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How To End A Casual Relationship? 15 Major Steps You Must Follow

How To End A Casual Relationship? 15 Major Steps You Must Follow

Published on Nov 17, 2023

How To End A Casual Relationship 15 Major Steps You Must Follow

Are you looking for ways on how to end a casual relationship?

Well, from the beginning, it’s obvious that a casual relationship isn’t supposed to last. And if you or your partner fall for the other, that’s when you decide to break up.

However, even if things were never serious, a breakup is still tough. You need to be as sensitive in this matter as you’d be in a serious relationship. 

So, read on to figure out how to walk out without any hard feelings.

How To End A Casual Relationship? 15 Steps

Most people assume that breakups are easy in casual dating and relationships. People don’t commit but do everything like in a full-fledged relationship. 

But you’re bound to feel a slight attachment, especially if you were together for quite some time. So, you must definitely tread carefully to avoid hurting this person.

That’s why, to navigate this tricky situation, take the help of these steps. 

1. Don’t Procrastinate The Inevitable

Often, people wait for the other person to initiate the breakup. They linger in a relationship longer than they should. However, this can be unfair to your partner. 

Recognize the signs and spare both of you the agony by deciding to move on sooner rather than later.

2. Opt For A Face-To-Face Conversation

When you end things in person, it shows respect. A coffee date in a relaxed setting for this conversation. If meeting in person isn’t possible, a phone call or video chat are polite substitutes. 

This way, the other person can see your facial expression and body language. It’ll prevent any kind of misunderstanding.

3. Avoid Ghosting At All Costs

Ghosting, the act of going missing without explanation, may seem like a convenient escape route. But this easy way out can be deeply hurtful. 

Unless this person is abusive and your safety is in question, engage in a conversation, whether in person or through text. 

If you leave someone in the dark about what went wrong, it can have lasting emotional repercussions.

4. Choose The Right Time And Setting

Opt for a reasonably private space if you’re breaking up in person. You can avoid unnecessary public drama or emotional displays this way. Additionally, ensure the place allows both parties to make a quick exit. 

Timing matters, too, so be considerate of your partner’s schedule. Avoid critical moments like right before an exam or an important work presentation.

If possible, align it with your soon-to-be-ex’s schedule. This will provide them with ample time and space to process the situation. 

5. Be Honest And Compassionate

Honesty is still important, even if this is a casual fling. So, give a reason for the change of heart. But state this fact gently and omit specifics that may hurt them. 

If the reason is a behavioral issue, mention it only if it can be changed. Don’t blame their personal characteristics like beauty or familial issues that might cause unwarranted suffering.

6. Utilize ‘I’ Statements For Clarity And Respect

Express your feelings using ‘I’ statements to convey your emotions without blaming the other person. 

For instance, say, ‘I’m currently feeling overwhelmed with work and family commitments,’ or ‘I care about you, but I believe we’re better off alone.’

These statements establish firmness while preventing the other person from feeling attacked.

7. Highlight Positive Aspects Of The Relationship

Remind your soon-to-be-ex of the positive qualities that initially attracted you to them. 

Whether it’s their contagious grin, distinct laughing, common hobbies, or even private times, highlight them to ease the breakup. 

Acknowledge the value of particular traits. This will clarify that the choice was made based on particular circumstances rather than as a reflection of their inadequacies.

8. Avoid Being Friends Post-Breakup

Don’t suggest continuing the friendship immediately after the breakup. This will help you avoid complicating the situation.

A no-contact period from each other is crucial for both parties to heal and move forward. This clear boundary will also prevent impulsive decisions driven by lingering emotions. It ensures that both individuals can make well-considered choices moving forward.

9. Take Responsibility For Your Decision

Statements like ‘I’m not emotionally available’ or ‘You deserve better’ may be true. But they often mask the real reasons behind the breakup.

Rather, be open and truthful about how you’re feeling. Admit that you might not be entirely committed to the relationship and that it might be unjust to keep it going. 

10. Cut Ties In Social Media

After the breakup, maintain distance, even on social media, to heal both parties. It’s not just about texting in person. Stop liking photos or seeing statuses/stories. 

Otherwise, those will send mixed signals! This can be confusing and impede the other person’s recovery. 

Take a selfless approach and respect their need for space. 

11. Accept The Emotional Discomfort

Acknowledge and validate the feelings that surface during and following a breakup. It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety, guilt, or conflict. 

Instead of denying these emotions, accept them and engage in self-compassion exercises. 

Recognize that feeling uncomfortable while deciding to leave a relationship is OK. Self-awareness will help you move on as well.

12. Anticipate Negative Feedback

During the breakup conversations, anger and hurt will be the most obvious emotions in your soon-to-be ex. Be ready for any unfavorable comments that the other person or their allies may have. 

You might even feel agitated by their insults and criticism. Establish a network of friends or relatives that you can lean on for solace when things get tough. 

They can guide you through the aftermath of a breakup. They’ll also help you handle your reactions and feelings better.

13. Don’t Try To Sleep With Them

Casual relationships are mostly about spending time together without any attachment… and sex

But don’t reach out just because you miss the good sex. This is especially important if the relationship ends because either of you caught the feelings. 

14. Avoid Seeking Explanations For Breaking Up

If you’re on the receiving end of the breakup, don’t seek detailed reasons. Acknowledge that the connection was never about commitment at first. So, let things be, and you won’t get hurt. 

15. Have A Friend On Standby

If you feel that your soon-to-be ex may lose their mind and become violent, take a friend along with you. They can wait around and keep a close eye on you from afar. If things go south, they can step in to rescue you!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

When you break up in a casual relationship, approach it with empathy and honesty. This can make the process more respectful and less painful for both parties. 

Remember, ending a relationship is not just about giving closure. It’s also about healing and understanding for the other person.

So, be there for them if they need you. Support them all the way through. But also prioritize your own space and move on!