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Will I Ever Find Love? 25+ Reasons why you Can’t and 20+ Reasons why you will

Will I Ever Find Love? 25+ Reasons why you Can’t and 20+ Reasons why you will

Updated on Oct 04, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Will I Ever Find Love - 45+ Practical Reasons To Answer This Doubt

Thinking: will I ever find love? Hmmm… You’re tired of waiting for your love story. Relax, you’re not the only one longing for that!

Ever since I came to know about the idea of perfect romantic love, I started dreaming of my prince charming. Hilarious! I was just a kid back then.

The idea got wider and brighter as I stepped into my teenage years. But by the time I passed out of college, after so many heartbreaks and bitter experiences, I had the same question in my mind: will I ever find love?

Honestly speaking, the answer cannot be a simple yes or no. That would just be an unfair and superficial judgment on your personal life.

But what you can do is scroll and read to get a deeper insight into the idea of the romantic and unconditional love that you crave.

You will basically know why everyone else is finding love, while true love seems just another unachievable hypothesis to you. You will know what you can do to find true love and the things which you need to stop right away.

So, let’s find you an answer more worthy, than just: will I ever find love?

First up, let’s read the reasons that are stopping you from finding true love.

Will I Ever Find Love - 10 Reasons Why You Can't
Will I Ever Find Love – 10 Reasons Why You Can’t
Ways on How To Find Love
Ways on How To Find Love

Will I ever find love? – 25+ reasons why you can’t

Do love quotes and relationship quotes literally burn you from the inside because you just don’t seem to get around.

One way to find love is to deal with the obstacles that are stopping you from finding your “the ONE!” To deal with the hurdles, you must learn about them… and so, I’ve listed 25 of them in the list below.

1. You seek too many opinions.

Love is not really all about romance and Lovey dovey gestures. It’s completely no use taking too many opinions on the idea of romantic relationships.

Each of them will tell you about their version of a perfect relationship.

False fantasies are just going to ruin your real world. While the truth remains: Nothing Is Perfect. It all depends on your own perspective.

If something is perfect for you then it’s perfect. It doesn’t have to be approved by everyone, or anyone, except You!

2. You want all their time

If you have a successful man or woman in your life, then it is obvious that they worked hard to earn the success, probably harder than you.

I understand that you want to spend time with your life partner, but you also have to understand they can’t devote all their time to you.

You should respect their professional life, their busy schedules, and routine before demanding all the time for yourself. An extremely demanding nature will leave you alone.

3. You want things to escalate rapidly

Delicious meals are supposed to be relished slowly. So that you get the essence and taste of every bite. The rate at which you are expecting the romantic relationship to move ahead is very important.

Too fast progress would leave gaps in between, and you will burden your significant other with impractical responsibilities.

It will be very difficult to fill these gaps later. As a result, you will live a hollow relationship, or remain single.

4. You don’t let them take care of you

It’s good to be self-sufficient and responsible, but that does not mean you won’t let others provide for or protect you.

When you enter a new relationship, your partner would want to take care of you, because you are special to them.

And you misunderstand this nature as signs of a control freak. You start acting self-protective and cold. This will make both of you feel incompatible and eventually you will break up.

5. You consider yourself too perfect to change

Alright then. I understand you want a person to love you for who you are, they should not try to change you as a person, or judge you for your flaws. 

No doubt you are perfect, as you are. But darling, everyone has some scope for improvement. We all do.

If you stay headstrong, and refuse from improving certain habits, you’ll miss out on that compatibility again.

Little personality improvements are an inevitable part of the journey of life. This is how we grow as humans, in life as well as in a relationship.

6. You select wrong people

You meet people, you enjoy some beautiful days of your life, but as soon as you start to feel the magic, they disappear into thin air. Hurts, right?

You are ghosted by them not because you didn’t play your cards, but because you played your cards wrong. The one you picked was not your kind of guy or girl.

According to psychologist Lisa Firestone, people have a tendency to self-sabotage when they are in a defensive phase of life.

They go on selecting inferior or less ideal partners for themselves. This way, you won’t find the right person.

7. You don’t have the eye for catching interested candidates

Probably, there are tons of men or women hitting on you, but you don’t realize!

You need to have an eye for recognizing people who are flirting with you, or who are genuinely interested in you.

Not everything is to be said out aloud. Their body language and actions show a great deal. So, observe their body language and look for signs that show their interest.

8. You underestimate those who approach you

Not all who approach you are creeps. Kindly ditch the idea to be with someone superior or ideal.

You should fall in love with someone who seeks you. Such people will always respect you and keep your needs above their own. Just like you would have done for someone you loved.

9. You reach out to emotionally unavailable people

You go on great dates and dinners, but when the commitment comes calling, they just run away. Again, why did this happen?

Because, these people are emotionally unavailable to actually commit to a relationship.

They can enjoy casual and undefined relationships but they cannot take the risk of committing and handling the emotional struggle. They want a relationship but also don’t want it. Weird, right?

10. You worry too much about the ‘lasting’

As soon as you have started with the relationship, you start thinking more and more about its doom day. 

Do you think this kind of negative energy will make it last longer? Even if the relationship wasn’t supposed to end this early, it will because you radiated pessimistic energy into it.

The rules are simple, if you are optimistic, you act positively. If you are pessimistic, you act negatively.

So, you think negatively, and you act vulnerable. And alas… the relationship expires even before destiny’s timeline. Plus, you get validation:  see, even this didn’t last!

11. You do tit-for-tat

Both of you had a fight, but now when they come to apologize or try to make a conversation, you don’t talk to them.

They ask you: What’s Wrong? You say: Nothing! But you don’t talk to them either.

Do you think this is going to help you make your relationship last? Trust me, it’s just a cheap way of taking revenge.

This will do more harm than good. Instead, talk about how you’re feeling. Let them know that you are deeply hurt. And by chance, they will make up for their mistake even better.

12. You are greedy

Do you think you would be able to satisfy a greedy man or woman on earth? No matter how much love you shower them with, they are simply never satisfied and content.

Similarly, if you remain a greedy partner, then your date will not be able to satisfy your requirements.

Your expectations are too unrealistic to be fulfilled by your partner. Most importantly it makes you look so demanding… and you don’t want that.

13. You act like a needy person

Would you want to be with someone who can’t stand on your own two feet? Maybe yes, but mostly no.

Everybody is not so empathetic, that will understand your distressed situation and help you deal with it.

Falling in love with a needy person may not give them happiness. Seems like: baby feeding the partner. Don’t keep begging them to call you and make real love to you.

14. You don’t value yourself

This point is the advanced version of the previous one. Have you ever thought about why you keep begging your partner? Or for that matter, even your friends?

This is basically because you don’t value your own individuality. You should have no extreme opinion about yourself – neither perfect, nor imperfect.

Understand that you’re absolutely sufficient and complete… You don’t need external support to evaluate and validate yourself.

Your partner should be grateful for having you in their life.

15. You overthink

You start thinking so much about your dating life that the relationship becomes forced and unnatural. Go with the flow, and enjoy the moment, don’t pressurize yourself.

Overthinking will keep you mentally absent from the moment. So how do you expect the relationship to work?

16. You don’t know what’s required in a relationship

If you think ‘love’ is enough to fulfill your relationship then sweetheart, you are literally living in a romantic movie of your own.

Relationships are dependent on many factors including trust, respect, care, honesty, commitment, and several others. These emotions are different from feelings of love. 

Merely love cannot provide you with the commitment and determination that is required to sustain a relationship. 

Before you commit, know that the relationship is going to require some non-negotiable aspects to be fulfilled. 

17. You think you have grown old

You will come across hundreds of stories that narrate beautiful incidents where an old man or woman found their partner… so, why wouldn’t you?

The age bar has seriously discouraged a lot of people from finding potential love. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

With age, you gain wisdom. Who knows, people who are half your age might be just the perfect catch… 😉

Your potential partner might be older or younger to you. But that doesn’t change the love equation between you two, does it?

18. You don’t give it a try, anymore

Things didn’t work because they were not meant to work. Did anyone tell you that you are never going to find love for the rest of your life? Of course not!

Don’t sit at home cursing your love life. And if you’re just too lazy to get out there, try online dating or dating apps. Why do you think Tinder or Bumble exist?

But, it’s a request, please don’t go on a date with negative expectations like: It Won’t Work!  Because, your partner would definitely sense it, and the end is gonna be no different, yet again!

19. You don’t see anything beyond sex

True love extends beyond sex. In fact, this is what separates love from lust. If you have sex on your mind, then your partner is going to sense it immediately.

You’re destroying it before it even starts. Nobody wants to be a sex toy, rather they want to be loved and cherished emotionally. So, try finding love only when you desire the same.

20. You are bad at listening

You are the one who does all the talking, then it straight away means that you are a poor listener.

Remember you need to make them feel special, let them do the talking, let them be the star of the show… Never step in between when they are talking.

Nobody wants to be with a person who doesn’t let them speak. We want to be heard and understood. Don’t you?

21. You see love as a solution to all your life problems

It’s certainly not! Love works way more mysterious than your eyes are capable of watching. Yes, it’s an incredible feeling, but it has got some flip sides too.

Who knows if your partner is going to be your happily ever after? Even if they are, they are not here to solve your problems. They have their own struggles to deal with.

A partner is supposed to support you while you struggle, not take your place in it. Like it or not, you have to face it while being headstrong.

22. You have a list of desired qualities

Alright, so basically, you have enlisted all the things that you demand in a relationship. But do you realize that using these filters will narrow your chances of finding love?

You cannot choose when and whom you’ll fall in love with. It just happens. No matter how many lists you prepare, you can fall in love with a man who is completely opposite to what you want.

Instead of drafting lists, kindly stay grounded and wait for the right person to walk in.

23. You look messed up

If you are the one who’s always late to meetups, look shabby and unclean, grooming is not your cup of tea. 

If your vehicle runs short on fuel each time you are on a ride with your partner, pal you seriously need to buckle up (if you know what I mean 😉).

Your partner can’t babysit you.

Indulge in self-care, and get yourself back on track. Follow a routine and give up the messy living pattern. No one wants to purposely get into a mess.

They might like it in the first couple of days, but eventually they are going to get tired of you and leave you deserted.

23. You reach the same places and people

You’ve always chosen the wrong people or the wrong social circle. You fall for the same type of people every time and the relationship obviously doesn’t work out.

You need to try your hands on a different type. It’s time to play your cards wisely and understand that the particular type of prospects is not working for you. Switch your approach.

25. You are bad at reading minds

If you are bad at analyzing whatever is going on in their head, it is natural for you to get deceived. Look into their eyes and try to read their minds.

Maybe you need to take a dive into their subconscious state of mind. You need to know what your partner expects from you. 

The same goes for your partner. Without this kind of understanding, the dates are not “dates” but just wasteful attempts.

These are the possible reasons you might have not found love yet. But that’s just one side of the story.

There’s definitely a part of you that must be loved truly and unconditionally.

Let me tell you how…

15 Reasons to Feel Hopeful when you’re asking “Will I ever find Love?”

When there can be reasons that you are not finding love, there are also reasons that will reassure you all the times when you ask: will I ever find love?

Without much talking, let’s straight away hit the hopeful reasons!

1. You can move on

It’s time to get over your past, buddy. Trust me, you can do that. You just need to learn to walk away when it’s required.

Stop sobbing over the same story. Instead indulge in self-pamper routines and get out of the ex-zone. 

Unless you walk away from the previous one, you won’t be able to give yourself a second chance.

2. Now you know what works for you

The fact that things didn’t work out then also has a positive side to it. Now you know what you want from a long-term relationship.

Or, LET’S put it this way: now you know what you don’t want from a relationship. You have more clarity about what you want in your partner.

3. No drama, this time

The fact that you have been turned down a couple of times or you have been rejected typically shows that there is no need for the added drama.

Either you are compatible with someone or you are not. Either you’re loved or not.

Your life isn’t a fairy tale where things work out with the first person you lay your eyes upon.

This time, keep it clear and quick. If you don’t see the potential, why waste your time and also theirs?

4. You’re working on your personal growth

Every day is bringing in a new set of opportunities for you to evolve from what you were. As a human being, you are becoming a better person every day.

You’re learning from your past, and becoming a wonderful human. Who doesn’t want to be with a good person? And eventually, this increases your chances for finding the love of your life.

5. You can explore

Being a single person always brings you an advantage of living your life on your terms. You have all the freedom in the world to explore.

Meet new people, make new friends, build more connections, and you are certainly going to find someone who is made for you.

6. You can try different kinds of love

The fact that you are not committed, also gives you an opportunity to try out various tastes in relationships. There’s romantic love, physical love, emotional love, unconditional love, and selfish love.

The varieties teach you about each and every aspect of the feeling, and develop a deeper insight. You can make wiser decisions for yourself and choose the type of love you enjoy the most.

7. You are more confident

Living single means being dependent on oneself.

You know how to take your life forward, you know how to be your own support system when there is no external help. And all of this makes you stronger as a person.

The added confidence can attract people towards you in no time.

8. Physical appearance is not a barrier

No matter how well you preserve your body, it is not going to last forever. But if you have found true love, your children and grandchildren will not let your love story die. 

True love doesn’t rest on physical appearance.

Even if you are not physically attractive, just know that appearance is no barrier to achieving platonic love.

If someone loves you, they will love you for the person you are, and the same goes for you.

9. Your Fear will motivate you

The fear that you’ll never find love is your new motivation. You have a chance to defeat this fear by embracing the positive, and greener side of the grass.

Look at this fear not as a fear but a motivator. And you’ll be ready to do all that’s required to find love.

The fear is going to push you to find your love faster, than it would otherwise have been.

10. Rejections make you stronger

Not even a hundred rejections should affect you. Think about it this way: what would you do if you were rejected in a couple of interviews? Would you sit without a job throughout your life?

Of course, not. You would have prepared yourself once again and given yourself another chance. That’s what you should do in your love life as well. 

You aren’t mentally prepared for rejections, but you don’t stop from giving it a try.

11. You learn to trust

You slowly overcome the phase of “I can’t trust anymore!” Gradually you will realize that this is life, and things happen.

You get hurt, your trust fades, but eventually things get better. That’s just how it is.

But that shouldn’t stop you from trusting someone. Even if your partner broke your trust, you won’t stop making friends. All you do is take time, and invest your trust wisely.

12. If they are yours, they’ll eventually find you

If they are yours, they are certainly going to find you. No need to panic and rush. The rush is simply not worth it. What’s written in the stars has to be trusted for a reason.

The search for love should be a delightful journey where you are enjoying every step. It shouldn’t be a chase where you are under constant pressure to find someone for you.

13. They are also looking for you

Just know that the one you are searching for is searching for you too. They are trying equally. Do you think you should lose hope?

Till the time they find you, why don’t you just focus on your life and live it! Besides, keep exploring for the opportunities, without pressurizing yourself or being too harsh on yourself.

14. The best is yet to come

You may have seen the worst in your life, but you should still be prepared for the worse.

Similarly, you must have seen some real good moments of your life, but you should still wait for the best to come. 

Good things come to those who wait! If it has already been a long time, then your chances for meeting true love are closer.

Buddy, the best is on its way to you!

15. Your relationship with yourself has grown stronger

In these single years, you have taken the time to understand yourself, you know what you need, your goals and missions are all clear.

You are in a state where you will take fair and justified decisions for yourself.

You know how to take care of yourself. And most importantly, you love yourself. All this shows that you are an independent person, and people love tying a knot with such a complete person.

Because until you love yourself, you can’t love others.

Weren’t these some great reasons to hold onto the hope of finding love?

I am sure, neither age, nor physical appearance would discourage you anymore. But you can’t sit back and wait, right? You need to do something to find love.

20 ways on how to find love (Finding Love)

To receive love is not as tricky as it seems. You just have to understand some basic principles behind the idea of love.

Here are 20 ways on how you can find love, all by yourself. Give it a try!

1. Be the best version of yourself

First thing that you need to understand is: to meet the right person must be the secondary factor of your life.

You have to first work on yourself, and be focused on what you are passionate about. Don’t give up on that sense of humor. Don’t become a sad moron.

Finding love shouldn’t be your only aim. Focus on how you can achieve a better personality.

The right person will love you for loving yourself and be there by your side to help you achieve all your dreams.

2. Education is important, VERY important

Education is the key to success. Who isn’t aware of this fact? Education helps a person achieve their higher self.

Education increases your chances of finding the right partner for yourself because you have upgraded your analytical skills.

Your expectations are slightly raised above the bars. Only those who satisfy these expectations, catch your eye.

3. Try new adventures

When you participate in new activities with other partners, you know a lot about them. Plus, such activities keep you busy.

You can also see how the person helps you through all the hurdles and how they respond to your advice.

A person who can gracefully admit their mistakes will never backstab you. So just go on a solo trip, and who knows if you will return with a partner?

4. Grab every opportunity

If you think that you can find love very easily, then you can’t be more mistaken (though, it may happen in rare cases).

You need to have an outgoing personality and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Who knows if the one you are looking for is right next to you buying your favorite croissant in that same bakery?

You have a moment of eye contact, and you feel a connection. Go and stir up a conversation because you may not find this person again.

5. Try Love Networks

There’s this person who has all the qualities that you are looking for but you don’t find them to be the one.

But you also don’t want to lose them.

If you are facing this kind of dilemma, you can instead find someone close to the person. Look into their friend circle. You may find the perfect match there…

6. Learn to express

No one is asking you to propose on your knees. I am not asking you to not do it, but it should not be a compulsion.

Over the top gestures and PDA are one thing. But before you get to that, you have to make sure your partner knows how you feel. So, learn to express yourself.

And if you can’t, then take help from your friends.

Have you heard how Prince Harry got to meet Meghan Markle, and thought that, why can’t someone be a cupid for you?

Then go and ask your mutual friends to set up a “coincidental” meet for the both of you.

7. Be natural

Why do you need filters to attract someone? 

You are naturally gifted and beautiful in the way you are. The right person will want the rawness inside you, not the one they see on social media.

Your best accessory is your smile. It can alone add a breeze of happiness in your picture. Embrace your flaws. Your confidence will automatically draw the right person towards you.

8. Stop being creepy

Yes, stop acting like a weirdo by sending messages to every man or woman you find on the app. That is not what a potential partner would want from you.

Have some decency and righteousness in your behavior. Text the person who you think may possess the qualities you desire.

You can’t have everyone, so, save your time and effort for that one person.

9. Ditch the fear of missing out

FOMO can make you spend extra hours on the screen, desperate to find a match. It may start to seem like a regular job where you’re not even getting paid but working tirelessly for finding a match.

Break such monotony or it will drive you crazy and affect your mental health. Keep patience and wait for your perfect match.

So, what if you don’t get any one? Is this the only aim of your life? No!

10. Priorities Matter

Clarity is really important in life or else you may feel like “in love” with everyone that you lay your eyes on.

You have to prioritize what you are really looking for in a person, the qualities or the values. That way you save your effort in finding the right person.

But, at the same time don’t become too rigid with these priorities and strike a balance.

11. Be mysterious

Yes, it is necessary to share everything to build trust. Make sure to do it for the right person. But pour your heart out only when you see the right time.

Not everyone deserves to know every chapter of your story.

Building boundaries and respecting others is necessary in a relationship. So, don’t give away everything from your story…. Let it unfold naturally.

12. Have clarity in your expectations

It’s good and essential to communicate about your expectations with your prospect. If someone likes you the way you are, and makes an effort to live upto your expectations, what can be more opportunistic and fortunate than this?

You have to communicate for things to work out. The right one will not judge you for your flaws and make you look at yourself from their perspective. Don’t be shocked if you seem perfect from it!

13. Have a vision out of your ‘expectations list’

Yes, it’s okay to have a list of expectations of your dream partner. But you should also know how to go on with the flow, or else you will miss out on the right person, yet again.

Imperfection is an unmissable part of life that doesn’t define who you are. It’s your vision and perspective about life that does.

Your partner is much more than just flaws. Look beyond them to discover who they truly are!

14. Don’t go on investing

A relationship works both ways. It’s about mutual understanding, trust and effort. You can’t help it sustain if you’re putting efforts alone. If you are investing, you need returns too.

Remember, you are not in this alone and you should expect equal efforts, if not more. But, if time and again, they fail to play their part… Well, they’re definitely not the one.

15. Stop self-sabotaging

It is natural if you are always self-conscious, and think that no one can love you. This is the first barrier that you need to overcome. Stop self-sabotaging.

Curate, create, and own your identity. If you are not confident enough, then you can’t achieve anything. You will only have regret by your side. 

Remember no one can make you feel inferior in this world except you. So, get up, keep your chin high and you will find a new perspective of love, and also love soon enough.

16. Draft a first-date plan

Has it been a long time since you dated anyone? Well then make it more fun and unforgettable. You are aware of how important first impressions are.

So have a plan ready so that you don’t miss out on things. It also prevents you from running out of ideas and topics, so you don’t have regrets later on.

17. Walk on your path slowly

You do not start shooting all of your queries on the very first day of the meeting. You have to walk slowly. Take time and give time if you’re serious about this relationship.

Indulge in some couple activities, this way you both will be able to know each other well. Learn about their hobbies and interests. Participate with them.

18. Talk less, Listen more

A good listener… this is what most people expect from their partner and don’t get. So, don’t repeat the same mistake.

Listening to them will give you an insight into their personality. This way, you can also be double sure about your decision.

19. Come out of your comfort zone

I’m not asking you to live an uncomfortable life to achieve romantic love. But just stop being stubborn.

It is always both ways. If you want to be comforted by them, then you need to comfort them too. Don’t always think of your comfort and your benefits; don’t be selfish.

Show interest in what they like. That might require you to struggle a bit with your comfort level, but then you that’s what love is all about.

20. If not the first, make the second one the best

The first dates don’t go as planned each time. There is always something that doesn’t go the way you wanted it to. But there’s always a chance to reclaim.

Redeem yourself on that second date. Some people need time to open up, and once they feel comfortable around you, there is no going back. 

You will find that the person who was so shy in the first meeting is actually the craziest person you have come across.

And above all, don’t stop giving yourself a chance. With experience, you will learn something new. Preserve the lessons, and keep improving… and never lose out on faith.  

Are you eager to know when you will find love? Curiosity is of course welcome…. And here’s the answer!

When will I find love?

The right answer to this is that there is no right answer. There’s no “exact” time to when you are going to find love.

But I can definitely give you the conditions that would signal the onset of your love life.

You can say that you have found your love, when someone looks after your needs more than their own, and is supportive through all the dark phases of your life.

When they don’t have a particular reason to love you, but they just love you for who you are.

Your true love will make you smile even when you are in the worst imaginable situation. They’ll make you feel beautiful even when you look shabby and untidy.

But all this takes time.

You can’t expect to go on a date in a shabby dress and make someone fall in love with you. Only when they are totally in love with you, will they be able to accept you for who you are.

You don’t find love on the first try. No matter how strongly you feel that you are in love at first sight and your first date is your first love… blah blah blah… all this is too dreamy to actually happen.

Welcome to the real-world honey. True love, and healthy relationships take time to build. You have to invest some genuine efforts and attempts before you actually find a potential partner for yourself.

But to answer your question more closely, I have a quiz ready here. Attempt the quiz to calculate your probability of finding love! Hurry!

Will I ever find love quiz

True love does not depend on materialistic conditions. But there are certain non-negotiable aspects that have to be met in each and every relationship.

This quiz tests you on those aspects and lets you know about your probability of finding love.

1. Do you think you’ve crossed the age to find love?

A. No.

B. Not really sure.

C. Yes.

2. Have you set extremely high standards for your partner?

A. No.

B. Maybe.

C. Yes.

3. Do you mind making slight compromises?

A. No.

B. Slight adjustments only.

C. Yes. I mind.

4. Are you ready to improve as a person?

A. Yes. Absolutely.

B. I don’t know. Maybe, yes.

C. I’m already perfect.

5. Do you need all their time?

A. No. Just some quality time.

B. Yes, if they’re free.

C. Yes. Even if they’re busy.

6. Will you let them have their space?

A. Yes.

B. I will try.

C. Why do they need a separate space?

7. Do you take care of yourself?

A. Yes.

B. I try.

C. No.

8. Do you think finding a partner will solve the issues of your life?

A. No.

B. Maybe.

C. Yes.

9. Are you a good listener when it comes to communicating?

A. Yes.

B. I try to listen.

C. No.

10. Are you enthusiastic in nature?

A. Yes.

B. Not really.

C. No.

11. Are you willing to give your love life endless tries?

A. Yes.

B. Maybe.

C. No.

12. Do you know what you want from a relationship?

A. Yes.

B. I don’t know.

C. No.

13. Do you love yourself?

A. Yes.

B. Maybe

C. No.

14. Do you take things too fast?

A. No.

B. I try to be patient.

C. Yes.

15. Is a relationship all about sex, for you?

A. No.

B. Not really.

C. Yes.

16. Will you share their hobbies and interests?

A. Yes.

B. Only if I like it.

C. No.

17. Are you good at expressing your emotions?

A. Yes.

B. Sometimes.

C. No.

18. Have you been consistently making wrong choices in your life?

A. No.

B. Mostly.

C. Yes.

19. Do you have a list of qualities that you want in your partner?

A. No.

B. To a certain limit, yes.

C. Yes.

20. Is physical appearance more important for you?

A. No.

B. To some extent, yes.

C. Yes.

If you mostly answered A

If your answer is mostly A, then there’s good news for you… congratulations, you have 100% chances of finding love!

Nobody can really tell when, but you are certainly going to find the love of your life.

You show great compatibility as a partner, and you meet some of the most important criteria that a potential lover should have.

If you mostly answered B

If you have mostly answered B, you have fair chances at finding love, but it is going to take time. You need to make clear decisions and choices in life. It’s not going to happen overnight, and so is love.

The fact that you are midway, means that you have a lot of positive chances of meeting your love. The glass is half full!

So, take your time, understand what you want, steer clear your head of all the confusion, make neat choices, and you will certainly find your true love.

If you mostly answered C

If you have mostly chosen C, then finding love is going to be challenging for you. As an individual you have complicated choices and it is difficult for you to find a compatible partner.

But nothing’s for certain. I’m neither an astrologer, nor a palm reader. I cannot foresee your future. But I can definitely suggest you loosen up a bit. 

Try to be a good human, more adaptable and adjustable. And who knows, if tomorrow you come up and say, I found my love!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Relationships and love are definitely important but they are not the whole agenda of your living. You can try talking to relationship experts to seek some relationship advice if your attempts are constantly failing.

But in the process, never lose hope. You never know when the stars above you are gonna align and you’ll meet your “forever and always.”

Apart from romantic love between lovers, there are so many types of love available around you… Your parents, your friends, God, everybody loves you.

Visit an orphan house, and see how much love you can shower on children who don’t even know you.

So, till the time you find your romantic love, why don’t you nourish yourself with the other forms of love around you?

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