. Change her morning alarm with your voice note.

And, the first thing she will hear waking up in the morning is your promise to love her forever. Be there by her bedside with the beautiful engagement ring.

118. Pull out the ring with a maze proposal.

Visit a labyrinth with your girlfriend and plan the proposal in advance. Arrange a proposal at the end of the maze and let your girlfriend find you.

You can have clues throughout the labyrinth. Propose your woman when she reaches the end of the maze.

119. A picture-perfect proposal is never a bad idea

This is the rom-com proposal. Propose your girl the old-fashioned way. Take her on a date and wait outside her house in a nice car.

Arrange a candlelight dinner at a restaurant. Let her fall in love again while you propose to her with an orchestra in the background.  

120. Take her for a walk in the park.

Walk with your girlfriend in her favorite park and propose to her while you are enjoying the view. Get down on your knee and tell her how special she is.

Cool proposal ways.

121. Propose on bike riding

There is a different charm to bike riding. If you and your girlfriend love bike riding, this is the ultimate proposal idea for you. Take your bike helmet and scribble the proposal inside the front glass.

When your girlfriend wears her helmet, she will read the proposal. Be on your knee when she opens the helmet and propose to her with all your heart.

122. The surprising hotel room gesture.

Go on a mini trip with your girlfriend. When you go sightseeing, ask the hotel staff to decorate your room.

After you and your girlfriend come back to the hotel, she will be surprised with the decorated room. As she turns to you with joy, propose to her at that very moment.

123. Plan a ribbon proposal.

Tie a ribbon through the rooms of your house. A memorable keepsake will stop your girlfriend every now and then when she follows the ribbon.

The end of the ribbon will lead her to you. When she reaches you, you will be on your knee with the engagement ring in your hand.

124. Pop the question on the roadside.

Some girls like it as raw as it can get. Propose her by the roadside near her favorite food truck. It is not the grandeur of the gesture but the thought behind it that matters.

125. The Spotify proposal.

Record your own podcast and post it on Spotify. Tell your promises and blessings to your girlfriend in that podcast.

Secretly add the podcast to her favorite playlist. She will be surprised to hear your proposal playing between her favorite songs.

126. Go live!

If you are stuck in the pandemic, do not worry. You can still propose to your girlfriend in front of her friends and family. Live stream your proposal and include your loved ones in your memorable moment.

127. Say it with food

Who does not love delicious food? Not me, at least. If your girlfriend is a foodie, prepare a basket full of yummy snacks for her. Gift her the basket with your proposal letter and ring inside it.

128. Plan a reality show prank.

You need to act like you both are part of a reality show. The crew will come to you and ask you to propose to your girlfriend. Little does she know that it is all real.

129. Take her to a kite show.

Hire a few people who are skilled in flying kites. Write down your proposal on the kites. Unfold your proposal letter by letter as the kites rise up slowly in the air.

You can also have your engagement ring handed to you through a kite.

130. Work out and pop the question

If you and your girlfriend are fitness freaks, then a gym proposal is your ultimate proposal. Work out with your girl at the gym.  

You can also do some couple workouts with your girlfriend. While you are at it, propose to your girlfriend. Do not catch her by surprise in a position that might hurt her if she loses her balance.

Classic proposal ways.

131. Propose her after a fake proposal.

You and your girlfriend can go for a visit to the park. Hire a few actors to do the job. The actor would propose to another girl and ask your girlfriend to record their proposal.

While she is recording the proposal, you can surprise her by getting down on your knee and proposing to her with a real ring.

132. Have you heard about the Pumpkin carving contest?

You and your girlfriend can have a pumpkin carving contest at your home. Hide your proposal letter and engagement ring in one of her pumpkins.

While your girlfriend is carving those pumpkins, she will discover your letter and the ornament. What a surprise!

133. Draft your proposal on the Jack O Lanterns

If it is Halloween, then propose Halloween. Decorate the front of your house with Jack O Lanterns. Carve your proposal on the lanterns. Will. You. Be. Mine.

Light those lanterns when you reach the entrance and get down on your knee. This will be both a trick and a treat for her.

134. The hotel has lost your reservation.

Go on a vacation with your girlfriend. When you arrive at the hotel, work with the staff. They will tell you that they have lost your reservation.

While you are in the waiting area, a musical band will arrive. Read your letter, and propose to your girlfriend with romantic music in the background.

135. Throw her a surprise engagement party.

If you are sure that your girlfriend is all set to marry you, then go ahead and plan the party. Everything will be a surprise for her. Invite all your friends and family.

The only one who may be unaware of it is your girl. Propose her at your engagement party.

136. Get together with her friends and family.

If you are not confident enough to throw her a surprise engagement party, then this is the perfect proposal set-up for you.

Arrange a get-together with her close family and friends and ask her to grow old with you. I hope she agrees.

137. Hide the ring in a jewelry armoire.

Buy a jewelry armoire for your girlfriend. Fill every drawer with some small gift. Put that beautiful engagement ring in the bottom-most drawer.

Let her discover the ring. As soon as she finds the ring, get down on your knee. Surprise! 

138. Surprise with an actual proposal after a fake one.

Take her for a visit to the park. While the actors you have hired would be proposing to each other, a choir would appear and sing romantic to your girlfriend.

When she turns to you in confusion. Propose to her with a beautiful ring.

139. Write your beautiful message on the wall.

Paint your message on a wall in your backyard. Let your girlfriend spot it randomly. But be ready with your big question and ring as soon as she spots it.

140. Let a puppy do the honor.

Find a cute puppy and put it in a basket along with the ring. Gift the puppy to your girlfriend. While she cuddles the puppy, she will notice a ring on his collar.

Be ready with your proposal speech at that moment.

Wow! They were SO MANY!

Now onto a few tips to help you get ready for the big day.

Tips on how to Propose a Girl

Are you still confused about your decision? You are not the only one.

Almost every boy gets cold feet while planning the proposal, and it is normal.

Hence, I have provided you with some tips to prevent you from making any blunders. Read on to attain that spick and span proposal.

1. Never try to overdo anything

When in love, you tend to see everything around you through your rose-colored glasses, don’t you?

It is why you need to understand this point about not overdoing anything. Learn to keep it real without having to exaggerate it.

Starting from the basics, never try to fabricate anything about yourself. Do not fake anything that you are doing for your love. It is always about being genuine and keeping things real.

When in love, obviously you would want to ensure everything is as perfect as it can get and in an extraordinary way. But the essence of it is to be yourself and go with the flow.

When you move along with the forces without trying to overplay things, life will definitely go your way. Be comfortable and natural around her. Show her your unfiltered version of yourself.

Trust me, you can still win hearts and make things sweet and memorable without going overboard.

2. Know your girl’s dreams

Every girl has fantasized about her dream proposal at least once in life. If you know about your girl’s dreams, then buddy what is stopping you from making it real?

…and if you don’t.

Try to initiate a conversation around it without her sniffing on your plans. Now when she talks to you about it, take mental notes. You will eventually understand what she really expects from you.

Some girls want it minimal but with all their heart, whereas some want it to be loud and big.

If you are smart enough and have spent some quality time with her, you definitely know what she has been dreaming about… day and night.

3. Buy a special gift for her.

What’s a proposal without a gift, right?

But hey, this gift can’t be just anything.

It needs to convey your feelings. Try emphasizing your emotions by gifting your girlfriend something that either reflects your relationship or the love that you both have for each other.

A ring has always been the best commitment gift, especially on a proposal. But this doesn’t mean you also need to buy her a ring.  

Just a rose can be enough. Get her some roses, a charm bracelet, a teddy bear, and take her out for a romantic dinner… trust me, that’s all that she needs.

4. Choose a unique way of proposal.

“Proposal” word itself triggers so many emotions in you… and a river full of thoughts.

Your proposal idea should be exceptional and before diving all in, make sure that your partner is also on the same page.

So, before you get down on one knee, all you need to do is analyze, plan, and prepare.

It is always the efforts that matter. Trust me.

Proposals are proposals, even if they are a bit cliche and dramatic. But if you don’t want the “usual”, try adding the extra spice to it and top it up with a beautiful speech.

5. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Proposing the love of your life can be overwhelming and filled with mixed feelings.

All these things are justifiable to some extent because hey, we are talking about your whole life, after all.

But keeping your head in line is also a significant factor. Listen to your heart but also learn to gain control of your emotions.

6. Be flexible.

Now that you’ve planned everything to the T, and all set to go… there’s a sudden weather alert in your area. I know how it feels, so be prepared beforehand.

So, if it doesn’t unfold as planned, do not rush it.

If you planned things a certain way, say you planned on putting your proposal before dark. But due to some lack of arrangements, it is a bit delayed.

The music you planned on playing in the background went wrong then, do not get overwhelmed. Instead, be flexible enough to maximize the situation.

Don’t start rushing the proposal just to reach the perfection of how you planned it to be.

Life happens, so wait for the right moment and let that sink in. Propose her for when the moment feels right and when your heart is ready for it.

7. Keep the ring safe.

With all these settings and planning, you will be hustling with all your thoughts and emotions. Do not forget to keep the most precious thing intact and safe, ‘The ring’. Get your ring inspected and insured too.

If your proposal is adventurous, then keep a replica of the ring and replace it with the original one later.

You would not want to lose that splendid engagement ring at the last moment. It will be such a mood spoiler.

8. Book a photographer in advance.

Who doesn’t want some photos from the epic proposal night to look back on? Right? Find someone to document the occasion. It does not always have to be a professional photographer.

You can even find someone close who is good with cameras and ask them to photograph the whole thing from behind without letting her know about it.

Trust me, later when you both are married, you would want to revisit that surprise face of your girl, all teary in joy and love. Keeping it raw and hidden always helps.

9. Create a fake story (to keep the suspense alive!)

To keep the drama and excitement alive, you can come up with a little fake story to protect the idea from your significant other. Take it off track for a bit.

Keeping the suspense alive does not make it all boring and serious. You can instead create a fun game before proposing. It will really help in getting that pressure on your nerves.

Remember, the proposal should be fun and exciting and not serious and boring.

10. Choose a ring as unique as your love.

As much as it is difficult to plan a proposal, the real task lies in choosing a ring.

While shopping, you need to keep several points in mind. Do not get caught up in a trend. Instead, keep it classy and timeless.

Choose something that defines your girlfriend and your love for her. Remember, every time she looks at it (which will probably be a million times in a day), it should reek of love and ONLY love.

Apart from that, try to find out her preferable metal, stone, or even design. If you can’t do it alone, seek help from her close friends and family.

Of yes, of course, how can you buy the ring without proper measurements?

You need to be very clever while seeking measurements of your girlfriend’s finger – she may suspect it in a spick if you’re not careful.

Other FAQs about Proposing a Girl

Do you still have questions? I’m sure you do.

You must be confused about your attire or even your speech on your big day. You must be wondering if you are rushing it or taking it too slow. Too much stress, huh?

Hold tight because I’ve answered some common questions to help you find your way out. 

1. What to wear when you propose?

Deciding what to wear is a task in itself, especially when you’re finally going to propose to your girl. You cannot just wear anything that suits you… you need to dress according to the location. 

For example, if you are planning a proposal on a mountain, you must be wearing proper layers. At the same time, you want to look attractive because it will be a memorable day.

But if you are planning a romantic date, you can suit up. Formal wear is not necessary, but stylish attire because obviously, you want to impress her. 

Ideas are uncountable. But make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. The location also plays a significant role in deciding your day. Remember, dress to impress.

2. What to say when you propose?

Ah! Here comes the pickle. When your heart beats at some 200 beats per minute, you tend to forget even your name.

Not going to lie, it was the case with me but what is more important is not to forget her name. Hahaha.

And then just go with the flow… if you can’t remember the speech, forget about it, and just speak your heart out. Express your goddamn feelings to the most precious person in your life. Tell her how beautiful she is, how she changed your life upside-down and how good you feel when she is around you.

Tell her how you get sad whenever she faces a problem, tell her everything and then see the magic that happens afterward. The best thing to say while proposing to your soulmate is not ‘I Love You’ but your unsaid feelings to date.

3. Which knee to propose on?

Obviously, the one that has no history of injury. Lol. 

Man, just go on with any knee but, make sure you practice a few times. Practice so that you do not lose balance while performing this difficult stunt on the D-day. 😉

This will also help you get fit physically. You must be thinking how? 

Your knee, specifically the one that will be lowered, will get stronger the more you practice. Haha. 

Perfectly said, practice makes a man perfect. But if you were to take my advice, put your tough leg to the task. Like, a right-handed person, use your right knee and vice versa.

4. What is the right time to propose?

A not so frequently asked question but a really important one and complicated too. The answer to this question may differ from person to person.

If you had to take my opinion, there is no right time. No other person can tell you what is the right time for you to propose. It is you who is going to decide the right time with all the analysis, the hard work, and whatnot.

In my case, it was really difficult for me to find the right time. I had known him for four long years, yet I resisted telling him what it felt like even though I knew he had feelings for me.

There was a fear in my mind that often used to pull me against the proposal. One of the biggest fears I had encountered in my life ‘what if he says no?’ the everlasting bond will vanish in no time, the best person I have ever known will no longer be the best, what will I do then…

But there came a day when I finally decided to take the leap because I was tired of being in the middle.

After all, there is only one life, right? Hence, I went forward with it and am now happily engaged. So just go with your gut and I promise, it will be worth it!

5. What is the perfect place to propose?

It may seem that deciding on a venue or a place to propose to your girl is an easy task. But you might be in a pickle if the perfect proposal spot for your girlfriend is not one of those traditional proposal spots. 

Now that you are planning to propose to her, you are expected to know her likes and dislikes, her favorite place, her dream vacations, and a place that is really special to both of you. 

Your proposal spot can be anything but make sure that the spot you choose is close to her heart and not just any random beautiful place. 

If you are still unsure, then try looking for some clues. But remember, beauty is in the soul. 

If you need to choose between an attractive place and the one which is really special to her. You must pick the one which is closer to her heart. 

She said Yes – What’s Next?

Pop that champagne, let that scream out, hold the ring on their hand up in the air as if you have just won the best thing in life, because why not?

Not everyone gets to marry the love of their life…

Imagine having to spend an enormous amount of time on joining a puzzle just to know in the end that you slid in the wrong piece in the middle. Exhausting right?

Proposing someone for marriage is not only an actual representation of how much you want them in your life but also a responsibility that you are willing to undertake.

If you are always true to yourself, you are ready to accept them the way they are and walk the difficult path ahead, there is a high chance that the feelings are mutual.

So now that the proposal has been accepted, you can peacefully dump yourself on the couch and have the beauty sleep that your anxieties and apprehensions prevented you from getting. Right?


You are fiance now and, now that the proposal is done and dusted with, the real deal starts. It is planning and testing, succeeding and failing, dancing and kicking (literally).

On a serious note, you both are not supposed to be really wise about handling everything. But I promise it will be one hell of a ride!


You both have now signed a deal to get crushed under selecting a dozen of things.

Like, venues (among millions of them, of course), a good time, never-ending guest lists, attractive gifts, obtaining a marriage license, confirming reservations, planning the budget, and oh wait? You thought that’s all?

She Said No – what should I do?

I know, I know. Life can turn out to be really difficult sometimes. Especially when we want nothing to go wrong. That is why it is life, isn’t it?

Hundreds of hours, unending panic moments, and a lot of dilemmas led you to finally pop the question.

But it was one single moment when you realized that you desire to grow old with her and spend your evenings on the bench in the park laughing your heart out on lame puns.

The NO came crashing down on you and grabbed you until your mouth forgot how to speak. Your heart swelled in disbelief and pain. But, what about them?

You need to understand the reasons behind the refusal. But make sure, you respect her decision in all its entirety.

When you fall in love with a person, so much that we want to spend our life with them despite the petty arguments, a few mismatches, and countless bickering

…your soul needs to be propped with rationality to consider both sides of the fence. 

Your anxiety regarding the past and your hesitant mindset about companionship.

The feeling of not feeling prepared enough to take the next step can be a few of the many reasons that stop them from moving ahead, and you know it. Right? That is okay. 

You have fallen head over heels, with all her imperfections and trepidations.

So, now all you need to do then is give your girlfriend the desired space and assure her that you will be standing beside them regardless of anything.

It works like a warm bear hug on a freezing winter night. We all long for it. Right?

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Summing up, the whole idea of this piece is to help people steer clear of their jittery selves and take the leap of faith.

According to a survey, seventy percent of the male population in the UK faces difficulty expressing their feelings to the person they love. 

This is just the UK, so guess how many more people are there in the whole wide world who fall under this category. 

So, I can say that this article is for a noble cause (just kidding, or maybe not). 😉

I hope that all your questions are now answered, and pray from the bottom of my heart that your girl says Yes.

All the best, Amigo!

It’s now time to pop the question, buddy.