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Twin Souls: How to Know if You Met Yours Already?

Twin Souls: How to Know if You Met Yours Already?

Updated on Jun 26, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Twin Soul - 17 Signs to Help You to Know if You Met Yours Already

Relationships are both the most complicated and the most beautiful aspects of a human life. Irrespective of the relationships that you have, everyone has a different way of connecting with our mind, body, and spirit.

While some bonds don’t feel right or don’t last long, sometimes you come across someone who makes you feel like you were meant to be together. These are known as twin souls.

Twin soul relationships are different than soul mate connections. When you meet your soulmate, you may feel a certain attraction to them that makes you want to do things in order to connect with them.

However, twin souls are known to have been born for each other. In other words, they are claimed to be together in every lifetime. As the theories suggest, you would have already met your twin in another incarnation.

And, hence, you would remember the soul frequency you share.

But, you must be wondering who are twin souls and how do you meet yours?

Twin Souls Infographic

Twin Souls - How to Know if You Met Yours Already
Twin Souls – How to Know if You Met Yours Already

What is a Twin Soul?

Twin soul connection refers to someone who has the same soul as you. They may or may not be your lifelong romantic partner.

As human beings, you often relate to soul mate relationships as the one you have with your romantic partner. While falling in love is one of the prerequisites between soul mates, twin souls share a bond of higher levels.

Simply put, twin souls are basically two souls who are bound to find each other. They will do so across time, space, and distance in every life. Their unification has more to do with spiritual growth than of romance or intimacy.

A soul mate is known to have the same energy as you. But – they haven’t existed in the same soul frequency as yourself.

Thus, even though soul mate connections are of great significance, they are far from the wavelength of twin soul bonds. You may or may not meet your soul mate. But – you are destined to meet your twin soul sooner or later.

A critical thing to keep in mind here is that there is a certain time for twin souls to meet. If they meet out of a specific time, they may not connect. They may even be poles apart from each other characteristically.

Twin Souls vs Twin Flames

Although they can be used interchangeably, they don’t mean the same thing. Twin souls can be friends of the same sex, but twin flames are the opposite gender.

While many use the terms twin souls and twin flames interchangeably, it is important to note that there are certain differences between the two.

Twin souls are essentially two souls who are destined to be together throughout lifetimes. No matter how many times they reincarnate, they would always find a way to live close to one another.

Also, they don’t always have to be a romantic partner Your twin soul can be a friend, a family member, or anyone you feel extremely close and connected with.

Across lifetimes, the purpose of twin souls is to meet each other and share a life of spiritual growth.

On the other hand, twin flames are two halves of the same soul, one of which necessarily consists of feminine energy, and the other is made up of masculine energy.

Together, they form a complete soul. The emotional exchange during a twin flame relationship is that of deep love, the kind which is stronger than any other form.

While meeting your twin flame is pre-decided, there will always be the right time for the two souls to unite.

While there are some who like to define twin souls and twin flames as two different concepts, most studies use the terms interchangeably. One of the main reasons behind it is the fact that both concepts talk about a bond that is spiritual and surreal in nature. But, it is important to keep in mind that twin souls may or may not be a lover or a partner whereas twin flames always end up sharing an intimate and romantic bond.

Twin Souls vs Soulmates

Simply put, when two souls come together out of love for each other and make life better for each other, they are known as soul mates.

Twin flames, on the other hand, are two parts of the same soul. And, finally, twin souls are souls that are meant to be with each other through several lifetimes.

Additionally, while love affairs among soul mates mainly focus on improving their respective lives, twin souls are brought together to serve the greater good.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, soul mates are always romantically involved with one another. However, twin souls may or may not have any such attachments. In several cases, twin souls may present themselves as a guide, a close friend, or even a family member.

Interestingly, a twin soul isn’t someone you are supposed to fall in love with. Although it does happen in a lot of cases. Your purpose of meeting your twin soul is not that of a romantic or intimate nature. Instead, when you are in a twin soul relationship, you feel the passion for a spiritual awakening. You will also feel the need to see the world in a different light. Twin souls push each other to engage with their higher self, seek a spiritual path, and become better versions of themselves.

17 Signs of Twin Souls

Your twin soul will be revealed when you feel like you are being pulled towards someone. Other signs of the same are: feeling as if everything is better with them, as if you two complement each other, and when you feel as if you are lovers as well as friends.

For easier reference, let us stick to the fact that twin souls or twin flames both refer to a stronger bond between two beings which has the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening, not only for the two individual souls but for humanity as a whole.

That being said, here is how you can tell if you have met your twin soul:

1. You feel an extreme pull towards one another

Twin flame connections work majorly on the notion that no matter where each of them is in the world, they would always be drawn to one another.

And, when you or your twin soul returns close to the other, it will give you a sense of ‘homecoming’.

2. The world seems different around them

The way you feel around your twin flame is different than anything else that you have ever experienced. You are able to look at the world with a different perspective.

Though such feelings can be challenging, you aren’t shy of asking different questions, trying new things, taking risks, and loving each other.

3. You have a ‘now-on, now-off’ relationship

The intensity of such a relationship can sometimes be the reason behind its instability. The differences between two such people have the power to separate them as well as bring them together.

No matter how many times you meet and separate, at the end of the day, you would always know that you are meant to be together.

It is believed that twin souls share a bond that is beyond a single lifetime. They come across each other in every lifetime, however, the timing for they to finally unite is predestined. Any meeting before the set time could cause them to repulse each other, not recognize each other, or even to be detached from one another.

4. Everything feels better when twin souls are together

Everything feels better when you are together
Everything feels better when you are together

The kind of deep, unconditional love between twin flames give them the power to feel better together regardless of what situation they may face.

They understand that no matter how tough it gets; their relationship is worth the struggle. That is why, they never worry about investing their energy and patience into nurturing their bond.

They understand that they are better and stronger together than apart.

5. Twin souls complement each other

You are perfectly balanced, like yin and yang. Your differences make you complement each other, and your similarities make your relationship deeper.

You know how to find the light at the end of every dark tunnel.

6. You experience heightened emotions

A twin soul/twin flame relationship isn’t the same as others. Thus, everything you feel in this relationship is stronger than what others feel or how you have felt with others.

These relationships rest on extremity meaning that as much as you would feel fierce love, you may also have to face outrageous pain or hurt when something goes sideways.

7. You feel an instant connection with twin soul

It is possible you may know each other for a minute, but it would always feel like you have known each other forever.

You will find strange similarities between your likes and dislikes as well your life experiences. It won’t be shocking if you both realize that you were at the same place at the same time but just not with one other.

8. You keep coming back to each other

You know how sometimes, you try to stay away or go away from certain people in your life, but they always end up around you or you always end up with them but can never explain how?

That’s the twin flame connection. No matter how upset you get at each other or how many times you try to ‘break up’, fate would always find a way to bring you together.

9. Twin souls are more than lovers or friends

You may have been friends forever or have been in love with one another ever since you understood what love is, but your relationship feels way more than just that.

When people look at you, they feel that you are soul mates or a ‘match made in heaven’. You know that there aren’t enough words or labels that could define your bond.

10. You find yourself around each other even when you don’t expect it

No matter where you are and what you plan on doing, you will unexpectedly find yourself closer to your twin soul every other time.

Whether it’s being at the same party or bumping into each other in a different city, these encounters will keep happening and sometimes, you won’t even know how to explain it.

11. You know you get each other like nobody else

You may have your set of friends or confidants, but the way you two understand each other or get each other is just mind-blowing.

Having this kind of chemistry is important in every relationship, and you know that you will always have it with your twin soul.

12. Twin souls are passionate about what both want to achieve

Your dreams and aspirations are as important to you as theirs. You don’t only wish to achieve your goals, but you also want to be with your twin flame and achieve all the goals together.

In fact, you understand the strength and significance of putting two minds together towards accomplishing something.

13. You can always overcome challenges

Like other relationships, yours also has a lot of ups and downs. But, you are always ready to sort through them.

Additionally, you can always find a way out of any situation because you know that you will do together.

14. Twin souls know sharing is caring

You know sharing is caring
You know sharing is caring

If you share all your joys and sorrows, achievements and failures, good times and bad times, you are twin souls.

In fact, you would rather experience every bad thing with them than being happy apart. You would rather have them by your side and fight the world than stand there alone.

15. Twin souls love exploring

The thought of something doesn’t scare either of you. Rather it challenges you to bring out the best in each other. You love traveling together and exploring new places.

You aren’t afraid to try new things, indulge in extreme adventures, and overcome obstacles. No matter what the hurdle is, you are always up for a healthy fight because you know there is nothing that you can’t accomplish together.

16. You are sufficient for one another

You could literally spend an entire day doing nothing but just cuddling together and watching TV. Additionaaly, you don’t feel the need of a third person or something else to connect to each other.

You are happiest when you are together, and you would rather have that than be surrounded by a hundred others.

17. Twin souls respect each other’s space

Your bond is so strong that you have no issues when one of you needs some space or to spend some time alone. You understand and respect each other’s need for ‘time out’.

Also, you trust each other and you know that some time alone is good for both of you every now and then. You don’t feel jealous or insecure when your twin soul talks to anyone of the opposite sex, even if they were attracted to you or your other half.

You’re not envious of others because you value your relationship and you know that nothing can break the connection you both have.

To truly know if your current relationship is a twin soul or twin flame bond, you must analyze every aspect of your relationship. Once again, keep in mind that twin souls may not always be romantically together. If you have a friend, a mentor, or even a cousin who feels like they were meant to be in your life and to show you a different direction, there is a possibility that they are your twin soul. Understand that a twin soul relationship isn’t only supposed to make you feel good, it is supposed to act for the greater good of humankind.

4 Things You Need to Know About Being in a Twin Soul Relationship?

Such relationships are not considered normal. They are often consuming, and unquestionable. You will also feel as if you cannot explain your connection with your twin soul. Your twin soul will also accept you for who you are, without wanting to change you.

As rare as they may sound, twin soul connections happen all the time. While it is true that not everybody experiences that right away, they should be able to tell if they did.

It isn’t hard to tell when you are in a twin soul relationship if you know the right dynamics of such a bond.

1. Twin soul relationships are uncommon

One of the basic things that you understand about a twin soul relationship is that it doesn’t stick to the norms of the usual relationships.

Such relationships are consuming but in a good way. They don’t make you obsessive or dependent on others. They don’t make your bond toxic.

Instead, they give you the power to know and understand each other like no one else. They let you wish well and do well for your partner without clinging on to them.

2. Twin soul connections are completely unquestionable

Another important aspect of a twin soul relationship is the fact that you never question such bonds. Sometimes, we meet people unexpectedly and you don’t know why you met them.

However, when you meet your twin soul, you would just know that they are in your life because they were meant to be.

You don’t question their existence or doubt them, even if you were going through a rough patch. You would always know the importance of your bond and that it is valuable.

3. Such relationships cannot be explained easily

Additionally, the meaning of true love in a twin flame or a twin soul relationship is starkly different than the usual explanation.

True love in such relationships do not imply romantic, intimate love. There need not be any physical attraction at all for that matter.

It is just the pure kind of love which makes you feel glad to be alive in their presence. Your twin soul has the ability to offer you things that no one else can, and vice versa.

You can love each other profoundly without being amorous.

4. Your twin soul accepts you for who you are

Last but not the least, when you are with your twin flame, you are who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not or hide behind a guilt, fear, or shame.

There is no need for pretension in such relationships. You allow each other to be your true self and embrace the honesty while providing each other with comfort and encouragement.

Twin Soul Quotes

1. “Trust that the Universe will bring you together with your twin flame.”

“Trust that the Universe will bring you together with your twin flame.”
“Trust that the Universe will bring you together with your twin flame.”

2. “The bond between the twin flames is a sacred one. It’s an alchemical marriage of the highest order.”

“The bond between the twin flames is a sacred one. It’s an alchemical marriage of the highest order.”
“The bond between the twin flames is a sacred one. It’s an alchemical marriage of the highest order.”

3. “I have met my twin flame and meeting our spirits began to free our soul.”

“I have met my twin flame and meeting our spirits began to free our soul.”
“I have met my twin flame and meeting our spirits began to free our soul.”

4. “I recognized you by my heart.”

“I recognized you by my heart.”
“I recognized you by my heart.”

5. “Our spirits began touching each other in this life and every life.”

“Our spirits began touching each other in this life and every life.”
“Our spirits began touching each other in this life and every life.”

Final Thoughts

Finding a good friend or a partner is not that uncommon. However, finding someone that you can connect with on a spiritual and a worldly level is a cosmic experience.

To know if you have such a connection with your twin soul, you must always keep an open mind and be mindful of the bonds you share with people around you.

Your twin soul will find you no matter where you are, but when they do, be ready to recognize and appreciate the connection.

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