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How To End A First Date? 15 Impressionable Tips And Tricks

How To End A First Date? 15 Impressionable Tips And Tricks

Updated on Oct 05, 2023

How To End A First Date 15 Impressionable Tips And Tricks

Everyone works hard to land a dreamy and enchanting date, but nobody thinks about how to end a first date on the right note. 

After all, it is extremely crucial to leave a lasting impression. Whether things work out or not, it will help you conclude peacefully without appearing desperate.

So, if that worry is on your mind, this think-piece is here for your rescue. Dive right in for all the enlightening tips.

How To End A First Date? 15 Tips

First dates are always exciting and nerve-wracking. Not only is it a fun experience, but you also get to learn a lot about yourself. 

But do you know how to conclude your first date the right way? 

Knowing how to part ways is a whole other game. If you don’t do it right, you may lead on a bad date or turn off a good one!

So, here are some tips to end your date on a positive note.

1. Express Gratitude

If you want to score big on your first date, always remember to say Thank You. Be polite and express your gratitude for their time and efforts. 

Even if your date did not go well, leave a favorable impression. Remember, not all dates will end with wedding bells. Thus, be well-mannered and avoid annoyance or frustration.

2. Ask If You Can Pay The Bill

When your bill comes to the table, be a sport and offer to pay immediately. If you’re a woman and the other person asked you out, they might deny your request. But at least they will appreciate your gesture.

Even though chivalry rules, you might be unaware of your date’s financial conditions. Thus, offering to help is a grand gesture that can make quite a difference. You can also split the bill to keep their dignity intact.

If you’re a man and/or you asked out your date, then you must pay the bill. 

3. Try To Plan The Next Date

If your first date went well, plan the next one. Try to lock down a second date and specify your interests. 

Don’t leave the other person hanging with general statements like, ‘I’ll be in touch’ or ‘We should do this again sometime.’

If you want to meet and take your relationship to the next level, don’t hesitate. Be direct in letting them know you would love to hang out again.

4. Be Kind Regardless Of How You Feel

Regardless of how you feel during your date, try not to hurt them. Be kind and respectful and put your best self forward.

If you can’t turn them down on the spot, just say you will let them know. Since some people can handle rejection badly, don’t come off as conceited and opt for maturity instead. 

5. Make A Suggestion To Continue Your Outing

Even though you have come out of your date spot, you can always plan something to carry your date forward.

Ask for their schedule and see if they would be up for doing something fun. Make suggestions for your after-date events and see if your interests match. If it’s a yes, go for it!

6. Talk About Sex Only If You Want To

Not every date will lead to the bedroom, and you don’t have to push yourself for it. If you genuinely want to move things to bed, only then talk about your sexual interests. Do not lead the other person on if you are not feeling it. 

Further, check if you both are on the same page regarding this. Take your chances only if the other person wants a sexual connection. 

7. Read Their Body Language

There are always ways to tell when things are getting salty between you two. Look for the signs that indicate you should end your date right away. 

If you find your date is feeling restless or constantly checking time, it is probably time to end it.

Alternatively, if the vibe is strong and the two are hitting off well with each other, suggest spending a little more time. 

8. Leave An Intimate Parting Gesture

If you have really hit it off, end your first date with a warm hug. It doesn’t have to be touchy or flirty, just a heartfelt hug would do the trick.

Additionally, if you had intimate and steamy moments during your date, end it with a kiss. Now, a French kiss might not always be a good choice. But a little goodnight peck can leave lingering emotions. 

9. Connect Later That Night

If you have connected extremely well and would want to continue things further, exchange contact information. Do not text or call immediately, but connect later that night. 

Start with a text that won’t make them uncomfortable. Say things like you really had fun together and that you should do this again soon. 

Be casual and share your schedule to let them know you are available for the next meeting. 

10. Be Honest About Your Feelings

If you are not interested in your date, be direct when the time comes. Tell them you would not want to continue seeing them as you did not feel the click.

Remember to be kind and polite, and don’t sound rude. Admit that it did not go well and offer a proper closure to make them feel at ease. 

11. End Things Earlier If It Doesn’t Work

If you want to end your first date midway, play it safe. Ask your friends to call you and save you from this mess. Now, this isn’t the best thing to do, but you can always try.

If you do not want to be dishonest, tell the truth and offer to end things right there. It can be disappointing for them, but you’ll save both of your time. 

12. Don’t Give Mixed Signals

Don’t do things you don’t mean. If you don’t want to continue your date, don’t pretend you are having a good time. 

If you are not interested in listening to their stories, don’t pretend to enjoy them.

If you try to escape situations by being a yes-man, it can lead to bigger problems. Thus, be direct if you are sure that there is no spark left and end it politely. 

13. Offer A Compliment

End your first date with a sincere compliment about something you genuinely appreciate. It can be their sense of humor, fashion sense, or intelligence. 

Everyone enjoys compliments, and this can be a positive way to leave a lasting impression.

If you score a second date, you might get to see more of the appreciated quality at your next meeting. 

14. Leave Them Wanting For More

Unravel your mysterious personality and leave them wanting for more. Work your charms to make sure you score a second date. Mention exciting details about yourself or point out how both of you have similar interests. 

Wrap up in a lighthearted way, signaling that you want to see them again and want to know more about them. When you show your interest, they will certainly come back for more. 

15. Keep It Positive

Finally, end it on a positive note. Avoid talking about things that did not go well and talk about things that did. 

Always end things neatly without any hard feelings or guilt, as you might never meet this person ever again. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The conclusion of a first date is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Set the stage for future interactions. However, there is no golden rule or sure-shot practices when it comes to dating. It’s all trial and error.

Follow these tips to ensure your first date ends on a high note, and you leave with a sense of satisfaction and intrigue.

Happy Dating!

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