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How To Be A Man In A Relationship? – 22 Bold Ways

How To Be A Man In A Relationship? – 22 Bold Ways

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

How To Be A Man In A Relationship - 22 Bold Ways

So, you want to know how to be a man in a relationship and make your woman swoon over your masculinity.

Well, most men believe that “being a man” is all about paying bills, giving flowers, or holding the door for women. But there are many more meaningful ways to do this.

C’mon, let’s keep going!

How to be a man in a relationship? – 22 Ways 

All men have grown up hearing phrases like “be a man.” And that was all about suppressing your emotions and always acting strong.

But once you get yourself a girlfriend/wife, you wonder what she truly desires. Well, the scene is pretty different in your love life. So, dive right in to know it all!

1. Embrace your emotional side and practice vulnerability

Vulnerability is not a weakness, but it’s exactly the opposite. It takes a certain amount of strength to be truly vulnerable. And vulnerability helps you achieve a certain amount of intimacy in your relationship

On the other hand, the ‘men don’t have feelings’ mentality actually does you more harm than good. 

So, to be a man in your relationship, embrace your emotions and openly talk about your feelings. Whether you share positive or negative emotions, don’t conceal them. 

2. Treat your partner as an equal

You should let your partner have an equal say in your mutual decisions. Rather than trying to be a parent or leader, be equal partners. 

Remember that your partner has their own thoughts, desires, and opinions. If their choices are flawed, explain the issues calmly rather than ignoring them completely.

3. Practice active listening

When she’s telling you something, try to read between the lines. Rather than just waiting for your turn to respond and provide solutions, listen to understand. 

Whether your partner shares an experience or talks about their feelings, put your phone down and give them all your attention. Listen actively and help her feel heard.

4. Don’t try to change or fix your partner

Be with your partner for who they are, not because of who they can be. A real man never attempts to change or fix his partner. 

So, love everything about your woman, even her flaws. 

5. Be empathetic

One of the most important ways to be a man in a relationship is to practice radical empathy. 

How is it done?

Put yourself in your woman’s shoes. Before you judge her or share opinions, consider her experiences. Try and look at things from their point of view. 

6. Respect your partner’s privacy

A true MAN will never snoop behind his partner through their phone. He will trust his woman… of course, unless there are obvious signs of infidelity or old history of it!

If you have a loyal partner, respect her privacy to be a man in a relationship. Don’t check your partner’s phone or devices just because you have access. 

Remember, people not only need but deserve a certain amount of privacy. 

7. Focus on her pleasure during sex

It’s a fact that women CAN enjoy sex as much as men do, maybe even a bit more. But that’s possible only if the man is ready to do the right things!

So, the next time you are having sex, consider your partner’s pleasures. Figure out what she likes in bed, and always make sure to get consent.

8. Take responsibility for your actions

Another way to be a man in a relationship is to take accountability for your past mistakes. Don’t just apologize, always mean it! 

Figure out where you are going wrong, and ask for your partner’s feedback. Inquire whether your partner is happy in the relationship. 

This will be a tricky step, and you obviously can’t achieve it overnight. It also takes a lot of humility and courage. But a little bit of effort can go a long way. 

9. Practice kindness

A random act of kindness can mean a lot to the person on the receiving end. 

So, remember that being a man in your relationship is not about dominance or competition. It’s about the kindness you show your partner. 

Remember that nobody is perfect, so treat your woman with patience. Try to lift her up even when she’s being her worst self. 

10. Argue logically – without raising your voice 

If you handle conflict properly, you can make a relationship grow stronger. So, learn to be respectful during fights. 

Remember, there’s no need to get defensive over disagreements. It doesn’t imply that your woman doesn’t see you as a man. 

So, calmly try to hear your partner out, get to the root of the problem, and find a solution. Never raise your voice, as that does not make you manly at all! 

11. Become friends with your partner

So, this one is a lesser-known way, and most people are unaware of it. To be a man in your relationship and to your partner, become friends with her!

Women often want their partners to make them feel comfortable, just like a friend. They want a trusted confidant who listens to them without making judgments. 

Try it and watch as your partner respects you even more!

12. Make them smile with thoughtful gestures

Your thoughtful gesture, no matter how small, can go a long way. It can make her smile and turn a seemingly bad day into a good one. 

Of course, you don’t have to shell out your entire bank account to be a man in a relationship. 

You only need to do little things to make your girlfriend happy. For instance, make her breakfast in bed or even write her a love letter. 

13. Always remember important dates

Special dates about your relationship or your partner may not be a big deal to you, but it is to your woman! So, remembering these dates is a great way to be a man in a relationship. 

Make her feel your love on birthdays and anniversaries. You don’t necessarily need to plan something huge. But ensure you always plan something, even if it’s last minute!

14. Remain faithful to your partner

Another way to be manly to your woman is, to be honest and faithful to your partner. A supposedly “harmless” lie can inflict irreparable cracks on a relationship. 

So, stay transparent about your intentions and actions to build trust and dependability. 

15. Make your partner laugh

Remember, as a man, it is your job to make your partner laugh in good and bad times. So, try to find humor even when things look dark and dreary. 

Don’t wait for other people to cheer your girl. Be her knight in shining armor and uplift her when you get a whiff of her blues.

16. Stand up for yourself

Love yourself as much as your partner is an important way to be a man in a relationship. Remember that standing up for yourself has nothing to do with being aggressive. 

If you feel you’re being mistreated, don’t take that silently. Know your boundaries, and don’t let those get violated!

17. Share household responsibilities

Some men still believe in gender roles. They think it is a woman’s job to do all household chores. 

Well, not only is that unfair, but it can be really harmful to your relationship. Your woman will seek a man who treats her as a partner instead of a maid. 

So, to protect your relationship and be a man, make sure that you pick up the broomstick sometimes. Sure, you’re tired after a long day at work, but it doesn’t hurt to help!

18. Be on time

Another way to be a man in a relationship is to respect your as well as your partner’s time. When you are on time, it not only makes your partner will feel that you are more dependable. 

So, for instance, don’t make her wait for hours before a date. Or, when she asks you to keep the weekend free, try hard to follow that!

19. Support your partner’s goals and dreams

Another step to being a man in your relationship is to support and cheer your partner’s ambitions and dreams. 

Motivate her to chase her goals and celebrate her successes together. Make sure that you let her know that you’ll believe in her no matter what. 

20. Say yes to physical intimacy, not just sex!

Shower your partner with affectionate touches if you want to be a man in a relationship. Hold her hands in a grocery store, and stroke her hair as she falls asleep. Shower her with sudden kisses, and remember that cuddling after having sex is a must. 

Don’t just focus on sex to boost physical intimacy!

21. Stop keeping scores

In love, your partner’s happiness must be your priority. So, don’t count what you’ve done for each other. It is neither nice nor feasible to track everything you do for each other. 

Moreover, it just makes you seem petty and strips you of your masculinity. Show her that you’re an unconditional provider and protector. That you’d do anything for her!

22. Keep your jealousy in check

A little bit of jealousy is attractive and even healthy. But things can really take an ugly turn if jealousy is kept unchecked. 

A man in a relationship knows the difference between the good and bad kind of jealousy. He’ll never let his jealousy cloud his judgments. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Now that you know all the steps, remember to follow them for the rest of your life patiently. You can be a true man to your woman only when you show consistent efforts.

Eventually, your woman will notice your effort and praise you for everything you do. She’ll know what a gentleman she found and cherish you forever! 

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