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25 Miserable Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

25 Miserable Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

25 Miserable Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Lately, if your wife seems too aloof from you, it’s time to check for signs your wife doesn’t love you. You’re so in love with her, but she doesn’t even spare you a glance.

Marriages often face such rough patches, which are usually fixable. So, dive in to get to the crux! 

25 Signs Your Wife No Longer Loves You 

Nowadays, you wonder whether you’ve done something wrong. You try to please your wife, but nothing changes her attitude towards you.

The worst case might be that she fell out of love. So, look for these signs in her to make sure! 

1. She does not share things with you

Your wife does not need to disclose every aspect of her life. But, if you have no idea what is going on with her, then there is a problem. 

If that is the case, it means she no longer loves you. You may also find that she no longer consults you before deciding, no matter how important it is. 

2. She is no longer your cheer buddy

Your wife is supposed to cheer you up when feeling down… even if nobody else supports you.

So, if she no longer offers such support, comfort, or a listening ear when you are going through a tough time, she doesn’t love you anymore.

3. She threatens to leave you

In a moment’s rage, partners may threaten each other with divorce. But these threats are usually considered superficial and meaningless. 

But if your wife threatens to leave you at the slightest hint of conflict, chances are that she no longer loves you. 

4. She is always angry at you

Do you feel you have to walk on eggshells around your wife? 

If things as insignificant as the way you breathe or chew make your wife angry, she has fallen out of love. She does not really want to be around you anymore.

5. There is literally no physical intimacy

Partners hug, kiss, and hold each other’s hands to show affection. 

So, another sign that your wife has fallen out of love is when she is no longer interested in being physically intimate with you. You may also find that she gets a bit uncomfortable when you try to touch her.

6. She is not bothered about your family

It is okay to not have a good relationship with in-laws. But at least people try to maintain peace for the sake of their partners. 

So, one of the signs that your wife has fallen out of love is when she no longer bothers to maintain a cordial relationship with your family. 

7. She criticizes everything you do

Your partner is supposed to be the person who accepts you despite your flaws. But when, instead of being supportive of who you are, she criticizes you for every little thing you do, it can mean that she has fallen out of love. 

8. She never asks for your advice or opinion

People only ask for someone’s advice when they respect, love, and trust them. 

If your wife always confided in you in difficult times but is suddenly indifferent to your opinions, that’s a red flag!

It usually means that she no longer loves or trusts you.

9. She rarely gets jealous

A little bit of jealousy is a sign of love. After all, human beings desire to monopolize what they love. 

So, if your wife does not even bat an eye if you are flirting with someone, it means that she no longer loves you. 

10. Her friends act strange when you are around

When something is wrong in your relationship, your friends are often the first to know. So, another sign that your wife has fallen out of love is when her friends treat you strangely and avoid you. 

11. She doesn’t show any interest in your life

When was the last time that your wife asked you how your day was? 

Your wife is supposed to be your best friend, your most trusted confidant. But if she no longer cares about what is going on in your life, it means she has fallen out of love. 

12. She no longer fights with you

Disagreements in a loving relationship are normal and a sign of a healthy bond. We seldom argue with someone that we are apathetic towards. 

One possible sign that your wife may have lost feelings for you is when she stops fighting with you completely.

13. She never says sorry

A person in love always tries to make things right when they hurt the other. But when your wife no longer takes accountability for her actions, she doesn’t feel the same for you. 

Although she may occasionally utter an indifferent apology, you won’t remember the last time she genuinely expressed remorse.

14. She rarely tries to make you happy

Recall the last time your wife did something just to put a smile on your face. If it was something recent, everything’s fine.

But if she has stopped cooking your favorite meals or buying you meaningful gifts, she no longer loves you. She doesn’t even care about your happiness or well-being.   

15. She doesn’t care about what you think, feel, or say

When you love someone, you care deeply about what they think, feel, or say about you. So, if your wife acts indifferent no matter how hurtful you say to her, she has fallen out of love.

16. She dresses differently

When a relationship gets older, romance dwindles, and you stop trying to dress to impress your partner. 

A sign that your wife has lost her feelings for you is when she suddenly dresses differently. This might just be her way of attracting potential suitors. 

17. You cannot remember the last time she actually forgave you

Another sign that your wife no longer loves you is when she doesn’t even make an effort to forgive you for your wrongdoings. 

She might say everything is okay, so she can get past all the negativity, but she will never really mean it. 

If this is the case in your relationship, your wife is just waiting for the right time to get a divorce.

18. She always seems to be distracted

Do you feel your wife is always distracted or absent-minded when you are talking to her? 

If yes, she is no longer interested in what you have to say to her. To her, talking to you feels like a waste of time, so she would rather be busy on her phone texting someone else.

19. She avoids talking about the future

Notice if your wife cuts the conversation short when discussing the future. If yes, there’s no love, so she is no longer interested in building a life with you. She would rather not talk about it at all. 

20. She has forgotten all the good times with you

Observe if you are the only person reminiscing about the good old days together. If your wife has fallen out of love, she’ll hardly remember those memories and won’t even discuss them with you. She may also find such conversations boring!

21. She is always talking about other men

If your wife is always talking about some other guy from work, that’s a warning sign. She is making these new associations so that they keep her company when you are not around. Now, you can be sure she doesn’t love you anymore. 

22. She is not bothered about fixing anything

One of the most telltale signs that your wife no longer loves you is when she is not even bothered about fixing your relationship. 

In her mind, she has already checked out of the relationship and feels that there is nothing worth saving. 

23. She is cheating on you

Anyone who has feelings for you will think twice before hopping into bed with someone else. So, one of the surest signs that your wife doesn’t love you anymore is if she is cheating on you!

24. She doesn’t have time for you

When you love someone, you often feel like spending all your time with them. So, if your wife cancels all your dates together and does not bother to spend even an hour with you, she has fallen out of love.

25. She never opens up to you anymore

Notice if you feel a huge emotional barrier between you and your wife. Perhaps your wife opened up to only you. 

Now if she doesn’t even talk to you about your feelings, your wife no longer loves or trusts you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of the signs matched, your marriage might be in shambles. However, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, communicate with your wife and figure out what she wants and what you’d like. 

Actively work on your relationship, get professional help if you are comfortable, and turn things around before they worsen. You can still save your relationship. 

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