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20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Shy Man Is Attracted To You And Wants To Be Noticed

20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Shy Man Is Attracted To You And Wants To Be Noticed

Updated on Oct 27, 2023

20 Obvious And Cute Signs A Shy Man Is Attracted To You And Wants To Be Noticed

Signs a shy man is attracted to you can be a little hard to recognize at first. After all, he’s not that loud about his feelings. 

In fact, he might be scared of ruining his connection with you. So, he might even hide his feelings knowingly. 

However, if you have an inkling that something is brewing up, you only need to pay attention to his words and actions. And his feelings will be as clear as day!

So come on, let’s get started!

20 Signs A Shy Man Is Attracted To You

A shy man wants the least bit of attention to himself. So, even if he’s head over heels… or if it hurts to see you being hit on by others, he won’t say a thing.

However, just because he’s silent, it doesn’t mean that he shows complete indifference. Instead, his feelings come off a bit differently. So, let’s figure out how to spot his feelings here…

1. He smiles in a shy way after seeing you

Pay close attention to how he smiles when he sees you. If he’s shy and his eyes seem to look downwards, it’s a big sign that he likes you! 

His face will light up, and no matter how much he tries to hide his smile, it will be beaming!

2. You catch him looking at you

Another big sign that a guy is attracted to you is when you catch him looking in your direction. A shy guy finds it difficult to approach the woman he likes. So he’ll quietly look at her and hope that she gets the hint!

3. He blushes when you catch him looking at you

If you catch a bold guy staring at you, he might wink back or give you a wide smile. 

But when it comes to a shy dude, he’ll get embarrassed pretty easily. This is why he’ll quickly turn away his gaze or go bright red when you smile back at him!

4. He makes you feel special

Does this guy make you feel like you’re on top of the world whenever you talk to him?

If the answer is yes, it indicates his true feelings for you. Shy guys won’t do anything overboard. But they’ll still manage to treat you like a queen!

5. His compliments are genuine

One of the best things about a shy man in love is that his compliments are always genuine. He’ll speak what’s on his mind instead of saying something fake to his object of affection. 

So, when he tells you that you look lovely, he genuinely feels that way.

6. He pays attention to what you say

Isn’t it super cute when a man is ready to listen to all your rants? 

When a shy guy likes you, he’ll give you all the attention you deserve. When you’re busy telling him about your day and your thoughts, he’ll patiently listen to you and even offer advice!

7. He becomes quiet around you

No matter how shy a guy is, he’ll definitely open up in front of his closest friends. But notice if he goes quiet the instant you both meet or struggles with his words. 

Don’t assume that you’re not a friend. Rather, it’s an indication that he likes you. But he’s afraid that he will say something weird!

8. He becomes clumsy in a cute way

A shy man will try to act cool around you. But since it’s not really in his nature, he’ll end up doing clumsy things but in a cute way. 

For example, he might trip or end up saying something really funny! All these are his ways to impress you.

9. He blushes when you give him a compliment

If you give a cute compliment to a shy guy, he’ll have a very strong reaction. You will see the signs in his body language and on his face. He’ll probably end up blushing really hard and then be at a complete loss of words!

10. He wants to hang out with you

A shy man won’t walk up to you and ask you to hang out with him. He isn’t that great at approaching women. So, he’ll instead find excuses to hang out with you. For example, he might keep telling you about study sessions after class!

11. You keep getting cute gifts

This is another sign of a shy being attracted to you. He will always gift you things with special significance for you. These gifts might not cost a lot or look very fancy. But he knows that you will appreciate these gifts much more than anything else. 

12. He will talk about only you

Talk to this shy guy and notice if he always wants to talk about you and your life. If he does, don’t be surprised. 

He definitely likes you… but he avoids steering the conversation toward himself. After all, this will force him to talk about his feelings, which he’s not comfortable with. So he asks you questions instead!

13. His friends tease you

A shy man’s friends are his biggest wingmen! They might end up teasing you or giving you hints about his feelings.

Moreover, if his friends ask you questions about your relationship status or bond with the shy guy, it’s an even bigger hint about his feelings for you!

14. He fidgets around you

People tend to fidget a lot when they’re nervous. This happens especially when they’re around the person they like. And guys are no different! 

For example, he might play with his hair, shake his knee up and down, crack his knuckles, or flex his fingers.

15. You catch him helping you

Shy guys aren’t loud, and neither are their actions. So, if he’s head over heels for you, he’ll work behind the scenes and help you out in his quiet, charming way. 

The best thing about his help will be his selflessness and the fact that he won’t ask for anything in return!

16. He makes efforts to talk to your friends

Even though a shy man won’t feel comfortable talking to too many people, he’ll still make that effort to impress you if he’s attracted. 

He also wants to find out more about you and your social circle. After all, this will be the perfect place for him to get all the tidbits he needs!

17. He seems more comfortable over texts

A shy man is uncomfortable with physical conversations, so if he’s that into you, he will open up more online. 

This is because he can review his texts and take time to reply. In fact, a shy guy will probably talk a lot more through texts.

18. He goes all the way for you

Talking to someone you like has always been a tough ordeal for most – but even more so for introverts

So, someone who has feelings for you will try his best to do anything and everything to please you. He’ll do brave things just to win your heart.

19. He seems nervous around you

Notice if he talks comfortably with other people but keeps stuttering around you. If it happens, it indicates that he likes you! 

He’ll try to say something but end up saying something completely different, which will only add to his nervousness.

20. He becomes jealous when you are with other guys

When a man likes you, jealousy is an obvious sign of his attraction. But he may not express it like others.

If an extroverted guy becomes jealous, he’ll probably say it out loud or make it clear with his actions. 

But when a shy guy gets jealous, it’ll be more subtle. He might suddenly seem disinterested in the conversation or look upset.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Next time you meet with your shy friend, remember to look out for all these signals. 

If you notice many of these, it’s your call. If you’re not romantically interested in him, you must reject him ASAP but gently. 

If you’re equally interested in him, decide if you want to wait until he comes off clean. Or would you rather initiate a conversation about his feelings?

Take the best route for your relationship to make it fulfilling! 

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