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How To Make A Girl Blush Hard? – 15 Cute Ways To Make Her Cheeks Flush

How To Make A Girl Blush Hard? – 15 Cute Ways To Make Her Cheeks Flush

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

How To Make A Girl Blush Hard - 15 Cute Ways To Make Her Cheeks Flush

So, you want to know how to make a girl blush hard… but you don’t want to resort to cheesy pickup lines!

She’s special to you, and you’re especially cautious as you don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

But you also can’t fight this strong urge to watch her blushing face. After all, it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!

Well, you’ve reached the right place. So, keep scrolling because you’re about to know all the little things to make her blush here!

How To Make A Girl Blush Hard? – 15 Ways

There’s something undeniably charming about making a girl blush. And if this woman is someone special – like a crush, girlfriend, or even your wife – there’s all the more reason to see her glowy pink face. 

So, if you’re ready to make this woman feel shy and show her gorgeous flush on her face, follow these ways…

1. Try to keep eye contact more than usual

Eye contact shows confidence. So, she’ll find you more attractive if you maintain eye contact

Of course, if you’re not used to making eye contact, this can be tough. Initially, it may also feel awkward. 

Just remember, the goal should always be to make her feel appreciated, respected, and valued. So, don’t stare and burn holes into her. Instead, be natural and look into her eyes only for a few seconds. This will definitely make her blush! 

2. Give her the best compliment

Make your compliments specific and genuine. General compliments like “you’re beautiful” can be nice but can also come across as superficial. Specific compliments are more meaningful. Thus, it’ll definitely make her blush. 

Thoughtful and out-of-the-ordinary compliments show that you see and appreciate her unique qualities beyond just her appearance. They can make her feel valued for who she is as a person. 

3. Flash a charming smile

Start with a sincere and warm smile. It should be friendly and inviting, not forced or insincere.

Your smile can make her feel flattered and appreciated, which might lead to a blush out of happiness.  

4. Tease her just a little

Playful teasing helps build rapport and create a sense of shared humor between you and the girl. 

Always pair teasing with a smile and maintain a positive tone. Your body language should convey that you’re having fun and not being critical.

Ensure your teasing is light-hearted and never hurtful or mean-spirited. It should be clear that you’re joking and not trying to hurt her feelings. 

5. Use a secret joke

Inside jokes are based on shared experiences, which can make you feel closer to each other.

It’s like having a secret language between you, creating a sense of intimacy. Recall an inside joke to trigger positive memories and emotions, leading to a blush of happiness.

Wait for the right moment to bring up the inside joke. It could be during a casual conversation or when the joke is relevant. 

6. Flirt like a pro

Flirting can be playful and enjoyable, creating a romantic or flirty atmosphere and potentially making a girl blush. It can build attraction and create a sense of chemistry between you and the girl. 

But sometimes, it can be awkward if the girl isn’t comfortable. So, make sure to start slow. 

7. Share a common memory

Recall a private memory to create a sense of intimacy as you open up about that moment. 

Briefly describe the situation to give context to the memory of where you were and what you did at the time.

Express how the memory made you feel and why it was special. 

8. Call her out on something in a joking manner

Look for the situation when she says something funny. Then, call her using any term with the relevant topic.

Always pair your comment with a smile or laughter to convey that it’s all good fun. 

Avoid crossing the line into sarcasm or negativity. Not all girls will find it good. The goal is to make her smile and feel at ease. 

9. Say her what you feel

Heartfelt expressions can evoke positive feelings, which might lead her to blush. Express your feelings honestly and use more romantic language. 

10. Tell her you like it when she blushes

Be straightforward and acknowledge you like to see her blush. You can say, “I like it when you blush. It’s such an endearing and charming reaction.” 

Create a positive feedback loop where she might blush more often in response to your kind words. 

11. Surprise her, but don’t be extravagant 

Surprise her with experiences like a romantic picnic, a hiking trip, or a movie night at home. 

These shared memories can be more meaningful than material possessions. It’ll make her blush more. 

But don’t spend too much or get expensive gifts to make her blush. It may give the impression that you’re trying to buy affection or attention, which feels insincere and superficial. 

It’s a kind gesture, but it shows a lack of real emotional attachment.

If you want to give gifts occasionally, make them thoughtful and personal rather than extravagant. It’s the thought and sentiment behind the gift that matters most.

12. Mind your touches

Some situations allow more physical contact, while others require more restraint. Inappropriate touch can make her feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or violated. This can even lead to legal consequences and damage to your reputation.

If you’re unsure about what is appropriate, communicate openly with her. Ask if she is comfortable with physical contact and knows her boundaries. 

13. Respect her boundaries 

Understandably, you want to be with her always. But don’t give her personal space and respect her physical boundaries. 

Avoid invading her personal space without permission. Seek clear consent for physical contact, such as hugs or handshakes.

Don’t stalk her social media profiles or online presence excessively. It can be perceived as intrusive and creepy. Never overwhelm her with too many messages or excess attention, especially if she hasn’t shown interest. 

14. Try to connect romantically

If you’re not already in a romantic relationship, hit on her to make things more fun. But make sure you’re being genuine and not playing with her. 

She is more likely to blush when she knows that you have romantic feelings for her. She’ll be more responsive to your attempts then. 

15. Be the star of her close ones

Make a positive impression on her friends or peers to indirectly influence her perception of you. 

These people will tell her how amazing you are. This will make her consider you as a prospective romantic connection

Then, every time you make any move on her, she’ll be more likely to blush!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The true beauty of making a girl blush lies not just in the act itself but in the journey of getting to know someone special. 

It’s about respecting boundaries, listening to her cues, and appreciating the unique qualities that make her blush-worthy.

So, embrace the power of respect, kindness, and affection, and create those unforgettable blush-worthy moments. Warm both of your hearts and engage in the magic of genuine connection!

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