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25 Great Things To Talk About With A Girl You Like And Grow Closer Slowly But Surely

25 Great Things To Talk About With A Girl You Like And Grow Closer Slowly But Surely

Published on Oct 04, 2023

25 Great Things To Talk About With A Girl You Like And Grow Closer Slowly But Surely

Are you wondering about things to talk about with a girl you like

Most men do not know which topics can be more interesting for their love interests. So, even if they strike up an effective conversation, they fail to keep it going. 

After that, things turn boring, and those men lose their chance for good.

If you want to avoid such mishaps, you need to be prepared with the best topics. So, keep reading to find out!

25 Things To Talk About With A Girl You Like

When you have a crush on a girl but aren’t close, you should mostly try to talk about things that are most likely to make her happy. 

And if you’re close enough and know about her likes, try knowing about her fears and anxieties to get closer.

But those aren’t all, so dive right in for more!

1. Things In Common

Identify and discuss what you like about your common interests. It will give you a good idea about how similar you are. She will also get to know you better.

2. Her Daily Life

Ask about her daily routine, like when she wakes up in the morning, what she usually has for breakfast, or when she leaves for her office. It will help you build a stronger connection.

3. Her Biggest Fears

This is another way to strike a connection and, at the same time, make her feel protected when needed. 

Learn about her greatest fears to understand why she behaves in a particular way while seeing certain things.

4. Her Goals

The next thing that you can talk about is her goals. It could be anything like what she aspires to achieve in 5 years or which is the city that she wants to settle in. 

Instead of making it obvious, you can always pose an open-ended question with many possible answers.

5. Hobbies That She Wants To Try

Everyone has different hobbies that they want to try but never can do due to time or other constraints. 

Ask her about those, and someday, make it a point to make her try them. Moreover, you’ll also get an insight into what she enjoys doing.

6. Food

Food is a topic that connects people more than anything else. Many couples fall in love because of food, which can also work for you. 

For example, if she says she loves chocolate chip ice cream, and you also have the same preference – it is an instant match! 

Conversations about food are always interesting and help you to know more about each other. After all, which girl doesn’t like to eat, right?

7. Favorite Flowers

This is a very personal topic, and you will notice that most guys often don’t often don’t talk about it. 

You can casually bring up the topic of flowers she loves. Then surprise her with them one fine day. It will make it obvious that you like her and will help you strike a connection.

8. A Life-Changing Book She Read

This tells a lot about her as a person. Each of us has that specific book that has completely changed us from within. 

Try to know about the book that changed her; it will help you understand her better.

9. How She Likes To Be Treated If Angry

When angry, some people want to be left alone, yet others want all the attention. Once you know how she prefers to be treated, you’ll know exactly how to resolve conflicts sooner. 

This will also help if you upset her anytime soon!

10. Meaning Of Life

Remember to talk about what she thinks about life and its meaning. It will help you understand if she is extremely easy going or if there is something more to her personality you should know about. 

While you ask her this question, don’t forget to share what life means to you. It’ll let her understand the similarities and differences in your perspectives.

11. Her Favorite Coffee

Would she order the double chocolate chip frappe from Starbucks or a black coffee from Costa Coffee? 

Always try to know about her favorite coffee order. Then you can probably surprise her by asking for her favorite coffee after a stressful day.

12. A Movie She Can Watch 100 Times

Everyone has a favorite movie that they can watch 100 times. The girl you like will also have something similar. Talk about it, and you can plan a movie date to watch her favorite movie.

13. Her Go-To Music

Music is an extremely important part of our daily life, and it affects our mood to a great extent. So, if you like someone, it is also important to know about their music preferences. 

To make it a little bit cuter, you can make a playlist of your favorite music and then give it to her. And her day will instantly light up!

14. Her Career Choice

If you like a girl and want to see a future together, you must respect her career choices. 

It is always desirable that you talk about it and understand her career choices and possible career moves in the near future. This way, you can align with them before moving forward.

15. Intimacy Preference

When you have developed a little bit of a connection, bring up the intimacy topic. Don’t rush; otherwise, it might seem to be creepy. 

If you have seen each other several times and there is a spark, you can also bring up this topic late at night. This will heat the conversation a bit and add the spice you need!

16. Dream Destination

If you want to keep the conversation light, then talk about her favorite destination. 

You will be amazed to see how her eyes light up when she talks about her favorite vacation site and what she’d love to do there. 

You will also know whether she is a mountain or sea person.

17. What She Means By Romance

The definition of romance is different for every person. Ask her what she means by romance, which can help you steer the relationship into your own hands.

18. Her Relaxation Styles

Ask what relaxes her so you can help her enjoy a relaxing time with you. 

When you do the things that relax her, she will associate you with positive feelings and build a deeper connection.

19. Conflict Dealing Strategies

Each of us tends to have a different conflict-dealing strategy!

Learn how she deals with conflicts, as it’ll help you deal with her better during those situations. 

20. Your Families

Bring up this conversation after you have spoken for some time and realize that you like the girl and want to go ahead with her

Learn about each other’s family to understand if both of you can proceed further or if there will be obstacles from the family.

21. Her Favorite Memory

If you like her a lot, try to know about her favorite memory, which makes her happy from within. It could be a distant memory of her childhood with her parents or friends.

However, be careful and aware of signs that she might have had a rough childhood.

22. What Makes Her Anxious

After all, you are still at the initial stage, and like her, you might do something unconsciously, making her anxious. 

So, know about the things that make her anxious and refrain from doing it. This can prevent jeopardizing the relationship.

23. Her Past Relationships

Ask her about her past relationships. Know why those ended and what she learned from them. However, it is suggested that you do it after you both have built a comfort level. 

Also, share with her about your past relationships because it will keep clarity and further strengthen your understanding with her.

24. Her Spiritual Orientation

If you are spiritual and devote a certain bit of time to it, then it is important that you talk to her about the spiritual orientations she believes in. 

It will help you to develop a connection with each other and respect each other’s beliefs if they are contrary.

25. How She Nurtures Relationships

Another important thing you can discuss with her is how she nurtures and maintains relationships. This could be any relationship with her friends, family, or even relatives. 

When you have a good idea of this, you will know how to foster your relationship with her.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, if you have just started talking with the girl you like, then it is important that you avoid uncomfortable topics. 

In that case, if you run out of ideas, you can also discuss other things, like how she maintains her health, her preferred perfume, or even how she connects with nature. 

Lastly, don’t just shoot questions. This is no interview session. So, share your personal anecdotes and create a lovely conversation!