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Is Someone Being Friendly Vs Flirty? 15 Stark Differences To Find The Truth

Is Someone Being Friendly Vs Flirty? 15 Stark Differences To Find The Truth

Published on Sep 29, 2023

Is Someone Being Friendly Vs Flirty 15 Stark Differences To Find The Truth

Are you wondering whether a person is being friendly vs flirty with you?

Well, it’s kind of difficult to differentiate between someone being friendly and someone who’s actively flirting with you. It is especially true if their flirting skills are subtle. 

But once you read this article, you’ll have a much better idea of what the other person is actually trying to tell you!

So come on, let’s get started!

Friendly Vs Flirty – 15 Differences

One of the major differences between someone being friendly and someone flirting with you is their body language. When flirting, people make eye contact, make body contact, or show more interest toward you.

However, if you don’t have enough time on your hands, the major differences have been highlighted below!

1. Eye contactNo eye contact is maintained.There is prolonged eye contact during flirting.
2. Physical affectionIt includes minor physical and affectionate touches.It includes a lot of physical and playful touches.
3. Including other peopleIt means including others in the conversation.Being flirty means focusing all their attention only on you.
4. Conversation topicsConversation can cover any topics other than you.The conversation mostly gets steered toward you.
5. Relationship boundariesRelationship boundaries are always maintained. Relationship boundaries might sometimes be pushed.
6. Vibes in the relationshipNo romantic vibes in the air.Strong romantic vibes in the air.
7. Reaction on your flirting backThey will appear uncomfortable or surprised.They will suddenly seem very interested.
8. Emphasizing their relationship statusThey won’t tell much about their relationship status.They will keep talking about being single.
9. Giving complimentsThere will only be some compliments.They will give compliments almost all the time.
10. Teasing and pranksThe teasing is only playful and nothing more.The teasing can sometimes turn into something sexual,
11. Body languageBody language is calm and composed.Body language is tilted head and sultry eyes.
12. Behavior in front of youThey will be themselves.They will try to portray themselves as a better person.
13. Frequency of chattingThe conversation is light and infrequent.You are always on top of their chat list.
14. Talking about hypothetical situationsYour conversations hardly include romantic topics.They’ll talk about hypothetical situations of you both dating.
15. Giving giftsThey won’t give you actual gifts.They’ll pamper you with actual gifts.

But you may misunderstand certain differences from such short info. So, gain a better understanding of the comparison from the detailed explanation.

So, come, let’s keep reading!

1. A friendly person does not include eye contact, but being flirty does

Notice the other person’s eyes carefully. If they seem to look at other things besides you, it probably means that they’re just being friendly. 

But if they keep looking dreamily into your eyes while speaking, it’s a sure sign that they are flirting!

2. Being friendly includes minor physical touches, but being flirty includes constant touches

If someone is being friendly with you, they’ll probably swat your arm or give you a pinch on the cheeks, but it won’t happen very often. 

If someone is constantly finding excuses to touch you playfully, they’re flirting but can’t verbally express themself.

3. A friendly person gives attention to everyone, but a flirty person gives attention to only you 

If someone is simply being friendly with you, they’ll include other people in the conversation. They’ll pay attention to what everyone is saying. 

But if they’re flirting with you, they’ll show visible signs of frustration or discomfort when someone else joins in the conversation. They only want to give you attention and have your full attention. 

4. Being friendly means talking about various things. Being flirty means focusing the subject on you

A friendly person will want to know more about you, but not to the point where they give off strong vibes. They’ll steer the conversation toward themselves, too, or talk about other topics. 

But if someone is flirting with you, they’ll find all sorts of excuses to keep coming back to things that you like and dislike or what kind of a person you are.

5. Being friendly means keeping things within boundaries. Being flirty means pushing those boundaries

A friend won’t ever ask or say anything that will indicate pushing your boundaries. For example, they won’t frequently ask you to accompany them alone to movies or other functions. 

But someone who is flirting with you will keep looking for excuses to spend some time alone with you, so they’ll keep asking you out.

6. Being friendly indicates no romantic vibes, but being flirty gives off strong vibes

Remember, your gut feeling is your strongest weapon. If your gut feeling tells you that you’re probably just overthinking things, the other person is friendly by nature.

But if it keeps telling you that the other person is trying to flirt with you, believe in your instincts. 

7. Flirting back makes a friendly person uncomfortable and a flirty person interested 

If you’re confused about whether or not the person in front of you is being friendly or flirty, flirt back. 

Say something cute and naughty and see how they react. 

If they appear shocked and then uncomfortable, it indicates that they were just pulling your leg. 

But if they suddenly perk up and turn up the flirt dial, it definitely means they’re interested!

8. Unlike when being friendly, a flirty person will emphasize they are single

Someone who just wants to be your friend might mention their relationship status once or twice and then forget about it. 

However, someone who really wants to date you will keep talking about how boring their single life is or how unhappy they are with their current partner. It’s a big sign that they’re looking forward to dating you!

9. A friendly person will be sweet, but a flirty person will constantly give compliments

In friendship, two people will love giving each other compliments. But even that will have its limits. 

However, if someone is actively flirting with you, they’ll keep giving you compliments, even when there’s no need to. Even in the smallest of situations, they’ll give you a heart-melting compliment!

10. A friendly person teases playfully. A flirty person teases in a naughty way

In a healthy friendship, there will be lots of laughter and banter. You and your friend will keep teasing and joking about each other. But all that will be playful and nothing serious. 

However, if someone is flirting with you, their teasing might sometimes get naughty or over the top!

11. Being friendly shows composed body language. Being flirty shows sultry body language 

If someone doesn’t have any intentions of flirting with you, they will keep their head and body relaxed. 

On the other hand, if they wish to flirt with you, they will tilt their head and look straight into your eyes. Moreover, their eyes will look sultry and narrowed, which will be their way to attract you!

12. They’ll be themselves while being friendly. They’ll be a better version of themselves while being flirty 

A friend will always show you their truest side, no matter how flawed it is. This is how true friendships begin. 

But if someone is flirting with you, they’ll act differently. They will want to show only the best part about themselves so that you can be impressed with their personality and skills.

13. Being friendly includes minimal chats. Being flirty keeps you on top of their chat list

Between friends, there are only slight Instagram tags and sharing of funny memes and videos. 

However, someone flirting with you will always keep you right on the top of their contact and chat list. 

Whenever they come across something cute or funny, they’ll forward it to you because you are always on their mind!

14. Being friendly doesn’t include romance topics, but being flirty includes indirect hints at romance

No matter how strong your friendship is with someone, they won’t really talk about having a future with you. This shows they’re not romantically interested in you. 

But if that person really wishes to date you, they might include hypothetical situations. They’ll talk about how great it would be if you both were dating!

15. Being friendly includes verbal affection, but being flirty includes giving you actual gifts

Someone who is friendly with you will give you compliments and shower you with affection. But they won’t really think too much about spending money on gifting you. 

Someone who is flirting with you will look for any opportunity to make you feel special. Therefore, they might often give you meaningful gifts.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, dear reader, with these basic differences, you can tell whether someone is being friendly or wishes to build a romantic future with you! 

The next time you sit down and talk to this person, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open. And you’ll get your answers!