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First Relationship After Divorce – Everything You Need To Know To Be Happy Once Again

First Relationship After Divorce – Everything You Need To Know To Be Happy Once Again

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

First Relationship After Divorce - Everything You Need To Know To Be Happy Once Again

So, you are looking to have your first relationship after divorce. Since it’s an exciting yet scary phase, congratulations on giving yourself a second chance!

It must have been a hard decision because divorces feel earth-shattering. People often give up on love after that. 

But, you must move on from this without being pessimistic. So, read on to know everything you must to find happiness again…

What are some things to consider before you start your first relationship after divorce?

Before you start dating again, you need to understand how prepared you are to invest in a new relationship. Your answers can make or break your relationship. 

So, consider these things to make the best choice for yourself!

1. Introspection

Reflect upon your feelings by yourself. Think about whether you still have feelings for your ex or how much trauma your last relationship left you with. 

Deal with these issues first to start off with a blank slate. If you have unresolved feelings, consider how these can impact a new relationship.

2. Financial check-up

Just like a medical check-up, you have to do a financial one. Know where you stand on money matters. Divorces are expensive, and if you are a single parent, money is of utmost importance.

Any financial worry will negatively impact a budding relationship. So make sure you are free in this regard.

3. The kids question

Kids suffer a lot when their parents break up. If you have your kids’ custody, you must put them first, as you are all they have.

Your partner won’t want to take care of your children. So, having kids will lessen the number of possible partners. Moreover, you must decide how you will break the news of your new relationship to your children.

If all of that’s sorted, but you have doubts about the new beginnings, let’s keep reading!

Is it possible to find love in the first relationship after divorce?

Research has suggested that the first relationship after a divorce lasts for two months on average. It usually ends quicker for the people who start dating very soon after their separation.

After a divorce, people have lingering feelings for their ex and a sense of failure. These negative feelings do not let people find love in the first relationship, even if they want to.

But there is a solution for this as well. Focus on communicating well with your new partner and be honest about your feelings and where you stand with your ex. 

Honesty, true intention and commitment will make your new relationship bloom. So, take it slow and be in tune with your needs from a new partner to effectively connect with them emotionally.

Now that’s clear, you probably wonder why getting in a relationship feels so difficult. Well, find your answers here…

Why is it hard to begin the first relationship after divorce?

Doubts about romantic relationships, like whether dating is even worth it, are common.  

It is especially hard to enter a new relationship because the perfect one you had has just fallen apart. 

Since you could not make it work even though you thought they were the love of your life, you worry. 

But you do not have to spend your life alone just because of these anxieties.

You must believe that your new relationship can be better. When two people work together and communicate well, the new relationship after a divorce can be strong and healthy.

So, build a foundation of trust with your new partner to do this. Do not let fear stop you from living your life to the fullest and finding happiness again. 

But deep inside, are you worried whether this is a rebound? Then keep scrolling for some clarification.

Is the first relationship after divorce definitely a rebound relationship?

The first relationship after a divorce does not have a ‘rebound’ stamped on it. 

Although most people do not want something lasting after a bad separation, you might want to have love again. 

This time, you should remember that you cannot ‘find’ love, but you have to build it. 

When you begin a new connection after ending a long-term thing, you must be honest about your past with the new partner. 

Self-reflection will help you discover where you went wrong and make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes. 

With the correct attitude, both partners can shake the old ghosts off and begin afresh.

However, most divorcees fear that the new relationship will not last and don’t try out. So, there’s something you must know about that here…

Will the first relationship after divorce last?

There’s no guarantee that your first relationship will last for sure. But it is not absolutely impossible either.

Usually, most post-divorce first relationships end because of baggage from the previous marriage. So you have to do something about that. 

Many people just want to avoid feeling lonely. So they jump into something they are not ready for, and these end as ‘rebounds.’

Other than that, you must also try to make a fresh connection last. You mustn’t rush into it, be honest about your feelings, check your baggage, and deal with it. 

Lastly, if your new partner is kind, compassionate, and willing to listen and wait for you to be better with time, chances of lasting it are high.

The next question after this is usually about wanting true love. So, let’s know more about that. 

Can I find true love in the first relationship after divorce?

Of course, you definitely can!

But first, you must adjust your idea of what “true love” looks like for you.

Remember, your new relationship will not carry forth the good parts of your previous marriage. It is an entirely new thing with a new, unique individual.

Believe that you can make it last this time. Use your lessons from your past marriage and let that experience guide you through this relationship.

Discover who you truly are after the years spent with your ex, and give some time to self-care.  

All of this will help you have a clear idea of true love. 

Now, if you’re ready to take the big step, then here are some tips to follow!

How to make the first relationship after divorce work?

The first relationship will take quite a lot of effort. After all, this is a new beginning, so have some courage and believe in yourself. But it’s not hard, so embrace these steps to make it work!

1. Do not make the same mistakes

You have experienced all the things that can make a relationship screech to a halt, so use that knowledge. Learn from your mistakes, and do not repeat them. 

Identify your bad patterns and try to break free of them with the support of your partner. Remember, communication is the key!

2. Be positive

It is incredibly important for you to remain positive while starting a new thing. Negative thoughts will make things difficult for your partner and cause misunderstandings.

Practice meditation and spiritual healing to become more positive about life.

3. Do not be afraid of emotions

Show your emotions to build trust with them and have a meaningful connection. So, do not hold yourself back. 

4. Give your partner quality time

Find some time from your busy schedules and have long conversations with your partner. This will bring you closer. Get to know each other to find real love.

5. Give your partner physical affection

Physical affection (not sex), be it hugs, kisses, or casual hand holding, helps you grow intimate. Your bond will turn stronger.

6. Try new things together

Often, divorcees struggle to spend time doing hobbies with new partners due to the flashbacks of past memories.

So, a great way to bond without making things difficult is to Indulge in new hobbies together. 

7. Prioritize self-development

You have ended a relationship that was a part of your identity and that took its toll. So, find a new identity for yourself that is not tied to anyone else.

8. Do not think you failed

Work on moving on from this feeling of failure. Otherwise, it will hold you back from building something great.

9. Think about what a good relationship looks like to you

Your ideal image of a perfect love life is gone. Now, process this loss and understand whether your expectations were acceptable or your marriage gave what you desired.

Decide what a good one looks like for you now.

10. Go to therapy

Professional help will make it easier for you to process your negative feelings. So do not hesitate to reach out when you need it.

So, you’re all set but don’t know how to step forward? Let’s know that here…

How to meet people and start dating after divorce?

To meet new people, you have to understand the dating scene. After all, it has changed a lot from when you took yourself off the market. 

To find a new partner for something lasting, make sure that you are compatible with each other. List your values, the things you would like to have in them and be clear about the kind of person you like.

Start slow and go on a few dates without becoming too serious for a while. Take advice from friends and family about dating and the people you are considering as a partner. 

Most importantly, know that it will take time, and your choice may not be correct on the first try.

Now, if you have kids, things might take a sensitive turn. So, know more here!

How to introduce your kids to this?

Your children are the most vulnerable people in this situation, so prioritize their feelings. 

They might feel betrayed that you’ll date someone other than your ex-spouse. But don’t take this personally.

Talk to them about your life, the troubles you have gone through, and how dating will bring you happiness. Honest conversations with your children will make them feel safe with you.

If you have found a lasting relationship, introduce your partner to your kids and see if they are okay with them. 

Your partner will be a huge part of their life. So they must recognize that they are not just dating you but becoming family. 

Keep an eye on how your new partner treats your kids. This will also tell you if you have found the right person.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Stepping into the dating pool after a divorce is scary, but you can do this!

Take things slow and give yourself and your children the time to heal from the previous experience. 

Once you’re truly ready and find someone, make sure to take steady and careful steps. Sometimes, your kids and your partner may not have similar views. Remember, never take sides blindly, and be the rational one. 

Stay hopeful, learn your priorities, and you’ll find true happiness!

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