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How To Stop A Guy From Flirting With You? 15 Polite Ways To Turn Him Down

How To Stop A Guy From Flirting With You? 15 Polite Ways To Turn Him Down

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

How To Stop A Guy From Flirting With You 15 Polite Ways To Turn Him Down

If he’s been pursuing you for too long, even after a rejection, you need to know how to stop a guy from flirting with you.

Yes, some men believe that you’re playing hard to get when you say NO. They just can’t cope well with rejection, and it’s normal to feel infuriated in such situations. 

However, it’s time to plan and stop him for good. So, dive in to know all the tricks to get him off your back! 

How To Stop A Guy From Flirting With You? – 15 Ways

Whether a childhood friend, coworker, neighbor, or creepy guy at the bar, women have always faced unwanted flirting. And many of them feel awkward and scared to turn them down strongly – for obvious reasons!

If you’re also dealing with such trouble, don’t worry anymore. You can put an end to this situation for good with these ways… 

1. Drop hints that you’re taken

In a casual conversation, naturally bring up your man. Tell this guy about a couple activity you did together or mention his name in a relevant topic.

Share anecdotes or stories about your partner, but keep them light and relevant to the conversation. It can show that you have a significant person in your life. 

2. Highlight pictures of your partner

If this guy is connected with you on social media, occasionally post pictures of you and your partner doing fun activities or celebrating special moments. This can subtly convey your relationship status.

If you want to be loud and clear, update your relationship status to “In a Relationship” online.

If you’re not connected online but often come across this guy at work, keep photos of your partner on your workplace desk. 

Further, if he’s a neighbor/acquaintance and often drops by, hang a big photo of you and your honey in your living space.

3. Discuss weekend plans with your partner

When the opportunity arises, mention your weekend plans with your partner. For example, you can say, “My man and I plan to visit a new restaurant this weekend.”

Keep the tone of your conversation casual. You don’t need to overemphasize your plans. 

If you act happy and natural, it’ll discourage this man from making advances! 

4. Avoid giving mixed signals

Keep your conversations friendly and strictly platonic. Avoid flirtatious or ambiguous remarks that could be misinterpreted. Be consistent in your actions and words. 

Mixed signals often arise from inconsistency, so make sure your behavior aligns with your intentions. 

Your body language should be consistent with your verbal communication. Maintain appropriate personal space and avoid physical contact that could be misconstrued. 

5. Limit contact and be to the point

When he initiates contact or conversation, respond with short, concise answers. Avoid elaborating or expanding on topics to not encourage further discussion. 

Minimize how much you initiate contact or interact with him. This reduces the opportunities for him to flirt. 

Avoid drifting into personal or irrelevant subjects. Stick to essential matters or shared responsibilities. 

6. Seek support from loved ones

Confide in friends whom you trust and feel comfortable with. Share your feelings and concerns about the guy’s unwanted flirting. Provide specific examples, if necessary, so your friends understand the situation.

Seek advice from them on how to handle the situation. They may offer insights, suggestions, or alternative perspectives. 

Ask your friends not to leave you alone if he ever appears when you’re with these friends. They can help intervene if needed. 

If you ever meet him, suggest group meetings where your friends will be present to deter one-on-one interactions.

7. Let him know what you feel

Find an appropriate and calm setting to have this conversation. 

Avoid a confined private space, confrontational tone, harsh language, or personal attacks. Clearly and firmly express your feelings and boundaries.

Communicate what behavior you expect moving forward. Be specific about what is or isn’t acceptable in your interactions. 

Let him respond and share his perspective, even if you disagree. Actively listen to defuse tension. 

He may feel hurt, surprised, or get defensive. While it may be an uncomfortable conversation, it can lead to greater understanding and potentially resolve the issue of unwanted flirting

8. Plan a secret hand signal with a friend

The secret hand signal can handle unwanted flirting without causing a scene or making things awkward. 

Have a conversation with your friend to choose a secret hand signal for emergencies. It might mean “rescue me from the conversation” or “I’m uncomfortable.”

Make sure it’s something inconspicuous that won’t draw attention. Ensure that both you and your friend recognize it easily.

Decide in advance how your friend will intervene after seeing the signal. They may simply join the conversation, suggest a group activity, or give an excuse for you to leave the situation. 

9. Friendzone him 

When you interact with him, limit the topics to only ones you’d share with distant friends. Use only light-hearted humor to keep interactions friendly and non-romantic. Avoid any flirtatious jokes. 

Whenever possible, involve mutual friends or create group settings to dilute the chances of one-on-one interactions.

Avoid all kinds of physical contact or gestures that come off as flirty.

Introduce him to others as a friend to friendzone him. Post pictures with him and refer to him as a “friend.”

10. Try to set him up with other girls

Set him up with a friend/acquaintance to convey that you’re not interested in a romantic relationship with him. 

It’s a considerate way to redirect his attention without causing discomfort or awkwardness.

Talk about your friend and highlight their positive qualities. Make it clear that you think highly of your friend.

Show genuine interest in his opinion by asking if he’s open to meeting new people or if he’s currently looking for a relationship. 

If your friend shares common interests with him, emphasize that to make him interested. 

11. Have a friend pretend to be your partner

Explain the situation to a male friend and seek help to discourage that person from flirting. Make sure your friend doesn’t feel uncomfortable. 

Decide when you want your friend to pretend to be your partner. It can be any social or casual event where that other guy will be present. 

Make sure your friend understands how to act his part. This may include holding hands, using pet names, or engaging in other acceptable romantic behaviors.

And when that guy appears, let your inner performers channel out!

12. Turn him off intentionally

Figure out what he likes about you. And do the exact opposite.

Or, occasionally mention your own perceived flaws or quirks in a self-deprecating manner. This can make you seem less appealing.

Emphasize differences in values, interests, or goals that may be unappealing to him.

If he’s not a creep, he’ll definitely leave you alone. 

13. Prepare exit strategies 

If you expect such situations frequently, plan ahead of time on how you’d escape the situation. 

Politely excuse yourself from the conversation or situation with an excuse. You can say you have something urgent to attend to or need to meet someone else. Or say that you got a call from someone close and they need your help.

If you’re in a group setting, start engaging with others to ignore him. 

14. Tell him you don’t like men

Confidently say that you are a lesbian. You can say, “I appreciate your interest, but I want to let you know that I’m a lesbian. So I’m not looking for a romantic relationship with guys.”

Be prepared for various reactions. Don’t overreact, even if he doesn’t fully understand or accept it immediately. 

15. Give him the awkward stare

Do this only if you have tried all other ways and nothing is working for you. This is pretty disrespectful, so use it only as your last resort. 

When he tries to flirt with you, look him dead in the eyes. Sigh audibly and avert your gaze with a hint of disappointment. Cross your arms and shake your head as though in disbelief. 

Look genuinely bored when he tries to use another pickup line. Don’t say anything mean, but change the topic to something else. 

He’ll get a serious hint of the incoming rejection! 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

With these steps, you can handle unwanted flirting like a pro. But remember, never go overboard to attack the man verbally. Be respectful and use your wits to save yourself. 

If things escalate in the wrong way and he gets more daring, seek help from the authorities. Be prepared to get evidence of repeated flirtatious behavior despite your refusal. 

Lastly, don’t forget to talk to your loved ones. They can get you customized ideas to deal with it even better!

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