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How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend For The First Time? 15 Wonderful Tips To Get Him Closer

How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend For The First Time? 15 Wonderful Tips To Get Him Closer

Published on Sep 26, 2023

How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend For The First Time 15 Wonderful Tips To Get Him Closer

If you are wondering how to cuddle with your boyfriend for the first time, remember that you have to be gentle. This will convey how much you care for him. If he gets the 

Moreover, remember that men like cuddling as well. If you assume he won’t like it, things won’t work out. So, believe that he also wants to be innocently intimate with you.

But these aren’t the only things to keep in mind. So, dive in to have the best first cuddle here!

How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend For The First Time? – 15 Important Tips

If you’ve just started dating and haven’t even broken the touch barrier, cuddling is the best way to take the relationship forward. And it’s normal to feel nervous. After all, you don’t want to seem too eager or forceful. 

So, don’t think too much about it. Just remember that it’s better to make advances in a private space. You’ll have a higher chance of getting comfortable then!

Other than that, follow these tips to have an enjoyable cuddle session. 

1. Slide Up To Him Gently

Instead of cuddling him right away, prepare for the cuddle yourself and give him some time as well. So, slide up to him gently. 

You can do this when watching a movie or just sitting and talking. Don’t make the slide very abrupt. Otherwise, it can make your boyfriend uncomfortable.  

2. Let Him Put His Arm Around You

Be extremely close to him, and yet do not touch him. This will make him want to touch you. He will put his arm around you and touch you or at least hold your hand by instinct.

Once he does that, you can lay your head on his shoulders and get closer. This will make it seem as if he initiated the cuddle, and it happened because he wanted it.

3. Gently Push Back Or Lean Against Him

If he did not touch you or put his arms around you in the last step, your next step is to gently push back and lean against him. 

Most guys like it when their girlfriends do this. They feel that it gives their women a sense of security and triggers the protective instinct of men. 

Do this, and he will naturally try to cuddle you.

4. Initiate Spooning 

A great way to cuddle with your boyfriend for the first time is by spooning – this works if you guys are lying on the bed. 

There are different types of spooning, and you can choose the one that suits your relationship best. 

There is the Mama Bear spooning, where you will cuddle your boyfriend from behind while lying down. It works if he’s lying facing away from you.

The Papa Bear spooning works if he’s lying facing toward you. You can get closer to him with your back toward him. It is intimate and will make you both feel good.

5. Avoid The Cuddling Blunders

Beware of some first-time blunders that can completely ruin your cuddle time. For instance, don’t pull him close with a sudden jerk, as that might hurt him. 

Even the dead arm is extremely common. It happens when you block the blood flow in his hand due to the weight of your head. 

Avoid the tight squeeze as it makes him struggle to breathe properly.

6. Lock Eyes With Him

Without passion, it can be difficult to have a good cuddling experience with your man. Hence, lock eyes and let him know you are looking right at him. 

Eye contact is a great starting point. It makes most guys take the hint and give you a warm cuddle. Reciprocate it by cuddling him back.

7. Put A Gentle Peck

A gentle cheek kiss is a great icebreaker. Sadly, most women do not understand that. 

So, warm him up by pecking on his cheeks swiftly. After that, give him a light cuddle. This increases the chances of him cuddling you back. 

8. Tickle Him Gently

Remember, just because it’s your first time, you don’t need to be extremely passionate and serious. Have fun, as it can help a lot. 

For instance, you can give him a slight tickle. This makes the touch more special and close to the heart. 

This will let your boyfriend know you might want him to come closer. You can then initiate the cuddle. In most cases, the guy initiates it by himself.

9. Refrain From Pressuring Him Into It

Do not pressurize him into cuddling, as it is a huge mistake. Otherwise, it will be the worst cuddle of your life. And neither of you will feel good in a forced situation. 

Even if he likes cuddling and you pressurize, he will never enjoy the session. Instead, let it happen naturally. If you get the idea that he is not interested, respect that.

10. Act Like You’re Cold To Make Him Want To Hold You Close

Although this might be an old trick, it always works. Make him want to come close to you by saying, “I am feeling so cold.” 

He will initiate the cuddle to make you feel warm. You can also put your arms around him, and voila…you are cuddling!

However, if it’s scorching hot, use some other creative sentence to make him touch you. 

11. Rub His Hands

Massage his hands lightly to ease him into physical contact. Since this is the first time, he may hesitate a bit. But once your warm hands make him comfortable, he may want to massage you back and slowly get into cuddling. 

12. Watch A Horror Movie With Him 

If he’s fine with it, choose a day to watch a horror movie. Watch it at either of your homes – don’t go to the theater as it may not be appropriate. Bring a light blanket and cover both of your laps with it. Make sure to turn off all lights. 

When the scary parts come up, hide under the blanket. Slowly go closer to him and hide in his chest. This will make him want to support you by putting his arms around you. Eventually, this will lead to a fun cuddle session!

13. Repeat The Pattern To Make Him Notice

Guys need some time to understand that you are okay with them cuddling you. Hence, even after you lean or give him other signals like you’re cold, he might not get the sign.

You might need to repeat doing the same thing for some time so that he understands you are okay with him cuddling.  

14. Smell Good

If you are cuddling your boyfriend for the first time, it is extremely important to smell good. Remember that he will be close to you; hence, your smell will linger in his senses long after you are gone. 

Also, you do not want your boyfriend to think after the first cuddle that you do not smell good, right? Hence, apply a sweet fragrance that is enigmatic.

15. Whisper Something Into His Ears

On your first cuddle, it is important to leave a magical impression. Do something that makes him blush or spark passion. The best way to do it is by saying something in his ears lightly. 

It could be something like, “Wow, you smell so good,” or “Your grip is so firm.” It makes him feel validated, and the cuddle might also get extended to a kiss!

A word from The PleasantRelationship

Cuddling for the first time with your boyfriend is special. So, remember not to rush the process. Be proactive, but don’t force it just because others told you. 

Remember, the goal is to get closer emotionally and physically – not check a task out of your to-do list!

So, try to create the moment with all your heart. But don’t be self-conscious because a particular move didn’t seem romantic or smooth. It’s your first time, so cut yourself some slack.

Lastly, ensure your boyfriend is comfortable with physical contact. Act sweet and loving, and it’ll naturally happen!