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How Do You Know You Love Someone? 50+ Signs to Find Out!

How Do You Know You Love Someone? 50+ Signs to Find Out!

Updated on Mar 13, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How Do You Know You Love Someone - 50+ Signs to Find Out!

So, how do you know when you love someone?  Butterflies in the air or a racing heart? 

Well, quite fair. 

After all, that is what the Shakespearean dramas have taught us. But the ground reality is different.

It is complicated. 

So many of you, reading this.. might be experiencing love. 

But you cannot identify the feeling because they don’t match with the popular stereotypes. And you have no clue of what happens in real life!

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

This list of 50 signs will tell you whether the giddy feeling in your belly is love or not. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s roll into the land of love!

How do you know you love someone? – 50 Signs

Love is not the same for everyone. Every person tends to experience it differently. 

Sometimes, you may be head-over-heels for a person and later discover that it was nothing but infatuation.

Or, you both may have been good friends in the beginning and slowly, started feeling a lot more than friendship. 

The enemy-to-lovers genre is my personal favorite.

It is normal to develop a romantic feeling for someone without experiencing the butterflies or the euphoric hits in your stomach.

But then how would you know if it’s love? That’s exactly where I step in with this list of signs. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in! 

1. Life feels so thrilling! 

When you fall deeply in love with someone, life starts feeling more exciting. 

The black and white days are filled with rainbow colors… and you look forward to every single day as it’s a new opportunity to meet this person. 

You don’t want to miss a single moment of the visual treat. 

If you can relate to this, then buddy you have fallen in love…

2. They make you feel safe

True love is not only about the energy that rushes through your veins, it’s so much more than that. 

You feel safe when you are around your beloved. You feel the warmth of their kindness and their affection all the time. 

You feel a sense of freshness whenever they walk past you, like a cool breeze calming your senses.

3. They are on your mind 24*7

As many clinical psychologists have noticed, when you fall deeply in love with someone, you keep thinking about them. 

When they are not around, you start visualizing them in various scenarios. 

You can spend hours and hours daydreaming… and it still feels less. 

4. Time spent with them is “quality time”

You know you are in love when you can’t get enough of that person ever. 

No number of hours spent is ever enough, you are always left wanting for more. 

Everything in life – except your love interest – seems secondary now. 

…and ofcourse, no one can match the joy you feel when they pay the same attention to you. 

5. Jealousy walks in too…

Relationship experts believe that when you are in love with someone, you naturally become protective about them. You want them ALL to you and only you.

Sometimes, their friends and family may also seem like obstacles to you; obstacles that are acting as roadblocks to your happily-ever-after. 

Buddy, even though it may reflect love, let me tell you, it’s not healthy. 

Try to control your emotions and don’t let them get to you. It may look like true love today, but can lead to several toxic problems in the future. 

6. Life is fun and easy

You start feeling good about everything that surrounds you. 

You enjoy spending time with your love interest and can’t get enough of them as life seems easier with them. You don’t have to put extra effort into talking to them. 

7. You feel empathetic towards them

Love also brings a lot of other feelings with it and one of them is empathy.

If your partner is going through a bad time personally, you feel equally hurt. Or, if your partner is facing complications in work-life, you also feel the confusion. 

You try all possible ways to put them in a better place… and when you still can’t alleviate the pain, you feel helpless. 

8. You want to flaunt them 

When you are deeply in love, you want others around you, including your friends and family, to love and appreciate them too. 

You want your inner circle to be as interested in them as you are. 

So, if you’ve been wanting to take your partner to family dinners, it’s a cue of love, mate! 

9. You become more affectionate towards them

As you start falling in love, your affection towards your partner starts multiplying by the day. You want to be a  part of every important aspect of their life. 

Your body language starts reflecting how you feel towards them and how badly you want them to pay attention to you.

You can feel a heartache every time they ignore you or don’t return the gesture.

10. You’re improving as a person

Falling in love is not always about getting lost; it is also about finding yourself.

You want to be worthy of your partner, so you try harder than ever to become the best version of yourself… while also accepting your flaws and imperfections. 

Remember, true love brings out the best in you.

11. You start planning for the future

It may seem childish, but well love is weird and makes you do weird things.

When you’re in love, you start imagining a future with them. 

Romantic love brings out all the aspirations you’ve about marital life… 

12. You just can’t take your eyes off them 

You pay attention to every small detail of your love interest.. and want to maintain eye contact. 

In a room full of people, you keep looking for them, and finally when you spot the (wo)man of your dreams… you fail to look away. 

Even though your friends don’t approve of your choice, you know that you haven’t seen a more beautiful face. 

13. You feel like saying: I love you

Every time you meet the person you love, the urge to utter those three magical words gets deeper. 

Even though your mouth resists it, your body language unveils the secret… A lot louder than words ever would. 

14. You want to share your world with them

Falling in love means you are no longer alone in your world; there is someone else too. 

You want them to know and understand every important aspect of your life… and also want a seat in their inner circle too. 

Your world feels incomplete without your partner and you don’t want that anymore. 

15. You’re dying to know what they feel about you

You can’t wait to know if the person you are falling in love with also feels the same. 

You keep thinking about them and it makes you feel anxious… what if this person doesn’t love me back, what then? 

The day they confess their love for you… will be the happiest day of your life.  

16. They’re your priority

No matter where you are or what you’re doing… Your love interest is on the top of your priority list.  

You want to keep spending time with them because you feel loved in their company.

Other people around you become secondary; you can ignore them but not the person you love. 

17. You crave them

Just like you crave food or other attractive things in life, you start craving for your partner… and every moment you spend without them becomes dull.

You feel a void in your heart when this person is not around you… and are ready to trade anything to spend some mushy moments with them. 

18. You’re in awe of their flaws as well

When you’re in love, you tend to adore each and every aspect of your partner. 

…no matter how flawed they are. 

You fall in love with this imperfect person who seems perfect to you. 

Well, my love, that’s love… it makes you blind! 

19. They make you feel better about yourself

You start feeling loved and secure when you are around them… you feel better about yourself. 

You feel that you’re ready to face the world and all the challenges that come along. 

True love is all about bringing out the best in you, isn’t it?

20. Other people can’t attract you

When you are deeply in love, other attractive people and love interests start to fade away and you become dedicated to gaining only one person’s trust and affection. 

When they pay attention to you, it feels like everything has fallen right in place like a beautiful puzzle waiting to be solved.

The happiness that you feel when (s)he looks you in the eye, is unmatched.

21. Are you freaking out?

Let’s just all admit it: love turns us all into freaks.

We try to show them the best version of what we are, but we end up acting weird sometimes.

Just as your love interest appears in front of you, words start to fall out from your mouth and your body doesn’t seem to be in your control.

Buddy, that’s normal. That’s love… we’ve all been there. 

 22. You feel like adapting their traits

“Oh, you like Pringles? I like them too!” 

“Oh, you like long hair? I am planning to grow mine too!”

You seem to like everything they like… don’t worry, that’s love playing with you. 

It’s a confusing yet overjoying – all at once- that you can’t get enough of. You always seem to be on the edge, waiting for your partner to take the plunge. 

23. Your friends notice both of you

You are no longer spending as much time with your friends and family as you used to… and they notice the sudden change in your behavior. 

So obviously, they will never leave a chance to tell you that you are falling head over heels in love and can’t get enough thinking about them.

You should just tell them how hard you have fallen in love with this person to rule out any confusion among your friends.

24. Things are perfect!

Everything happening in your romantic relationship feels just right – their gestures, their smiles, even their weird habits – everything. 

You always freak out and yet this feels natural. It feels like this was meant to be and you can’t help but pray for this to stay forever. 

25. You wanna learn their love language

Every human has their own love language and if you know the love language of this person… things will change for the better. 

If their love language is roasting, then while others feel they are taking a pick at you… you know they are just showing their love and affection in the best way they can. 

26. You love their smell

This person enters the room and you immediately know it’s them without even looking… ofcourse, you know their majestic smell!

Falling in love is weird and it makes us fond of weird things.

Loving someone and how they smell is one of the many weird signs that you are deeply in love with someone and there is no chance you are getting away from it anytime soon.

Well, mate… this is just a start! 

27. You try their favorite foods

Believe me, changing your food preferences is one of the hardest things to do and if you’re ready to do that for your love interest… it ofcourse means you’re in love, head-over-heels. 

This change feels good and funny at the same time. Because while you hate Chinese, your love interest can’t stop swooping on the noodles. 

So, you decide to try it. 

Long story short, you are ready to do anything to keep them happy and make them fall in love with you. 

28. You encourage their desires

Love is all about accepting the other person and encouraging them to do things they wouldn’t normally try. 

You encourage them to chase their dreams and do all that it takes to make sure they achieve them. You are their biggest cheerleader and also the shoulder to fall back on. 

That’s love in its best form! 

29. You understand their flaws, you don’t judge

Accepting someone with their flaws is the biggest sign that you are in love with someone. You don’t find their weakness repelling; instead, you understand them.

You accept them for what they are and don’t make them feel bad for it. You want to build a safe environment for them and shield them from all the outside criticism. 

You want to become their strength in everything. 

30. You sacrifice… without any complaints

Sacrificing your small needs and habits for your love interest comes very naturally when you’re in love with someone.

After all, no scenery in the world can match the beauty of the smile on their face. 

You want to ensure this person’s comfort even if it comes at the cost of your own. 

Your life is hollow without them so little sacrifices aren’t a big deal, are they?

31. You invite them over

When you invite the person you love to your house, you don’t feel nervous. You know they won’t bring any harm to you; instead, they are one of the few people who makes you feel better. 

You also order their favorite food, favorite wine, and also select their favorite movie to binge on… because, why not?

32. You wait for their replies

The times when your heartbeat is running at 100x faster when you both are talking, every second that your mind loses control is so exciting… reminds me of my first love!

You want your love interest to text back as soon as you hit the “send” button. 

You don’t want to communicate anything that may hurt them and want to know if they like the way you talk or the cute memes you share.

33. You don’t look at their birth chart

Ahh, are the stars rooting for you? You stop caring for that when you are deeply in love with someone.

All you care about is them and them alone, and everything else seems distracting. 

You don’t want to be away from them due to any reason and common matchmaking techniques like zodiac and stars are the last things you may wanna care about.

34. You don’t worry about getting hurt

You feel secure with them, you know they are not gonna hurt you, at least not intentionally. 

Physical and emotionally, you know you’ll always be safe around them… you know they’ll act as a shield if anything tries to cause you pain. 

All that you’re suffering in life just slips away when you are around the person you love and all that is left is a happy-giddy feeling in your belly. 

35. You enjoy spending time with you

Everything you do around them is a fun activity for you, from talking about small details to important aspects of your life, from Netflix binging to a walk in the park. 

You just can’t get enough of them and always want more. Even your evening tea with them feels like a date.

36. You are over “who broke your heart”

At last, you have found someone you don’t feel like trash; you feel special, valued and respected. 

You no longer think about the person that broke your heart and never looked back ever since you’ve found your love interest. 

You’ve finally met this person who makes you feel special and everyone from the past seems unimportant.

37. Things you don’t like seem fine, and even fun.

Love makes you like things you might despise otherwise. You want to do things that you wouldn’t swear not to, just so that your love interest doesn’t feel alone. 

You want to be a part of every bit of happiness that surrounds them. You want to make memories with them even if that means keeping your interests aside.

38. You’re comfortable making bad jokes and showing your weird self.

You are damn sure, you are in love and hooked to this person when your weird self starts showing up in front of them. 

You no longer make a conscious effort to appear perfect because you know they will accept you as you are. 

If you’re comfortable putting your guards down around this person, then it’s surely a lot more than lust!

39. You recognize objects that they like.

You look for things that make them smile and never miss pointing them amidst the crowd… just to see that cute little smile on their face. This smile makes you fall harder in love.

These small gestures are the way you know that you deeply care for that person and would do anything to make them happy. 

40. They’re your person!

Whenever you feel sad or down and can’t think of anyone to talk to, they are the first person to pop into your mind.

They’re the first person you call or text and share everything that’s bothering you. This is because you know they won’t judge you. 

If the thing is upsetting or traumatizing, you want to cry on their shoulders and feel the warmth of their arms – because it soothes you. 

41. You throw tantrums

You no longer feel that your weird habits and ways will scare them off. 

You know that they understand you well enough that your tantrums or rare emotional breakdowns will not make them cringe; they will understand and just let it go.

This is how true love feels like, isn’t it?

42. Little things are special when they’re around

Little things with them seem as fun as a vacation to the Himalayas. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit.. But hey, let’s accept it, love makes you melodramatic and you can’t help it! 

So, it may be grocery shopping or even a walk to the nearby local store, if it’s with them, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. 

43. They annoy you, yet you like them just the same

Their annoying and silly habits also appear cute to you. 

“Oh see how adorable (s)he looks with all the pizza sauce on his face!”

“Do you know you look adorable when you bite your nails!”

They might annoy you but if they do it exclusively to you, you know you’re special and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

44. Their calls become more exciting than friends and family.

If you are an introvert, a simple phone call is enough to annoy you or freak you out, but this isn’t the case when you are madly in love with someone. 

You wait for hours for them to call you and can gossip for another few hours… because hey, (s)he is special!

45. Their grief saddens you

They create so much impact on your life that you feel overjoyed in their happiness and it breaks your heart to look at them in despair. 

It happens so naturally that you often fail to pick on it. You are not only being empathetic but also channeling how they feel; that’s how deep your connection becomes when you; ’re deeply in love with someone. 

46. You show them your favorites

You want to show them around everything and everywhere you like. It’s like making them part of your world where only a few people have the right to enter or know about. 

Your favorite place, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite childhood memory,… you tell them all. Most importantly, you want them to remember the list by heart. 

47. They are your ONLY topic of discussion 

The only “interesting” topic of discussion in your life is this person. Nothing else, I repeat, NOTHING ELSE. 

You want your friends to know them as well as you do and so, you just keep talking about them, all the DAMN time.

Sometimes, you try to hold back just so that your friends don’t call you lovesick or mad.

48. You want to relive your fun moments with them

You experienced something fun a few years ago? You now wanna relive it with the person you love and want them to feel the same excitement that you did while experiencing that joy.

“Let’s go bungee jumping, I did it last year, and it was one hell of an adventure!”

“Do you know about this museum in our city, it has all the treasure pieces and it’s oh so beautiful!” 

“Why not go watch the sunset today from the shore? Trust me, it’s majestic from there!”

You want them to experience it ALL!

49. You stalk them on Social Media

Isn’t that obvious?

You of course wanna know the person he is hanging with on Instagram… or the event he attended last night… the outfit that they wore. 

You want to know all the details and have an account of everything they do, even with their friends and family.

50. You preserve their childhood photos 

Their childhood photos entertain you more than your photos ever did. Your love is evident when you see all the cute photos of them…. and can’t stop looking. 

You’re all in to know about their childhood stories… that make you go “aww”. You wish you had known them earlier!

Well. Now that you have explored all the physical and emotional signs of being in love with someone, you may have felt “Oh damn that’s so true!” in a few and a few just went right past your head. 

That’s how it is. 

Everyone has their own unique experience. 

The key is to acknowledge your feelings, even if it does not fit in the so-called realms of society.

No one can dictate how you are supposed to feel. Only you can write your own story.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

After reading the above signs, you may be sure about your feelings for someone. 

If it is love, and you haven’t confessed yet, remember that it can go either way… so don’t keep your hopes too high in the sky. 

Even if they don’t feel the same way, remember, there is love for everyone, and you will find your happily-ever-after. 

Until then, don’t stop loving yourself… and wait for the cupid to strike you.