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20 Tragic Signs Your Girlfriend Is Not Over Her Ex And Wants Him In Her Life

20 Tragic Signs Your Girlfriend Is Not Over Her Ex And Wants Him In Her Life

Updated on Nov 20, 2023

20 Tragic Signs Your Girlfriend Is Not Over Her Ex And Wants Him In Her Life

Check out some signs your girlfriend is not over her ex if she’s not invested in your relationship and the break up is still recent. 

Even if she tells you that you’re overthinking stuff, that may not be the situation. You feel this way because of her actions. And if your instincts are screaming something is wrong, you better not overlook it. 

So, let’s try to find the truth here…

20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Not Over Her Ex

She’s the love of your life, and you’re ready to do anything for her. However, she doesn’t reciprocate this energy. 

Even after having her by your side, you often feel insecure or anxious about your place in her heart. 

Especially if you feel her ex is still in the picture, let’s figure it out with these signs…

1. She’s still confused about the relationship

If she seems unsure about her feelings or frequently changes her mind about your relationship, it could be because she’s still sorting out her emotions from her past relationship.

In this case, she might act distant. Her mind is preoccupied with thoughts or emotions related to her ex. She might struggle to invest in your relationship because her mind is elsewhere fully.

2. She compares you with her ex

When your girlfriend constantly compares you to her ex, it shows her thoughts and emotions are still tied to her previous partner.

If she frequently criticizes you or expresses dissatisfaction and highlights how her ex did things better, that’s a major red flag!

3. She’s jealous about his dating life

If your girlfriend gets irritated or reacts strongly when she hears about her ex’s dating life, she definitely has feelings for her ex. She’s hurt by the idea of her ex moving on.

4. You feel like being used

Did you and her start your relationship shortly after her previous one ended? If yes, she didn’t give herself enough time to heal and move on emotionally.

This shows that you’re nothing but a rebound for her. She just wanted a man by her side to fill in the void while she lives the fantasies of her previous relationship. She’s definitely not into you!

5. She loves discussing about her ex

Notice if your girlfriend frequently talks about her ex and his habits. If yes, she may not be over her ex.

She’ll bring her ex’s topic up and won’t regard your feelings or discomfort. This may be because she hasn’t established healthy boundaries between her past and present relationships. 

6. She keeps mementos

If she still has mementos like gifts, letters, or photographs from her ex, she’s emotionally attached to the memories associated with those.

These mementos serve as a way for her to relive or hold onto those moments and give her a sense of nostalgia.

Her unwillingness to part with them shows she’s not fully prepared to move on from her past relationship. 

7. Her friends were shocked to know about you

When you met her friends, recall if even any of them were too surprised to accept you as her partner. 

If you and her dating is not natural to them, they know she wasn’t planning on moving on. Perhaps they know she still has feelings for her ex! 

8. She’s still in contact with him

Exes can never be your friends – not after that romantic drama they had!

So, is she still connected with her ex?

Whether she likes his social media posts or talks to him over call, if she’s connected somehow, that’s a big warning sign. 

9. She intentionally comes across him

Does your girlfriend intentionally seek opportunities to bump into her ex?

If yes, this shows she wants to maintain some connection, even if it’s just a casual encounter.

This indicates that she’s emotionally attached or still drawn to him somehow. She wants him to miss her and wants her back!

10. She regularly meets her ex’s family

After being separated, exes make sure they avoid each other as much as they can. This is because they don’t want to see each other and face the awkwardness.

If your girlfriend stays in touch with her ex’s family, she wants to be in contact with her ex. It’s also her way to make his family put in a good word for her and get closer to him! 

11. She avoids meeting their mutual friends with you 

Recall if your girlfriend avoids introducing you to mutual friends she shares with her ex. This shows that those friends know something that you must not know. She’s scared that they’ll spill the truth to you. 

Perhaps they know she’s still hung on her ex. Or they’re helping them reconcile.

Her reluctance shows something is up… and that’s definitely about her ex!

12. She still remembers every tiny detail

You have noticed she still remembers small details and events from her past relationship. It might be where she had her first date, the first flower he got her, his favorite action hero, or how he likes his morning coffee. 

All this shows she’s still not moved on from her ex. 

13. She always compliments her ex

If your girlfriend constantly compliments her ex in conversation, there is no way she is over him.

It shows that she still holds positive feelings for her ex. She also idealizes him, viewing him through a romanticized lens. If given a chance, she’d definitely date him again! 

14. She defends him

Say something bad about him and watch how she reacts. If she gets offended and tries to defend his honor at the expense of making you upset, your suspicions are right!

She’s definitely not over him. In fact, she still loves him enough to stand up for him!

15. She texts him when drunk

Alcohol can make people more emotionally expressive. If your girlfriend texts her ex when she’s high, it’s a significant sign that she’s not over him.

Rather, she has strong emotional ties or unresolved feelings for him. It shows her desire to connect with him. 

16. She frequently stalks her ex’s social media accounts

If she’s consistently focused on her ex’s online activities, she hasn’t moved on. Instead, she’s obsessed with him.

Her frequent visits to her ex’s profiles show how invested she is in his life. She wants to know what he’s up to, whether he’s fine without her or if there’s another girl in his life! 

17. She still hasn’t deleted their romantic pictures on social media

When people break up and start a new relationship, they usually delete all pictures of their exes. After all, they don’t want their new partner to get the wrong idea. 

But if your girlfriend still has romantic pictures with her ex on social media, that’s a red flag. She still wants to hold onto the memories associated with that period in her life.

She won’t delete these pictures because she’s still not over him completely!

18. She won’t create boundaries with her ex

She consistently prioritizes her ex’s needs, requests, or time over her own. Further, she says she won’t respond to him anymore, but she can’t refuse him. 

It shows that she’s hesitant about creating boundaries with him. This is all because she hasn’t fully moved on from her past.

She still keeps the door open to her past love

19. She regularly checks her notifications

Your girlfriend obsessively checks her notifications, especially those related to her ex. 

This habit suggests that she’s interested in knowing what’s happening in her ex’s life. It’s not sheer curiosity – but attachment to him.

She wants him to notice her and reach out on social media! 

20. She slips out her ex’s name during sex

During intimate moments, did she ever mistakenly say her ex’s name?

If yes, it’s a clear sign that she’s not over him. This behavior can be particularly sensitive.

Her mind is not fully engaged with you during those steamy moments. Rather, she’s imagining you as her ex!  

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs match, your suspicions are true. However, make sure you don’t fight with her. Instead, talk to her calmly about these signs. 

Ask how she’d like to address the issue. If she wants to give the relationship a shot, get couples counseling and help her overcome the past. 

If she truly wants her ex, it’s high time you let her go. Heal and find a woman that loves only you.

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