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20 Wild Signs Of A Thirsty Woman That’s Desperate For Attention

20 Wild Signs Of A Thirsty Woman That’s Desperate For Attention

Updated on Oct 25, 2023

20 Wild Signs Of A Thirsty Woman That’s Desperate For Attention

Are you curious about the signs of a thirsty woman

To understand better, you must understand the meaning behind this relatively new slang. 

A “thirsty woman” is actually any girl who’s desperate for attention from prospective partners. It might be for a sexual purpose or even a relationship. 

She might jump at the first opportunity of making out or hooking up with someone. But these are not the only signs that make her thirsty. 

So, here is a guide to help you confirm if she is a thirsty woman.

20 Signs Of A Thirsty Woman

First things first, let’s not be biased and understand that a thirsty woman is not necessarily bad. She’s perceived in a negative light because of how society wants a woman to behave. 

So long she’s clear about her intentions and doesn’t do anything to harm others in her little attention-seeking game, it’s all good!

C’mon, now let’s identify her here with a judgment-free mind…

1. She gives you late-night calls

Late-night conversations are normal in relationships. But if she gives you a call only at night and avoids any conversations during the day, she might be here just for fun. Her thirst will make her ring you at midnight.

2. Your interactions mostly lead to sexual things

At the beginning of a relationship, you try to get to know each other better. 

But if you only do sexual stuff, it signifies she is thirsty and only wants a physical relationship with you. You always end up or begin your interactions with sex.

3. She flirts with all the guys

Even though you are together, does she always focus on other guys? 

Notice if she flirts with guys, even in your presence, and tries to draw all attention to herself. If yes, you should know she is too thirsty, and you aren’t enough for her.

4. She instantly uses the couple tag

You have not been dating for very long. But if she refers to the two of you as a “couple” or “soulmates” even before dating long enough, that’s a warning sign.

It means she is just trying to show off that she’s in a relationship or has a boyfriend. She is not that into you and is only thirsty for known to be taken. 

5. She drops hints to seduce you

Do all her words and actions seem sexually suggestive? 

If yes, you might be dating a thirsty woman. She will always try to draw your attention towards herself so that you want her and her body.

6. She is too much into a future with you

Observe whether she is always in a rush about having a future with you. For instance, she talks about you joining her on her holidays and weekends or even plans a wedding with you. 

If you’re both dating for a while, this is pretty exciting and normal.

However, if she just met you and has already picked a wedding dress, this just shows she’s thirsty for a relationship so badly!

7. She barges into different areas of your life unannounced

Perhaps you find her everywhere you go. She tries to sneak in all of your plans even though it’s just a friends’ reunion. 

If yes, this shows she is trying to be always available for you – a major sign of thirst. She wants you to think she’s the one and be all over her.

8. She is too clingy

Being clingy is never good for relationships. Moreover, if she hangs on to you for constant validation, she is thirsty. 

It is her way of getting attention and reassurance from you. This obviously suffocates you and makes you want to run for the hills. 

9. She always makes contact first

Men like women who make the first move – whether it’s about asking for a phone number or for a date. After all, men are so tired of feeling anxious about potential rejection.

But if she not only initiates contact but also overwhelms you with too many texts and calls, that is too much and a serious sign of a thirsty woman. 

A woman who’s not thirsty will usually take her time and even delay her response!

10. She expresses her need for someone

On the first day you met her, did she constantly say that she needed someone? 

This means she needs someone beside her, and anyone will work! She isn’t dating because she likes you. 

It is a sign of her thirst and desperation for a relationship or even just a sexual partner. 

11. She has too many dating apps on her phone

If you guys are casually dating or aren’t yet serious, having dating apps on the phone is not bad. It is just a way of meeting new people and keeping your options open. 

But if her phone is filled with dating apps, even though you guys want to seriously give it a shot, she is too thirsty for more attention.

12. She is overexcited on getting a match

This sign is obviously in addition to the previous one.

If she gets overjoyed whenever she secures a match on dating apps, she’s just too impatient for some action. 

This overexcitement shows her unquenchable thirst for more in life. She might desire more romantic or sexual connections. 

13. She loves going to the bar

The bar is a great place to find people, especially thirsty ones. So, if she loves going to the bar or you guys met at the bar, she might be looking forward to getting laid and quenching her thirst. Her thirst is not just for alcohol or a fun dance.

14. She posts too many risky photos on social media

It’s not bad to be too invested in social media. But notice if she always posts pictures exposing her body on social media. 

If yes, it is a sign that she wants to show off her assets to draw attention towards herself.

15. She is always clean down there

Some women, of course, love to keep themselves clean. But that’s very rare!

Unless a woman gets some action, she won’t frequently take the pain of bending and twisting herself in weird angles for a clean shave. On the other hand, some other options for the same are just too painful or expensive.

But if she’s always clean there, she might be looking for action. It is her way of preparing herself for sex at any instant.  

16. She asks for nudes

Men usually get into this phase first. But if she asks you for nude pictures or snaps of your private parts, she is thirsty for it. 

This is true, especially if your relationship has not progressed enough.

17. She gets turned on easily

Do you feel like it is very easy to turn her on? 

If yes, she is too thirsty and eager for a sexual connection. 

She doesn’t need anything specific. If you show a little bit of attention, she’ll take the bait right away and get what she can.

18. She chases someone she can’t have

This is another common sign of a thirsty woman. Even though she knows someone is not interested in her, she will chase after them. She can’t take no and wants to have every man she wants.

19. She is ready to do the deed with a friend

No woman in her sane mind will pull a platonic friend into a sexual relationship. But if she often removes people from the friend zone and gets laid, there is no question!

She is fulfilling her needs with her “friends” as she is desperate and thirsty.

20. She is always ready to go out and mingle

Before you assume the worst about her, know that this sign alone doesn’t imply a lot. However, when accompanied by any of the other signs, it becomes a glaring issue. 

So, apart from the other signs, if she is always ready to get out of the house, she might be going on a hunt. 

She wants to socialize just to find a new person to satisfy her thirsty needs.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If even a few of these signs show pretty strongly in a woman, she’s surely thirsty. 

So, if you find you’re dating a thirsty woman, know that this journey won’t be easy. She might not give you the commitment you need. 

However, if you’re also just looking for fun, this connection can work out pretty well!

So, figure out what you want from this relationship and decide its course as you desire!

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