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How To Know When To Walk Away From A Relationship – 25 Glaring Signs To End Things

How To Know When To Walk Away From A Relationship – 25 Glaring Signs To End Things

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

How To Know When To Walk Away From A Relationship - 25 Glaring Signs To End Things

If you’re wondering how to know when to walk away from a relationship, the answers are usually pretty straightforward. 

However, people usually can’t break up because of lingering feelings, self-doubt, or even too many overwhelming emotions. 

But if you’ve had enough and things might not work out anymore, keep reading to make sure here!

How To Know When To Walk Away From A Relationship? – 25 Signs

When you are with someone you love, you make excuses for their bad behavior. You don’t want to let go of your partner, and you might even downplay the damaging effects of the relationship.

But it’s high time you stop lying to yourself and check for these signs!

1. Your partner does not respect you

Respect is one of the keystones of a healthy relationship. With respect, you show understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of each other’s differences and consider each other’s boundaries. 

Without respect, a relationship can’t survive for too long. So, if your partner does not respect you, reconsider your relationship. 

2. There is no trust

With trust in your partner, you show you have faith in them and that they are loyal to you. 

Without trust, feeling safe enough to share your vulnerabilities and be connected is impossible. A relationship will break down without trust between partners. 

If you see that you and your partner cannot trust each other, you should walk away. 

3. Your partner does not value you

When you value someone, you appreciate them for their role in your life. 

But if your partner never values you, acts like they effortlessly replace you, or take you for granted, you may lose your sense of worth and feel insecure. That’s when you should reassess your relationship. 

4. Your partner abuses you

A relationship should end when the abuse starts. There can be no debate about this. Abuse of any kind, whether it is physical, emotional, or sexual, can do irreparable damage to your mental and physical health. 

So, if your partner is abusing you should walk out. If you’re in a dire situation, seek help from loved ones or contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1800-787-3224.

5. The relationship is toxic 

A relationship becomes toxic when there is severe insecurity, jealousy, criticism, and disrespect. Toxic relationships can even involve controlling behaviors and manipulation. 

You feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your partner. It can take a toll on your sense of self-worth. In this situation, walk away ASAP!

6. Your partner cheats on you

If your partner cheats on you, that’s another reason to walk away from a relationship. If they are remorseful about their actions, you can choose to stay. 

But, it can be difficult to recover from infidelity. It can take years to rebuild the broken trust. 

Even if you give them another chance, don’t stay if they do it again!

7. There’s poor or no communication in the relationship 

Good communication is essential for the survival of every relationship. It brings about transparency, partners know what to expect from each other, and it develops trust. 

But, when you can’t communicate or have meaningful conversations, you will have more misunderstandings. It can also lead to frustration and isolation. 

You should reconsider the relationship unless you both try to fill that communication gap. 

8. Your partner is selfish

If your partner only focuses on themselves, never shows interest in your matters, and even manipulates you, he’s selfish. 

Being with a selfish partner can be tiresome, painful, and unhealthy. So let him go before he exhausts you.

9. Your partner never takes any responsibility

Couples in healthy relationships should practice taking accountability. When there is no accountability, it can break trust and even destroy the relationship. 

Moreover, when your partner is never accountable, and you apologize alone, they don’t care how their actions might affect you. You shouldn’t stay in such a relationship. 

10. Your partner does not give you any space

Healthy couples know the importance of giving their partners space. When you get the space to cater to your personal needs, you grow as a person and can fulfill the needs of your relationship. 

But when your partner does not give you space, it may get suffocating and unbearable. This is pretty much a huge reason to reassess your relationship.

11. Only you get the short end of the stick

Compromises, adjustments, and sacrifices are necessary for a relationship. But they should come from both sides. 

So, if you alone have to give up on your happiness to make the relationship work, you should walk away. 

12. Your partner is emotionally immature

An emotionally immature person cannot comprehend and regulate their emotions. They can’t empathize with others. 

They can’t recognize how their words affect you and never admit their mistakes. You can often suffer from feelings of uncertainty with an emotionally immature partner.

If this sounds like your relationship, you should think over your relationship. 

13. Your opinion is always ignored

In a healthy relationship, partners ask for your opinion on important things. But if your partner disregards your opinion and makes important decisions solo, you feel left out. 

It shows that your partner does not care about how you feel or think, and you gotta move on!

14. Your partner body shames you

Loved ones will definitely ask you to keep your weight and hygiene in check to keep you healthy. But it does not mean they have the right to make you ashamed of your appearance. 

If your partner body-shames you, they are ignorant, immature, and abusive. So, it’s time to take care of your health and consider walking away. 

15. You feel alone in the relationship

It is normal to feel lonely sometimes. But if you always feel alone in your relationship, something is definitely wrong. 

Either you don’t get enough time from your partner or feel your partner does not understand you. Either way, you should consider breaking things off. 

16. Your partner lacks boundaries with their ex

It is common to remain friends with your ex even after the breakup. But you should draw a line with them if you are committed to someone. 

Does your partner spend more time with their ex than they spend with you? Is their relationship with their ex weird? 

If yes, they have no boundaries with their ex. In this case, don’t just walk out, RUN! 

Otherwise, you’ll fall into a messy love triangle with a stupid person.

17. You can’t imagine a future with them

When you’re in love, you should be able to see a future with them. You dream about getting married and having children with them. 

But if you can’t imagine having a future with your partner, you should walk away. Something is clearly wrong!

18. Your partner always lies to you

A few white lies won’t hurt. But if your partner constantly lies, something is wrong in your relationship. It might be because they do not trust or value you or have something to hide. 

You can try to forgive one or two lies. But if it becomes too much, put an end to things right away! 

19. You have opposing values

If your partner has different values, it does not mean your relationship will fail. But if the values are always total opposites, that can be a problem. 

You cannot be with someone whose idea of what is fair and unfair is different from yours, so you should walk away.

20. There is no empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It helps you understand where people are coming from and their vulnerabilities and triggers. It lessens the chances of you hurting them unintentionally. 

You have a high chance of getting hurt without empathy in your relationship. So, you should consider ending things.

21. Your memories are more precious than the present

Do you frequently replay happy memories with your partner in your mind? 

It is not uncommon to reminisce about your memories. But if it is the only thing keeping your relationship alive, it is a problem. 

If you see that you have nothing to look forward to in your relationship, you should probably break up.

22. Physical intimacy always feels like a chore

Sex and intimacy are the glue that keeps a relationship together. Even though humans have varying levels of sexual drive, if intimacy is missing from your relationship, consider it a red flag

It means something is messing up your chemistry, or you are incompatible. Talk to a professional, but if you still see that sex still feels like work, you should probably walk away.   

23. Almost all conversations become difficult and turn into fights

Arguments are inevitable in relationships. But if routine conversations become full-blown battles, something is off in your relationship. 

Probably, you don’t understand each other. Or worse, you don’t trust each other. Try to figure out the root of the problem, but if everything fails, let your partner go. 

24. You have to explain yourself constantly

Everyone has the right to make their own choices as long as they don’t hurt anyone. 

When someone asks you to explain and clarify every one of your actions, it can get tiring. Moreover, it also means they are trying to control and check your behavior. 

If that repeatedly happens in your relationship, you should end the relationship.

25. Your gut tells you that you should walk away

Sometimes, your gut feeling is the only thing you need to figure out whether your relationship is working. 

Your gut is your second brain. Your intuition notices things before your conscious mind does. So, if it tells you that you should walk away, you probably should. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If a handful of these signs appear in your relationship, it’s not worth keeping. Remember, a healthy relationship involves respect, trust, empathy, open communication, and understanding. 

If any of these are absent in your relationship, or your partner is somehow toxic or abusive, you should consider whether you should walk away.