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20 Hurtful Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend And Is Only Killing Time

20 Hurtful Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend And Is Only Killing Time

Updated on Oct 19, 2023

20 Hurtful Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend And Is Only Killing Time

If a man doesn’t want a future with you, he’ll give you loud and clear signs he will never make you his girlfriend. 

For instance, he won’t ever initiate contact unless he needs something from you. Even if he pretends like you don’t exist, you’ll notice how everything seems kind of fake!

Sounds simple, right? But spotting the signs can be harder than this. So, let’s know how to look for these signs here…

20 Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

You’ve been with this guy for quite a while. You want him to get serious and go public, but he always has some excuse or the other. Meanwhile, you continue being a goody-two-shoes for him… proving your worth at every second of your life!

However, will he ever give you true acceptance into his life? 

C’mon, let’s know if it’s worth the effort here…

1. He Only Calls You In Times Of Need

If he contacts you only when he needs something, this is one of the most telling signs that he won’t make you his girlfriend.

In such situations, his calls are not about checking in on you, building a connection, or sharing meaningful moments. 

Instead, he reaches out when he requires something from you, such as physical intimacy, emotional support, or assistance with a task.

This behavior can be incredibly frustrating and leave you feeling neglected and used.

2. He Gives You Mixed Signals

One day, he might shower you with affection and attention. He makes you feel like you’re the most important person in your life. 

But the next day, he acts distant and aloof, as if he barely knows you.

When he can’t maintain a consistent level of interest and engagement, it’s a clear indication that he is not ready or willing to commit to a relationship.

3. He Meets You Only For Sex

If a man primarily reaches out to you to quench his libido, it’s a strong sign that he’s not interested in making you his woman. 

Such encounters often manifest as late-night booty calls or sexting. The sole focus of your catch-up will be nothing more than sex

In these situations, discussions about the relationship, feelings for each other, or plans for the future rarely come up. Even if you decide to reach out later to talk about these, he’ll still make it all about the bedroom!

4. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Special 

Previously, he often went out of his way to make you feel special. He might have brought you flowers, taken you on exciting weekend getaways, and shown warm, open body language. 

Now, notice if his behavior drastically changed. Perhaps he avoids making eye contact, smiles less frequently, and appears distant. 

When his actions no longer match the enthusiasm he displayed at the beginning, it’s time to reevaluate the situation.

It shows he’s hiding something… or that he’s had enough fun with you and will soon ghost you! He’s far from planning to make you his girlfriend. 

5. He Doesn’t Have Time For You

If your man consistently claims to be too busy to spend time with you, it’s a sign that he’s not as committed as you. And that’s all because he doesn’t even take you as a prospective girlfriend!

Occasional long nights at the office are normal. But if he’s always occupied, it raises concerns about his level of interest.

Consider his priorities; if he can find time for hobbies, sports, or other activities but not for you, it’s a significant red flag. 

6. He Never Takes Your Serious Conversations Seriously 

Does he have a nonchalant demeanor and is unresponsive to serious discussions?

If yes, it might indicate a lack of willingness to commit. 

For instance, he might walk out of the place, crack jokes, or shut you off while talking about emotional and serious topics. 

7. He Maintains His Emotional Distance

Of course, emotional detachment might stem from stress in his life. 

But it’s crucial to differentiate between temporary coping mechanisms and persistent emotional unavailability. 

If he wants a genuine relationship, he will want you to stick by his side through thick and thin.

But if he shuts himself off and doesn’t want to talk about his issues with you, he might just want a casual relationship. 

8. He Wants To Try Nonmonogamy

Does your man avoid committing to an exclusive and public relationship?

Instead, he continues to see multiple people. He even avoids being seen with you in public and suggests an open relationship.

Such behavior clearly indicates he doesn’t want you to be the one and only.

9. He Is Cheating On You

Of course, cheating itself doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t make you his girlfriend. In fact, if he makes you his girlfriend and you get cheated on, that’s obviously far worse. 

But repeated cheating signals deep-rooted issues within your connection. 

If he consistently engages in affairs with others without your consent, it’s a clear indication of his disinterest in you. So, of course, he has no plans of making you his girl. 

10. He Never Spends The Night With You

When this guy avoids spending the night, even after intimate encounters, it hints at his reluctance to invest fully. 

Of course, external factors like living arrangements might contribute to him not staying back. But if he consistently avoids this, it reveals a lack of commitment and intentional effort to prevent emotional intimacy. 

This is all because he doesn’t want you to expect anything and stay in your lane.

11. He Chooses To Ignore You

Does he sometimes show up in your life just for his convenience? 

However, when you seek him, he ignores you. It emphasizes how uninterested he is in having a real connection. 

Mutual respect and appreciation are the cornerstones of healthy partnerships. But when that’s completely absent, the connection isn’t that reassuring. 

12. He Is Reluctant To Meet Your Parents And Vice Versa

Of course, if you guys have been together for only a month or two, it’s still too early for some to commit. So, they keep the family introductions until later.

But if you’ve crossed the two-month mark long ago and he’s still reluctant to meet your parents, it’s alarming.  Moreover, if he also doesn’t want you to meet his, it’s equally the same. 

This hesitation shows that he isn’t committed to the relationship. 

Sometimes, this hesitancy may be due to problems or disputes within his own family. But don’t make excuses for him unless he confesses about those. 

13. You Never Meet His Friends Or The Other Ways Around

When a man actively avoids introducing you to his friends, it’s a problem. It is even a bigger problem when he refuses to meet your besties.

This behavior suggests that he’s keeping you separate from an important part of his life. He wants to keep you separate from his life and vice versa.

It’s so that when he wants to part ways, he can do so without making things messy. This way, your friends won’t give him a piece of their mind for playing with you. And you also won’t be able to connect with him through his friends.

14. He Dodges Relationship Conversation

A clear warning sign is when a man continually avoids bringing up commitment discussions. He never talks about his future with you. When you bring up the topic, he always backs down.

He might also sidetrack the subject or bring up previous failed relationships to indicate a reluctance to commit.

15. You Are Always Walking On Eggshells

Do you always have to pretend to be someone else just to win his heart?

Perhaps his fear of commitment makes you feel like you have to constantly prove yourself to him. This stops you from being authentic and comfortable with him.

A man who wants you for the long haul will feel blessed if you are your true self around him.

But if you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells around the man you’re dating, it’s a significant red flag. 

16. He Initiates Meeting When He Feels Convenient

If your man is genuinely interested in a relationship, he will want to meet you whenever and wherever. Even if you ask him to meet him during his lunch break, he’ll skip meals for you!

But if he consistently arranges meetings based on his schedule and disappears for days at a time, it’s a concerning pattern. 

He leaves you feeling sidelined and undervalued. This is his indirect way to show he prioritizes his convenience over your needs and that you’re just a temporary woman in his life.

17. He Appears Toxic To Your Friends And Family

This sign works only if he agrees to meet your family and friends. 

Notice how your closest ones perceive your partner. Since they aren’t involved in a whirlwind of emotions, they can spot red flags even when you’re blinded by love. 

If your loved ones are concerned or have suspicions about his behavior, take this sign seriously. 

18. He Never Makes Weekend Plans

Typically, couples in new relationships hang together on the weekends. 

Your lover may not be taking the relationship seriously if he frequently avoids spending the weekends with you. 

Of course, there are exceptions when job obligations conflict. But if your partner is available yet still avoids spending weekends with you, that’s a warning sign.

19. You Suspect His Behavior

Pay close attention to your partner’s behavior when you’re together. Does he always guard his phone so that you don’t look at it? Have you never been to his home? 

If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, there may be cause for concern in the relationship. He could either be looking for a casual relationship or doesn’t care if he loses out on you.

20. There’s A Lack Of Future Talk

It’s a big problem when your partner routinely avoids or ignores your attempts to talk about your future together. 

This hesitation to make long-term plans, such as marriage and kids, shows he isn’t truly invested in you. 

And it’s not only about getting married. If he also doesn’t discuss future goals or ambitions and is only concerned about himself, it should be a matter of concern. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you spot any of these signs, back off immediately. Don’t break down, and remember, you are so much better than him!

He doesn’t deserve you, so take time away from dating and heal. Once your heart finds peace, seek a better man who deserves your time and energy!