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How To Make A Relationship Official? – 20 Sweet And Memorable Ways

How To Make A Relationship Official? – 20 Sweet And Memorable Ways

Updated on Sep 14, 2023

How To Make A Relationship Official - 20 Sweet And Memorable Ways

You’re finally serious about your partner and want to know how to make a relationship official.

Most people around you suggest a quick update on social media. However, you probably want more ideas and want to choose nothing but the best.

Well, based on both of your comfort and relationship dynamics, there’s definitely a wide range of choices. 

So, keep reading to find out!

How To Make A Relationship Official? – 20 Ways

You found the love of your life, and you can’t want to express your joy to the world. You know your partner is waiting for you to be ready and take the next step as well. 

But you don’t want to make this decision impulsively. So, plan out in detail to make this moment memorable. Here are a few ways to make this a hit!

1. Propose to your partner in public

If you and your partner are not shy, a public proposal is the best way to make a relationship official. It’s okay to skip anything fancy, like rings.

But since a public proposal is a big thing, you should plan things meticulously. Rehearse what you will say, choose the right place and time, and at least have her favorite flowers! 

2. Hold hands in public

This may not sound like a big deal, but it is another cute way to go official. After all, only romantic couples do it. 

In fact, a great way to let your friends and family know about your relationship subtly is to hold your partner’s hand in front of them. 

3. Introduce your partner to your parents

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re also connected with their family. So, it’s an unspoken tradition to ask your partner’s parents’ permission if you want to marry them. 

Therefore, another way is to introduce your partner to your parents.

4. Upload your picture on social media

Social media can be pretty useful if you want to make your relationship official. 

So change your relationship status and upload your cutest pictures of the two of you together. Spread the message that you are in a relationship. 

5. Give each other gifts

This does not have to be something expensive or grand, but it should be meaningful. So, it’s time for you to rack your brain to figure out the best gift you can give your partner. 

It can be anything, from a framed photo of the two of you together to tickets to their favorite concert. 

6. Go on double dates

Double dates are not only romantic but also fun. But, to make it fun, you need to choose the right couple. Choose a couple you both like hanging out with. 

You can watch a movie, have dinner, watch an opera concert, or go bowling. But before you decide, ensure that everyone’s preferences are heard. 

7. Fight for each other

Another sweet way to be official is to fight for each other. 

Defend your partner in front of others. This subtly gives them the message that you two are together. 

Moreover, it is actually your duty to protect your partner when someone tries to hurt them. So, this won’t be added pressure!

8. Get physically intimate

No, this is not just about sex

Physical intimacy entails cuddling, hugging, kissing, and holding each other just for the sake of it. 

But remember to respect each other’s boundaries when you are being physically intimate.

9. Pick them up from work 

When you pick your partner from work, you give your partner’s coworkers the message that you are together. They get to know that you guys are official and give up on hitting on your partner.

Bonus: It’s a thoughtful gesture to melt your partner’s heart.

10. Help them with their household chores

This may not sound like a big deal, but helping someone with their household chores is one of the most intimate things. 

So, to make your relationship official, help your partner with their share of responsibilities. Do their dishes and laundry to show how committed you are. 

11. Be vulnerable with them

You are supposed to be comfortable sharing anything with your partner. So, no matter how high your walls are, it’s time to break them and share your insecurities. 

Show them that you trust them enough to bare your wounds, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, and they’ll know you’re official!

12. Invite your friends on an anniversary

You don’t need to be married to celebrate an anniversary. So, whether you have been with each other for a year or ten, invite your friends and family to celebrate this anniversary. 

Remember, no need to make a hole in your pockets with anything grand. So keep it simple, and don’t forget the balloons. 

13. Live together 

Living together is one of the biggest milestones of a relationship. So, if you want to make your relationship official, move in with your partner. 

Yes, it won’t be easy, but you would have moved in eventually. So, why not now?

Moreover, when you live together, you increase intimacy and get used to each other’s habits. 

14. Be each other’s confidante

Your partner should be the first person you reach out to get something off your chest. But for that, you must trust them wholeheartedly. 

So, build enough trust so that you can be each other’s confidante. This will show them that you’re close enough to be official!

15. Say ‘I love you’

Yes, just say those three magical words if you haven’t already. Don’t think or brood about what your partner will say in return. 

Find an intimate setting, look into their eyes, be sincere, and do it. Remember that if your love for them is genuine, you really don’t need a grand speech.

16. Talk to each other before making big decisions 

When you make a major life decision, like changing a job or shifting to a new flat, it obviously affects your partner. 

So, a thoughtful way to make your relationship official is to talk to each other before making big decisions. 

When you consult your partner about such decisions, you show them that you respect their judgment and are serious about them. 

17. Include them in your future plans

This is one of the best ways to show them how committed you are. But even though this might sound easy-peasy, it is not. 

It’s because your partner is not a thing you can carry in your bag wherever you go. They are a person with their own dreams and aspirations. 

So, to actually build a future together, plan things ahead and find a balance between your shared plans and individual goals.

18. Cut a cake

Select a flavor that both you and your partner enjoy, plan the setting, invite a few people over, and cut the cake. Make sure you get the “Let’s be official” or “We’re official” written on it.

Lastly, don’t forget to take pictures so that you remember the moment. 

19. Go to parties together

If you both are party animals but never attended one together, this is a great idea. In that way, you can show people you are together and introduce each other to close ones. 

So, dress your best, and remember that a little public display of affection does not hurt. And if you want to go the extra mile and make things more apparent, wear a couple outfits. 

20. Give them a ring

This has been tried and tested. The tradition of giving your partner a ring as a symbol of love and commitment has been there for ages.

So, if you want to make your relationship official, follow this tradition. 

Even if you don’t want to do the whole getting-down-on-your-knee thing, ensure you choose the right setting and words to accompany the ring. Lastly, make sure that the ring fits!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, making your relationship official should be a mutual decision between you and your partner. So, try to talk things out about what ‘official’ means to you guys and your expectations from each other. 

This way, you’ll be able to choose the perfect idea to go official. And you’ll sweep your partner off their feet with your loving gestures!

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