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How To End A Bad Date Without Making Things Terrible? – 15 Polite Ways To Avoid Being A Jerk

How To End A Bad Date Without Making Things Terrible? – 15 Polite Ways To Avoid Being A Jerk

Updated on Oct 19, 2023

How To End A Bad Date Without Making Things Terrible - 15 Polite Ways To Avoid Being A Jerk

Most dates don’t go great, so it’s crucial to learn how to end a bad date beforehand. After all, if you face such situations, you might not be able to brew a plan instantly!

Many people make the mistake of upsetting their date and get in a messy situation. And you don’t want that… whether it’s because you feel you guys can be great friends or they give you the serial killer vibes.

So, dive right in to know more…

How To End A Bad Date? 15 Ways

Whether it’s the lack of chemistry, uncomfortable silence, or a feeling of unease, bad dates sometimes can be your worst memory. 

It’s important to navigate the awkward exit from a less-than-stellar date and handle these situations gracefully and kindly. 

So, here are some tactful and considerate ways to bring the evening to a close without causing unnecessary pain or drama. 

1. Be straightforward and leave

It’s a bad idea to simply get up and leave, so you should instead be considerate. So, to end the date without engaging in a potentially awkward or confrontational conversation, be direct. 

Tell them you gotta leave and you had a good time. Pay for your share of the date and get going.

Usually, people don’t get into further confrontations after seeing this attitude. 

2. Act honestly

Be direct but polite. You can say, “I appreciate our time together, but I don’t feel a strong connection.” 

Focus on your own feelings with I statements. For example, say, “I think we have different interests” instead of “You’re boring.” Don’t forget to express gratitude for the date.

3. Tell them you have to complete some office work

Another polite way to end a date is to tell your date that you must return to work. Let them know that you have an urgent report. Or tell them you messed up and your boss needs you ASAP.

Express regret that you have to leave. After explaining your situation, gather your things and say goodbye politely

4. Tell them you need to go to bed

It’s a considerate way to end the date without being overly critical. This won’t point fingers or place blame, which can help avoid unnecessary conflict. 

Look for a natural pause in the conversation or a moment when there’s a break. Say, “I’ve had a nice time, but my bedtime is approaching, and I need to rest.” 

5. Take responsibility don’t blame them

Add a touch of regret to show that it’s not their fault. Tell them, “I’m going through a rough patch, and I just can’t be present in our conversations. It’s hard to connect for me.”

A compassionate way will prevent them from feeling rejected or hurt. It helps protect their self-esteem and avoids blaming or unnecessary confrontation.  

6. Let them know you have prior plans

You can give excuses that you have some plans. Make any fake story like you must attend your friend’s birthday or a neighbor’s bachelor/bachelorette party. 

Say something like, “I’ve enjoyed our time together, but I have plans I can’t change later. Thank you for spending time with me. I appreciate it.” 

7. Ask a friend for help

Having a friend call you provides a credible excuse to leave the date. Before the date, inform a trusted friend about your situation and ask if they can be on standby to call you at a specific time. 

Coordinate with your friend to send a text or call at a prearranged time during the date.

Excuse yourself to reply to the text or call. You can apologize to your date and say, “I’m sorry, but there’s an urgent situation. I need to go.” Gather your things and make a graceful exit. 

8. Log in to a rescue app

If you don’t have friends to call you up, you can always use apps that are focused on rescuing you from bad dates. 

These apps send you fake and premeditated calls and texts. You’ll have some emergency text to make it more believable.  

You can make a quick end to things and wrap up.

9. Fake a small emergency

Create a believable but minor emergency – make sure you don’t talk about any serious emergency. Otherwise, your date may not leave you alone. 

For example, you could pretend to receive a text or call and say, “I’m so sorry, my roommate just broke up and needs me right away.”

Leave promptly, right after. Your date won’t try to stop you or blow your phones asking about the next date. 

10. Go for short dates

This isn’t an instant way to end the date – rather, it’s a built-in exit strategy from the prior. 

Opt for activities that naturally have a shorter duration, such as grabbing coffee, walking, or visiting an art exhibit. 

And if you feel a genuine connection, you can always extend the date.

11. If you’re not feeling safe, just run 

Listen to your gut feelings. Acting promptly is essential if you feel threatened, unsafe, or uncomfortable. Wait for any opportunity to leave, but if immediate action is needed, don’t hesitate. 

In dangerous situations, it’s better to leave discreetly rather than confront the other person. Otherwise, it could lead to further conflict. 

12. Tell them you’re feeling sick

This is another reasonable approach if you genuinely need to exit the situation. Try to go to the washroom frequently and tell them you’re not feeling well. 

Health is a valid reason, and they can’t convince you to stay longer. Make sure you don’t talk about anything serious. Otherwise, they may insist on taking you to the hospital.

13. Make the situation more “friends-like”

This is a gentle way to convey your lack of romantic interest without hurting your date’s feelings. 

Shift the conversation toward neutral or platonic topics rather than romantic or personal ones. 

Refrain from flirtatious behavior, maintaining a friendly and non-romantic demeanor. If your date mentions their interests or hobbies, express support and encouragement without romantic overtones. 

14. Ask for help from the staff

Wait for an appropriate time to step away briefly. Discuss your situation discreetly and politely approach a staff member at the venue, such as a server or bartender. 

Ask them if they can help you exit the situation by providing a signal or creating a legitimate excuse. 

Depending on their assistance, they can either bring you a fake message, ask you to step aside for a moment, or assist in any prearranged plan you’ve discussed. 

15. Make a family excuse

Tell them you have to go home to help your grandmother with her daily medicines. Or that your dad needs help in home renovation. 

Don’t panic and act normal, as they’re not gonna find the truth anyway. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship 

Despite which of these ways you follow, remember to follow one good etiquette and basic courtesy – pay your share even if your date asked you out. But if you asked them out, make sure you pay for both parties!

Remember, bad dates are normal, but if you gracefully end them, it leaves room for more positive connections in the future.

Lastly, bookmark this page. So if you forget the ideas, you can always excuse yourself to the loo, check the ideas here and execute smoothly!

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