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How To Get Over A Vacation Fling? – 15 Ways To Erase The Pain

How To Get Over A Vacation Fling? – 15 Ways To Erase The Pain

Updated on Jan 15, 2024

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Get Over A Vacation Fling - 15 Ways To Erase The Pain

So, you met someone fabulous overseas and now want to know how to get over a vacation fling.

Well, before you start your journey to healing, remember it won’t be easy. So, you need to actively distract your mind from the bittersweet memory. 

Now, if you’re ready to overcome these feelings, let’s dive right in!

How To Get Over A Vacation Fling? – 15 Ways

You met this nearly perfect-looking man/woman during your overseas getaway. You connected emotionally, physically, and of course, sexually. 

You felt that this hot passion has to be love. But when it was time for goodbye, your heart was shattered into pieces. 

To put an end to this pain, let’s work on all the steps here!

1. Accept and remember that it was a fling

One thing you need to do to get over a vacation fling is to accept and remember that it was a fling. Not every love story is supposed to last. Some can be short, sweet, and short-lived. 

Even though you two had a great time together, it does not mean you have to spend your life together. Cherish the happy moments together, share your experience with your friends, and then forget about it. 

2. Remember that it happened in an impractical scenario

When you are on vacation, you are not stressed out about work or burdened by other responsibilities. 

You were actually free to go anywhere, meet anyone, and spend your time as you like. So, remember that it happened in an unrealistic scenario. 

In those moments, you did not really have to care about anything else in the world. Therefore, it was not real life. It was just a hot and sexy summer, which helped you have some fun before you could return to living your actual lives. 

3. Don’t keep any contacts whatsoever

You cannot get over a vacation fling if you keep texting them. So, don’t contact them. It can only make you want them more, making you feel like returning to those intimate moments. 

Otherwise, if you stay in touch with them, it will be painful as you can’t meet but can’t forget either. It’ll make you lose your mind. 

4. Don’t ruminate over why it ended

The reason things didn’t work might be the distance or your different plans for the future. Whatever the reason is, don’t ruminate over why things ended. It does not matter, as it is not meant to be. Instead, once you have thought things through, make peace with it. 

5. Let go of the tears

Whether you are trying to get over a breakup or a vacation fling, nothing can beat a good cry. It can help you dull the pain and self-soothe. 

No matter how short-lived the affair was, your feelings were intense. You two spent a lot of moments together, so it is normal for you to grieve when those moments end. So, take a box of tissues, and let it go. 

You might even share your memories with a loved one and ask for their support. 

6. Stop lying to yourself

Once a vacation fling is over, people tell themselves that it could have been more than that. But don’t fall into that trap. Because rather than helping you get over the fling, it will only get your hopes up. 

Remember, if it was supposed to work out, it would have. Whether it was the timing or something else, there is really nothing you can do right now to get those moments back.  Even if you did anything differently, it wouldn’t make things work out. 

7. Give yourself time

It can be hard to move on from flings because they are intense. There is no doubt that you have some crazy and unforgettable memories with this person. 

But the only thing that you need to get over it is to give yourself time. Time is the biggest healer. With time, even if your sweet memories don’t fade, your feelings for them will. 

8. Keep yourself busy

If you don’t have any plans at this very moment, make them. Once you have returned home, catch up with your friends and family. Plan a night out with your friends, sign up for self-care sessions – a pedicure or massage, or spend time with your sibling. 

Distraction is sometimes the best medicine to get over heartache and loneliness. So, keep yourself busy. 

9. Reflect on the relationship

Once everything is done and dusted, and you are ready, think about the time you spent with each other. Reflect on all the reasons the affair was good and why it could not have worked out. 

Don’t just give yourself false hope by rationalizing all the ways it could have worked out. Instead, think about things realistically. 

You’ll be stunned to know that even if you tried to make it work, it wouldn’t!

10. Don’t meet their friends or family

Are you wondering what’s wrong with meeting their close ones? 

Well, people only meet someone’s loved ones when they are in a serious relationship

Since there is no way that your vacation fling will turn into something serious, you should refrain from meeting his friends and family. 

11. Don’t follow them on social media

One of the downsides of social media is that it reminds you of exes and old flings when you are connected. 

So, if you want to get over this person, refrain from following them on social media. Don’t click their profile to check what they are up to and who they are hanging out with. 

12. Go on dates

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get over a vacation fling, go on dates. Not only will this help you move on, it will make you remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea. Who knows, you might even find love in the process. 

13. Don’t keep any mementos

People often like to save mementos from a vacation, especially when they have had a romantic encounter. But you can’t get over a fling if you keep things that remind you of them. 

This does not mean that you have to throw away these treasured items, you can just keep them in a box and put them under the bed. 

14. Write about the trip

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do to make peace with the end of a vacation fling is to write about it. 

Even though this sounds counterintuitive, writing about your memories will help you to process them. You’ll get a sense of closure and be able to look at it objectively. 

15. Remember that you don’t know the person

It might be heartbreaking to accept this truth. But remember that you don’t really know them. It can sometimes take months or even years to know a person properly. So, you cannot believe that you have figured them out in the span of a few days. 

And perhaps, you saved yourself from a bad relationship this way!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

After the end of a vacation fling, it’s normal to get stuck in the past. It’s okay if your heart desires them. However, understand that if they wanted you, they’d try to reach out as well. 

They didn’t because you’re also just a fling. So, push yourself to do anything and everything you need, focus on yourself, and move on to a compatible person! 

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