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How To Know If You Like Someone? 50+ Signs You are Genuinely in Love

How To Know If You Like Someone? 50+ Signs You are Genuinely in Love

Updated on Nov 09, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Know If You Like Someone 50+ Signs You are Genuinely in Love

Do I like someone? How do I know if I like someone or not? What are some of the signs of liking someone? I know this confusion is overwhelming and it’s hard to identify whether you like someone or not.

Falling in love is one of the wonderful things that human being experiences in their life.

However, there are some common feelings and sentiments that can help people to break the wall of confusion. 

As far as the signs are concerned, you don’t need anything when we have curated multiple signs to identify whether or not you like someone. So, without further delay, let’s get into it. 

How To Know If You Like Someone -50+ Signs You are Genuinely in Love
How To Know If You Like Someone -50+ Signs You are Genuinely in Love

How to know if you like someone?

In order to identify your feelings for someone, you should definitely look for some absolute signs to solve the mystery of your heart.

However, if you are really sure that you have feelings for someone, you still need some more points to validate your decision.

That’s where these signs come into the process to help you.

Have a look at these signs, and if you find yourself relatable to half of it then you are accurate, you like someone.

So, let’s understand these signs.

1. You continuously think about them when you are not together

What are they doing right now? Are they having a good day? Are they having a meal right now?

If you are getting all of these questions about them throughout the day. Then it means you are really missing and thinking about them constantly. 

You miss them like crazy even though you just saw them a few hours ago. It’s a sign of confirmation that you really like them and want to spend time with them. 

You are missing them and want to be around 24/7.

2. Every small thing you do reminds you of them

Does any particular task or movie remind you of them? Do you start daydreaming about them? 

Everything that reminds of them totally signifies that you both are destined for each other. 

But wait, are you sure they like you too and feel the same as you feel for them. Then, ask them first before making any changes in your mind. 

3. They make you feel confident like you can do anything in your life

They challenge you but in the best of ways. And they make you feel empowered to be the best version of yourself. This is because they believe in you and see everything about you that’s great. 

If they inspire and motivate you to do your best in your life then they have the potential to be your partner. And this also signifies that you are building genuine feelings for them in your heart. 

So, yes that’s a potential sign that you like them.

4. Now, life seems multicolored and beautiful to you

You thank them for helping in discovering parts of yourself you never knew existed.

When someone new enters your life, they might add light to your life or make your life beautiful.

If the person you are thinking about brings new shines and colors to your life then they might be the right match for you.

You are discovering new parts of yourself which you didn’t know were like before they came into your life.

5. You want your friends to praise them for their good things

Obviously, if you like them then you want your close ones and friends to also praise and like them in the same way you do. 

Thereby, it makes you feel proud and happy by seeing people loving them, not offending them. If that’s the case, then it’s an absolute sign you like them.

Ask your friends, are you both making a good pair or not. That helps you ease out your confusion.

6. You want to keep this feeling to yourself for as long as possible

You want to selfishly keep your new love safe and let it grow on its own terms for as long as you can before sharing it with everyone else in your life. 

Maybe you are even happy to keep the romance off social media right now because for the moment, it’s only between you two like a special secret club.

The eagerness to keep your feelings safe and secure from the outside world is a sign you like them and protect them from bad evils.

7. You want to hang out with them during weekends

If you really like to spend time with them during weekends or holidays, then you like them secretly without knowing your feelings. 

Since it feels amazing when they are beside you and talks about their life situations, you feel happy to listen to them and be around them.

Do they also feel the same? Then, go ahead and share your feelings with them. 

8. All other romantic things are losing their luster for you

When you lose interest in another person and only want to see them then you are into them.

Now, your boss or colleague doesn’t amaze you with their looks and charm. You only want to watch them day and night.

It symbolizes that you have genuine feelings for them.

9. You have stopped finding your ideal type online

Now, you don’t want to spend time talking and finding people online. That’s because you have found your ideal type and you don’t have to search for it anymore.

It’s a sign you like them without knowing exactly.

If you are feeling like no one is more amazing and exciting than your new bae, then get to identify their feelings as well and begin a beautiful relationship together.

10. The romantic life seems wonderful to you

It pops into your head every few seconds and you can’t stop thinking about it. It happens where you’re supposed to be focusing on an exam and standing in a queue. 

That’s the true sign of liking someone. When you like someone, the hormone comes at a peak and emotions lead to physical connection as well.

So, if you are facing this then you have feelings for someone.

11. Not only romance, but you also admire other aspects of love life

Yes, sex is an important part of a romantic relationship but that’s not everything. 

Because sometimes these feelings can be due to your puberty and you are not having genuine feelings for them. 

That’s why it’s better to not only consider this fact but pay attention to other feelings of being in a relationship.

The emotional connection you are building is the part of what makes the sex out of this world. 

12. When you are with them, you have boundless energy

Instead of draining out, spending time with them makes you feel more vibrant than you have in years.

You actually feel motivated to do the task in order to present yourself as an ideal woman in front of them.

If you do the same, then it’s a sign that you like them deeply.

13. You are completely into their habits which you absolutely hated in the past

The things that you hate to do, suddenly interest you after meeting them. Watching WWE wrestling matches or sad movies doesn’t seem so bad now. This is all the sign of love and care. 

When you develop the feeling of “You like it, I like it too”, then you are deeply in love with them.

Since partners always cooperate with each other and support each other no matter what, that’s why it’s a sign of love. 

14. You like to know something new about them every day

Everything about them, whether it’s about family or hobbies, feels like new and exciting things.

You like to know more and more about them because you are obsessed with understanding and knowing them.

If that’s the case with you, then you are surely in love with them. Every person has so many things going on in life and no one pays attention to it unless you love them.

15. You are obsessed with the tiniest things about them

The way he rolls up his sleeves or she flaunts their hair when they are feeling relaxed or the focused look on them when they are washing dishes. It all seems magical to you.

You like to watch them doing small things which bring butterflies to your stomach.

If you are thinking about why these small things matter to you then it’s a sign of being in love with them.

16. You make list of everything that you want to say once you see them again

Do you take notes for the next meeting? Do you want to converse with them for a long time? Do you prepare yourself mentally before meeting them?

Well, it says you would not like to be a fool in front of them and that’s why you prepare a list of questions to ask before meeting them.

This also helps to know each other better and without knowing you are in love with them. Your actions are louder than words.

17. You may want to text them without any reason

Whatever you see on the internet that interests you, you want to send it to them every single time. Then, you are in love with them. 

This represents that you want to engage with them more and want to keep in touch with them. You are looking for excuses to talk to them and understand them in a better way.

But hey, don’t send all of them at once, that would be overwhelming! 

18. You appreciate their favorite books and movies

“Your choice is my choice”, this is what couples do. Did you know that? And if you are feeling the same way then you are in love with them as well. 

Basically, you are looking for more keys to know how their mind works and what they are all about, but you are also super obsessed with everything they love.

19. You want to know each and everything about them

Want to know everything about them? What was their childhood like? What is the scariest thing that ever happened to them, their awkward moment, their favorite meal and so much more?

Well, you are obsessed with them and their life which says that you are secretly loving them. 

People are busier in their life and no one wants to know about someone’s life. That’s why if you are obsessed with knowing their part of life, then you are in love with them.

20. You like them for who they are, not who they suppose to be

No one is perfect out there but their imperfections and baggage are just the right fit for your own.

Instead of deciding, they would be a great match for you, just check a few nasty habits here and there, you already appreciate them as they are.

This is what says a lot about your feelings for them. You adore them the way they are today, whether it’s not your ideal type.

This is love where perfection doesn’t matter, only existence is everything. 

21. Your eyes light up when they are around you 

Do you feel shy when they are coming to you? Do you adore them secretly? Do you love to be around them? Do you smile shyly when they walk in? 

If any of these signs are familiar to you, then you are in love with them. You couldn’t hide your adoration if you tried. 

22. You are living on a high stream of emotions, something like butterflies in stomach

You know you are falling in love because you are riding a roller coaster of emotional highs. 

23. You are afraid of past experiences but you are too excited to have feelings for them

Taking the leap of falling for someone is terrifying. In the past, you might have even let that stop you from going for someone you liked but this time, it’s all too amazing to let your fears get in the way. 

24. You are happy and nervous at the same time

When you are in love with someone, you are genuinely a happy person. It’s like you are on a natural high. 

The thought of spending time with your partner really excites you and just looking at the selfies you took together is enough to put a cheesy smile on your face. 

But being in love also makes you a little bit nervous. You are anxious for what the future holds. Because you know that you want your relationship to last long.

25. Maintaining your relationship feels easy now

Being with your partner isn’t hard work anymore. You don’t have to struggle to find the time to spend with them because you really want to. 

Even the arguments don’t feel as serious as they did in other relationships. While all couples argue and fight, when you are both in love your priority is your relationship, not your ego. 

You are not worried about being the first person to give in or lose the argument because you can’t imagine your life without your love. Even a few days apart feels like forever. 

26. You get a little bit jealous when they are with someone else

A little bit of jealousy is natural when you love someone

Jealousy becomes dangerous when you start obsessing over what your partner is doing, so much so that you do stuff like look through their phone without them knowing. 

That’s toxic behavior and it might signal you are not in a healthy relationship. A little bit of jealousy is ok but don’t be obsessed with it. 

27. You become more affectionate towards them

When you are in love, you are attracted to your partner which is completely natural that you want to be all over them all the time. 

Whether it’s simply holding hands or walking around the beach, you want to be affectionate towards your crush. If you are completely repulsed by them, that’s something to think about. 

Everything about him seems magical that brings butterflies in your stomach. 

28. You want to bring them around your family and friends

When you are in love with someone, you want to bring the partner into all areas of life. 

Family is an important aspect of everyone’s life and you want to introduce them to your family and friends because you really want your relationship to last long. 

29. You start feeling a sense of empathy towards your partner

When you are in love, you start seeing your love as an extension of yourself, so when they are hurt, nervous, excited about something like getting accepted into a course or program they really wanted, then you experience the same feelings as them. 

Feeling empathy towards your partner also makes you want to make tiny sacrifices for them, like getting up and going to the store for some soup and medicine when they are sick.

Small things like that are easy to do when you love.

30. You are becoming a better person because of them

When you are in love, being with your partner makes you want to improve yourself in some way.

Your partner should push you towards becoming better but not in a way that’s consistently negative. 

When you are truly in love with someone, you want your partner to succeed as much as you because you want to create a stable future for both of you.

31. You answer their texts and calls right away

Do you let everyone’s message sit in your inbox for hours and even sometimes days? But if you answer their message within minutes of receiving it, then it’s a sign that you like them. 

If what they say is more valuable than anyone else, then they mean something more to you. It’s as simple as that. 

32. You always laugh at their “not-so-good” jokes

This could be simply because they are genuinely a funny person, but if you are laughing at their jokes when no one else seems to be. It’s probably because you like them. 

It is believed that we find those for whom we have intimate feelings to be funnier than other people perceive them to be. 

33. You dress a little nicer when they are around

Most of the time, people don’t really notice this one because it can be subtle. 

But if you know you are going to be around them and you take a little extra care in getting ready, then you probably got a thing for that person. 

You only really care about your appearance when you are going to be around someone you want to impress.

34. You talk about them in every conversation with friends

It’s pretty obvious for a person to gush about their new love interest, but if you find that you bring up their stories and experience when you are talking to people in normal conversation, it means you like them.

35. You check their social media just to see their updates

You dismiss this as wanting to check upon their life which could be true. 

However, if you specifically seek out their social media page to check the updates and find yourself staring at their pictures, it could be a sign of being in love with them.

36. You get in a good mood when they text or call you

Probably, you are in the worst mood the whole time but the second you get a text from them, the bad mood vanishes out and you are back into your happy self.

This is a sign of secretly liking them.

37. You talk to them on a daily basis

You don’t chat to someone you like every day if you like them as a friend. 

However, if you make it a habit to text someone every day and talk to them for even a few minutes, it shows that you want to hear from them every day. It’s a clear sign you like them.

38. You spend more time with them than before

Most friends prefer to hang together in groups rather than individually. 

That being said, if you find yourself going out with just the two of you more frequently than with other friends, it’s a sign that you desire their full attention.

39. They seem funnier to you than anyone else

It’s been proven that when you like someone, you tend to laugh and believe they’re funny, even if they’re not. 

It’s likely that you like them because they’re a lot funnier now than they were before. It’s not because they’ve been practicing their jokes.

40. You seek out their opinion first before anyone else

When you like someone, their opinion takes priority over almost everyone else’s. 

So, if you’re in a situation and turn to them for guidance before turning to your best friend or even your parents, it’s a long shot that you like them.

41. You initiate everything first more often

It’s a huge sign you like them if you’re the one who texts them first thing in the morning, invites them to hang together first, and starts almost all of the contact. 

It’s because you value having someone in your life that you’re actively seeking contact with them. That is, you want to ensure that they remain in your life. 

This uncommon symbol indicates that you consider them more than just a friend.

42. You see their opinion as the most important

If you seek the advice of this special person and prefer their advice to that of a family member or another close friend, it’s because you like them and want to please them, subconsciously.

43. You don’t want to tease them or make them feel jealous

When we first meet someone, we tend to play things a certain way.

This could include lying about being busy when you aren’t in order to increase their love for you or talking about another person in order to make them jealous.

But you are not playing games with this person. You respond to their texts quickly, make time for them, and never try to make them feel insecure in any way.

This shows that you have genuine feelings for them and that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

44. You want their friends to like you

It’s possible you haven’t met their family yet, but they may have introduced you to some of their closest friends.

You’ve made an effort to engage with them and be friendly in ways that go beyond pleasantries on the surface.

You want their friends to think well of you since you know it will help with your potential future connection with them.

It’s a good sign that you like someone more than a little bit if you go out of your way like this.

45. You are not thinking about anyone else

Your mind isn’t always going back to the last guy or girl you were with.

You don’t even think about them because you’re so concerned with your new love interest.

You’re not doing this to make the previous one jealous. You don’t give a damn what the others think any longer.

46. You are making real efforts to appreciate them

You’re going out of your way for this person, which is a great indication that you like them.

Additionally, you put a lot of thought into your date attire and have been suggesting some unique and innovative dates for you and your partner.

You may have purchased a small gift for them or prepared a meal for them and can happily travel a long way to visit them.

You consider what they love or require and prioritize them every time.

And you’re not going out with them just because they are there and it’s convenient. Also, you are willing to devote your time and effort to visiting them and making them happy.

47. You are interested in more just than their body

If you’ve got it so far, the sex is amazing. But you’re not going to call or text them just to get more of the same.

You admire both their intelligence and body and could talk to them for hours. 

Also, you enjoy hearing about their way of seeing the world and are truly interested in what they have to say.

Even if it doesn’t involve physical contact, you want to spend time with them.

48. You started to imagine future together with them

With this person, you may imagine a shared future.

You think the two of you have similar life goals, that you’d make a good team, and that you could bring out the best in each other based on what you’ve learned about them so far.

And you’ve started dreaming about where you could live or the adventures you could have together.

Or, in the not-too-distant future, you’re planning enjoyable things you and your partner could do together around Christmas or in a few months.

How excited you get about making plans with them will tell you how much you like them.

49. You want to know their love language

Love language is a crucial part of every long-term relationship because this helps to understand how your partner best gives and receives love. 

Everyone has their own unique love language and it is true that you want to give them all the love and care the way they actually want. 

This represents that you want to make them feel special and go close to them. 

Therefore, if you figure out their love language then you are surely in love with them. 

50. Your friends tell you that you have feelings for them

Your friends are more observant than you realize.

They’re also the folks who are the most familiar with you. If you’ve been behaving strangely lately, they’ll notice.

They can also tell when you’re into someone and when you’re just crushing on them.

Is it possible for them to see if you and your partner have amazing chemistry? Inquire about their opinions. Take their suggestions into consideration, but don’t allow them to influence your feelings.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide whether or not you like them.

51. You are not caring about getting hurt for them

You’ve been hurt in the past.

That’s why you’re well aware of the dangers of getting involved in this again. Your chances of having your heart broken are becoming all too real.

You’ve even tried to be indifferent. However, it does not sit well with you.

Instead, you’re not afraid to open yourself to that person. You suddenly understand that your past doesn’t have to determine your future and that it is worth investigating.

And you’re ready to take the risk, no matter what happens.

It’s simple to fall in love. It’s choosing to love someone else that’s a whole different matter.

52. You want to know if they like you

Do you spend a lot of time analyzing their body language or signals that they like you?

If you like them, you may find yourself going over all of your interactions and chats, looking for small signs that they are interested in you.

This can be subtle, such as a lingering look or touch, or it can be something he says, such as the fact that they told their closest friend about you.

You’re really looking for confirmation that your feelings are real and mutual while they’re busy going over these facts in your head.

If you don’t like them, you’re probably bothered about these small points.

53. You are having in-depth conversation with them

Late-night texts and first dates are both wonderful. They’re entertaining and interesting, but have you looked into who they actually are?

Have you discussed sensitive topics, emotional memories, or asked them opinions on major life decisions like marriage, children, and careers?

You need to know if you get along on more levels than just flirting before you decide whether you genuinely like them or just enjoy the concept of them.

The fact that you want to know about their raw, real, and vulnerable sides shows that you actually like them.

You’re not only trying to get to know them better, but you’re also allowing yourself to share your personal feelings and experiences with them.

54. You only see good side of them, not bad one

You’ve met someone you believe you like, but there are a few aspects of their personality that you don’t care for.

No one is perfect, and no one will possess all of the attributes you seek in a spouse.

Have you given any thought to their flaws and decided whether you can live with them?

Or have you decided that ignorance is bliss and brushed them under the rug?

You may be more interested in the idea of them than in truly liking and accepting them for who they are if you don’t want to admit that they have some features that you don’t like.

How do you know if you like someone online?

Meeting someone online is a great way to start a new relationship as long as you are comfortable about it. It’s not that easy to know if you like someone online without meeting in person. 

However, there are certain signs you can watch for that are pretty good indications of whether or not your digital love interest is in them. 

Here are some of the signs that make you able to make a decision. So let’s roll.

1. You start the conversation most of the times

If you reach out to them first, it means they are on your mind. If you initiate the cats as often as or more than they do, there is a good chance you like them. 

It’s an especially good sign if you send them a good morning text to start the day. That means they are the first thing they think about in the day.

If you are usually the one who texts first, you can try testing the person by not messaging them when you usually do and see if you text them.

2. You frequently reply back to their message

A fast response usually means you are excited to hear from them. If they usually don’t take more than a few minutes to respond, it means they don’t want to make them wait for a response. It shows that you are eager to continue chatting with them.

Keep in mind that everyone has things to do like work, school and other responsibilities.

So, if you are talking online to them it takes longer to respond but if you’re replying to them as soon as possible then it’s a sign of being into them.

3. You spend all day messaging them

You want to share every little moment with them if they are talking all day. If this is the case, it’s a great sign that the other person likes you as much as you like them.

It’s like they want to be spending the day with you in real life! The more mundane the messages seem, the better a sign of mutual interest they are.

Someone wouldn’t text you about small things like their breakfast or their bus ride if they didn’t really like talking to you!

4. You give them compliments

Check your messages to see if you regularly compliment the person. Compliments are a pretty obvious sign of attraction and interest. 

The more sweet and sincere the compliments seem, the more into you your online love interest probably is! 

Try not to shrug off or ignore compliments. And you try saying thanks with a winky-face emoji to up the flirtiness of the conversation!

5. You are only interested in getting to know them

Pay attention to the questions you ask. If you ask them lots of questions about themself and let them talk about them often, it’s a good sign. 

When you genuinely like someone, you want to find out all about them to help you decide if they might really be a good match.

When you’re talking online with someone you’ve never met, be careful and never give them any personal information about where you live or anything else that’s private.

6. You show that you care about them

Do you ask how you’re doing or feeling regularly? 

If they’re having a bad day or experiencing some kind of problem, you should show genuine concern and care for them. 

When you are into someone, a natural caring and protective instinct kick in. 

Early on in your online interactions, simple messages like “How are you?” and “How was your day?” can show that you care about them.

7. You try to make them laugh

Laughter is an important part of any good relationship. If you’re talking to tell jokes, tease them, or tell funny stories, those are all forms of flirting! 

A lot of people know that humor is a quality people look for in a significant other and will try to make you laugh if they want to pursue a relationship.

8. You use flirty emojis while chatting

Emojis are the equivalent of a wink, a blush, or a flirty smile in real life. 

If you’re using things like winky faces, flirty smiling faces, blushing faces, and smirking devil emojis, you are definitely flirting with them! 

Using emojis in general also shows that you are taking more time to compose your messages and make them more fun and interesting.

9. You talk about planning the future

Count it as a win when you start planning real-life activities with someone. That’s a definite sign that you’re interested enough in them to want to hang out in person. 

These types of messages make it pretty clear that you have a desire to take your online relationship offline and to the next level!

For example, watch for messages like “We’d have so much fun if I was there right now!” or “It’s so nice out, I wish we could go for a walk together right now.”

10. You remember lots of things about them

People remember even the smallest things about those they care about. If you really like them, you should remember minor details and bring them up later in the conversation. 

This shows you’re really paying attention when they talk and using previous information to keep the conversation going.

For example, maybe you remember their daily coffee order, the name of your first pet, or their least favorite subject in school.

Quiz: How to know if you like someone?

If you are still figuring out whether you like them or not, then take the quiz and find out now!

1. Do you find them attractive, cute, or hot?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • I don’t know

2. Do you keep a check on them on social media?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Often

3. Do you see them a lot?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • I don’t know

4. Do you like to learn more about them?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • I don’t know

5. Do you look for them when they leave?

  • Yes, I look for them
  • Yes, I look for them, but not very consciously
  • Sometimes
  • No

6. How do you feel when they are with someone you don’t consider a friend?

  • Jealous
  • A little angry
  • I don’t feel anything
  • I don’t know

7. How do they feel when their friends tease them because they were passed by their ex?

  • Jealous
  • I little angry
  • I don’t feel anything
  • I don’t know

8. How do you feel when they are near you?

  • Nervous
  • Self-conscious
  • I don’t feel anything
  • I don’t know

9. How do you feel when they speak to you?

  • Nervous
  • I am on top of the world
  • I don’t feel anything
  • I don’t know

10. What would you do if they became ill?

  • Pretend to not care
  • Ask them if they need anything
  • Buy medicine and give them
  • I don’t know

11. What would you do if you caught them staring at you?

  • Look away
  • Stare
  • Wink and smile
  • I don’t know

12. What would you do if they were alone?

  • Talk to them
  • Sit beside them 
  • Nothing
  • I don’t know

13. What would you say if they asked you a question?

  • Answer them
  • Pretend them I didn’t hear
  • Answer them without looking at them
  • I don’t know

14. What would you do if they happened to run into you by accident?

  • Apologize
  • Shout at them
  • Nothing
  • I don’t know

15. Do you have any thoughts about them?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Often

16. What do you know about them?

  • Everything
  • Almost everything
  • Nothing
  • Some things

17. Do you laugh at their jokes, no matter how crazy they are?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Often

18. Have you ever been angry at them for no reason?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Often

19. Do you send them a message first?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Often

20. Would you rather go out to eat with your friends or go on a date with them?

  • Date them
  • Eat with friends
  • Both above
  • I don’t know

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It’s crazy how we sometimes can’t even tell ourselves if we have feelings for someone. 

But with these subtle signs, you will be able to find out how to know if you like someone and they like you back. 

And it also makes you reveal all your hidden feelings about that special person too.

Break the confusion with these signs and show your feelings to the person you like.