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Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You? 15 Obvious Signs To Figure Out His Intentions

Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You? 15 Obvious Signs To Figure Out His Intentions

Published on Sep 29, 2023

Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You 15 Obvious Signs To Figure Out His Intentions

So, you want to know, do guys ever come back after rejecting you?

The answer truly depends on several factors. You need to notice how he treats you, whether he approaches you by himself, or whether he acts extra nice towards you. 

There are many other indications that can help you figure out his feelings towards you. 

If you wish to know whether he has a change of heart for the better, keep reading this article!

Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You? – 15 Signs

Not a lot of women make the first move in relationships. However, if a man rejects you despite how much courage you gathered to propose to him, it can feel soul-crushing. It feels like a big blow to all your efforts… and may even push you to addiction

However, guys can come back into your life and ask you for a second chance!

To know whether that miracle will happen in your life, keep reading!

1. He suddenly reaches out to you

This is obviously the biggest sign that he is interested in you and wants to rekindle the old spark. 

If you both lost touch with each other after his rejection, and he suddenly messages or calls you, it’s a big sign he wants to get back with you. 

He might not even have the courage yet to meet you and explain his actions. But he definitely wishes to make things right.

2. He’s trying to persuade you in every possible way

This basically means that after rejecting you, he realizes how big a mistake that was. And this regret makes him do anything and everything to make you believe him. 

He’ll probably answer your calls immediately, help you with all your errands, and say the sweetest things to you. 

All these are different ways of persuading you to give him another chance.

3. You get advice from an experienced person

When you get a bit of intuitive advice from a gifted person, that’s another major sign he wants to come back. 

This person can be anyone, starting right from a family member to a psychic. If you explain the entire situation to them and they tell you that you both are meant to be together, it’s probably for the best. 

4. He wants to know if you’re dating someone

Sure, he might ask once or twice if you’re seeing someone, but that will be only out of curiosity. 

But if he suddenly begins to obsess over your love life, it surely means that he wants to come back to you! 

He will always want to know whom you’re going out with and where. He might also ask you not to go out with guys anymore and instead spend some time with him!

5. You start flirting with each other again

Some people don’t actively realize that they’re flirting. But others definitely do it to woo the person they like. 

And this is especially true when it comes to a guy who wishes to say sorry to you! 

He will flirt with you just to see if you still have a soft spot for him. And if you flirt back, it gives him the green signal to be even bolder and maybe ask you out sometime soon!

6. You’re there on his phone wallpaper

Unless a guy has special feelings for you, he won’t keep your picture as his screensaver or phone wallpaper. 

Not a lot of guys do this. But someone who regrets rejecting you will absolutely do this. 

And if he likes to go old-school, he might carry a tiny photo of you in his wallet or bag! Maybe it’s a picture of you both or just a solo shot of yours.

However, if you guys have been childhood friends, and he has a picture of the entire group of friends on his phone wallpaper, that’s not a strong sign.

7. He keeps complimenting you

Guys know how much women love compliments! And this is why they keep complimenting the girl they like. 

So, if you recently met him after the rejection, you probably didn’t make much effort to dress up in front of him anymore. 

But even then, notice if his compliments seem over the moon and genuinely nice. If yes, it might be an indirect way of telling you that he wishes to win you back!

8. He makes excuses to see you

This scenario often happens if things get complicated between you both, and he is forced to turn you down. 

Now, if things in life are going smoothly, he’ll seize the opportunity to start firing the spark between you both again. 

Therefore, he’ll keep making all sorts of excuses to see you. This can either be going out for a cup of coffee or simply helping you out with something in your life.

9. He tells you how much he regrets losing you

When a guy openly tells you how much he regrets losing you, it’s a crystal-clear sign that he really wants you back. 

However, not every guy who seems genuine will actually mean it. 

But you can still figure it out from his body language and words. He might explain to you why he rejected you and why it was a major mistake. If his words seem truly from the heart, it means that he is willing to love you again.

10. He stays in touch with your friends and family

This, again, is a big sign that he wants to enter your life again. 

Observe if he previously lost touch with your friends and family. But they’re suddenly telling you he has started talking to them again. 

If yes, it’s time for you to be more attentive! 

Perhaps he isn’t confident enough to face you now. So he wishes to make amends with people closest to you, such as your best friend.

11. His social circle talks to you

This is quite similar to the previous point. If a man isn’t strong enough to approach you on his own, he’ll first send his friends and family on his behalf. 

Maybe you’ll get a call from his best friend saying that he regrets saying no to you and would love to keep in touch with you instead. 

Or one of his family members can even show up right outside your doorstep, requesting you to give him another chance!

12. He tells you how much he misses you

He might start feeling miserable about his actions, especially if he had rejected you earlier without giving any explanation. 

In that case, he might text you something like, “I miss your beautiful smile” or “I wish we could spend more time together.” 

All these are signs that your man is tired of being alone now and wishes to get back with you. But he’s still scared of doing something wrong, so he texts you instead.

13. He tries to be alone with you

He doesn’t actively make any plans to hang out with you. But you notice that he constantly tries to whisk you off somewhere private. This means that he wants you back! 

He probably wishes to tell you why he rejected you or wants to apologize for his actions. But none of these can be done in front of other people. So he tries to spend some alone time with you.

14. He tries to make amends

No matter how he rejected you in the past, he wants to make amends right away. He wants you to listen to his perspective of the story to understand that he isn’t a bad person. 

Maybe he had genuine reasons for the rejection. But in the present, he has managed to overcome those hurdles. When he starts being really nice to you, it’s because he has figured out what he did wrong.

15. He makes plans for the future

Here, “the future” can be quite subjective, depending on the plans that he makes. 

So, the future plans can include having dinner sometime in the coming week. It may also mean being together as a serious couple in the near future. 

If he does anything alike, he wants to get back as soon as possible. He also wants to assure you that he won’t reject you again.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice these signs and indications in this guy pretty consistently, he definitely regrets saying no to you. 

He wants to make positive changes ASAP. Whether or not you decide to forgive him now depends completely upon your choice!

However, if you don’t notice such signs, it’s high time you move on. Seek professional help if you struggle to forget him.