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30 Heartwarming Signs Of True Love From A Woman You Should Know About

30 Heartwarming Signs Of True Love From A Woman You Should Know About

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

30 Heartwarming Signs Of True Love From A Woman You Should Know About

The signs of true love from a woman aren’t anything cryptic or inexplicable. They are actually quite prominent – especially if you know how to read into her words and actions.

But sometimes, you may be too preoccupied to notice them. Or, your poor experiences with women jumble your judgment.  And it’s okay to be in doubt sometimes. 

However, don’t let that doubt stay for too long, as it might hurt your bond. Instead, dive right in to know the truth!

30 Signs Of True Love From A Woman

To be in love and to be loved by a woman are beautiful feelings. She truly dedicates her entire being to your welfare. 

And when there is love, it always shows. But some sly women have mastered the art of faking love, so it can get hard.

So, deep down, you might know that she loves you, but you may also be skeptical. That’s why you must dig in to get reassurance about her love for you!

1. She cares about you a lot

A woman who truly loves you will be your anchor when you feel lost. She’ll show you how much she cares for you by sticking by you through thick and thin. 

She will also do small things like cooking you breakfast or writing you a letter to bring a smile to your face.  

2. She makes compromises and sacrifices for you

Compromises help people to ensure that their partner’s needs and desires are met – just as much as their own. 

So, if she truly loves you, she’ll care about your wants and happily sacrifice and compromise for you. But remember, this does not mean that she will give up her dreams. 

3. She is always her true self around you

A relationship can never work when partners can’t be their honest selves around each other. And if she really loves you, she knows that. 

Then, her inhibitions and self-consciousness would dissipate around you. So, she might sit on your bed and cry while watching a movie with an ice cream tub. 

4. She spends a lot of time with you

A woman in true love will make sure to spend at least an hour every day with you. And if you two have chemistry, the time spent together would fly away without you noticing it. 

5. She gets jealous

A little bit of jealousy is actually a sign of healthy love. So, if this woman gets jealous if you flirt with or even talk to another guy, chances are that she wants to be the only girl receiving your attention. 

So, she loves you and definitely wants your relationship with her to be exclusive. 

6. You’ll notice it in her body language

If a woman genuinely loves you, she will mirror your movements subconsciously. She’ll also lean into you when you talk. Moreover, you will find it is hard for her not to touch you when you are around. 

7. She treats you kindly

Perhaps she treats you compassionately even when you are your worst self. Or she always puts herself in your shoes to understand your thoughts. 

Kindness is not a surefire sign of love. But if it shows up with other signs on the list, she definitely loves you – genuinely!

8. She tells you what she likes about you

If she often showers you with meaningful compliments, she has true feelings for you. She may praise you for your good qualities, like your patience and empathy. Or it might be about how good of a partner you are. 

9. She includes you in her future

This is one of the biggest signs that a woman loves you. After all, if she did not, she won’t even imagine having a future with you. 

So, if she says things like she wants to move in with you or even have your kids, get the sign already! 

10. She often confides in you

Are you the first person she calls when she needs to get something off her chest? 

If yes, it means that she loves you and values your opinion deeply. She trusts you enough to know that neither will you spill her secrets nor judge her. 

11. She respects you

Mutual respect is important to build a strong relationship. So, in true love, she’ll respect your boundaries, privacy, and personal space. 

She will respect you not just because she wants to make this relationship work and actually thinks highly of you. 

12. She never takes you for granted

If she often tells you she is grateful to have you in her life, this is another sign that she loves you. So, the things you do for her will never go unnoticed, no matter how small they might be. 

13. She is comfortable without makeup around you

Of course, women wear makeup because they want to look pretty. But most try to hide certain parts of themselves that they think are unattractive. 

So, notice if this woman is comfortable without makeup around you. If yes, she knows that you will find her beautiful no matter what she perceives as her flaws. So, she genuinely loves you.  

14. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable

Being fully vulnerable in front of someone is never easy. People only do that in front of someone they totally trust and are comfortable with.

Notice if she shares all her insecurities, whether those are personal or about the future of the relationship. If yes, this is another sign that she loves you. 

15. She tells you if she is mad at you

In true love, a woman will tell you if she is mad with you. Since she is thinking about the relationship in the long term, she won’t let resentment grow. 

So, rather than holding grudges, she will address the things bothering her and hold you accountable if necessary. 

16. She is okay with being sick around you

When people are sick, they know they won’t look or be their best. 

So, if she is not worried about how she might look when sick, she knows that you care more about her than her appearance. 

If you’ve seen her red and puffy face and runny nose, this is another sign that she truly loves you. 

17. She is concerned about your well-being

Genuine love from a woman makes her nag you about your meals or medicines. She’ll check up on you at least once daily to ensure you are okay. 

This is because she loves you and is concerned about your well-being. So, she wants you to be happy and healthy.

18. She is curious about you

Another sign that a woman really loves you is when she asks about your interests and dreams. She’ll want to know everything, from your favorite childhood memories to your deepest fears. 

19. She listens when you talk

If a woman loves you, she’ll actively listen to you whenever you speak. She’ll be genuinely interested in what you have to say and want to make you feel seen and heard. 

Whether you are ranting about your boss or giving a political opinion, she’ll be interested in everything you say. 

20. She flirts with you a lot

A woman with nothing but genuine love for you will flirt relentlessly. But she won’t resort to cheesy pick-up lines, unlike most men. 

Rather, she’ll be subtle about it. She might play with your hair, touch you gently, or lean into you every time you talk. 

21. She is your greatest cheerleader

If she truly loves you, she’ll believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. She’ll push you to work hard and encourage you to follow all your dreams. All because she wants to see you happy and successful. Moreover, she will always celebrate your successes with you.

22. She remembers little details about you

When a woman truly loves you, she will listen and remember everything you tell her. 

So, she may recall details about your childhood memories or that not-so-well-known band you are fond of. She may even surprise you one day by cooking you your favorite meal. 

23. You feel she is the one

Your instincts notice the not-so-obvious signs far earlier than your conscious mind. It considers all the little signs that go unnoticed and comes to a conclusion. 

So, if your instincts say she’s the one, then she definitely loves you genuinely!

24. She actively works to make the relationship better  

Relationships are never easy. So, if she truly loves you, she will actively work to make the relationship better. 

She will communicate openly and honestly, address the problems, make the necessary sacrifices, and ensure that your as well as her needs are met. 

25. She accepts you for who you are

If this woman genuinely loves you, she will accept the real you despite all your flaws and imperfections. 

Rather than judging you for your quirks and weird habits, she will actually find them charming. So, you will be able to be your truest self in front of her.

26. She is shy when you are around

Does she blush when you are around? If yes, this is another sign that she truly loves you. 

Even though she is comfortable being herself around you, she’ll still be shy. You may even find her stuttering once or twice when she talks to you.

27. She values your opinion

Loving someone also entails respecting them. So, if a woman genuinely loves you, she will listen to your views even when she does not agree with you. 

Moreover, she’ll genuinely value your judgment and seek your advice before big decisions. 

28. She speaks highly of you to others

Despite how mad she is at you, she will always speak highly of you around others. This is because she loves you and wants people to see the best in you. 

She’ll always talk about you with a tenderness in her voice and brag about your accomplishments. 

29. She celebrates your victories with you

When you don’t care about someone, you are nonchalant about their successes. So, if she celebrates your victories with you, this is another sign that she loves you. You may even find that she is more excited about your successes than you are. 

30. She likes to dress up for you

Men are visual creatures, and women know that. So, one of the biggest signs that a woman truly loves you is when she dresses up for you. 

She will put on her best dress, do her makeup to absolute perfection, and smell amazing to impress and attract you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

By now, you should already have figured out if this woman loves you. But, if you are still unsure, the easiest thing to do is to ask her. 

Remember, if it’s fake, she’d have a difficult time faking her love and making eye contact while answering you. But she won’t hesitate to open up if her feelings are genuine. 

Make sure you listen properly, and you’ll understand whether she truly loves you!

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