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20 Telltale Signs He Changed His Mind About You For Good And Is Having Second Thoughts 

20 Telltale Signs He Changed His Mind About You For Good And Is Having Second Thoughts 

Updated on Oct 03, 2023

20 Telltale Signs He Changed His Mind About You For Good And Is Having Second Thoughts 

If your man is not the same, it’s time to check for signs he changed his mind about you

You have been feeling a shift in your relationship. Maybe you don’t have long conversations anymore, or the warm hugs don’t feel the same.

Friends say it is normal for your relationship to go cold. But you feel something is off!

To know whether your doubts are right, let’s dive in here.

20 Signs He Changed His Mind About You 

Life is full of ups and downs. So even if your man acts a bit off, you feel it’s probably work or family. Not in your worst nightmares did you think your soulmate fell out of love.

In this emotional moment, it’s extremely difficult to recognize whether your man has a change of heart. 

But if you have this nagging feeling in your heart, you must check for these signs right away!

1. There’s A Shift In Communication 

If he was once open and communicative but has become closed off and distant, it’s a sign that he may not be as invested in the relationship. 

For instance, he might show disinterest in your conversations, become defensive, or even argue when you talk. 

Additionally, a drop in the frequency and depth of your conversations is a clear indication.

2. You Don’t Spend Much Quality Time Together 

If he’s changed his mind about you, his commitment to quality time will falter. He may prioritize other activities over spending time with you. 

He’ll cancel plans, show less enthusiasm for making plans, or won’t put in effort to make your time together memorable.

3. You Guys Lack Physical Connection 

Physical intimacy is a cornerstone of romantic relationships. However, if your man’s feelings have shifted, he’ll be less interested in being physically intimate with you. 

He might show reduced enthusiasm during intimate moments or even abstain from physical affection altogether. 

While this doesn’t always indicate lost interest, it’s worth considering when accompanied by other signs.

4. He Avoids Future Discussions 

In a committed relationship, it’s natural to plan for the future. 

But when your man avoids such conversations or reacts defensively to such topics, he no longer envisions a future with you. 

He might brush off questions related to marriage, kids, owning a house together, etc. This sign may be subtle but should not be dismissed lightly.

5. You Can Feel He’s Disinterested 

He was always affectionate and genuinely interested in your life before. But has he now become disinterested? 

Perhaps he doesn’t engage in conversations or respond to your needs like before. Or, he doesn’t listen attentively or ask questions about your goals and ambitions anymore. 

If yes, it’s a glaring sign of shifting feelings. 

6. He Reduced His Effort In The Relationship

In a thriving relationship, both partners consistently show effort and appreciation. However, when your partner’s commitment wanes, he may stop making an effort. He won’t show any gesture of love or appreciation.

Additionally, he might neglect personal appearance and behavior. It signals his diminishing interest in the relationship, and he doesn’t see it as worth his time and energy. 

7. He Finds Issues With All Of Your Actions

If he has changed his mind about you, he will try hard to find flaws in everything you do. He’ll be disappointed at the food you make, how you act, or lead your life.

This can damage your self-esteem and erode the love and respect within the relationship over time.

8. He Neglects Your Needs 

In a healthy relationship, partners prioritize each other’s needs and wants. However, if your man’s feelings have changed, he may become less concerned about your happiness. 

He won’t prioritize your well-being, which might take a toll on you. He may hesitate to compromise or make sacrifices for you, putting his own needs before yours. 

9. He Shows Defensive And Argumentative Behavior 

When you confront him about relationship issues, does he become defensive or argumentative? 

If he’s changed his mind about you, he might shift blame onto you or become hostile when you express your feelings. 

He’ll get mad and fail to understand your perspective. He’ll always portray himself as right while making you the villain.

10. He Avoid Family Introductions

In happy relationships, partners introduce each other to their social circle. But if he has second thoughts about you, he’ll avoid such introductions. 

He won’t bring you around his friends and family or find excuses to exclude you from events. This might be a difficult sign to recognize, and you might think he is only being possessive. 

11. He Shows Interest In Other Women 

Flirting with other people can be a precursor to infidelity and his changed mind about you. 

He might appreciate and flirt with other women in front of you. This is solely to make you feel embarrassed and left out. 

12. There’s A Lack Of Support And Empathy

If your man has changed his mind about you, he will be less sympathetic and supportive of you. Once your biggest cheerleader now seems indifferent to your challenges. 

He won’t want to listen to your story or support you through hard times. Furthermore, he’ll belittle your emotions and dismiss your concerns every time you want to have an honest conversation about what is going on. 

14. There’s No Label To Your Relationship

If your man does not want to name the relationship, you might want to reconsider. He is less interested in talking about where this relationship is going and does not want to hear if you want to commit for the long run or go public with your relationship.

All of this indicates he doesn’t want to continue anymore.

15. He Doesn’t Share His Emotions Anymore 

Open communication about emotions is vital in a healthy relationship. However, if your man’s feelings have changed, he may become less willing to open up to you. In this case, he might appear emotionally distant or closed off. 

If he used to share even the trivial details but now seems unbothered, something has certainly changed.

15. He Compares You To Others 

If your man compares you to others and puts you down, that’s another glaring sign of his changed mind about you. 

Even if these comparisons make you insecure, your feelings don’t seem to concern him. He’ll continue these comparisons to get you out of his life. 

16. He Hardly Refers To You Two As “Us” Or “We” 

When your man is not interested in you, he will no longer consider you as a part of his life. He will stop using words like ‘’us’ and “we” and indicate that you are now separate individuals.

17. He’s Never Romantic Nowadays

A decrease in affection and romantic gestures is a clear sign that he’s no longer into you. He may stop holding your hand, hugging, or kissing you. Or he may lose interest in romantic dates and special gestures. He might not even call or text you as frequently, unlike old times.

18. Your Appearance Is Never Good Enough

If he passes remarks about your weight, food habits, and clothing choices, he clearly doesn’t have feelings for you. 

He wants to erode your self-confidence and make you insecure. He makes you feel unattractive so that you leave him sooner.

19. He Doesn’t Compliment You 

If your man doesn’t compliment or praise you, his feelings have shifted.  He doesn’t view you as the most beautiful woman on the planet and doesn’t even consider that you exist.  

Even if you put effort into changing yourself according to his tastes, he’d say you’re supposed to doll yourself up. He’ll brush off even the thoughts of giving you a second look.

20. He Always Avoids Conflict 

Consistent avoidance of confrontation can harm a relationship. If your partner refuses to address important issues or engage in difficult conversations, that’s another concerning sign. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to work things out with you. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice any of these signs in your man, remember that worrying won’t help. You must also not jump to conclusions as you might overthink and assume certain signs. 

So, it’s important that you clearly communicate your fears to your man ASAP. If your fears come true, give couples counseling a try to patch things up. But if he’s not interested, know better than to beg for him. Know your worth and live a dignified life!

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