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35 Personal And Intimate Things To Talk About In A Relationship

35 Personal And Intimate Things To Talk About In A Relationship

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

35 Personal And Intimate Things To Talk About In A Relationship

You need to know about some things to talk about in a relationship, especially if you want some conversation-starters with your partner. 

Well, first things first: There is no reason to stress about it. Otherwise, your mind will seriously go blank, even if you know what to talk about. 

This is your life partner, not an interviewer who’d judge you for how you speak. 

So, read on to find everything you need to start with…

35 Things To Talk About In A Relationship

In new relationships, partners often hesitate to talk their hearts out. After all, they don’t want to overwhelm each other. In that case, stick to the safer light topics like movies and songs. 

But if it’s a long-term relationship, it’s high time you move on to deeper and heavier topics like marriage, children, and future goals.

Scroll below to find all sorts of topics that will help you decide…

1. Your feelings

Check in on your partner’s mood these days. See if they are tired from working or feeling quite fine. This is a good topic that you can talk about from time to time to stay in the know about your partner’s mental health.

2. Your day

Most people are not lucky enough to spend their entire day together. So you must have some things that you’ve experienced alone, so talk about these.

3. Your future hopes and expectations

Talk about your expectations for the future with your partner. Check if they are ready to meet your expectations or if you need to tone it down. To make your relationship work and reduce disappointments and resentment, this one is a must-do.

4. Your personal finance

This is a heavy topic, so don’t bring it up all the time. But, it is an important part of life. So, you need to have a conversation about money if you are planning to build a life together.

5. New hobbies to explore

Discuss new activities that you can explore in your locality. It’ll help you spend time together having fun and learning something.

6. Personal hobbies

You must have something you like to do in your free time that your partner does not participate in. It can be a sport you’re a pro in or a language you’re learning. Talk to them about these things that make you excited.

7. Inside jokes 

Inside jokes are a special treat for a couple. Suppose you’re in a group, and something absolutely innocent made both of you burst out laughing. You can talk about it afterward at home.

8. Funny moments of your life

Share the funny things that have happened in your childhood with your partner. Both of you can have a great laugh about these and bond better.

9. The good ‘ole times

If this is a long-term relationship, then you have a lot of history together that makes you nostalgic. Share this feeling with them by discussing the good times you have spent together.

10. Stories from your childhood

Your childhood is a treasury of stories that are both good and bad. You can exchange these stories with each other over a cup of coffee on a lazy evening.

11. Self-care routines

Discuss and create self-care routines like exercising, skin care, and, likewise, together. You can follow along later and measure your development over the month.

12. Your achievements and effort

Your partner will love to hear about the things you have achieved in life. After all, they want to see you succeed. So, tell them about your wins and the hard work that you had to put in to get these with them.

13. Your personal dreams and goals

You should share your own dreams about life and the goals you have set for yourself with your other half from time to time. This is also crucial for your relationship, as your goals should be aligned to some extent for your relationship to last.

14. Favors you can do for the other

Ask them whether you can do something to help them. For instance, you can pack their lunch for a week or give them a massage sometimes. When you show each other your love like this, it will deepen your bond.

15. Favorite food

Everyone should know what their better half likes to eat, but these things change. So keep them in the loop about what you’ve found absolutely delicious this month.

16. New movies/series to watch

A great idea is to update your watchlist so that you have just the thing for random at-home dates. You can spontaneously sit down on Friday nights to binge-watch something together with a bucket of popcorn.

17. Exclusive friends

Are all your friends mutual?

You must have good friends from different circles who your partner hasn’t met yet. So talk to them about these friends and what they are like.

18. New travel destinations

Have some fun browsing through the internet to find new exotic places to vacation. Even if it is a weekend trip, a little staycation together will help you relax.

19. New ways to vacation

It can become quite a challenge to keep things interesting on a vacation when you’ve been traveling all the time. So, brainstorm together about how to plan your next trip so that you can have the most fun.

20. Compliments that they deserve

You should appreciate the things your partner has done for you with little compliments. Encourage them by saying things like, “The breakfast today was so good,” or “That outfit you wore last night was so hot.” 

21. Work, work, work

Work is always something that has some story each day. Be it a tough project or a nosy colleague, you can tell your partner whatever you are allowed to share. 

22. Your secrets

Everyone keeps some secrets from their partners in the early days of the relationship. But you eventually see it was a silly thing to hide. 

So if you have something funny to share, like you hid their underwear once, or so on, this can be a great topic for conversation.

23. Things you want to try in bed

Your sex life can get spicier if you try new things. So research together and discuss what your deepest, darkest desire is for the bedroom. 

24. Things you’d like to change in bed

A good sex life needs regular communication. So, ask your partner if they are fine with things or want to change up your routine. They might want you to do something differently.

25. Your general health

A conversation about health, both mental and physical, is necessary between couples. You can talk about how they were doing when they had their last health check-up and so on. Try to know if you can help alleviate their health issues somehow.

26. Advice for each other

You know your partner the best. And like any individual, neither of you is perfect. So, offer some advice on things they aren’t good at or that are bothering them. 

Help them figure out their daily life or anything that requires soft skills.

27. Exchange opinions

Ask for their opinion on some creative piece you have made or a recent decision. Then, offer your take on something of theirs as well.

You can get some new ideas on these things as well when you talk to your partner about them.

28. Pop news

Popular media, songs, movies, and celebrities are light conversation topics that you can choose. These do not hold much meaning, but they will help you fill up some time and give you a change from difficult topics. You also learn to know about each other’s tastes.

29. Politics

Politics is a good topic as it will keep you updated with current affairs and help you know each other’s views on things. 

But if you have vastly different political opinions, you might be stepping into a bad space with this one. Be careful, as things can get very heated if you don’t have similar views.

30. Happy memories tinged with sadness

Everyone has bittersweet memories of past regrets or people they miss.

Talk about these, even if it’s painful. It’ll turn out into a sweet experience that will bring you both closer.

31. Your shared goals

You might have some shared goals with your partner, like buying a house together in 2030. Or you both may want to move out of the country for better opportunities. Discuss these with them, and make sure you’re still on the same page.

32. Number of children you want [or don’t]

This is an important topic for people who are building lasting relationships. After all, everyone has their own choices about having kids or not.

Talk to your partner about their plans to have children. Ask whether they want any or how many they want. You have to agree on this to prevent future problems.

33. Religious or spiritual beliefs

If you are into spirituality and religion, talk to your partner about why this is important to you. Share how it adds positivity to your life. If your partner does not share your views yet, they might begin to do so when they learn more.

34. Boundaries and your needs

Another serious topic of conversation is one about your personal negotiable and non-negotiable boundaries. It might be that you want to maintain phone privacy, and other things.

You can also talk about the needs that are not being met by your partner currently and how they can help you meet them.

35. Your ‘fight manual’

A ‘fight-manual’ is a set of rules that both of you agree to follow during fights. For instance, “no taking big decisions in anger,” “no holding grudges,” “no raising your voice,” and so on. So, discuss this to make your disagreements smoother.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, these aren’t the only things you can discuss with your partner. Every day, you will find something new about your lover or uncover a new fact about them. You can use all of those to strike up a conversation. 

While you try hard, they will also reciprocate your effort. Try to share as much as you can. Because if you shoot down one answer, things will take an awkward turn. 

Remember, you’re in love, and you can be yourself with each other.  So be honest and open up. Let your words make you grow closer and stay together for all of eternity!

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