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Office Romance: Causes, Dos and Don’ts, Rules and Everything Else

Office Romance: Causes, Dos and Don’ts, Rules and Everything Else

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Office Romance Causes, Dos and Don’ts, Rules and More

We all have seen movies and shows that center around office romance. But can it happen in real life? Can two coworkers in an establishment fall in love and make the relationship work?

Well, that would actually depend on a lot of factors, including the couple, as well as the office that they’re a part of. In most offices, though, workplace romance is discouraged for many reasons.

But if you wish to know more tidbits about office romance and how to do it effectively, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Just dig in…

What is Office Romance?

Romantic relationships between two people working in the same workplace is referred to as office romance. This can be between two co-workers, a subordinate and boss, or any other two people in the same work establishment. 

The long hours people spend at work ultimately bring them closer and lead to romantic relationships.

There are a lot of workplaces that don’t entertain romances and have strict policies against them. However, a few other workplaces don’t mind them either. 

What causes office romance?

People spend so much time with each other in the workplace talking about each other’s ideas, thoughts, cultures and so many other things that it ultimately leads to office romance.

No matter how much office romances are frowned upon, they are inevitable. When two people with similar vibes talk to each other and interact for so many hours every day, they can’t help but fall in love, right?

Work-related interaction gives people the opportunity to get acquainted with each other’s ideas, thoughts, cultures, mannerisms, and so on. And these are exactly the same things that two people consciously try to know about each other when they are actively looking to date someone. But in an office, this interaction comes naturally. Thus, when people work closely with each other, they are much more likely to find love than in a different setting.

Most of us have been brought up to think that workplace and romance cannot coexist, which is why office romances are still a gray area. We believe that intimacy and love are born at home, while work is strictly reserved for employment and professional matters. But for so many people across the world, these two can be merged quite healthily!

They believe that they can perform better when their partner is a coworker because it makes the two of them a team. In fact, in many group projects, it’s necessary for the teammates to be close to each other and learn about one another’s perspectives to make the project a success.

Many famous authors have also realized that workplace romance is influenced by larger factors too. One major reason why workplace romance has increased in countries like the US is the feeling of security, comfort, and safety.

Even though the world has now become more connected through social media platforms, people still like to kindle a relationship with an already-known person, such as a coworker, rather than look for someone new. This might also be due to the fear of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases.

Today, the modern workplace has taken over the job of other meeting spots, such as the church or family networks. Employers hire people not just to give them a good salary but also to introduce more people to a similar work culture where everyone can get to know each other better. Studies have also indicated that future spouses are most likely to meet at workplaces than somewhere else!

Finally, office romances work because we are all humans, and it’s absolutely natural to be attracted to a colleague. Just because you walk in through the office doors, you can’t renounce your sexual feelings. Your hormones don’t shut down between nine to five, right?

Kinds of Office Romance and their Effects

Every kind of office romance is unique, so each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re planning to start a romantic relationship with a coworker, then it surely helps to know which sort of relationship you’re getting into right from the start.

1. Office flings

Flings are short-lived romantic entanglements. Whether or not office flings are healthy is still a matter of debate. It depends mostly on the post-fling feelings of both parties and the degree to which others in the office become aware of the relationship.

Some flings might be very short-lived and have no ill effects, such as when both partners mutually decide to end the relationship and resume their lives.

But at other times, it can have damaging effects on the company or on the personal lives of those involved, especially if either of them has a spouse and the relationship is considered to be infidelity.

2. Relationship between peers

This is the most common form of office romance where two colleagues having almost similar or similar designations get into a relationship. They might be partners in a group project or entry-level employees.

The good thing about this kind of relationship is that it doesn’t come with the perils that a relationship between superiors and subordinates does. Since both partners are at par with each other, there is no imbalance in their chemistry.

Moreover, other employees also don’t feel threatened and there is no scope of being treated unfairly. However, that’s not to say that this kind of romance doesn’t have its own problems.

When the couple breaks up, it can cause a tense atmosphere in the office, loss of productivity, or even one of the partners quitting the job.

3. Long-term Relationships

Most people working in an office hope to date a coworker or subordinate to build a long-lasting relationship in the future. In some instances, this actually takes place.

This is the kind of relationship everyone else in the office admires and hopes will last forever. You must have seen such workplace romances in popular sitcoms like “The Office” or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”! They are the couples that make us go “aah” and give us very famous couple goals!

Not only is their chemistry perfect but the bond that they share is also strong and meaningful. Both partners know that the other person is their soulmate and wish to work together, both inside and outside the workplace to develop the relationship.

4. Relationship between supervisors and subordinates

This is the office romance that is said to be the most damaging or dangerous and mostly takes place in small businesses. Here, the business owner is the “ultimate boss” of the enterprise, so anyone working under them will automatically be a subordinate.

Boss-employee relationships are mostly very damaging, not only to the couple themselves but to the entire workplace.

This is because hierarchical relationships that have an imbalance of power can lead to exploitation or manipulation. One of the most unfortunate but common cases is when a subordinate woman agrees to have sex with her male boss for a promotion or raise.

Such relationships also cause morale problems among the other employees which bring down the entire force of the office.

They feel that the subordinate employee gets more perks and advantages, even if they’re actually not. Basically, an office romance between the boss and the subordinate should be strictly avoided.

5. Extramarital affairs

All the other types of office romances can have a significant impact on the respective establishments but this one probably causes the most damage. Extramarital affairs, when discovered, can lead to the termination of the marriage of one or both partners.

Even the worker’s relationships with their children or other family members can get visibly strained, leading to a negative impact on both their body and their mind. When this damage is brought to the workplace, the concerned person will work less efficiently and constantly feel embarrassed in the office.

Moreover, the designations of the partners who indulged in extramarital affairs are also important. For example, a business enterprise is much more likely to suffer from a bad reputation when the affair is between the owner and an employee as compared to two part-time employees.

Dos and Don’ts of Office Romance

No matter how much you and your partner wish to make your office relationship public, there are a few rules and regulations you’ll need to follow. If you both know the Dos and Don’ts of office romance, then your relationship has more chances of passing the test of time. So come on, let’s keep reading!

1. Do: Consult the employee handbook guidelines

Most companies already have established rules about dating and relationships on the office premises. So make sure you read the dating policy thoroughly before taking any steps.

Even something as simple as asking out your pretty coworker for a drink can result in a lot of chaos if your office doesn’t allow it.

Different companies have different rules, but almost all of them encourage consensual relationships in the office, as long as it doesn’t hamper productivity.

If you have any doubts, ask the HR department to clarify. Your company might define other parameters as well, so take those into account too.

2. Do: Plan ahead

The brutal truth of office romances is that it ends pretty soon for most coworkers. If you and your significant other wish to make things last, then you both have to plan ahead.

A bad breakup will not only create an uncomfortable atmosphere whenever you two meet in the office but can also cause problems among other employees too. Maintaining professionalism can become a big issue then because let’s be honest- we’re all humans.

Before you plan to go official, discuss how to balance things if you both break up. Ask each other if one of you plans to quit if things don’t work out.

3. Do: Make sure the relationship is completely consensual

Initiating unwanted advances and doing inappropriate things can potentially end your career and cost you a lot. Even the other person in question might face legal troubles.

So, before you decide to actually get into a relationship, it’s important to make sure both you and your partner have given your nods and are willing to date each other. Any claims of physical, mental, or sexual harassment can lead to a huge problem later on.

On a similar note, it’s always best to avoid one-night stands and hookups with a colleague. Even if you both have consensual sex, you never know when things can turn messy.

4. Do: Disclose it

In most cases, the parties involved are tempted to hide their romance for fear of facing problems. But this will only delay the larger problems that are bound to drop on both of you if you keep hiding your relationship.

Even if disclosing your relationship can subject you both to disciplinary actions, even then it’s a much better alternative because you both will now be out in the open.

And as I’ve already told you, most offices actually allow couples to continue their relationship as long as it’s healthy. So make sure to go to the concerned people and let them know.

5. Do: Concentrate on your work

Yes, you’re newly in love and you and you both simply can’t seem to get enough of each other. But this will ultimately hamper both your performances in the office.

Remember, your work is important because that’s what sustains you. It’s great to plan date nights and wish to go back home with your partner but when you’re in the office, it’s a good idea to focus on your work and give it the priority it deserves.

And if you feel that you’re pretty focused in the office while your partner seems to keep flirting or wanting to spend some time with you, discuss it with them clearly.

6. Don’t: Date subordinates or boss

Even if your company policy doesn’t explicitly state this, it’s always best to stay away from your subordinates or bosses.

 A relationship where one person will most likely always have the higher power might look down upon the relationship after some time. Even the subordinate employee might find it difficult to balance work and relationships together.

In many such cases, both partners feel that their personal and professional lives are completely separate but unfortunately, that’s not how other employees will see things. So, both of you might end up with a bad reputation that can cost you your job positions.

7. Don’t: Indulge in PDA

No, no, and no! Work is always a PDA-free zone, and flaunting your love publicly is simply inappropriate. You’re dating your coworker, and that’s absolutely cool but you have to draw the line between what you do outside the office and what you both should do inside.

Maybe giving each other a little peck every day is fine (but you should still refer to your company policy to be sure) but things like touching each other constantly, making out, or even having sex will land you both in serious trouble.

Moreover, everyone else in the office will be left feeling grossly uncomfortable.

8. Don’t: Fight with each other in front of others

Just as it’s important to not be all over your partner in the office, it’s equally important to not fight and bicker in front of your colleagues.

It’s perfectly okay to have fights; even the best couples have them. But if you keep fighting and insulting each other in the office, it will cause the place to become negative and unproductive.

Even your superiors might get irritated and terminate your relationship. Keeping your dating life mature is the best thing to do. Keep your love life out of the workplace and if there’s any conflict, go home and resolve it.

9. Don’t: Always expect to work together

When you’ve just started dating your office crush, you’d want to be with them all the time, right? I understand, but that isn’t always possible.

For example, if there’s a group project and your boss has assigned you both to different teams, then you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

In your boss’ eyes, all of you are equal employees, and just because the two of you are dating, it doesn’t mean that you both will always work together or sit next to each other. Prepare yourself for this beforehand to avoid any unrealistic expectations inside the office.

10. Don’t: Have unhealthy competitions

Even if you both really love each other, there might be times when one of you is jealous about the other’s success or salary raise.

For example, both of you might be trying really hard to get a particular promotion. While you want to be happy for your partner and wish them all the very best, you also want yourself to shine in the office. This can not only make it very difficult to navigate your feelings but also your relationship.

Therefore, try to make the competitions healthy. Remember that you need to cheer for your partner’s success instead of bringing them down.

Office Romance Rules

If you want some good news, then let me tell you that nearly a third of all office relationships result in happy marriages! But before you take such a big step, there are a few rules that must be followed.

Here, I shall outline some of the most important office romance rules that will guarantee you a great partnership!

1. Take things slow

Before you make any sexy moves, try to befriend the person you like. And trust me, this tip really works. Even if you’re not planning to date a colleague, it’s always best to take things slow and get to know a person before diving straight into the pool of love.

People mostly behave differently inside and outside the office. Most people are very focused and serious when they’re working but can become absolute goofballs once the day is done. So, find out if you’d really want to spend some time with them on weekends or after the office is over.

2. Build some ground rules

When you and your partner have finally decided to date each other, you must have thought of ways to make the relationship work, both inside and outside the office. It’s necessary to come up with some ground rules to make things very clear to both of you.

If it helps, write down a plan on how to make your relationship sweet but also professional at the same time. You don’t want to go around and make out in every corner of the office, right? Make sure you both have a plan B for when things go wrong.

3. Respect other people’s views

When you’re working in an office, your coworker-cum-partner isn’t the only other person working with you. There are lots of others who have their own views and perspectives. Focus on your job and do your work well, especially if there are rumors about your relationship.

Yes, you can share a few anecdotes from your vacation together or tell your close colleagues how the relationship is going but don’t give out too much information.

Things like what you both do on date nights and other personal details should only be kept for friends and family outside of work.

4. Don’t blast the news too soon

Great! You’ve just started dating the hottie of the office and you couldn’t be happier. Even if your heart wants to send out an email to everyone and tell them that you’ve made it official, you shouldn’t do that.

Even if people do care about you both, they’ll probably feel uncomfortable or weird if you keep flaunting your relationship without any reason. Be discreet about the news. Talk to your partner before sharing things with others.

Yes, you might tell your office best friend and others whom you trust, but that’s just about it.

5. Be professional but also natural

The constant pressure of appearing to be professional can be tiring for both of you. If you and your significant other are trying everything to make your relationship look as professional as possible, that’s amazing! But also, don’t forget to be natural.

If you both take things too far, to the point where even talking to each other politely can make you both feel awkward, then others around you will also feel uncomfortable.

Smile at your partner, shake their hand, have lunch with them- do everything that makes both of you feel good, minus the PDA.

6. Don’t argue at work

Again, respecting others’ privacy and wishes is important if you want your office romance to succeed. Keep arguments and problems out of the way when you both step inside the office.

It’s hard enough to concentrate on work, especially when you have endless meetings to attend or an important presentation to give. Even your colleagues might be trying their best to focus on their work, so they could really do without your squabbles.

If you and your mate keep fighting even at work, things will become sour really soon. If there is any underlying problem, go back home and talk about it.

7. Go easy on flirty messages

Now, this tip is extremely important. It’s best if you can stop yourself from sending flirty messages or pictures at all, but even if you really want to, go easy. Don’t simply send an inappropriate picture to your boyfriend or a sex joke to your girlfriend.

There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, you might just end up sending it to someone else and cause a huge scandal. Secondly, if you both ever run into trouble, this can be used against you as sexual harassment because most offices have their own internet and computer security services.

8. Don’t mix personal and professional lives

This is probably the hardest rule to follow, but it’s also the most important one. No matter what, always keep your personal and work lives separate and ask your partner to do the same.

I understand, what happens at work will obviously affect your mood at home (and vice versa). And when you’re dating someone from the same office, you’ll only be reminded of your work problems.

But instead of groaning over it, share those problems with your partner and go to work with a happier heart. Similarly, don’t let disagreements with your partner affect your work performance.

9. Know the potential problems

No matter how much you try to keep your relationship professional and respectful, one wrong complaint to HR can launch a full-fledged investigation. That is why it’s always better to be prepared beforehand.

Know the potential pitfalls and problems that your relationship might encounter so that when it actually does, both of you are ready to prove yourselves innocent.

Checking the company handbook for interoffice relationships is also a great idea. Being prepared for any sort of legal trouble will give you enough time to go over what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

10. Consider what to do if things work out

As your relationship becomes more serious, one of you might think of leaving the company altogether because the more serious things get, the greater the chances of jeopardizing your relationship.

If there’s ever a time when you and your partner feel that it’s a good time to talk about the future, do it as quickly as possible. This is why so many companies have strict policies against nepotism and favoritism, which applies to married couples.

The bottom line is if you do plan on quitting the company, make sure there’s a plan B ready.

11. But also be ready if things don’t go well

You want to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, but the future isn’t in your hands all the time.

No matter how hard you both try, there’s always a chance of things not working out in your favor. But if you don’t plan ahead for this moment, you both will fall into a very uncomfortable position and not know what to do next.

I’m not saying you need to be pessimistic, but it helps to be realistic. Just as you need to discuss with your partner what to do if things work out, it’s also important to be prepared if they don’t.

12. Cheer for each other

This applies even when you both aren’t working together in the office, but it’s all the more important for the times that you do work together.

Cheering for each other is extremely important, and you shouldn’t let unhealthy competitions come in the way of your love. Not only will it damage your relationship but it might also make you unpopular in the company.

So, remember to be your partner’s biggest supporter. When they get a salary raise, make sure you buy them something cute or take them out for a nice, romantic dinner.

13. Stick to the same professional behavior with your partner

One mistake that so many office couples make is that they treat their partners differently, especially if one of them is in a higher position.

Giving perks to your partner, receiving them, or treating each other extra sweetly just because you both are in a relationship will be considered unprofessional and unfair.

Even if you don’t actively favor them, make sure that you remain professional and polite with them in the office. Give each other smiles and shake your hands but don’t be too obvious whenever you get the chance.

14. Don’t let other colleagues discourage you

Even if other colleagues discourage you or try and bring you down, it’s up to you and your partner to see whether the relationship will last in the future or not.

If you both believe that you have adhered to the company rules and are doing everything possible to be professional inside the office, then there’s no reason why you both should break up.

Remember, not everyone out there will have your best interests at heart, and it’s easy to fall into a trap. So, critically analyze who truly wants the best for you and which ones are simply insecure about your relationship.

15. Don’t express your love in embarrassing ways

Imagine a situation where you’ve recently started dating a very cute coworker, and you can’t wait to show them how much they mean to you. So you send them a bouquet of roses almost every morning and leave cards with ultra-cheesy messages on their desk.

They may seem flattered but hey, let me tell you that’s not the way to do things in an office. Other employees might not really mind that much but your partner is sure to get very embarrassed. Try to tone things down and express your love in acceptable ways.

How to deal with office romance?

I’ve got good news for you- most employers believe that taking extreme measures such as banning office romance is unreasonable.

So, instead of stopping it altogether, they come up with some policies and rules to keep things moderate and polite. However, in small and medium-sized businesses, it can be hard to keep office romances a secret.

If you’re an employer and wish to know how to deal with office romances the right way (without coming off as a love-hating boss), I have just the right tips for you!

1. Don’t overstep boundaries

Yes, you’re their boss and you have every right to oversee if your employees are behaving properly or not. But invading their privacy is a different thing altogether.

If you overstep boundaries, you might not only earn the reputation of being “creepy” but also face legal problems. If you see that a couple is behaving properly inside the office boundaries, then it’s best to just let them be. And, if they do commit a mistake, handle that professionally.

2. Make yourself a good role model

You can’t expect your subordinates to not date each other if you keep dating one of them every few months or so. You have to recognize that employees will follow your lead and listen to you only if you’re truly a good leader.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to think twice (or even thrice) before planning to date a coworker. Making it a habit will only encourage others to indulge in such behavior and view it as a green signal.

3. Don’t be afraid of intervening

It’s important to maintain boundaries but also important to recognize when to intervene. If a particular couple in the office has been behaving more boldly than is desired or isn’t following the rules of company romance, then you need to be the first person to remind them.

If the situation is mild, you can simply do with an informal discussion but if things get worse, you might have to take serious steps like termination.

4. Establish proper parameters

Establishing basic parameters as to what can be considered appropriate and what can’t within the company premises. Make sure you specifically outline policies where extreme forms of office romance can be detrimental to the company.

Highlight the more dangerous forms of office relationships, such as employer-subordinate relations or extramarital affairs. Make it clear that anyone found to break any kind of rules will have to face consequences.

5. Provide proper training

Simply printing out a set of rules or making a handbook isn’t enough; you actually have to teach your employees how to follow them. During training, make sure the HR department highlights what sexual harassment is and how it can negatively affect the entire establishment.

Moreover, provide basic training on things like speaking up when a fellow employee is harassing someone, not indulging in PDA, etc.

Office Romance Stats

If you wish to put your mind at ease and learn a bit about how real-life office romances work, then you need to know some verified stats and figures.

Here is a list of office romance stats that can be very useful for anyone willing to get into a relationship with their colleague.

1. 85% of extramarital affairs begin at work

This isn’t really that difficult to see because when someone is tired or bored with their marriage, they wish to find stability and compatibility with another person with whom they interact for hours every day. And what better place than your office? Late nights at the office, long business trips- all these contribute to steamy extramarital romances!

2. 58% of office workers have had romances in the workplace

If you feel insecure or afraid of your office relationship, then let me tell you that it’s a very common phenomenon. More than half of office employees have dated their coworkers!

In fact, 72% of employees aged over 50 years have also been reported to be romantically involved with a coworker. At the end of the day, age is just a number, right?

3. Nearly 40% of those involved were top-level executives

Superior-subordinate relationships are dangerous. But when one’s heart is in love, they’re ready to take any risk! This is probably why nearly 40% of the people who had an affair at work were executives of their own companies.

Middle-management employees made up 26% of the ones who fell in love at work, intermediate ones took up 25% and low-level employees made up the remaining.

4. 64% of employees kept their relationship a secret

It’s not just the ones having an extramarital affair who wish to keep things under wraps. More than half of the employees who have had office romances had decided to keep it a secret.

Only 16% of employees were bold or comfortable enough to let others (including their bosses) know. One major reason might be the fear of being the center of rumors or unwanted gossip.

5. 41% of employees have no idea about the company policies on workplace romance

Something that every company owes to its employees is being very clear about office romances.

But unfortunately, almost 41% of employees have said that they have absolutely no idea about the company guidelines or policies. Either they are kept in the dark by their superiors or they simply don’t care enough to find out.

Office romance books

For the bookworms out there, I know how much you’d love to read a book where the protagonists fall in love at work or maybe a self-help book on how to make workplace romance successful. Well, here are ten amazing books on office romance!

1. Double Standards

This New York Times bestselling novel by Judith McNaught is enough to make anyone swoon! It features a handsome executive named Nick Sinclair who’s a pro at handling both his work as well as his line of female admirers.

He hires Lauren Danner and assumes she’s just another ordinary girl until he figures out that she’s so much more! Not only does he fall in love with her but he also gets a whiff of a major secret she’s been hiding.

2. Irresistibly Yours

This book by the famous author Lauren Layne features the famous “enemies to lovers” trope. Cole Sharpe, a freelancer at the “Oxford” magazine believes he can easily get the position of a full-time employee until he meets his competition, Penelope. She’s a fierce tomboy who won’t take no for an answer and will make sure she gets what she wants.

3. The Boyfriend Project

The Boyfriend Project, written by Farah Rochon, tells us the story of Samiah Brooks, who has sworn off men for six long months.

After being catfished by a three-timing cheater, she plans on focusing solely on her job. But when she develops an app and meets the irresistibly cute Daniel Collins at work, he seems too good to be true. Is it just a show or does he really love her? Well, you have to read it to know more!

4. Rule Breaker

If you’re up for some steamy LGBTQ office romance, then this novel by Lily Morton will be a perfect read! Dylan, Gabe’s assistant, has wanted to (literally) murder his boss every single day. From remaking coffee every morning to bearing insults- he’s had enough.

But a chance encounter opened Dylan’s eyes to the real Gabe, the one who’s soft and sensitive and lets him in. Will Dylan be able to navigate falling in love with his boss? Only the book can tell!

5. If I Never Met You

This wonderfully captivating novel by Mhairi McFarlane tells us the story of a fake romance between Laurie and Jamie to achieve their respective goals.

Laurie needed to show others that she was capable of getting a new boyfriend after her ex had dumped her and Jamie simply wanted to impress his bosses. But when the thin line between pretending and actually falling in love dissolves, what will happen to this couple?

6. Office Romance: Love, Power, and Sex in the Workplace

Based on the extensive research of Yale Ph.D. Lisa A. Maineiro, this book explores the experiences of more than a hundred women who have all had different perspectives of office romances.

This extensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to handle love and sex with your coworker and when to avoid dating someone. You also get to know the pitfalls to avoid to make sure the relationship lasts!

7. The Human Resource Problem-Solver Handbook

Joseph D. Levesque has artfully explained the reasons behind why people indulge in office romances and the factors leading up to them. He has also given tips on how to navigate your office relationship properly so as to not get into trouble with your superiors.

The best part is that it talks about these problems from the viewpoint of the HR department, so if you really want to know how to deal with romance professionally, this is the book for you.

8. Personnel Administrator

Kaleel Jamison is a well-known figure, mostly known for her consulting group. Her book, “Personnel Administrator” has a special section titled “Managing Sexual Attraction in the Workplace”.

As you might have correctly guessed from the title, this part talks about how sexual attraction comes to be and how to manage it effectively. She states that sexual attraction might be disruptive, but not if both parties agree on consent.

9. The Office Romance: Playing With Fire Without Getting Burnt

This book by Dennis Powers tells its readers the whys, hows, and how-nots of office romance. You get a constructive and updated viewpoint of how office romances work in the modern corporate sector and how to make things work with your partner.

This self-help book will also let managers know the rules and regulations on how to handle things when two subordinates start dating each other and when to take action.

10. The Favour

Personal assistants falling for their boss might seem a bad idea in real life, but in fiction, nothing can be sexier!

Suzanne Wright’s novel talks about Dane and Vienna, his personal assistant, getting into a marriage of convenience. Vienna hates that Dane is grumpy and unfriendly but they do look out for each other.

And Dane wishes to access his trust fund but that can only be when he marries someone else. How these two haters turn into lovers is what will keep you hooked on this book!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Whether office romance is a good idea or not will depend on the individuals concerned. If you both really love each other, it’s not necessarily a bad thing; you just have to make sure you don’t break the rules and don’t let your personal life impact your professional growth.

And if you do have any doubts or problems, this think-piece is always there to help you!

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