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28 Dreadful Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

28 Dreadful Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

28 Dreadful Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Lately, if you feel neglected by your girl and her priorities are all messed up, it’s wise to check for signs your girlfriend likes another guy.

The thought of her and another guy is sickening, and your heart only tells you to trust her. But when your instincts say something is off, don’t ignore it.

C’mon, let’s be sure whether you’re the only one in her life!

28 Signs your girlfriend likes another guy 

In this world of temptations, getting distracted’s not unusual. So, if you feel your girl doesn’t look at you the same way as before, you have all the reasons to question her loyalty. However, it’s not wise to confront her without proof.

Even if you’re trembling with anger, you should look into these signs!

1. There is an unexpected change in her routine

Once you have spent enough time with your girlfriend, you will know her daily routine like the back of your hand. 

But if you see an unexpected change in her routine, chances are she is trying to make space for someone else. So, it is highly probable that she likes another guy.

2. She often turns a cold shoulder on you

Perhaps your girlfriend doesn’t value you like the old days. If she often turns a cold shoulder on you, she is likely interested in some other guy. She might avoid you because every conversation with you makes her feel guilty.

3. There is rarely any physical intimacy

When a woman loves you wholeheartedly, she will always show her affection physically. So, she’ll love to shower you with hugs, cuddles, and spontaneous kisses. 

But, if your relationship lacks such innocent physical intimacy, it is highly possible that there is someone else in your girlfriend’s life.

4. She has been distant

As the relationship grows old, it’s not unnatural to feel detached.  But this process takes time. And if your girlfriend becomes distant overnight, something is surely wrong! 

Sure, she might just be angry with you. But if it continues for too long and there’s no sign of conversation, she is more likely interested in another guy.

5. She’s suddenly obsessed with others’ relationships

If you are happy in your relationship, you rarely have time to care about someone else’s love life. 

So, if your girlfriend shows unusual interest in someone else’s relationship, something is very wrong. Probably, she is obsessed with the guy in that relationship.

6. She makes it look like she is always busy

Yes, your girlfriend is her own person with an individual life outside her relationship. She definitely deserves her own space/

But you have to consider her intent. She may genuinely not have the time after work and other responsibilities.

But she may also act busy to avoid you or spends all her time with someone else. 

You need to find out whether it is the second option. In that case, she definitely likes another guy.

7. She’s interested in things she avoided

Notice whether your girlfriend shows a sudden interest in something she absolutely loathes. 

Of course, this does not mean she is cheating on you. But something is surely going on. 

Possibly, she is indulging in these activities to impress some other guy. That other guy might be a pro in it, and she’s spending more time with him during these activities!

8. She is stalking someone’s social media account

Social media is often the best way to do a background check on your interests. So, if your girlfriend also spends long hours stalking some other guy’s social media account, chances are she is into him.

Of course, this isn’t easy to find out… you might even need to snoop into her accounts to find the truth!

9. She has been complaining all the time

Another sign that your girlfriend is interested in another guy is when she suddenly starts complaining about your actions. 

If everything you do disappoints or irritates her, it means someone else is in the picture.

Right now, that dude is a charming hunk in her eyes, and you’re nothing more than an eyesore!

10. She dresses differently

You probably know about your girlfriend’s wardrobe if you guys have been together for a long time. 

If you recently noticed a change in her outfit styles, that’s another fishy sign!

She probably wants to catch the other guy’s attention with her different taste.

11. You have caught her lying many times

Everyone is guilty of telling white lies from time to time. But, if your girlfriend frequently lies about adverse things, chances are she is hiding something from you. And this might be to hide her interest in another guy.

12. She keeps talking about some other guy

If your girlfriend constantly talks about another guy, it’s as clear as the day she is into him. After all, everything about that guy becomes the highlight of her day!

No, you are not paranoid if you doubt her loyalty now! Because her heart is definitely wavering. 

13. She talks to some other guy more than she talks to you

If she talks to another guy even more than you, it is obvious that she is into him. She is more interested in building a relationship with him than saving what the two of you have.

14. She’s excessively affectionate

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, if your girlfriend suddenly acts excessively affectionate, she’s hiding something. And there is likely someone else in her life.

How does this conclusion work? 

It is her way of keeping you in the dark by being more into you!

15. She flirts and even sexts with another guy

If she sends flirtatious texts or literally sexts with him, she doesn’t just like him… but it’s a major dealbreaker

For now, you might console yourself that their connection is temporary. Or believe that your girl is too naive to do better!

But chances are that their intimacy will soon turn into something more serious. So, talk to her before things get worse.

16. She acts defensive

Notice if your girlfriend acts defensive whenever you bring up the topic of this other guy. If she shuts down the conversation, it is quite possible that she is interested in him. 

She might say that they are just friends, but there is definitely something else going on.  

17. She often has repeated and unexpected absences

You cannot expect someone to always share their whereabouts with you. But, if your girlfriend frequently and unexpectedly “goes missing,” it is quite possible that she is spending a lot of her time with another guy. 

Ask her about her whereabouts and notice if she stutters. You may catch up on her lies!

18. Her friends have been acting weird around you

Your girlfriend’s friends can be an invaluable source of information in this matter. If there’s another guy in the picture, her friends probably know about it. 

So, check if they suddenly act weird toward you, and that’s your cue to ask her about it.

19. She has stopped caring about you

If she no longer supports you during hardship, she is not as invested in the relationship as before. It is time for you to see the truth for what it is. This is a glaring sign that she likes another guy.

20. She does not talk to you as much as she did before

Something is wrong if your girlfriend does not talk to you as much as she did before. 

If it is becoming difficult for you to get her on the phone even for five minutes, she isn’t just busy. Hell, nobody can be that busy all the time!

Rather, she is more interested in talking to another guy.

21. She drops a lot of hints about breaking up

If she often keeps on dropping hints about a breakup, there’s no greater sign of her change in interest. At this point, you need to go ahead and ask her what she actually wants. There’s no point in going in circles because you deserve a clean break.

22. She openly tells you that she is into another guy

If your girlfriend plainly and directly tells you that she is interested in another guy, it would be better for you to take her words seriously. 

Yes, she wasn’t joking and probably just dropped hints that she’ll leave when the other guy is ready to date her. 

If she really leaves you for the other guy, you won’t be able to do anything to stop her. So, it’s time to face the truth. 

23. She always gives vague answers to your questions

When you ask her anything, notice if she gives indefinite answers and acts extremely secretive about who she’s talking to on the phone or her whereabouts.

Her discreet actions about everything tells pretty clearly that she has someone else in her life.

24. She acts nervous around you

Observe if she’s acting all nervous and jittery around you or if she avoids making eye contact. 

No matter how good a liar she is, she’ll obviously show some signs of guilt if there is someone else in her life. 

So, if she is always on edge around you, she probably likes another guy. 

25. She cancels almost all your plans together

This one is valid for couples that regularly went on dates initially. If you guys were also the same, but now she often cancels on all date activities, that’s fishy!

It is highly unlikely that her schedule is this packed, so she might be spending all of her free time with another guy.

26. She does not include you in her future plans

If you guys are in a long-term relationship and you guys used to plan future goals together, this one’s valid for you only then!

If your girlfriend suddenly started avoiding all future planning conversations, she is unsure about whether she’ll stay in the long haul! 

After all, that other boy caught her eye, and she’ll hop into his life any moment now! 

27. It never seems like she is happy to see you

When you love someone, even the thought of meeting them can brighten up your day. So, if your girlfriend always looks disinterested or even unhappy when she meets you, you’re no longer the light of her life. She probably gets those butterflies when she sees that other guy!

28. She keeps spending an obscene amount of time on her phone

It is pretty normal for this generation to be addicted to their phone. But social media only has a limited amount of interesting posts. 

And people usually spend long hours sticking to their phones only when they are excited to talk or text someone. 

Yup, that’s another glaring sign she is dreaming about another dude!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

You’re probably devastated if most of these signs clicked with your situation. However, don’t let your anger get the best of you. 

But before any further assumptions, have an open and honest conversation with her. Find the truth and let her explain herself and prove her innocence. Only after that must you decide whether you want to break up or give the relationship another shot. 

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