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20 Serious Reasons On When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date

20 Serious Reasons On When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date

Updated on Nov 28, 2023

20 Serious Reasons On When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date

When a guy French kisses you on the first date, millions of questions may race through your mind. 

A first date is already a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. Filled with anticipation and wonder about the possibilities that lie ahead, such an action is bound to leave you tongue-tied. 

Baffled by the action? Find out everything that his kiss meant.

What Does It Mean When A Guy French Kisses You On The First Date? 20 Reasons

When a guy French kisses on the very first date, it can be intriguing, and there are several possible reasons for this behavior.

The reasons behind this action may be a result of well-planned intentions, a spontaneous urge, a momentary expression of attraction, or a combination of factors.

It’s a moment that can leave your heart racing, your head spinning, and your emotions in a delightful whirlwind. 

So, delve in to explore the hidden reasons here. 

1. He Wants To Create Unforgettable Moments

If a man is truly interested in a woman, he will go to tremendous measures to make the first date exceptional and unforgettable. 

Men often struggle with concerns over their efforts, looks, and how they come across to women they are interested in. 

He might be driven by this mentality to establish his dominance and create unforgettable moments that might result in a French kiss on the first date.

2. He Wants To Leave A Lasting Impression

A French kiss signifies a high level of emotional and physical connection between two individuals. 

Therefore, if a guy initiates such a kiss, it likely indicates mutual attraction and a desire to take the connection to the next level. 

With a French kiss, he aims to make a long-lasting impression on you, He hopes to stay on your mind long after the date has ended.

3. He Wants To Express Love And Affection

If you had a strong connection with your date and had meaningful and personal conversations, he may develop a soft spot for you. 

His decision to French kiss you may have stemmed from a place of genuine affection. It can be seen as a shortcut to building a strong emotional connection. He wants you to comprehend the depth of his feelings.

Such a kiss would have made you feel cherished and protected, as it symbolizes a manifestation of pure affection. 

French kisses don’t always indicate immediate sexual interest. But they can be a catalyst for such feelings, as sexual attraction can develop from a foundation of affection.

4. He Wants A Deeper Chemistry 

French kissing is an intimate act that involves a significant level of trust and vulnerability between both parties. For this to occur, there must be a mutual understanding and consent. 

If such an environment of trust and vulnerability was established during your date, the guy might have initiated a French kiss to explore and intensify the chemistry between you two. 

Physical closeness, like French kissing, triggers the release of oxytocin, a bonding hormone associated with affection and connection. 

5. You Can Be A Comfort Zone Connection

If a guy engages in a passionate French kiss during your very first date, he may feel an extraordinary level of comfort and connection with you. 

Men often fall for women with whom they can be their genuine selves. This comfort zone may have inspired him to express his affection through a French kiss.

This reason plays along with other factors, such as his strong feelings, romantic intentions, a desire to ignite chemistry, or any other motivations.

6. He Has Intense Feelings For You

It might also be a strong indicator that he harbors deep and intense feelings for you. This intense connection is often the driving force behind his passionate kiss.

During a French kiss, both individuals must share a high level of passion that can’t be achieved without a certain degree of intensity. 

This intensity encompasses both sexual and emotional dimensions. To gauge his intensity for you, pay close attention to his overall behavior and gestures.

7. He Is Impatient And Desires For Immediate Results

Sometimes, the sole reason is that he doesn’t want to wait for things to progress slowly. He may have been single for too long and is eager to dive into a relationship. 

Conversely, he might not be seeking a traditional romantic relationship at all. Instead, he’s primarily driven by sexual attraction and desires to escalate things rapidly.

8. His Intentions Are Unapologetically Direct 

Some men are refreshingly straightforward about their intentions and aren’t afraid to act upon them. If your date is this kind of man, he knows he’s serious and wants to convey that right away!

This man doesn’t feel the need to follow traditional timetables since he is clear about what he wants in a relationship. On the first date, he declares his intentions by giving her a French kiss instead of hesitating. 

9. He Wants To Initiate A Serious Relationship

It might also indicate that he wants to take things further and become more committed. Even though it’s only the first date, he could think he knows enough about you to think about making a longer-term commitment. 

For him, there’s no reason to put off moving the relationship forward. The French kiss turns into a gauge of your mutual interest and willingness to move on.

10. He Is Trying To Gauge Your Response

Some guys don’t just express their feelings with a French kiss. They’re also looking for immediate feedback from you. 

Your response to the kiss, whether positive or negative, informs him about your level of interest and willingness to take the relationship further. 

He uses this kiss as a decisive moment to determine if you share the same intentions and feelings.

11. He Feels Familiar With You

Is the guy already familiar with you? Perhaps from earlier social events—possibly in bigger gatherings? 

When you’re alone together, this comfort and past understanding of one another might make you feel at ease. So, this makes the first date’s French kiss seem like a logical next step. 

Because you’ve seen each other from a distance, he assumes that you’re okay with such a personal gesture.

12. He’s Captivated By Your Allure

On your first date, this person is completely enthralled with your charisma and finds you appealing. 

He understands that in the typical dating scene, other suitors who are captivated by your beauty may pose a threat to him. 

He’s proactive in making an effort to make an impression and get your attention by striking up a conversation with you on the first date. 

13. He Believes You’re Into Him

You may not have explicitly signaled your interest. But, he believes he has detected signs indicating your attraction to him. 

In his eyes, your unspoken cues serve as a green light for advancing the relationship. So, he takes the initiative to engage in a passionate kiss on the first date. 

If his interpretation aligns with your intentions, you may welcome his bold move. However, if it doesn’t, open communication is essential to clarify your feelings.

14. It’s An Impulsive Act of Passion

Sometimes, a man may not want to – in his rational mind – plant a French kiss on the first date. Rather, it was an impulsive choice motivated by his intense desire for you. 

He’s usually reserved, but in the heat of the moment, he behaved impulsively. 

After that, his actions will solely depend on your reaction. If you respond positively, he will probably continue. But, if you object or show discomfort, he could think twice before acting.

15. He Knows You Want It

If your date has been observing your body language and you’ve actually wanted a deep kiss, he may interpret the atmosphere correctly. And he will definitely put that knowledge to good use. 

16. He Is Securing A Position For A Second Date

For some men, kissing on the first date can also be a tactic to gain a second date. Of course, sometimes, it may or may not work. But they know it won’t hurt to take a chance!

17. He Likes To Seize The Day

When a guy kisses you on the first date without planning, he gives you an idea of what to expect on future dates. 

He believes that you don’t have to follow the rules of dating. He’ll also push and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. 

18. He Has Experience

If you liked the kiss, his kiss shows that he actually has experience with enough dates. He knows what moves work the best in which situation. So, he could tell that he had to go all in for that kiss without a second thought!

19. He Wants Your Body

Sometimes, there’s no deeper meaning to it. He might just want to bed you and is warming you up for later. He signals his intentions to get into your pants. Further, he wants to get out of wherever you are and get a room.

20. He Unveils Emotions Through Body Language

Some men aren’t good with words. But their body language can say a lot about what’s on their mind. 

French kisses are commonly associated with pleasure and intimacy. But they can also serve as a genuine display of affection. 

The way he kisses you, the intensity of the kiss, and his post-kiss behavior can help you understand his feelings and the significance he attaches to the moment.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

A guy giving you a French kiss on your first date might indicate a positive or negative thing, depending on his intentions and, most importantly, your own. 

To understand it correctly, you need to read into his body language, behavior, and actions. But to determine things precisely, you can even communicate and get a clear answer from him. 

Just remember not to assume it as anything serious until he gives the green signal to save yourself from heartbreak. 

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