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Real Love vs Fake Love: 20 Eye-Opening Differences To Tell Them Apart

Real Love vs Fake Love: 20 Eye-Opening Differences To Tell Them Apart

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

Real Love vs Fake Love 20 Eye-Opening Differences To Tell Them Apart

People often say it’s hard to differentiate between real and fake love. But they forget that both of these are fundamentally like two different poles. 

It’s only hard to tell apart because you get overwhelmed by your own emotions. So, to know the difference, you must think rationally and not make excuses for your partner’s actions. 

So, if you’re ready to be practical, head right in!

Real Love Vs Fake Love – 20 Differences 

ou’ve probably dated the wrong person and suffered. Now, you’re too scared to begin another relationship. But everyone tells you it was fake love… and real love isn’t scary!

So, to avoid the same mistake, know the differences in a quick glance here!

Point of differenceReal Love Fake Love
TruthfulnessIt thrives on honesty.It thrives on lies. 
ToxicityThe relationship is healthy.The relationship is toxic. 
CompromisesThere’s a place for compromises and sacrifices. There’s no place for compromises or sacrifices. 
PatienceYour partner is patient.Your partner is short-tempered.
IntimacyYour relationship is full of emotional and physical intimacy.There’s no intimacy. 
SatisfactionThe relationship is fulfilling.The relationship leaves you feeling empty. 
Gratitude Your partner is grateful for your presence. Your partner takes you for granted. 
RespectRespect plays a significant role.There’s no place for respect. 
EffortIt feels effortless.It drains you of all your energy. 
PossessivenessThere’s a little bit of possessiveness. There’s an unhealthy amount of possessiveness. 
FearYour partner makes you feel safe.You are afraid of your partner.
TrustTrust plays a big role in the relationship.There’s no trust. 
LongevityYour partner sticks around.Your partner bails when things get a little tough.
Other relationshipsYour partner nurtures your relationship with others.Your partner destroys other relationships. 
CareerIt encourages you to grow professionally. It hampers your career. 
IndividualityIt uplifts you to be your true self. It curtails your individuality. 
PrivacyYour privacy is respected. Your privacy is violated.
ControlYour partner recognizes your right to live your own life. Your partner is controlling.
EmpathyYour partner knows how to step into your shoes. Your partner never tries to understand your point of view. 
AbuseThere’s no place for abuse, no matter how angry your partner gets. Your partner is often abusive. 

Recognizing fake love isn’t difficult. But, to ensure you don’t misjudge or lose someone nice, read through the explanation! 

1. There’s no place for lies in real love, but it fills fake love

Real love motivates people to be honest, eliminating doubt and paving the way to transparency. 

But fake love does the opposite: it’s filled with falsehoods, big and small. 

2. Toxicity cannot be present in real love, but fake love thrives on it

A toxic relationship threatens your psychological, emotional, and even physical well-being. Real love cannot be toxic as you both care for each other. But fake love isn’t full of care and affection so it may turn toxic.

3. Unlike real love, fake love is selfish

Compromises and sacrifices bring partners closer. It helps them show each other they value their feelings, thus increasing empathy and trust. 

In real love, you won’t hesitate before making compromises for them, as it’s unconditional. While fake love is self-centered, and there’s no place for compromise. 

4. Real love is tolerant, while fake love isn’t

When your partner truly loves you, they will be patient and forgiving. Rather than holding grudges, they will acknowledge that, like everyone else, you have flaws

But when love is fake, they will not let go even if you take accountability.

5. Real love is packed with intimacy, while fake love isn’t

In real love, there will be a fair amount of emotional and physical intimacy. They will cuddle, hold hands publicly, and have plenty of sex. 

But if love is fake, sex might be there, but partners can never be vulnerable with each other. 

6. Real love is satisfying, while fake love feels pointless

When love is real, the relationship will be satisfying. It will fulfill all your intellectual, emotional, and physical needs and make you feel less lonely. 

But fake love will bring you down during your lows. You will question why you’re even in it.

7. Real love is grateful, but fake love takes you for granted

Even though there are times when people take their partners for granted, they would still value their presence. 

So, when love is real, partners cherish each other and treasure their relationship. 

But, if and when their love is fake, partners will not care about each other’s presence. 

8. Respect is present in real love but not in fake love

If your partner really loves you, they will also respect you. This entails respecting your boundaries, privacy, feelings, space, and the right to form opinions and make choices. 

But in fake love, they might even do things that make you feel insulted. 

9. Compared to real love, fake love leaves you drained

Relationships take effort. But this doesn’t mean they should take up all your time and energy. In real love, the effort feels effortless. But if it’s fake love, it would be mentally and emotionally draining. 

10. Unlike real love, fake love is filled with extreme jealousy and insecurity

A bit of possessiveness is natural and healthy in relationships. So, that’s the usual in real love.

But if partners go overboard, they suffocate each other and lose each other’s respect. They show that they don’t trust each other. Extreme possessiveness isn’t only a sign of fake love and an obsession.

11. There’s no fear in real love, but it’s a component of fake love

When someone truly loves you, they will go to all extents to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

But if you fear your partner’s anger, it’s fake love.

12. Real love has trust, unlike fake love 

Trust is a crucial building block of a relationship based on real love. When your partner trusts you, they believe you will remain faithful and make the right decisions even when disagreeing. 

So, if there’s no trust, it’s fake love.

13. Real love sticks around, while fake love doesn’t

Is your partner willing to stick around and work through the problems in your relationship even when things get tough? 

If yes, then their love is real. It proves that they value the relationship. 

In fake love, they would hit the road at the first sign of inconvenience. 

14. Contrary to real love, fake love burns bridges

If your partner truly loves you, they will ensure your other relationships are not hampered. They will impress your loved ones and help you improve your relationship. 

But in fake love, they will destroy your other relationships.

15. Real love roots for your success, while fake love waits for you to fail

In real love, your partner will cheer and help you grow professionally. 

If your partner’s love is fake, they will be envious. They’ll wait for you to take the wrong step in your career because they hate your success. 

16. Real love motivates you to be who you are, while fake love doesn’t

Partners should support each other to be their best selves. But that doesn’t mean shaming them into being someone they aren’t. 

So, in real love, your partner will accept your own opinions and worldviews and uplift you to be your best self. 

But in fake love, they’ll make fun of your ideas. 

17. Real love respects your privacy, not fake love

In real love, your partner will respect your privacy. They’ll understand your right to it. 

But if your partner gets aggressive when you don’t give them your passwords, their love is fake. 

18. Control has no place in real love, unlike fake love

Remember, real love never dominates and understands your right to choose. 

But in fake love, your partner will try to control you. They might dictate when you can go out, what you can wear, and who you can hang out with. 

19. Real love is filled with empathy, while fake love isn’t

If your partner truly loves you, they will put themselves in your shoes to understand your origins. Moreover, their empathy, will make them compassionate and supportive if you go through a tough time. 

But there’s no place for empathy in fake love. 

20. Real love has no place for abuse, contrary to fake love 

Someone who truly loves you will never consciously hurt you. 

So, if your partner abuses you, whether it’s emotionally, physically, or sexually, that’s fake love, and you need to leave ASAP!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Real love is about loving each other without expecting anything in return. On the other hand, the ultimate sign of fake love is that it’ll exhaust you. 

So, whether in a relationship or getting into one, always compare these with your situation, and you’ll get your answers!

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