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How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 50 Amazing Ways to Make Him Love You Even More

How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 50 Amazing Ways to Make Him Love You Even More

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How To Be a Good Girlfriend - 50 Amazing Ways To Make Him Love You

How to be a good girlfriend?

Take lessons from Pepper Potts, Iron man’s girlfriend. God knows how she does that magic.

Well, let’s admit it: men cannot resist falling in love with women who know the secret ingredients of love… and on top of that make use of it to cook a healthy long-term relationship.

I am glad that you want to learn it… for your boyfriend. This already makes you ahead in the love game. 😉

… and now that I am at your service.

I will make sure you never. NEVER fail.

But before we dive deep into the ways, here’s a word of caution: In the process of becoming better, don’t lose yourself.

Yes, you must invest some genuine efforts. But girl, don’t be extremely harsh with yourself.

Remember, love is a sublime feeling of freedom. Anything that makes you feel fake, restricted, pretentious, or caged is not worth embracing! 

Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

How To Be a Good Girlfriend - 50 Amazing Ways To Make Him Love You
How To Be a Good Girlfriend – 50 Amazing Ways To Make Him Love You

How to be a Good Girlfriend – 50 Amazing Ways

When you have got this great guy wrapped around your finger… You, of course, want to be the best girlfriend for him. Right?

Well, firstly you need to understand that dating a guy is not just about having fun and being sassy. You have to be considerate of his sentiments and emotions.

Now, standing out of the crowd does need much. You just need to be more expressive. Try to pay attention to the needs of your boyfriend… but do not strive too hard to change yourself as a person. If he really loves you, he will accept you the way you are.

But there’s no harm in being better, right?

1. Don’t rush it!

Do not run after the tag of girlfriend-boyfriend too soon. Let him accept your relationship first. Your relationship does not need to be labeled.

The more you force yourself on him, the sooner you might lose him. Instead, let him seek you and your companion… and have faith.

If both of you are serious about this relationship, it will sail through all the hardships that come your way.

All you need to do is give him some time and space.

2. Be the real you.

Your guy chose you out of millions and billions of people in the universe because he knows he wouldn’t be able to find another you in this world.

In fact, only you can be the best version of yourself. No one else!

So, if you invest your all to pretend to be someone else, the “you” in you will be lost…. And remember, that’s what made him fall for you in the first place. Now tell me, would you want that?

Plus, eventually, you will feel tired of pretending. So, instead of who you are and slowly and steadily progressing towards becoming the best version of YOU.

3. He deserves some space.

Girls, we all are investing in relationships, and there is no use in becoming impatient about it. I know you are curious about the response and replies. But you need to exercise some amount of patience.

Giving him his required space is a part of your responsibility in the relationship. You should not refuse him that comfort.

Just because he has taken some time for himself does not imply that he is not in love with you. Trust your relationship and feelings… and allow him some time to spend alone.  

4. Do not dismiss his hobbies.

Girls absolutely despise boys who do not take their interests seriously. But why is it always expected of boys to show interest in whatever their girlfriends like to do?

Remember, as a partner, you must not ignore the interests and hobbies of your boyfriend.  Sometimes, you should go to the movies instead of dinner… or choose to ride a bike and ditch the car… because he likes it.

Sometimes, you should listen to Western music because he is fond of it. Spending good time now is going to brew good memories for tomorrow!

5. Let him be a priority.                                

You might have some plans with your girlfriends. But, why would you isolate him?

Instead, introduce him to your friends. Start with a general conversation so that he does not feel left out.

Make him a priority at the party… at least until he feels comfortable. Ask him to accompany you to your dance classes, gym, or even night walks.

Long story short, give him undivided attention. so that he can find space in all aspects of your life and slowly be indispensable.  

6. Listen.

From my personal experience, I can assure you, guys also have a lot to talk about… but only if you let him.

I have not been a good girlfriend when it comes to this and I deeply regret it. But I showed the best improvement ever since I realized that he needs to pour his heart out as well.  

I know it is exciting and wonderful to talk about yourself. But remember communication needs two people in it…

Give your boyfriend the desired time to feel comfortable and open up about his feelings, blessings, and problems.

Girl, keep all your doors open and see how he will always find his way back to you.  

7. Be his support in tough times.

Being a girlfriend is not only about sharing exciting and crazy love moments with your boyfriend… It is also about tough and complicated moments.

It is not just about sharing the same cup of coffee… It is also about sharing the same bed on his sick days.

Make an effort to support your partner when life hits him. Be his cheerleader.

Healthy relationships can survive the uprooting storms of time. True love grows in the daily chores and not in the chaos of excitement.

I know you might not be willing to make all these adjustments in one go. Take your time honey, you’re not competing.

But until then, keep scrolling through the tips because you definitely want to know how to be a better girlfriend and make him love you more! Right?

How to be a Better Girlfriend and make him love you more

You might say that you are already a good girlfriend and your sweetheart loves you madly.

Well, did you know that guys are naturally attracted to girls who are striving to make improvements if the situation demands… that’s because it’s rarely found in girls.

If you just can’t get enough of his love and want more… let him know that you are ready to make positive advances to make him feel better.

…and then see the magic.

8. Do not be jealous.

Girl, your boyfriend is a human… just like you

He also has a personal life…. Just like you

He also has some more female friends… like you have some male friends. Then what is there to be jealous about?

Remember, some jealousy is fine, it makes him feel cherished. But if you try to cross the line and pick arguments on it… it will ultimately put him off.

So, if you see him hanging out with his friends, do not bother him with your texts every now and then.

Let him enjoy his time. Talk to his friends nicely. That way, he will never stop loving you. You have my word!

9. Be his friend first.

As a girlfriend, you must be the closest to him.

But girlfriends are not for romance and date nights… You can also be his friend.

Remember, society is not as compassionate towards men as they are towards women. So, if you want your boyfriend to love more… be his best friend.

You can be his advisor, a well-wisher, and most importantly, a friend who can accompany him through all the day-to-day challenges.

That just makes so much of a difference, you know!

10. Be a team.

You may have conflicts and disagreements. But at the end of the day, it’s the both of you… for each other.  

Don’t be selfish and centered around your own needs. Be compassionate and empathetic… give your boyfriend valuable advice that builds him up, not arguments that pulls him down.

Make sure that you do not leave him unaccompanied when he needs a partner in this journey called life.

11. Compliment him.

It’s okay to expect good behavior and romantic gestures from your partner, but not appreciating this “goodness” is definitely unacceptable.

Chill, I am not here to bash you on this!

What I mean is, you need to compliment your sweetheart more often.  

It definitely takes him some genuine efforts and sincerity to live up to your expectations in the relationship.

In return, you at least need to assure him that he is truly making your life beautiful. You should praise all the positive things about him… be it his looks or his deeds.

12. Criticize less.

I am not asking you to be dishonest about your opinion. All I want for you is to be mindful while expressing your views to your boo.

Passing harsh criticisms to your boyfriend might seem an honest and courageous deed to you.

But it hurts, darling. Trust me, it does.

Until your boyfriend does something really crazy and wrong, do not criticize him. Even if you have to point out his flaws, be very positive in your approach.

Do not complain, rant or nag. Ask your boyfriend to make slow improvements politely.

13. You need to compromise too.

It is not just about being a good girlfriend. Whether you are a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, or a girlfriend, human nature has to be facilitated with the art of compromising whenever the need arises.

Small compromises in pressing situations will make both of your lives easier.

If you both are having a heating argument, pause, take a breath, and try to have a calm and rational discussion. You should respect the perspective of your partner.

Do not get mad at him if things don’t work out according to you. Instead of just focusing on your own needs, you should try to encircle their needs as well.

14. Do you show him enough love and affection?

Look, I know you love it when your man turns to you, grabs your waist, and plants a kiss on your forehead just out of the blue.

But do you think he doesn’t need the same treatment only because he is a MAN? That is so unfair!

Love and affection need not have gender-oriented grounds. Showing care towards your boyfriend is crucial!

I remember the happiest smile that I ever caught on his face was when I first held his hand in public. It is definitely not a big deal, but he felt so happy!

Guys, too, deserve some PDA moments and thoughtful gifts.

Now that you have taken action to transform yourself from a good girlfriend to a better girlfriend… you’re already a great girlfriend…

But what if is behaving strangely lately… and you feel disconnected.

Don’t worry, darl!

The next set of tips will help you rekindle the spark and make him fall in love with you all over again!

How to be a Great Girlfriend and make him fall in love with you all over again

Has your boyfriend been ignoring you for a couple of days now and not paying much attention? These are signs of fading interest in a relationship. Come on, Girl. You need to buckle up now!

If you see your relationship is losing spark, it is natural for you to think about doing everything that can rebuild your love story all over again. However, what you should do is just the opposite.

Before you brush up on your love story, you should fall in love with yourself deeply.

Fascinating and surprising, right? More on this in the 15th tip.

Honestly, with every single tip listed below, you will be able to allure him… just like the first time! So let us roll!

15. Love yourself

Or simply, never, I repeat, NEVER underestimate yourself. Cherish your own personality and love yourself. More than focusing on how the world observes you, be focused on what makes you comfortable.

Nothing should stop you from enjoying your personality and life. Your mental health, emotional well-being, and physical health are equally important.

Invest in yourself and do self-care activities every once in a while. Above all, you should never look down upon your own spirit.

Look at yourself and repeat after me, I am the best!

16. Be Honest to your partner.

To be honest with your partner, you need to be honest with yourself. No matter how vulnerable you feel, do not hesitate to put your feelings into words. Be open and express your emotions honestly.

At the same time, make sure that you do not hurt your partner with your choice of words.

Do not lie to him unless the matter is absolutely serious. Do not give unnecessary fake excuses.

Once you have established a solid clarity in your relationship, half of the things are naturally sorted.

17. Do not crave attention 24 x 7.

Come on! Do not be obsessed with attention. Both of you are individuals.

You have no clue what different things he faces in his everyday life. Of course, the same applies to you.

Thus, it is illogical to seek his attention 24×7. You cannot expect him to have a calm and collected mind all through the day.

It is not possible for him to shower constant love and attention while he is already occupied with other important business.

18. Do not push too hard.

Being a girl myself, I can vouch for one thing: most of us have a tendency to persuade. In the act of persuading too hard, you might end up irritating your partner.

Don’t do that.

If he doesn’t like talking about marriage or children, do not push him further on the topics. Do not try to run ahead of time and force him unnecessarily.

Raising such premature discussions can disturb the course of your relationship. Go easy, girl. Everything will fall in place when the time arrives.

19.  Don’t try to “impress” him… because he already is!

Babe, you are not beautiful because you dress well or look good, but because you feel beautiful inside. Yes, taking good care of your physical and mental health, skin, and body is a part of self-love.

But you should not adopt pretentious activities just to impress him. Never stop being yourself.

Remember, you do not need to prove anything. So, be your natural self and love with all your heart.

Trust me, the right guy will love you for who you really are.

20. If it is your mistake, apologize!

None of us are perfect and mess up every once in a while.

Even if you make mistakes, your partner should have the compassion to lift you up and show you the right way ahead instead of hurting your sentiments.

Learn to say sorry.

Trust me, it’s the golden word,

Put your ego to rest and look at the beautiful side of your relationship. After all, there is no harm in accepting your mistake and being honest about it!

21. Have soulful conversations.

Instead of blabbering about your achievements and discussing shallow matters, why not have deep and soulful discussions?

Engaging in trivial conversations once in a while is alright, but that shouldn’t consume most of your time.

I know not everyone is a pro at expressing their true love feelings in words, but that makes so much of a difference.

Your sweetheart must be able to witness the depth of your love and feel the genuineness of your emotions. 

Now, do you feel like a pro who can manage the relationship? Can you pick it up all over again, even from the worst conditions? Well, you should!

That is what these tips here are meant to do!

Now that you know how to be a good, better, and great girlfriend. It is time to be the best!

How to Be the Best Girlfriend he has EVER had.

Before learning the tips that will help you become the best girlfriend, here is a bit of simple advice: Be the best human first.  

…and you will naturally be the best girlfriend, there is.

Yes, it is as simple as that. 

Besides, you definitely need to adopt some other suggestions listed below. 

Let me remind you again, the improvements should be very organic. No extremes, no push, just a natural upgrade!

Let’s begin!

22. Talk about the insecurities.

As humans, both of you can have some insecurities. Instead of feeling negative about it, one can discuss it with one’s partner.

Whatever the matter or the topic is, if it bothers you, make sure you both have a serious discussion about it.

If you let these problems stay and creep into your life, they will eventually consume you. Instead, it is wise to take control of such negative feelings beforehand.

23. Trust him and your love.

Don’t be a nosy girlfriend. Trust is the core of any long-term relationship. If you want the trust to build and your relationship to grow, you shouldn’t be so interrogative at all times.

I am not saying that you need to have blind trust in him… but give your boyfriend some space so that he does not feel enslaved.

He will gradually start opening up and telling you things he keeps hidden deep within.

24. Be committed.

Even if you feel like you are the most attractive, beautiful, and the best girl he has ever got. Do not make him feel down or undeserving.

Avoid flirting with other guys, and show your man that he’s the one for you.

Be faithful to him and make him believe that you’re trustworthy. A good girlfriend won’t ever break her boyfriend’s trust.

…and why not.

Would you like it if he flirts with other girls? No, right? So then why would you want to do it to him?

25. Accept him as he is.

Do not try fixing his nature and habits. He won’t like it.

Accept him as he is. You can definitely discuss his bad habits or annoying activities, but do not try to change them yourself.

Quit nagging him.

Your work is just to let him know that you dislike a particular activity. Now, changing it pretty much depends on him.

If you keep reminding him of his flaws, then he’s going to feel unaccepted and aloof. Is that how a good girlfriend makes her boyfriend feel?

26. Never take him for granted.

Nothing can be worse than you taking your boyfriend for granted. I have been asking you to praise him, give compliments, appreciate his efforts, and make him feel special. He deserves it all!

I understand that you might not be as expressive as he wants you to be…

But darling, the world is big and those who really love you are just a few! Don’t you think they have the right to feel good about themselves?

27. Do not procrastinate on his needs.

If he asked you to do something for him, do not make him wait longer than expected. Babe, boys have desires too.

On most days, work keeps us busy. It’s hard to fulfill all the minor needs of our loved ones… on time.

But after all, who are we working for? Our loved ones! Right? 

You should not make them wait for too long and procrastinate their demands.

In fact, your boyfriend will be super happy to see you taking his wishes seriously and carrying out the requests actively (even though you keep busy).

28. Fix your issues before going to bed.

This is something I personally swear by.

You should not end the day without solving your issues and problems. If you are genuinely concerned about his feelings, then make sure you talk it out before going to bed.

The longer you stretch an argument, the more difficult it becomes to find a resolve.

At this point, you might be feeling stuffed with advice and suggestions.

But do not keep the other tips for another day. Because you know, the next day is never gonna arrive! Come on, you got to finish it today itself.

It is just 50 easy tips… and even though you may not accept it now, It’s for the best for both of you.

Now that you are the best version of yourself and the best girlfriend, it’s time to keep him knotted to you forever. Let’s do it with the next round of tips!

How to be the Perfect Girlfriend and keep him hooked to you FOREVER

When you are in love, the fear of losing your beloved must be haunting. I can feel you. But do you really need to rely on someone like that?

Darling, do not let this fear take a toll on your mental health. Instead, think constructively. Be your own support first!

It doesn’t matter who stays with you and who does not. What matters is that you do not leave yourself alone. Never give up on yourself.

But guess what… you can do a couple of simple things to tie him to you forever, all while loving yourself.

Do you not believe me? Try it for yourself!

29. Don’t be overprotective.

It is good that you take care of his health and well-being… you should absolutely do it. But do not direct him in all his activities.  

Showering motherly care definitely seems ideal, but not all the time. Your boyfriend is a grown-up.

He knows how to take care of his health… All you can do is watch him from afar while he does that.

Remember, he shouldn’t always feel watched. It is suffocating.

30. Don’t be over Possessive.

You should not go overboard with your possessiveness. If you think your boyfriend is being dishonest, clear your doubts. Talk about it positively, without blaming him for your assumptions.

Do not be clingy. This is just going to create differences and distance between both of you.

He shouldn’t feel caged or restricted in this relationship. Let him fly, my love, he will eventually come back to you.

Most importantly, over possessiveness is not okay for your mental health as well.

31. Behave nicely with his friends.

A good girlfriend will never put him in a spot where he has to choose between her and anyone else, as his friends may. He wouldn’t appreciate this behavior at all.

You need to remember that his friends were there for him all throughout. So, do not ever disrespect or insult his friends.

Instead, try to have a healthy connection with his pals.

…and then go to a party! 😉

They may be irritating at times but, it’s human, isn’t it? Because what if the tables turn – would you want him to turn his back on your girlfriend?

32. Don’t make decisions when you’re upset.

You should not jump to conclusions and decisions when you are not in a peaceful state of mind. Never make important decisions when you’re angry.

Remember, God has been merciful enough to give you a beautiful relationship. Feel the blessing and be grateful for it.

Don’t take decisions that will impact your relationship negatively. Calm your nerves.

33. Don’t miss humor.

Did anyone tell you your relationship has to be deprived of humor? Then here’s a secret: a good sense of humor is a MUST to keep a relationship lively and everlasting.

If you can enchant your sweetheart in some hilarious topics of conversation, nothing like it!

Crack jokes, have fun, and live a happy life. Bland conversations and a dull life will make the journey lifeless and routine-ly.

You’ve got one life, a beautiful relationship, and a worthy man, so just enjoy it!

34. Let him lead the bed!

Somedays should be reserved just for him. Though sex is all about mutual gratification, there’s never an issue if one gets dominated by the other. Guys like being touchy and intimate.

So, try new positions. Indulge in intense role plays or the ones which will make your boyfriend experience all the pleasures of the world.

In short, bring heaven to him in bed. Be more passionate while you’re having sex.

Prepare a surprise date night, wear a sexy dress, an appealing one, be seductive, and, yes, you’re all set for the night to be insane as hell.

35. Sexts work as well!

Energize his day by sending him a quick text like “can’t wait to get my clothes ripped off today.” That’ll make him feel stirred up for the rest of the day.

You can also let him know, through these simple texts, that you find him tempting.

There are other benefits of these sexts as well. Like, your boyfriend may reach home early because he already knows that some “serious fun” is planned for him tonight.

So, these were some super simple but super strong ideas to make your guy fall in love with you… all over again and this time, stronger than ever.  

Next, let’s see how you can be a good girlfriend for your man:

How to be a good girlfriend to your man

Do you think your man expects more from you? Maybe yes, maybe not! But there is no harm in improving, right?

Do not worry. We will not exhaust you with a lengthy list of complex ideas. The ideas are still sweet. But girl, these ideas are the strongest of all!

Reading the suggestions is one thing, but following them definitely requires a certain level of maturity… a stage where you understand the meaning of selfless love.

Sometimes, serving your lover gives you far more happiness than looking after your own requirements.

That’s what’s gonna make your man love you wildly!

Here you go with the tips.

36. Be a lady to your man.

If you want to be a good girlfriend to your man, it’s simple. Be his lady!

You must know how to carry yourself around him and behave like the princess he treats you.

Men love to watch the grace and attitude possessed by a lady. No, I am not asking you to make up your gestures… just be more civilized when you visit his family or friends.

Not just him… it’s gonna make you feel so much better and confident!

37. Don’t judge.

I know girls hate when somebody judges them. Let me tell you that it is not just the case with girls. It is human nature.

None of us like to be judged unfairly. We are all humans, and we look for understanding people around us. Hence, you should keep away from passing harsh judgments.

No matter how strongly you feel the urge to voice your judgment, just do not do it. It is going to hurt your boyfriend. Do you really want to bruise your love?

38. Support his ambition as yours.

A man is strong but women are no less.

If you can support his ambition as yours, trust me, he will feel like the most fortunate person on this planet. He is going to thank your presence in his life.

As a couple, your journeys might be different but the goal remains the same: to grow.

Both of you should be invested in each other’s ambitions… so much so that on bad days, both of you can motivate each other to get up and running.  

But if you can’t, do not step back from sharing the load on the shoulders of your partner.

This is not only going to make you a good girlfriend for your man, but it will also make you a powerful woman.

39. Make him comfortable.

Trust me, men invest a lot of effort to make women feel comfortable around them. It is only then that girls feel safe and secure around a man who was a stranger to them a couple of days ago.

Your man must also feel comfortable enough to reveal his emotions and feelings in front of you, with no curtains in between.

He should feel free to show his vulnerable self. Guys are as protective about their emotions as girls are of their bodies!

40. Bury the past.

Do not trigger discussions on his weaknesses or something from his past every time you both have a fight.

You should not always bring up your past. Neither should you hold onto unpleasant memories unnecessarily. Everyone makes mistakes… It’s a part of our life.

A deed from the past should not impact your present and the coming future. You should focus more on building a stronger bond with him and think of ways you can grow together.

41. Be empathetic for your man.

Your relationship will struggle to survive if you do not show empathy. Empathy is basically the heart of a healthy relationship.

For couples to develop a stronger bond, they require compassion… and lots of it.

So, instead of forcing your thoughts and opinions on him constantly, try listening to him once. He may feel nice.

42. Feed him with your hands.

This is no less than a Magical Mantra that I will reveal here. No man in this world would ever not be able to love a lady who cooks and feeds him with love.

In fact, some experts say that food can raise sensual desire in a man because it involves various gratifying senses.

Food cooked with pure intentions and love works like magic to strengthen the bond between lovers.

It absolutely requires effort… you need to think about his likes and dislikes, tastes, and preferences while cooking his favorite meal.

Girl, he must feel the love and care with every single bite!

Alright then! Next, you have the last and the final list of the best tips waiting for you. And this time, it’s not just going to be about your boyfriend or your man.

The next set of suggestions will lead you to a healthy relationship altogether. Let’s run!

How to be a good girlfriend in a relationship

Being a good girlfriend in a relationship requires balancing the relationship from all sides. The idea does not get limited to the perspective of your boyfriend only.

Here, you have to aim for the bigger picture.

The beauty of a happy and healthy relationship lies in celebrating each other’s presence in life.

Something as small as quoting his inspiration on bad days can have a significant impact on your relationship as a whole.

So, let’s begin with the final list laid down right in front of us.

43. Be kind to his family.

This is one of the most crucial roles you need to play as a girlfriend… be kind and loving to your man’s family, particularly his parents.

It may feel intimidating if you’re meeting with them for the first time.

But don’t worry, parents are not hard to impress, you just need to be a little polite and respectful… and you’ll surely make them think “Oh, what a nice girl!”

Try to indulge in established conversations to bond with them on a deeper level. You can make a homemade dish, bake a cake, or even prepare a handmade card.

Your boyfriend and his parents will definitely be delighted to see you make an effort.

44. How confident are you?

Most men desire a confident woman in their life… the one who has an appealing personality and is full of self-confidence.

And honestly, the charm and glow of a confident woman is different… and echoes right on the face.

The poised must not only reflect in your walk but also in your talk… while making decisions.

Show your man the best of you. And let him learn something from you. Be a woman of a kind – the one he really feels proud of having.

45. Encourage him to become better.

Your duties as a good girlfriend are not just to take care of him or love him. It also includes making him a better person. You need to encourage him to be the best version of himself.

Motivate him to accomplish all his goals and strive harder for his future.

You also need to be an honest guide to him. Help him with ways he can fix his imperfections and blind spots.  

46. Voice your mind.

Feel free to voice your desires, needs, likes, and dislikes to your partner. Let go of the fear of being judged.

Expressing yourself in a relationship is essential as sex… not even kidding!

At the same time, it makes you look more confident. It shows that you can speak up for yourself.

It will make your partner feel trusted, and he will tend to be more loyal. And eventually, he might open up as well.

Most importantly, if you voice your mind, it will force him to take this relationship seriously.

47. Initiate constructive discussions.

Instead of arguing with your boyfriend on small affairs or unproductive matters, initiate constructive discussions.

It can be about the health of his parents, a better regime, or any other productive thought that crosses your mind.

Listen up, Girl. Boys love to be in a relationship with a wise woman…. a woman who has built her to be a wise professional

48. Do not brag.

Boys generally keep their distance from women who are a hoax.

Do not brag about the quality things that you possess in life. You may be wealthier than him, but how does it matter in your relationship?

There is no point in discussing what materialistic riches you possess. All that counts for him is: that you have a pure soul and a loving heart that can love him unconditionally.

49. Don’t be extra demanding.

It feels beautiful if you have someone to look after your demands or requests. However, you should understand what your love is going through before requesting him something extraordinary.

It is crazy to ask for a diamond ring when he is in his early 20s and barely making ends meet!

I am not stopping you from telling your desires to your man. But just try to ascertain the capacity of your sweetheart before poking him for your needs. 

50. Tell him: You’re blessed to have him.

Guys really like hearing affirming words, especially from their girlfriend. So, I do not think it takes much to reveal to your man how blessed you are to have him.

Tell him how lucky you feel to be with him or how comfortable he makes you with his presence. This is going to inspire him to be a better man for you.

Let him feel like a benchmark of your choice!

However, don’t overpraise. Keep it occasional but from the heart. Appreciate his little efforts and, I am telling you he is really going to feel cherished and loved.

That completes the list of 50 best tips to be a good girlfriend!

However, there is one more thing that I want to share – There is nothing wrong with the idea of improving yourself and being a better girlfriend for your man.

But never get overwhelmed with emotions. Always make a rational judgment and make sure that the efforts are mutual.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

While some people like to spend their life alone, the majority of us feel a need to be accompanied by a partner.

But when we are gifted with one, not all of us recognize and appreciate its value.

It was so optimistic and loving of you to explore new ways and ideas in which you can please your beloved.

This gesture alone speaks about how truly you love your boyfriend and how positive you are about the relationship.

No doubt, you’re his perfect girlfriend!

However, if you think your relationship is going through a rough phase and cannot cope with the situation.

You should seek relationship expert advice or take the help of a relationship coach.

Remember, a professional can always help you in ways no one else can.