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What Do Women Want In a Relationship? 30 Things All Men Must Know

What Do Women Want In a Relationship? 30 Things All Men Must Know

Updated on Nov 15, 2023

What Do Women Want In a Relationship 30 Things All Men Must Know

The question, ‘What do women want in a relationship?’ has perplexed men for centuries. 

Men usually imagine women want a rich partner and have their needs taken care of. Or, they assume women swoon over men with ripped bodies or desire a man good in bed.

But neither of these really is the case!

Women have pretty straightforward and basic needs. To find out the answers, read on!

What Do Women Want In a Relationship? – 30 Things

Whether you want to get into a relationship or marriage, knowing what a woman truly wants from you and the relationship is essential. This will help you make the relationship last!

So, let’s get down to every last detail here!

1. Maturity

Women want a mature person who won’t shy away from taking responsibility. You must be flexible and open-minded, won’t let your emotions get the better, and can admit when you are wrong. But this should not stop you from being silly together.

2. Mutual respect

Respect is a non-negotiable need for women in relationships. Moreover, anyone who feels belittled, insulted, or patronized by their partner leaves sooner or later. 

So, don’t leave dirty dishes on the table for her to clean them up. Treat her like you would like her to treat you. 

3. Emotional availability

Women want someone who can recognize and express their emotions openly. So, start by trying to be in tune with your feelings.

Even though society has conditioned you to bottle up your emotions, you can get rid of that habit with practice. 

4. Compassion and empathy

Women need a shoulder to cry on to vent after a bad day at work.

So, you must be able to step into her shoes to tune into her feelings, understand her point of view, and show compassion.

5. Integrity

Integrity is about having a set of moral principles you adhere to, like being fair and ethical. Moreover, when you have integrity, you are honest, loyal, and stick to your words. 

So, it is apparent that a woman wants to be with someone with integrity. 

6. Trust

A woman wants a partner she can trust. So, don’t lie, cheat, or complain about her behind her back. 

She should be able to confide in you and trust you enough to be completely vulnerable with you. 

7. A good and similar sense of humor

Life is tough as it is. So, women want to spend it with someone who can laugh at things. They want someone they can joke around, be silly and weird, and goof up with. It’s also because when you laugh with someone, it strengthens your relationship with them. 

8. Friendship

When you are friends with your partner, your fights are less damaging, and you’re less jealous. It helps you to be your true self in front of them. 

So, a woman wants a partner with whom she can be friends. 

9. Encouragement to follow her dreams

Women want someone who encourages them to follow their dreams. Women want partners to believe in them even when they don’t believe in themselves and be their biggest cheerleaders. She should not feel that she has to give up on her career because of the relationship. 

10. Acknowledgement as an equal

Women want to be treated as an equal. So, do away with traditional gender roles and recognize her right to form her opinions. 

Let her be who she is and choose what she wants. Remember that, rather than paying their bills, they want someone who can respect them

11. Physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is just as important as emotional intimacy to women, and it does not only mean sex

It is a great way to show love. So, women want someone who holds hands with them, cuddles them, and kisses them on the forehead. 

12. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most important qualities in a partner. After all, everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. So, everyone does something that hurts their partner once in a while. 

So, a woman wants a partner who recognizes the fact that she is a human being. They want a partner who’ll forgive them rather than hold grudges. 

13. Romance 

A little romance does not hurt and can go a long way for women. There are several ways you can be romantic

For example, you can write her a letter, buy her flowers, and give her romantic messages occasionally. Show her how charming you can be with small but significant gestures. 

14. Active listening

Women want partners who don’t listen to them to reply. They want someone who actually listens when they talk. 

Women want partners who actually listens, not just hears. That is, someone who understands, not someone who only replies back. 

So, when she wants to rant, rather than giving her advice, just patiently hear her out. If she wants to share a funny anecdote, be all ears.  If she wants to whine, let her whine. 

15. Accountability

Nobody can stress the importance of taking accountability in a relationship enough. When you take responsibility for your actions, you build trust and show your partner that you care about how their actions affect them. 

So, a woman wants a partner willing to apologize when they have made a mistake or hurt her in any way. 

16. A safe space

In a safe space, you can be your true self and express all your thoughts and emotions without being judged. 

So, everyone, including women, wants a safe space in their relationship. She should be able to believe you won’t jump ship because she shared a not-so-proud memory of her past. 

17. Clear expression of love 

Women want to spend their lives with someone who loves and expresses their love for them. So, you should love her unconditionally, no matter how annoying she might be sometimes. 

Be tender, gentle, and affectionate as you can be, not because she wants it, but because she deserves it. 

18. Her space

In me-time, you give yourself time and space to be alone. You introspect and do your own thing. Without space, people can easily get drained in relationships, no matter how much two people love each other. 

So, women need you to acknowledge their need for space. 

19. Privacy

Women don’t want their partners to rummage through their phones or private things. Otherwise, it indirectly tells that you do not trust her and destroy her trust in you. 

20. Effort with her family

Families play an important role in everyone’s life. So, women want their partners to get along with their families. 

Even if you don’t see eye to eye with your in-laws on every subject, make as much effort as possible. 

21. Open communication

Relationships cannot function without open and honest communication. It helps partners share their thoughts, opinions, and expectations and avoid pointless misunderstandings. So, women want partners who can be transparent with them.

22. Patience

Relationships require effort, and effort entails being patient with one another. 

Everyone has their own flaws, so without patience with your partner, it is easy to want to end things with the slightest hint of inconvenience. 

So, women want someone patient when they’re not their best selves.

23. Encouragement to be her best and honest self

Women don’t want to pretend to be someone else around their partner. So, they always want to be encouraged to be their best and honest selves. 

They want their flaws to be accepted and weird quirks and eccentricities to be cherished. 

24. Consistency

A woman does not want a partner who blows her hot and cold. Rather than that, she wants someone consistent with their feelings and actions. 

25. Willing time investment

Just like men, women want their partners to be willing to invest their time in the relationship. So, no matter how much work you have piled up, set aside some time you can spend with her. You can walk in the park, go on a date, or just sit and read a book together.

26. Shared household responsibilities

You are no longer in that age where women are expected to do all the household chores. Moreover, it’s unfair to expect so. 

Women want a partner willing to relinquish traditional gender roles and share household responsibilities. So, do your part, no matter how much you hate doing it. 

27. Faith in her capabilities

This might sound counter-intuitive, but women do not want you to be their knight in shining armor. 

Rather than that, they want you to believe they can take care of themselves and sort out their problems. So, support her, but don’t try to save her… unless she asks! 

28. Self-awareness

If you are unaware of who you are, you can’t know what you want or how your actions or words affect others. 

So, another thing that women want in relationships is for their partners to be self-aware. So, learn to introspect.

29. Healthy fight and conflict resolution

Fights are inevitable in every relationship. So, a woman wants a partner who can fight healthily. 

So, you must refrain from saying anything hurtful or disrespectful and take time off to calm down when things get heated. 

If two people don’t know how to fight constructively, the fights worsen until a separation. 

30. Humility

Humility is not given as much significance as it should. But women really want their partners to be humble and down-to-earth. 

They don’t want someone who takes too much pride in their identity, looks, success, or money. So, stay humble and recognize everyone else as your equal.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Though society believes otherwise, women’s desires and expectations are not so different from what men want. 

While some wants and needs may differ, the above are the basics women always expect in relationships. 

But if you want to know more than this about your girlfriend’s needs, ask her. That way, you’ll cater to her needs much better and have a happier relationship!

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