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How To Be More Romantic In A Long Distance Relationship? 25 Charming Tips

How To Be More Romantic In A Long Distance Relationship? 25 Charming Tips

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

How To Be More Romantic In A Long Distance Relationship 25 Charming Tips

How to be more romantic in a long distance relationship” is a question of every LDR couple. 

The physical distance takes a great toll on couples, and sometimes, these relationships don’t work out. So, it’s normal to feel anxious about losing the spark in your bond. 

But there are so many things you can do to keep things interesting and your hearts warm with love. So, dive right in to figure out a way…

How To Be More Romantic In A Long Distance Relationship? – 25 Tips 

At the beginning of your long-distance relationship, you both promised to stay connected despite the distance and time zones. 

However, with time, it’s becoming harder. Even if you check in regularly, you feel that you’re missing out on romance. 

So, if you want to make your partner feel special and keep things as exciting as when you’re together, follow these tips…

1. Start watching a new series together 

Watch a series together to create a shared experience and feel closer despite the physical distance. Use video chat or voice calls while watching the series to share your reactions and thoughts in real-time.

2. Send gifts 

Since physical presence is limited, send gifts to bridge that gap. With the gift, offer something tangible to hold onto. Show your love and celebrate together, even from afar.

Consider personalized items like custom-made jewelry, engraved keepsakes, or items that have a special meaning for both of you.

3. Send them handwritten letters

In a digital age, a physical letter creates a tangible connection between you and your partner. Letter writing is a romantic tradition that can evoke nostalgia and a sense of timelessness in your relationship.

Express your love, thoughts, and feelings sincerely and authentically. Use protective envelopes or packaging to ensure it arrives in good condition.

4. Plan a Facetime bath

Create a relaxing ambiance in your respective spaces. Dim the lights, light scented candles, and turn on soothing music.

Begin a FaceTime call when you’re both ready to get into the bath. This can make you feel vulnerable and open, enhancing emotional intimacy in your relationship.

5. Play online games

Share wins, losses, and game challenges to strengthen your emotional bond. Select any multiplayer online game that both of you enjoy or are interested in. 

While playing, use voice or video chat to share your experiences in real time. This adds a personal touch to the gaming session.

6. Practice sexting  

Sexting encourages open and honest discussions about intimate desires and fantasies. This deepens the emotional connection between partners.

Start with a flirty or romantic message to set the mood. Compliments and expressions of desire can be a great way to begin.

7. Create a playlist 

Add romantic and love-themed songs that express your feelings for your partner in a playlist. Include various music genres to cater to your tastes and moods. The playlist’s songs will remind you of shared memories and experiences. 

8. Go down memory lane 

Revisit happy memories to create positive associations with your relationship and boost your overall satisfaction. Share old photos and videos from your time together, whether it’s a trip you took or everyday moments.

Share old love letters, texts, or emails you’ve exchanged throughout your relationship.

9. Dedicate social media posts 

Post your feelings online to declare your love and commitment. This can be a heartwarming moment for both you and your partner.

Tag your partner in the post to ensure they see it and feel connected to the gesture. Be sincere and authentic in your posts. 

10. Embrace spontaneity

Spontaneous gestures can reignite the excitement and passion in your relationship. Unexpected phone calls or sweet messages during the day can brighten your partner’s mood and make them feel loved.

Share your thoughts and feelings spontaneously, even if not prompted by a specific conversation.

11. Send your pictures frequently 

Share pictures of your daily life to help your partner feel more connected to your experiences and routines. 

Send them a picture of your food, places you visit, or your surroundings. It might also be a beautiful sunset, a cozy reading nook, or a homemade meal.

Whenever you have a special moment or experience, snap a picture and hit send!

12. Plan virtual dates

Discuss together and fix an appropriate time for your virtual dates. Create a cozy or romantic atmosphere. Light candles, play background music, or dress up for the occasion. Ensure a stable video call connection to see each other during the date.

Try new things together to add excitement and fun to your relationship. Discover trending couple challenges and activities on social media platforms. Share the trends you like with your partner and discuss which ones you’d like to try.

14. Prepare journal 

Writing allows you to reflect on your feelings, experiences, and relationships thoughtfully and meaningfully. So, write in your journals regularly. After a set period, exchange journals with each other to share everything with your partner.

15. Share romantic content

Romantic content can open communication about your feelings and desires and lead to deeper conversations. It’s a way to express love and affection, even when you can’t do it in person.

16. Maintain consistent communication 

Communication keeps the romance alive as you express love and affection regularly. Plan regular phone or video calls to catch up and share your day-to-day experiences. 

Stay in touch through texting or messaging apps throughout the day. Share updates and thoughts, or express your love with sweet messages.

Use voice and video messages to add a more personal and immediate touch.

17. Exchange each other’s favorite perfume 

The sense of smell is closely tied to memory and emotion. So, create a sensory connection by exchanging perfumes.

When you wear each other’s perfume, you both get reminded of the other’s love and connection.

18. Share hobbies 

Hobby dates offer quality time spent together and the opportunity to get to know each other better.

If you have shared or connected hobbies, work on projects together. For instance, you can write a story together, create art, or even start a joint blog.

Regularly update each other on your progress and discuss your experiences with the hobby. Share photos, videos, or written descriptions of your work.

19. Make a surprise visit 

This can help you express that you’re willing to go the extra mile to be with your partner.

Reach out to your partner’s close friends or family members to help with the logistics and ensure the surprise remains a secret.

20. Order food for them from their favorite restaurant

Arrange food from their favorite restaurant to show you care. Know about your partner’s favorite restaurant, cuisine, and specific dishes. Plan the delivery as a surprise when your partner is available to receive the meal.

21. Enjoy a wine tasting

Decide on a selection of wines you both want to taste. Choose wines with a particular theme, like from a specific region or variety.

Each of you must get yourself the selected wines. Make sure to have them delivered in advance of the tasting.

22. Share books

This activity deepens your understanding of each other’s thoughts, values, and perspectives. Select a book that you both are interested in reading. It can be a novel, self-help book, poetry collection, or any genre that resonates with both of you.

Regularly discuss the book’s content, themes, characters, and your thoughts and reactions. 

23. Prepare a meal together

Create a tradition of cooking together virtually. This adds romance to your relationship while you share a meal and create memorable moments.

24. Ask romantic questions in truth or dare games 

Begin with lighter and fun questions to ease into the game. For example, you can ask about each other’s favorite memories or dream destinations.

Gradually move into more romantic and intimate questions. Ask about your partner’s feelings, desires, and what they love about the relationship.

This lets you explore each other’s innermost thoughts and feelings, nurturing intimacy

25. Enjoy stargazing 

Find a comfortable outdoor spot, whether it’s your backyard, a rooftop, or a nearby park. Bring blankets, pillows, or camping chairs for a cozy setup.

Use the peaceful ambiance to discuss your dreams, wishes, and aspirations.  Take this opportunity to express your love and appreciation for each other.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In a long-distance relationship, romance thrives on effort, creativity, and the genuine desire to make your partner feel loved and cherished from afar.

From heartfelt communication to surprise gestures, virtual dates, and planning a future together, embark on a journey to keep the sparks alive. 

While the challenges are undeniable, the love and commitment you both share can bridge the physical gap and make your bond flourish.

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