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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? – 20 Undeniable Reasons For This Irrational Attraction

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? – 20 Undeniable Reasons For This Irrational Attraction

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys - 20 Undeniable Reasons For This Irrational Attraction

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? This is a question of the century – especially among good guys!

After all, those bad boys take away all the good girls, and the good guys are left with nothing. 

Well, a common reason behind it is the thrill and excitement that comes with dating someone daring. Girls feel on the edge, which never lets them get bored.

But that’s not all, so let’s get to the crux here.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? – 20 Reasons

Whether in novels or shows, this is a popular dynamic for most fictional couples. Despite so many red flags, it’s hard to understand how women in reality also follow suit!

After all, these relationships are self-destructive and impact the good girl’s mental and emotional health quite a lot. Well, there’s a lot to uncover, so let’s keep reading!

1. They Just Want To Try Dating

Sometimes, good girls just want to have fun, and the stability with good guys can be a turn-off.

Bad boys seem to be a good option because good girls can easily give the excuse that they are “bad,” hence the breakup

2. They Want To Show Off To Their Ex

When a good girl breaks up, she wants to show her ex that even she can be daring and attract hot and bad guys. So many girls date bad boys and post lovey-dovey pictures with them. This is all just a game to make the ex feel jealous.

3. They Want Drama In Life

If life has become monotonous, it can be a good reason to date bad boys. Good girls sometimes love the drama that comes with dating such guys. 

This might sound weird, but this is often the case! They want to experience dating toxic men who are bad for their mental health and feel miserable about it. 

4. They Find Bad Boys Sexy

Bad boys are often sexier and more attractive because of their unpredictability. There is some charm associated with the bad boys; hence, good girls often feel more attracted to them. 

5. They Have Got Daddy Issues

A common reason why good girls often choose bad boys is because they have unresolved traumas from their fathers, which led to “daddy issues.” 

They look for relationships where the guy is like their dad – showing unhealthy behavior. They want to be controlled by a man, and bad boys seem to do that job perfectly. 

Daddy issues make them believe that the unhealthy behavior of the bad boys is totally “healthy” and “normal.”

6. They Believe They Can Change Them

Good girls often believe that they can change the behavioral patterns of bad boys. They believe they are the ultimate “fixer.”  

These girls think they have the charismatic aura to heal the past trauma with their innocence. They want the credit for transforming a person.

7. They Are Fed Up Of Nice Guys

Good guys are considerate and never make women feel that “excitement” of instability that comes with bad boys. 

When good boys always keep good girls as the priority, the relationship becomes boring for these girls.

So, good girls get fed up with good boys because of their predictable behavior. 

8. It’s Difficult To Differentiate Between Good and Bad Guys

Sometimes, even good guys show toxic behavior. So, good girls can’t differentiate between dating good and bad guys. 

They feel that the result will be the same because both have toxicity. So, then, why not date someone who makes you feel excited, at least for once?

9. It’s Because Opposites Attract

There is a very popular saying that opposites attract. Hence, for a good girl, the go-to choice is “bad boys.” 

If they are with good guys, they have to be nice in return. However, while dating bad guys, they do not have to be pressured to be goody two shoes, which seems exciting.

10. Bad Boys Are Dominant And Can Protect Them

Bad guys are often assertive, and most good girls like this dominance. These guys are often big and strong, which helps the girls feel comfortable. 

Girls know that if anyone tries to mess with them, these boys will fight to protect them. Being protective and having that possessive and strong attitude makes good girls more attracted to bad boys.

11. Hormonal Reaction Plays A Role

If you ask good girls why they often like bad boys, they commonly answer that “something happens” or they feel “butterflies in the stomach.”

This especially happens during the middle of the menstrual cycle. In these stages of the month, they perceive the strong personality of bad boys as more masculine and better father figures for children. This causes attraction due to a hormonal reaction. 

12. Bad Boys Are Overly Confident

When you meet bad boys, you will know why so many good girls are head over heels for them. It is because of the strong confidence that these guys bring in. 

Bad boys do not take ages to get the courage to come and ask you out. Instead, they openly ask you out or praise you for your beauty. Most good girls love this open appreciation and feel attracted.

13. Bad Boys Are More Manly

Bad boys have a more manly attitude. In the olden days, people believed that the best hunter got the most beautiful girl. So, a rough attitude and unpredictable vibes make a bad boy more attractive to good girls.

14. Bad Boys Often Spend Recklessly On Women

Bad boys often spend more on their women because they are reckless and do not have a careful and thorough budget. 

Many women get attracted because of this initial charm and feeling of being precious. After all, who does not like to feel like they are important?

15. Bad Boys Seem to Be Experienced

You will notice that good girls often fall for bad boys older than their age. This is because these boys are more experienced and know what they are doing. 

The experience is not only in bed but even goes way beyond that. They know how to handle girls and their mood swings, too.

16. They Want To Follow The Trend Of Dating Bad Boys

Media has always set trends that good girls will invariably choose a bad boy. And he will treat everyone else crudely, other than his girl. 

Many girls daydream about fitting into this trend. Hence, they end up choosing bad guys.

17. Bad Boys Have Been Glorified

Again, the media has often portrayed bad boys in an overtly glorified picture. This makes them an obvious choice because they’ll do anything for you! 

Bad boys are portrayed as “sexy,” so they seem irresistible. The idea of dating “forbidden men” is shown in many movies, and this is what good girls want.

18. Bad Boys Boost Their Self-Esteem

Good girls have self-esteem issues. So, when they get a bad boy as their partner, their self-esteem gets a boost. They feel good because they can also be desirable to bad boys. They feel sexy and see themselves in a different light. 

19. Bad Boys Fill A Void

Good girls sometimes want to feel how it can be to live an exciting life and get the tag of being “bad.” So, they choose to do this by dating a bad boy.  

20. They Have Fewer Expectations From A Bad Boy

When good girls date a bad boy, the expectations are extremely low. Hence, even if something goes wrong, they don’t feel that bad. This helps them make a quick recovery after getting their hearts broken! 

But with a good guy, the expectations are much higher. They feel much more disappointed when those boys can’t meet such standards.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The connection between good girls and bad boys has been around from time immemorial. The concept is certainly not new. 

So, if any innocent girl around you also romanticizes this idea, remember you can’t force senses into her. You may warn her, but don’t go overboard. Let her make her decisions and wait until she can’t differentiate between right and wrong!